24 hr deadline, a gift, and an announcement

Crazy how fast a week goes when you’re having fun, writing stories, and making some moola.

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First off, we are just 24 hours away from this stellar offer on the 16 Story Playbook Workshops.

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For just $97 you will be guided through the IMMENSELY profitable skill of weaving stories into your marketing. 16 workshops and 16 supplemental guides, take you by the hand and give you the exact skills you need to boost your sales quickly.

Each and every resource here gives you sales generating templates that ANYONE can use:

>> Boregasm Breakers for the Thin-Skinned and Weak Whiners

>> 6 Sacred Rituals for Monster Profits from simple stories

>> How to turn your least likely prospect into your most profitable customer

>> HIGH PROFIT WARNING! Discover the secret of stealing other peoples stories for fun and profit (legally)

>> Back story basics (Playbook #2) and the killer strategy that most people miss in their marketing

>> Cliche your way to stellar copy and consistent sales growth

>> STUCK? No idea where to get a story idea? Here’s the simplest possible way you can find profitable story ideas, while building a lifelong bond with your buyers

>> The short story sales system that never fails to make moola

>> The re-branding basics bible… by Barbie?

>> The $2500 workshop summarized.  Quite a few years ago I invested $2500 to attend a workshop by 2 of THE best copywriters out there.  Here’s where you grab my notes, and the big takeaways that supercharge your ability to write compelling stories that make sales

>> Drunken ducks + bar room dog fights – and a hell of a profitable marketing idea!

>> Money0making Mojo Skills for those running out of time

>> Kijiji my Shmiji – big profit ideas from a free online classifieds site (and this one simple idea applies…. everywhere!)

>> Project 30 and the Awesome Power of Creating Your Own Signature Story (and the 3 part formula for simple success)

>> Fist fights and tramplings: the awesome power of media leverage for building a business fast

>> My ass-kicking and the BIG lesson I learned for monster momentum in business


>> The $10k a month potato story and how anyone can copy his model and bank at least $10k a month with this approach

>> Pissing them off for profits! Playbook #9 Supplement Guide shows an AWESOME ad a gym used that calls their bluff, pisses off those you don’t want as buyers… and draws like flies those you do.  I LOVE THIS AD AND STRATEGY!

>> 7 Simple Story Angles you’ve probably missed – but can use TODAY for extra income

>> The “Mystery Gift” idea that keeps on giving… and giving… and giving

>> Virtual Vixens and the Macho Man of Mexico (and how they leveraged controversy for cashflow)

>> Plus a LOT more proven formulas for online and offline success with stories.

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Second, a gift and an announcement all wrapped up into 2 tidy bundles…

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If you’ve been following my emails in 2018, you’ve seen a radical shift in me.

I revamped may business model. I am cranking out story-based copy and seeing amazing results.

…and I am hot and heavy into the CBD Oil business.

If you don’t know what that is… it’s an extract from the Hemp Plant.

Not marijuana – hemp.

It does NOT get you high (sorry to some of you 😉

But it DOES get you healthy.

It’s awesome at killing pain and inflammation in the body. I used it for my own spinal issues that are self-inflicted through my love of Muay Thai (I got my Black Belt – or Praciat – this December after 9 painful yet enjoyable years of training).

It dropped me from 6-8 advils a day for pain – to none. It took a few days to kick in, but I never looked back.

My 73 year old mom decided to try the oil too for her brutally painful sciatica. She had tried acupuncture, massage, chiro, injections, nerve ablation (burning of the nerve endings!) and NOTHING worked.

10 days of trying different dosages… and pain almost gone!

She’s back playing pickle ball, tennis, golf, and yoga.

That’s just 2 examples.

We have DOZENS of them every day from people who get relief from sever pain, crohns, diabetes, neuropathy, IBS, ADD, ADHD, Autism, seizures, depression, anxiety, ptsd, cancer, bi-polar, etc, etc.

All from one all-natural plant.

A plant that was used for CENTURIES before the government morons decided pharmaceuticals are much better for people (and we all hopefully know how well thats working out for people – IT’S NOT!)

Pharmaceuticals KILL.


Anyhow, this is a wickedly good and fun business.

We have a wholesale program for large commissions and doing more B2B sales.

We have a customer program for helping people in pain.

We have a business model behind this so ANYONE can make moola working from home part time or full time.

And we are ROCKING it.

Facebooks ads are rocking.

Display ads are rocking.

Facebook communities are rocking.

Direct mail is coming.

B2B sales are rocking.

There’s something for anyone here that wants an additional income stream.

The top 2 gals in this business are minting money right now.

…and they just started in June of 2017.

I won’t say the amounts… but their monthlies are more than most doctors make in a year.

Say no more.


Every Thursday night we have a cutoff date. People who optin here https://goo.gl/BhGWYs and decide/commit they want to work one-on-one with me before Thur at midnight already get a business built for them before they start.

You get free training from me and those I work with (FB ad training, video marketing, display ads, direct mail, community marketing, wholesaling training, etc).

You get paid weekly.

And this is a hot and in demand product.

The reason I chose this for my own pain was for the purity and potency of the product.

Best in the industry.

The commission plan was the best in the industry.

People are SICK AND TIRED of crappy medical prescriptions that don’t work, and make you SICKER.

I’ve never seen such a huge interest in a product before.

If you want new income streams, and a HOT product to market – optin here https://goo.gl/BhGWYs – then let me know you want to get in (we will get on the phone and make sure you are in before the deadline, and are set to maximize your commissions)

If you still aren’t sure…

These may help:

(1) Here’s a call I did with Barb (she’s the one making mega moola every month from her home). Note how hype-free this is compared to soooo much of the nonsense you see out there! Lol.

(2) Here’s the audio I did of the teleseminar I did with Greg who does CryptoTrading fulltime, but added this for the cash flow

If you’ve been on my list for some time (I’ve been writing this newsletter for 16 years now!), you know how rare it is for me to promote an outside business like this.

I only have ever done this when I saw a unique opportunity, a hot trend that everyones talking about, one you can control 100% of your income in, and marketing is FUN and story-based.

This one is a hot one folks.

I am amazed at what I see – and would love to work with you on this.

If you want change in 2018.
If you want a bigger bank balance in 2018.
If you want to FINALLY find something that’s fun and relatively easy to market and sell (everything requires work – I don’t claim otherwise).

Then THIS is where you need to be right NOW (and before Thur at midnight). https://goo.gl/BhGWYs

Put your name and email in there.
Watch the video and listen to the audio above.

Then get upgraded to an active affiliate before Thur at midnight (let me know and I’ll help you get it done over the phone if you like).

And hang on for an awesome ride!

Have a great Valentines day.

Troy White

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