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Free webinar tonight on crypto, copy, and Cannabis…

I have opened a can of worms!

You may have seen a coupe of the messages I sent out about a new business I am in this year.

I covered some of my personal reasons why I made a change.

I may have even shared how my decision has already helped my mother change her health and severe pain levels in just the past couple weeks (she’s back playing pickle ball, golf, yoga and hiking!).

What you may not have seen yet, Greg Douglas and myself are covering tonight in a tele seminar.

* Massive opportunities for marketers, copywriters, stay-at-home moms, caregivers, and anyone else looking for new income streams

* Some of the reasons I got into this market I am sharing tonight.

* We are talking about why and how Greg is complimenting his crypto income working with me on this awesome business

* Why right NOW is the ideal time to do something like this (and in this market)

* Facebook ad success on a platform that doesn’t like this type of advertising (how I got around it to generate a steady flow of leads)

* Simple story campaigns you can use this coming week to put moola in your pocket

* How we can build your business FOR YOU, before you even decide if you’re in or want the additional income

Tues, Jan 30
6 PST, 7 MST, 8 CST, 9EST.
Dial in here:
Phone # 641-715-3288
Access Code: 235097#

Get this…

A new study just came out by Indeed, and  83 % (!!!!) of Canadians are dissatisfied with the pay they’re receiving, slightly higher than the 81 per cent of Americans who said the same in a poll carried out for Indeed U.S.

8 out of 10 people in Canada and the US are SICK AND TIRED OF BEING BROKE.

They want to do something about it.

They are HUNGRY for change…

And this just may be a way you can take part in a massive change happening in the market.

Join us tonight

Tues, Jan 30
6 PST, 7 MST, 8 CST, 9EST.
Dial in here:
Phone # 641-715-3288
Access Code: 235097#

Talk to you then.


PS: Tonight, I’m also showing you how you can get well over $1,000 worth of my marketing, copywriting, and story selling courses… for free.


A multi-billion dollar business is breaking out this year

Mike Tyson and Richard Branson are in the business… Richard Branson Cannabis
as are:

Whoopi Goldberg
Melissa Etheridge
Woody Harrelson
Miley Cyrus
Kevin Smith
Bethenny Frankel
Margaret Cho
Cliff Robinson
Roseanne Barr
Willie Nelson
Snoop Dogg
Tommy Chong

…to name just a few.

You probably know the one I am talking about – I wrote about it last week.

I started using cbd oils for my own pain, loved the rapid results, so become a huge fan of the business side of legalized cannabis and all the associated products.

Cbds are legal around the world now, are from the hemp plant, and content almost ZERO thc (so no high – just the healing).

I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, this is a GREAT business to be in.


Because I have been running some Facebook Ads to COLD traffic… and have a winner.

People I don’t know from adam are alllll over this.

If you’re interested in the health benefits of cbd oils hit me up on messenger or comment below (pain, diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, add, add, to name just a small sample of the clinical research and proof being shared).

If you’re interested in the business side of this, and want to see how I’m leveraging story-based selling with cold traffic from Facebook, let me know.

Barb is hosting an overview call tomorrow that should have some good insights into this business if you’re interested (she’s a Canadian making ~$50k a month – and she started last June). She had experience in the industry – but I am really loving the response I get with this and the cold traffic I am testing.

Details if interested…

We are hosting a webinar Jan 24th at 1:00 MST to share some success stories from people who use the oils to overcome pain, diabetes, cancer, and fibromyalgia.

We will also be talking about the income potential for those interested in working from home, or adding an entirely new income stream.

If you put your info in here – – I will make sure you get the invite link to the webinar and recording.


Kick Ass 100 Club – Day #2

Hello to my fellow ass-kickers!

Glad everyone enjoyed day #1 – and some interesting things are starting to show.

Going through a program like this is not the easiest thing to do (especially if you’re honest with me and yourself throughout the process)..

Look at it this way…

As I stepped into competing at Worlds in Orland (2016), my mind was racked with doubts, questions, concerns, and fears.

I’d been training my ass off in Kickboxing and Muay Thai for the last 3 years at the Dojo I train at.  Prior to that I invested another 10 years at other schools).

I’d had 33 tournament fights.\
I’d fought massive guys (biggest was 6’8″ 290 lbs – I’m 5’8″ 200 lbs)
I’d fought lightening fast guys.
I spar 3-5 times a week with people of all levels of competency.

Yet, despite being more prepared now than EVER before, I’m freaked right out!

My mind is racing right now.

I doubt if I’ve trained enough.  I’m worried a nagging injury I have will rear its ugly head and cause my significant amounts of pain in my fights.

What if… is a question that is constantly in my mind.\


When the doubts come a knocking…I just picture myself having a perfect fight.  I see myself with my hand raised in victory. I see myself standing on the Podium with my hand raised, a Gold medal around my neck, and proud of representing my team and country well.

But I have doubts… JUST LIKE YOU.

Our mind is the most powerful and destructive tool we have.

It can make this Kick Ass 100 journey the best one you’ve ever taken…or be a complete waste of your time.

It’s 100% UP TO YOU.

A good friend and client of mine, Marilyn Jenett, is the master at mind control.  She has a best selling book with Penguin Publishing called Feel Free To Prosper

She teaches in the book and to her students to have a saying or mantra that you repeat whenever those nagging self-doubts pop into your head.

A big part of what she does is around prosperity thinking… as she calls it… “Having The Universe on Speed-Dial”.

The one saying she promotes is to repeat wealth/success every single time a negative money thought enters your mind.

It takes discipline to stay consistent with it – but the rewards are plentiful.


1) As many of you said that mindset and fears are a big challenge – I want you to create a simple saying that is the opposite of being negative.  So if your fears or negative self-talk is around money – repeat wealth success every time you think of something negative.  She even has her students write out positive affirmations 25 times a day on paper – it works like a charm.

Put those sayings on your computer and on 3×5 cards where you can see them.


2) What tv series, or movie genre would best define the last 12 months of your life? Has it been an adventure, a drama, a comedy? Is it like Seinfeld – a comedy about nothing? Or an action series like 24? Is that a recurring theme over the past few years?

If you could rewrite the next 12 months tv or movie script – how will it play out? What things do you need to do and how/what do you need to change?

Write it out.

3) Think about one or two extreme experiences/products/services you could try in the next week. Something that takes your breath away. Make it something feasible (if you live in the US, then visiting Dubai and Base jumping off a tower in the next week is probably not feasible – but you could sign up for a tandem ski-dive – or you could climb a rock wall with an instructor).

Come up with 2 out-of-the-box ideas you could feasibly do within the next week or two – then put a plan in place to MAKE it happen (and send it to me)

3) Write a fictional email to your list (real list or not) from the future – say 12 mths from now.  Tell them the key steps you took to overcome mental blocks over the last 12 months. Things you did. Experiences you had. Feelings you went through.  Put your heart and soul into that letter and get yourself immersed into the experience.

Explain how you started a new marketing initiative and it brought in 10,000 new paying clients (or whatever number suits your business).  The revenues it brought in. The sense of accomplishment. How your life changed.

See yourself 12 months from now living the life you want – and explain in intricate detail how you got there.

These are LOTS of mindset drills – but we all need them, and its the number one reason we don’t achieve our goals (by not facing our mindset challenges head on).

LAST, but not least…

Shake that body!

10 monkey jumps
30 jumping jacks
10 pushups
20 crunches
20 standing (or running)) high knees
10 monkey jumps

That’ll get the blood flowing!

You committed to me that you wanted change – and all of this is a step towards a wonderful 100 day run!

Please do these drills – and email me back your answers.


Have an ass-kicking day!


PS: Use your nervousness or fear as a competitive advantage. Everyone gets nervous about stepping out of their comfort zone.  Be thankful for your fear and use it as a sign you’re alive. Turn it on. Crank it up. Let your nerves work FOR you. I do this in my fights – and it definitely works.


Weed, black-eyes, and a Black Belt… 2017 in review

Another year has come and gone and a brand new opportunity is in front of us.

2017 for me was a year of health.

I focused less on launching new products and services, and more on pushing my physical limits and teaching others to follow.

It was an awesome year for me.

…2 Gold Medals at WKU Canadian Nationals
…2 Bronze Medals at WKU Worlds in Ireland
…36 fights total (including tournament fights)

…black eyes
…sore muscles
…my Black Belt in Muay Thai (praciat)
…and a shit eating grin

I loved competing so much…training so much…and achieving my Black Belt in Muay Thai after 8.5 years of training (4 years recently, the other 4 was a couple decades ago).

But I missed writing you guys and gals.

I missed finding golden stories in business to share.

Showcasing people with a wicked story, that leveraged it to make their business boom.

So… my Plans for 2018 include:

…training less but more focused training (I was training 10-15 hours a week – at 49 yrs of age!)

…getting back to writing and sharing marketing ideas that could help you build your business

…building value in the 2018 Cash Flow Calendar to be even more no-brainer-brilliant-investment worthy (you get my story selling course now – along with bi-weekly webinar!)

…and to focus on a niche health product I grew to love, and am building a major business on. 

With all the training I do and have done, aches and pains were a way of life.

But I was popping FAR TOO MANY Extra strength Advils.

…Which I hated.

Never was one for prescription pills, but Advils I would take.  And it was getting bad on more real sore days/weeks.  I have issues with my Facet joints in my lower spine.  The more kicking I do, the more I hurt.  But I love my Muay Thai, so lived with the pain.

But hated popping pills.

I was taking 6-8 Advils a day on my bad days…

…FAR too much.

So I started taking Hemp CBD oils to reduce the pain.cbd oil, cannabidioil, hemp oil

And they did


Within a few days I dropped Advils all together.

Haven’t gone back since.

Plus a slew of other things I’ve noticed since taking the oils…

Sleep. Focus. Calmness.

Healing speed.

All better.

Now, I’ve been an advocate of marijuana for healing my entire adult life.

Now that’s it medically legal most places now, and recreationally in a growing number of countries, I see a major trend in 2018.

People are finally putting an end to the absolute NONSENSE they’ve been fed by the government and pharmaceutical companies.

They don’t believe them anymore.

People can open their computer, do a quick search, and find all the evidence they could ever need on the medical benefits to marijuana, hemp, thc, and cbd.

Studies are being done.

Clinic research being completed.

The World Health Organization FINALLY admitting the benefits of healing oils like CBD oils.

And yes, I’m building a business with this product because I am a believer in it – I see a massive need out there for this product (my mom is next in line to see the health benefits she desperately needs).

So many people I talk to now in the average day that are in pain.  That suffer needlessly.  That had no choice but to take excessive pharmaceuticals for pain, anxiety, digestive issues, sleep issues, seizures, cancer, etc.

…and yet there’s a simple all-natural way to reduce many health issues.

Which brings me to a couple points I wanted to make about marketing in 2018.

I did some really fun marketing campaigns over the past year… and into the first week and a half in 2018.

I saw some AMAZING results from a very specific type of Facebook campaign.

I got down and dirty on some targeting techniques.

I marketed inside some diverse niches, and will continue to this year.

I learned:

* Keep your eyes and ears open for amazing and timely opportunities.  Crypto is one of them that you’ve probably heard lots about.  CBD oils is another one – Forbes says it will match or exceed crypto returns this year!

* Niche marketing is da’bomb! When you get used to marketing in fairly well-known industries – you seen a certain level of interest with properly targeted prospects.  Add a niche in there with a HOT, HOT market opportunity and those results go sky rocketing.

* Look far outside your regular industry for innovative marketing ideas – THOSE are where true breakthroughs happen

* Drop the ego and beliefs every once in a while.  It get’s very expensive to keep a holier-than-though attitude when it comes to marketing certain products or services, in specific ways.  

Try new things – things you never would have tried in 2017 – and watch your whole world turn for the better!

LAST… follow the proven methodologies that work for online ‘internet marketing’, but use those techniques outside of the IM info product space for rapid results and monetization.

One GREAT story can be a huge source of leads and sales!

I wrote one of these late December for a project I’m working on and am sooooo excited about the results I’m seeing.

If you are looking for a new income stream, leveraging a HOT HOT market opportunity, and a wicked sales system, then hit reply and let me know.

I am all about trying new things and marketing in diverse niches this year… and I got a great one for you if you’re interested.

If you’re not looking for new income streams, AT LEASt try some out-of-the-box marketing ideas!

Have a great day.


PS: Comment below if you are looking to diversify your income this year (nothing to do with crypto – you have enough of that in your inbox already).  I’ll share with you what I’m doing, how story selling is being used, and show you a stellar sales system that just works.


Welcome to the Kick Ass 100 Club

Hello to my fellow ass-kickers!

I fully intend on making this a pivotal program for you, your business, and your health.

First off, this is for high-achievers. The doers – the get-r-doners.

For the next 100 days, you will be getting tools, tips, techniques and action plans to make the next 100 days the most profitable and fun yet.

But, you need to be realistic too.

The first day won’t make you a million.

Nor will the 100th…if you do nothing.

Getting stuff done is a step-by-step commitment from BOTH you and I.

I commit to getting you the Kick Ass 100 plan.

And you are committing to me to test out my ideas.

We have a diverse group of ass-kickers here: new entrepreneurs, soon-to-be entrepreneurs, established entrepreneurs, and everyone in between.

As you know, I am big into Martial Arts.  I’ve dedicated over 14 years of my life to different styles.  I hold a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and just about to get my Black Praciat in Muay Thai (within the next year – 6 years total training to get here so far).

Doing that meant I started with the B-A-S-I-C-S.

No matter what style of martial art I trained in (I’ve trained Tae kwon do, Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai)…I started with the basic stances, the basic punches, the basic kicks, knees, and elbows.

I didn’t think I was “too good” to start at the basics like many people do when they start at a new Martial Arts School.

I succumbed to my trainers advice, and learned how to master the basics before attempted more advanced moves.

My Muay Thai Trainer now has 35 years (!) experience – and he still works on basics EVERY DAY.

There’s a hint there.

And in order to start with the basics, we need to look at your past history.

Success in sports, in business, and in life is all about mindset.

Your mindset sucks – you won’t advance.

Your mindset is open and clear – you will advance.

Pretty simple.

For today, I want you to start with writing down your top 5 limiting beliefs around money, business, health, or success.

Be specific.

“Wealth means greed”
“I don’t get the lucky breaks”
“My distractions cost me a significant deal that would have made me $75,000 extra last year”

All examples I’ve heard before.

The last of course is the most specific (hardest to write down – but most specific to a situation).


Which top 3 areas come to mind when you write down those beliefs?

Where do you need clarity right now?  What seems to be a common theme, and whats confusing about the way past this recurring limitation?

Write them down.


Your top 10 things that you are proudest of, or are most grateful for in your life?

Write them down.

Now, look at your 3 lists.

What keeps on coming up?

What do YOU think has held you back until now?

What do YOU think needs to be done to break through in the next 100 days?

Then send me your answers.

These are private and confidential.

Send them to me please.

As well – a quick 2 sentence description of what business you are in now (or want to be) and why you love that business as you do.


A big part of success is in feeling good about yourself and your health.

So part of this program will be simple things you can do at home to get a wee bit healthier every day.

For today…

100 body weight exercises through the day.

I suggest:

10 squats
10 pushups (from your knees is fine to start)
40 jab crosses in the air
10 squats
10 pushups
10 situps or crunches
10 curls per arm (just use a can of soup – or something similar) for your weight.

You can do this in less than 10 minutes.

You committed to me that you wanted change – and all of this is step one towards a wonderful 100 day run!

Please do these drills – and email me back your answers.


Have an ass-kicking day!