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Wacky marketing ideas: Wine drinking cows & pot smoking pigs

I absolutely LOVE off-the-wall marketing ideas!

They grab attention (and publicity), and can make entrepreneurs
a nice surge in cash flow…

…much like the tools inside the 2018 Cash Flow Calendar!

First off-the-wall ideas…

…a pig farmer/butcher in Seattle.

He gets a good old whiff of a new trend in Washington and
Colorado (the legalization of marijuana), and has a lightbulb

Why not combine his pigs – with some pot!

All these medicinal marijuana growers have a problem – wasted
product that they need to dispose of.

The butcher has a problem too – he needs something, anything, to
different his pork product from all the others out there.

Pot + Pigs = ** Marijuana-infused prosciutto **

Yaba dooby dooo!

His “Pot Pigs” are sold through his Pike Place Butcher shop (BB
Ranch) and have become a delicacy and are a redder and more
savoury meat than non-stoned pigs.

It’s important to note that before he stumbled upon the
spliff-smoking swines hook, he fed his pigs Vodka as a way to
differentiate himself and to flavor the meat with a heavy dose of
awesome marketing.

I’m starting to think these porkers have a pretty good lifestyle…
up until the butchering part, that is!

After putting some “weed to his feed”, he then does what any
great marketer does – he creates the world’s first Pot Pig Gig –
an annual pot-infused pig bbq event.


It REEKS of a great story – leverages some fantastic marketing
ideas, and has lessons ANYONE can use.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

(note: if you want an inside path to the world of legal cannabis
– hit reply and let me know.  There’s some amazing things going on
right now in Canada and the US – and making some money inside this
fast-growing industry is a good idea.

Forbes even said the growth here will be similar to Crypto in 2018!

Hit reply and lets chat).

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Second wacky example…

Wasted cattle and the power of a good Merlot~!

I’ve written a couple times about this idea too.

Similar to our fried pigs, these cows are drunk!

Janice Ravndahl of Sezmu Meats stumbled on this idea while
watching chef Gordon Ramsey feed beer to pigs on his show, The F

She noted that Ramsay often fed beer to the pigs (damn these
livestock are living it up!), and she decided a good merlot mixed
with some quality beef (live beef that is) would be a winner.

And she was right!

Not only do her customers LOVE the taste of the beef, the cows
get quite happy about it too…

“But once they have it, they’re happy to have it again. They moo
at one another a little more and seem more relaxed. There are a
few that lap it up out of the pail. After they’ve had it for a
while, when they see us coming with the pitchers, they don’t run,
but they come faster than usual.”

Such an unusual combination makes for some exceptional story
telling and marketing ideas!

The $100 hot dogs from yesterday were infused with $3,000 a
bottle cognac.

The pigs are fed medicinal marijuana.

And the cows are all tipsy from their litre a day (!) of quality


Come back as a farm animal in the next life?


The lesson truly is, MAKE your marketing and products


Find ways to combine products (the more unrelated they are – the
more interesting the story is).

Tell the story on why you WANT to be different in a very me-too

Up the ante!

Those $100 hot dogs that sold out in a day – are going to be $200
hot dogs next, the owner says (with special ingredients to be

Don’t try and compete on price – create a new category or an
entirely NEW and INNOVATIVE bundle never before seen in your

Here’s a WICKED WAY to do that… (on a discount for 7 more days)

And my final point – get promoting yourself and your business.

Be proactive about it – crank up the volume in the Christmas break
(while most slack off).

Milk every opportunity you get to grab attention and build
your business.

Be safe, of course, but don’t be shy!

Troy White

The Ultimate Wacky marketing idea BIBLE


My recent cave-dwellings and marketing wins (and Cash Flow Calendar is out)

Yup, I disappeared on you…

For the last far-too-many-months, I’ve been head down working inside a business and industry I love. Not only that, I’ve fought 36 battles in Muay Thai this year at tournaments, Nationals, and Worlds. Not bad for a 49 year-old geezer.

Oh ya… and getting the 2018 Cash Flow Calendar ramped up with hundreds of new marketing tools (more on this later).

But you’re here to talk marketing, and I have been busy testing out new strategies and techniques to boost leads and sales for me and my clients.

I’ve had some solid wins… and some dismal disasters… but I learned something from each and every one of them.

Offline strategies that reaped huge rewards.

Online techniques that racked up the sales and brought in record numbers of new clients.

Most of these are inside a non-internet marketing industry.

Which has been nice!

I’ll be sharing some of my wins (and losses) with you in the next few newsletters.

One of my STUPIDEST losses?

My cashflowcalendars domain!


Stupid me, after 10 years of producing the cash flow calendar, I totally missed the boat and didn’t notice I let the domain lapse… and get snapped up by some smart entrepreneur.

My own fault… their gain.

But, it was just the domain, and I still own, and have completely outdone myself in 2018 making it even better!


look no further!

The 2018 Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar is hot off the press and just waiting to put sales in your bank account.

Not only that, I’m offering a pre-launch discount for a few days.

The tools in here recently put a very solid 5-figure bankroll inside a business that wanted something unique to use in their marketing… and this delivered exactly what they wanted… cash flow!

So grab a copy today and let’s get those pre-Christmas campaigns making more moola.

Thanks, Troy White