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Unfocused and marketing blurriness [my video apology for you]


…Do as I SAY, not what I DO – right?

Sorry on the delay!

A combination of things, none of which really matter here, and a week later I’m back.

Which reminds me of a comment I heard yesterday by a dedicated Kickboxing student of mine (I teach Kickboxing/Muay Thai 5-7 times a week).

She was a former personal trainer.

Became a mom and dedicated her “free” time (lol – doesn’t exist as a stay at home parent!) to her children.

She gets back into workouts (kickboxing with me as one of her outlets).

She has a bad week last week and disappears from class.

Today, she’s back and raring to go.

And she said, ‘better a week later than NEVER’!

Which is soooooo true.

When I get caught up in things and don’t send an email, or don’t do the things I SHOULD be doing daily… I don’t FREEZE UP.

Most do.

The falter in their plans or goals – then freeze up – then get scared of admitting they screwed up – so they do nothing.

But the real key is to admit your faults (I have a long list of my own) – then MOVE ON.

The gal from kickboxing admitted she was slacking and let things get in the way – but she came BACK to the workouts…

…more than 80% of the people who buy a membership, show up consistently for a week or two, then falter and are NEVER seen again.

Same with affiliate marketers that bomb in their first campaign – so they blame the so-called ‘scam’ they bought and never do anything ever again (despite the FACT that affiliate marketing IS a proven system that makes moola when done consistently over time).

Same with brick and morter business owners that try a marketing campaign – fail – then say marketing “doesn’t work”.

Or network marketers that hit up their friends and family, bomb, lose friends, then call it all a scam (despite the FACT that tons of people make very solid incomes in the same industry marketing to people they don’t even know).

Which is why I always have things near me that remind me of MY WHY. My goals. My dreams. My aspirations.

It reminds me that EVERYONE has faults. EVERYONE messes up. EVERYONE has bad days/weeks, and months.

But those that truly live their dreams, always get back on the saddle and try again.

Which IS EXACTLY why I’m offering you the 2017 VIP Program for such a low price.

Lots of people need help getting back in the saddle. Some people need help with their focus (Facebook has a tendency to de-focus and de-monetize business owners). Some people need innovative marketing ideas. Some just need a good old hand up when they’re feeling low.

The 2017 Cash Flow VIP program gives you insights to help YOU make the most of this year:

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* Success stories and case studies that break down what’s working now (based on my client work, and investments in my own businesses)

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And a LOT more!

For just $37 a month (which is approximately $27 US) you can join us in this community and start growing your business starting tomorrow!).

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Either way… I’ll look after you and give you some incredible value for growing your business and building a system that scales.

See you on the inside!