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10 Ghoulish ways to delight clients and build your bank account on Halloween

Halloween is just 10 days away, and is a fabulous way to have some fun in your marketing.

The best part about Halloween these days?


People spend a bundle on Halloween now! (it’s estimated the Americans alone will spend over $8 BILLION this year on Halloween)

Decorations – costumes – parties – Haunted Houses – Screamfests – Zombies runs – etc.

NOW is the time to make the most of the opportunity at hand, while having some fun with these ideas:

1) Get on Fiverr(dot)com and get a Halloween Cartoon made of yourself. It’s a simple, cheap ($5!), and a great tool to you use in promotions and on social media!

troy white2) Go on Orientaltrading(dot)com and get some fun knick-knack stuff you can use as package stuffers, direct mail grabbers, gifts for their kids, or desk top toys

3) Have a Halloween party for your clients and prospects. These days, a party can be virtual easily enough too. Have a themed Halloween party with door prizes, contests, costume contest, pumpkin carving bash. Again – this can be done virtually as easily as in person (people LOVE sending in their pictures via Facebook!)

4) Have people send you their scariest experience stories. This could be nightmare experiences in buying competitive products (if you sell cars, as an example – who doesn’t have a nightmare story of a slimy car sales rep??!!) Best story wins a prize

5) Build a haunted house – donate the money raised to charity or food collected to the food bank (which means you can get some excellent free local publicity). This takes a bit of creativity, some time, and can bring you some exceptional goodwill!)

6) Give away Halloween themed kids colouring books via pdf or print (use as a lead magnet – or as a gift to clients and prospects). If they don’t have children of the right age – encourage them to share with their friends that do. Again – Fiverr has lots of people that’ll customize one for you for…$5

7) Send an animated Halloween video or email. Fiverr is pure gold for marketers that want simple and inexpensive tools like this. A quick search on Fiverr and you’ll have yourself an animated and customized Halloween animation to use with your clients.

8) Start a new loyalty rewards program – and kick it off with a Halloween theme. Everyone loves getting rewarded and invented to buy. Give them a fun way to collect double or triple points if they buy from you this Halloween.

9) Be like Google. You know how they change up their landing page for special occasions? DO THE SAME! Get a Halloween-zed logo done – or banner – or cartoon (see #1 above) and plaster it on your site and social media pages (of course – it should link to a Halloween themed special offer!)

10) Have a Halloween Themed promotion! The most obvious, of course. But do NOT discount this. For almost 10 years now I’ve used the Cash Flow Calendar as a tool to make my clients a BUNDLE using themed promotions.
Halloween is a fun time, and a great time to stand out from the others.

* * * * SPEAKING of Halloween Specials! * * * *

My 2017 Cash Flow Calendar is coming out SOON!

The biggest, bestest, and most profitable marketing tool you’ll ever have. For almost 10 years, I’ve helped people come up with profitable themed marketing campaigns using this tool.

Almost 2,000 different ways to boost your cash flow in 2017!

Not only will you get the calendar at 50% off for pre-order…

…you’ll also get a 3-part HALLOWEEN EMAIL CAMPAIGN!

I have a 3 step sequence you can email to your list (you’ll have to customize some of it to your list and offer (it isn’t customized for you – but the headline, social media snippets, and main story is done – you just need to add in your offer).

…you’ll get a 3-part Story Formula Playbook you can use to crank out some seriously profitable promotions to wrap up your year, and start the new year with a bigger bank account.

Well over 60 pages of pure gold, examples, and swipeable ideas you can use to attract new clients and boost your bank balance.

The NEWEST Small Display Ads 2.0 Goldmine! This gem is the key to generating a consistent flow of traffic and leads to your site or offers. Perfect for Google Display Ads, Facebook Ads, print ads, fliers and landing pages.
All of this is available in the Spooky Sales System Halloween Bundle.

The 2017 Cash Flow Calendar will sell for $97 (same as the 2016 version sells for now)
The 3-part email campaign sells for $750 minimum
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Hell of a deal – and a serious bonanza for any and all serious marketers!

The calendar will be out in 2-3 weeks, and the other bonuses will be in your inbox next week 🙂

Have a great day.




troy white


Fragile egos, archaic stupidity, and the truth on email lists

Everyone hates walking on eggshells.eggshells

But sometimes you have to when dealing with touchy online experts.

Their egos are too fragile.

That’s why Daniel Levis’ New Book and Companion Video Training are sure to ruffle some feathers.

Because it’s online BLASPHEMY at its best!

If you don’t know Daniel, he’s famous throughout the industry as, “The EMAIL ALCHEMIST”…

… Because he’s helped more people multiply their profits with email marketing than just about any other online marketing educator.

In fact, he’s created guerilla campaigns that have hauled in over $90 a click… just using EMAIL.

Your FREE book is about a real tragedy… THE DEATH OF LIST BUILDING.

But there’s some bad news AND some good.

First the good news… that the more people who still trust in the old lies, the better.

It’s GREAT they believe that all you need to do is…

1) throw up a crappy website
2) steal some persuasive copy
3) drive a little free traffic
4) and retire on the beach.

Yes, the more your competitors live in the past, the less competition for YOU.

But it’s CATASTROPHIC news if YOU are a part of the deluded majority.

That’s why one of the charts in the book (and in his short video) is so important:


It shows that most entrepreneurs have tried it all… the quick-fix courses, the hot-shot copywriters, a thousand traffic sources… but they’re scrambling harder than ever.

This new book is your blueprint to bypass falling sales, click-through rates, and traditional online strategies.

It’s called:

“The EMAIL ALCHEMIST: Profit Diary of An Online Marketing Millionaire, Your Roadmap to Riches”


Daniel’s new discoveries are both myth-busting and profit-exploding…including:

>>> How today’s A-D-D Afflicted CULTURE is actually changing the structure of YOUR brain…

>>> Why ALL MARKETING MEDIA ARE CRIPPLED by two unstoppable forces… and how to exploit them instead…

>>> Why your SUBJECT LINE is no longer so important in today’s EMAILS…

>>> What’s replaced “ATTENTION” as the most valuable marketing commodity in the world today.

You’ll discover hidden, unsuspected, untapped leverage in this all-new training.


This is the absolute EASIEST, FASTEST, AND MOST COST-EFFICIENT way to create customer bonding, branding, AND long-term sales.

And you won’t have to walk on eggshells around the touchy egos of those so-called experts.

Have a great night~!



My results at WKU Worlds in Kickboxing, and a special ass-kicking

I’ve been out of the loop for a while – was down in Orlando to compete at WKU Worlds in Kickboxing,and getting caught up (plus fighting the bloody hackers that put [email protected] on my websites – all fixed now)

How did I do?

I’m going to share with you part of the email I sent to my Kick Ass 100 Club Members (which you can join at

Kevin Murphy had this to say about the club…

“I really LOVE your Kick Ass 100 program….!! Just the tool and mentor I needed to GET MY ACT TOGETHER and focus on the most important things in my business and my health.”

Get signed up now at

Here’s part of the email my members got…

= = =


Getting my medal… with 2 tough competitors

Hey fellow ass-kickers.

Well, the big day was today for my first fights.

And… you win some and you lose some.

My first fight today was against a big guy from Wales. It was an AWESOME fight! It my 35 fights I’ve now had, this one was my favorite I think. It was challenging. We were hard hitting (but not too hard hitting that any serious injuries happened – other than a sore nose for each of us).

One of my team mates took video – I’ll share it with you – when I get it – to see what you thought of the fight (and to give you an idea of what kind of fighting I do).

Even he said it was the hardest fight he’s ever had – so I’ll take that that as a compliment.

The second fight was against a German guy – also bigger and taller than me. Another fantastic fight and he was such a fantastic kicker (with a few dirty moves he pulled, but that can be part of the game).

Anyhow, great fights – and I bring home a Bronze for Canada (but I don’t fight on Wed for Silver or Gold).

My point is two-fold:

1) I overcame my fears and started competing a few years ago. I’ve still won more fights than I’ve lost. I’ve also now gold a Bronze medal to my record at 48 yrs old.

2) I OVERestimated the guy I thought I was going to fight today (how often do we over estimate the difficulty of something?). I thought I was fighting a guy from Lebanon – that’s what it said on the schedule for today. I looked him up on Facebook and saw he was a 6th degree blackbelt that trains the Lebanese Army and runs/coaches a martial arts school (6th degree blackbelt means he would have had to be training for at least 26 years (at the least). I was all worked up about him this morning – thinking this guy was going to be difficult to fight. I noticed at the last minute the schedule was changed and he was now fighting someone else. I watched him fight and could have easily beat him – way slower than I am.


What in the heck does my rambling have to do with you ass-kickers?

Overcoming fear and adversity.
Accepting a loss as a stepping stone.
And setting goals for future wins or successes.

In the past 4 days we’ve gone through a few ideas for getting over fears (do scary things to realize fear is just an emotion). We’ve talked about regrets and mistakes made.

Your drills and exercises for today…

= = =

The balance of the email is for my members, which you can be part of.

Each and every day we go through drills to get you focused, to get you productive, to get you healthy, and to get you profitable.

A GREAT way to finish your year and start the next!

…for less than $1 a day (not to mention you can go through the 100 day program as many times as you want – each time new bonuses and gifts.

I learned a LOT at Worlds this year.

I learned a LOT in business this year.

I am in the best health I’ve ever been in my life…at 48 years old.

So, if you want/need/are scared of a good solid mentor and ass-kicking plan for the next 100 days, get your hiney signed up today and let’s get started =>

Have an ass-kicking day!


PS: I also wrote a dedication to my daughters on their 16th birthday this week – here it is if you’re interested in their story and evolution


Daughters 16th

Today, my daughters turn 16.Crashed

How in the hell did THAT happen?

Amazing how fast 16 years can go by… and how fast I can turn grey (coincidence?).

As you may well know, my twin 16 yr old daughters are everything to me.

They were brought into this world at a whopping 3 pounds each, and have turned into incredible young teenagers with the world in their hands.  In honor of their birthday today, I thought it only fair to dedicate today’s article to them!

Without them, I may have never taken the plunge to start my own business.

I did NOT want to be that dad that hated what he did for a living… so I quit my sales job and started my own business. 

Best thing I ever did for myself… and for them.

Below these pictures of my angels are 2 articles you will enjoy.

My daughters... my world
My daughters… my world

The day those 2 came into my life was the greatest day I can ever remember.

Katrina and Hailey were born 2 months premature and weighed in at 3pds each.

Yet, they carried the power of the universe in those tiny little hands. The first time I held one I will never forget (look at your hands when I talk about this to get the full impression) – their entire hands wrapped around my middle fingertip – their entire hand wrapped around my first knuckle.

So small, yet so many miracles at work within them.

They are now 16 years old and you would never know they were born so small or frail.

The power of love, nutrition and all the TLC possible brought them from where they were all bundled up in their incubators at the hospital to where they are today – terrorizing the cats, the neighbors kids and the local supply of purple balloons (one of their favorites).

Pretty well through most of this time I was also building my own small business and I quickly learned how many similarities there are to raising kids as there are to raising a business. You have to learn to crawl before walking, and walking before running.

There are no shortcuts (every once in a while you do hear of someone that broke the “rules” but it is more common than not to have to follow the rules.

Being twins, they also have some unique qualities and situations that remind me of marketing my business. Making my business different than others is very important to me and I am always working on new ways to get better at it.

What struck me most though was how powerful we truly are when we look to a higher power for help. Those tiny little 3 pound babies were put on this earth for a reason (and neither of us have twins in the family, so it was a complete surprise).

They are as strong as any other 16 year old (I’d say even stronger now that they’re rugby-loving workout-junkies), yet they started out at a serious disadvantage.

When you look to a higher power for help – you will receive what you ask for. As long as you trust and believe that it will come. When those 2 were born – all I asked for was health.

As long as they were healthy – I was happy.

And I got what I asked for because I KNEW deep inside that they were healthy – and would continue to be so.

With my business, I have asked for help numerous times. Many times I got what I asked for. Other times I didn’t. When I look back on why some things didn’t happen as I had asked for – it was mainly because I was not trusting that it would happen. Those times when I knew deep to the core that it would happen – it did.


My advice to you is – when you ask for help – believe they will help and trust that it will come in due time. But, do not sit back and wait for it. Go out and actively go in search of your dreams as well.

It gives the universe many more outlets to help you with when you are already helping yourself.


(this is an article I sent to Jay Abraham almost 10 years ago – one which he published in his newsletter at the time…. thought you’d get a kick out of it.

“No More Jay Abraham!”

as stated by Hailey White (2 years old)

December 2002 in LA was one of the defining moments in my life.  Over the period of 3 information packed days my thoughts on business and success dramatically.  When I got home I looked at the thousands of pages of information I had to read, 80 hours + in audio tapes to listen to…my year was filling up!

So… every chance I had to listen to the tapes I did.

Until last week…

I have twin 2 year old girls and they were on the fast track to be the youngest Jay Abraham Protégés ever !  They listened to the tapes every time they were in the car with me… and for the most part they seemed to quite enjoy it!

I thought I was a genius… raising marketing masterminds from birth!  By the time they were 12 years old I would be able to retire on their consulting contracts.  This was sounding great.

My dreams were dashed the other day when I was putting in another tape while the girls were in the car.   As the tape started there was a huge outburst from the back …. “NO more Jay Abraham!”  Hailey screamed.  I thought she was kidding, I mean how could she be getting tired of here education already?

Well, sorry to say… they no longer let me play the Jay Abraham tapes when they are in the car.  I get the same, very rude, outburst whenever I try them on the tapes.

My bubble has temporarily burst for the youngest protégés ever.

I am going to try again when they turn 3.

Thanks again Jay,  the training is excellent !

Troy White

Have a great day.