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Misery to Millions

miseryIf you’ve seen Misery, you probably cringe at the thought of Kathy Bates taking a sledgehammer to James Caan’s ankles.

As she ‘hobbled’ his ankles, he realized his life was a sh*tshow and he was stuck right where he was.

Crippled, broken, and unable to find a way out.

It’s a very similar feeling many entrepreneurs get when deep in the muck, and unable to see a clear escape.

You feel useless.


In pain and w/o a pill.

Alan Magliocca was there.

Complete and utter misery with the online marketing space.

Flop after flop.

Crippling blow after blow.

But…he found a way to escape…

…and went from Misery to Millions!

Actually – $10,000,000.

In 7 years.

Not too shabby.

I know one of Alan’s partners, Reed, quite well – and have known him for a long time. Reed told me about Alan’s success – and his system…and I am highly impressed. is a great place to start if you are stuck in the misery phase.

That awesome black hole of despair where you don’t know a way out – but you’ve seen all the signs that there IS a way out.

Alan Magliocca has 14 years of experience in AND OUT of that black hole, and now has 8 figures in digital sales under his belt..

Alan wants to hand YOU the same resources that he uses on a daily basis to generate huge paydays.

Get started with Alan here:

Great resource and person to know!



WANTED: 3 case studies to share with my list (w/ a cash cow idea)

We are almost a 1/3 of the way through 2016!

Scary how fast it goes…

…even scarier when those big goals are getting further away from being achieved.

The good news?

You still have 8 months ahead to grab those goals and wrassle them into submission.

Lots of time.

And here’s one way I want to help you make it happen.

I haven’t done anything like this in years, but the timing feels right (and I know a few people this will be a BIG help for).

Facing your fears head-on is the fastest way to success.

And, based on my research with my clients, sharing stories can be one of those big fears (right up next to getting up in front of a hundred people to give a speech).

How about if I FORCE you to share your story…

…with YOUR clients and prospects

…and with MY clients and prospects.

Getting your story, your business, your products or services in front of thousands of potential new buyers sounds like a GOOD way to go… ya?

Here’s my proposal – good for the next 48 hours or 3 people – whichever happens first:

* You and I get on the phone for a one hour consultation (which I charge $750 for regularly). We will find your best angle to take with a story-based funnel (we get on the phone and I will diiiiig the best money-making story angle out of you)…

* We take YOUR story – and create you an evergreen cash cow article and sales piece…

* You get a number of my products to help you monetize this:

~ my 2016 Cash Flow Calendar – all the wacky marketing ideas you could ever want or need!
~ My Display Ad Dominance system V2.0
~ Joint venture training audio – get all the partners you need
~ My Story Selling home study course – for the perfect way to monetize your stories now and in the future
~ Story Playbooks #7 and #8 – gives you a powerful way to sell high ticket, recurring revenue products to your list

* Your story (that we create and write for you) sent out to my list of 7k with a link to purchase your core product or service…

All this… for $495.

BUT, only 3 of these bundles are available.

(if you don’t like paypal – email me asap and we can do it over the phone without paypal)

Considering the products alone you get are worth over $350, and we get an hour on the phone to cover any unique marketing or positioning ideas, AND you get copy written for you… it’s a no-brainer if you want to crank your marketing efforts up a notch or 10!

We will deconstruct your sales system, your passion, and turn everything into a CASH COW STORY.

WHY would I do this?

2 reasons:

1) I’m capping it at 3 people – so it’s a very short term offer and can impact the lives of 3 entrepreneurs quickly. Hopefully you are one of them! My rates on hourly consultations are doubling in 2 months. It gives me the ability to work closely with you, and give you insights that you normally would pay thousands for – and copy that’s worth even more to you (one solid sales piece could easily make you thousands in the first month alone).

2) I want to share some more case studies of successful story selling DIRECTLY with my list and this email. Case studies are an awesome way to share insights, ideas, strategies and tactics that WORK. And me putting a bunch of cash in your pocket in a short period of time is pretty rewarding too!

So, if you REALLY want to make the most out of the next month or two, grab one of these 3 spots (if you’re the 4th or more, I will let you know right away).
Sound good?



P.S. Oh and if by the 15 minute mark of our call, you don’t feel like we’re on the same page, tell me and I’ll refund your money. For 14 years now, I’ve helped all forms of small businesses make millions of dollars in additional revenues with my help and copy. Many of my peers can help you, but you’ll pay upwards of $5,000-$25,000 so this is something
that could put some serious mojo in your business. Grab one of these 3 spots (if you’re the 4th or more, I will let you know right away). – Well get started on time and end on time. That’s the way i do business. First in, first out.


Hot dot coms for sale – and a bonanza of marketing ideas

Hope you are having an awesome month!

About to do some beach R&R here, and wanted to send out a couple sizzling updates for spring (Calgary broke a 110 year old temperature record yesterday – perfect way to kick off spring).

First off… dot coms.

For 14 years now, I’ve invested in dot coms as a form of marketing asset. They make for great product launch links, affiliate redirects, new online business ideas, and are truly like real estate – one of a kind!

Having over 400 of them makes a guy want to get rid of a few here and there.

If you are looking for some unique marketing assets, here’s a few I have for sale (just reply back if interested and we can find a fair price – the transition of ownership is simple – done it many times).
Last, but not least – some awesome story-selling ideas went out in the newest Story Playbook! https:///

Things like:

* BIG ticket price tags with wacky off-the-wall stories. How to find them and milk them (like this Pastor did for $5k a pop)…

* The point behind being pointless (and the true story of how Gary Halbert made a bundle with random drive-by stories…about nothing…

* Does size REALLY matter? Insights and inside numbers to the video marketing business for lead generation and sales…

* GOT CRABS? Here’s a case study on a BRILLIANT marketing campaign in Japan. Including their results – and how you can steal the concept for cash-on-demand creation…crab

* 12 HOT websites that hand you story-fodder for FREE. All the ideas you need for months worth of effective marketing campaigns…

* Making fun of yourself for profit! 3 simple ways to self-deprecate yourself to some tidy (and possibly viral) marketing results…

* Plus much more (including an 18 page supplemental report chalk full of swipe files, story ideas, and new ways to market your products or services…
If you get signed up https:/// I will give you last months playbook too – it had a business-in-a-box idea thats ripe for making moola.

Have a great day.

Troy White


145 bloody battles, 95 stitches, and here’s her best success advice

At first glance, you may think this has nothing to do with marketing or business.muay-Thai-fight

BUT, rest assured, this interview holds some of the true keys to success.

Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu is a TRUE warrior.

She’s fought more fights in Thailand than any other man or woman from the Western World.

She fights the best fighters from Thailand – and she has an incredible story to share on how she has done this in just a few short years.
Things like:

* Getting out of a slump or injury (or bad marketing campaign, or flopped business idea) and the mental drills you can start doing NOW

* Where stubbornness comes into your quest for success, and when you are best to bring it to the forefront

* One of her initial weaknesses has now turned into one of her greatest assets (find out what it is – and how to start using it in your training too)

* Trading laughter for self-abuse: where a good old belly laugh can take your game higher than you’ve ever thought

* BRUTAL tough training schedules and how she manages 6-8 hour training days consistently (right up to her fights, and starting back the day after she fights)

* The TEAR formula shortcut, and how to know when the PERFECT time is to crank up your training for practical fight outcomes

* Body breakdowns and what (if anything) you can do about it – and how she prefers to deal with the ‘bad days’ or ‘bad weeks’Sylvie-von-Duuglas-Ittu-Lommanee-Yokkao-Womens-War-Face-Bloodied-Face

* Your mind/body stress thermometer and how to use it in training for your best workouts yet

* Plateau chateau – and how she continually raises the bar and ups her game when things are getting stale

* Plus… she shares a lot of GOLDEN tips for those who want to become an elite athlete (or entrepreneur) that can compete against the best in the world (or even to bring your own game to the best of your ability, with or without the competitive side of martial arts)!

This is for a new podcast series I am doing in the Martial Arts world, but applies as much to life and success as anything.

This hasn’t even really gone live or had any marketing, but there’s so much good info here, I wanted you to hear it.

Go here to listen and sign up!

Website and pics

Would love your feedback (and reviews).

Thanks, Troy

PS: I’m about to launch a 72 hour sale on the 2016 Cash Flow Calendar – grab it here and use code cfc50 to grab a 50% discount.