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The Walking Dead of List Building

Zombies…walking dead…list building ‘gurus’.

One and the same these days!

walkingdead-insideAnd yet, there are simple – and practical ways to revive the dead and grow your business.

That’s why Daniel Levis’ enlightening new video and FREE pdf Profit Guide are sure to ruffle some feathers.

Because it’s online BLASPHEMY at its best!

If you don’t know Daniel, he’s famous throughout the industry as, “The EMAIL ALCHEMIST”…

… Because he’s helped more people multiply their profits with email marketing than just about any other online marketing educator.

In fact, he’s created guerilla campaigns that have hauled in over $90 a click… just using EMAIL.

It’s about a real tragedy… THE DEATH OF LIST BUILDING.

But there’s some bad news AND some good.

First the good news… that the more people who still trust in the old lies, the better.

It’s GREAT they believe that all you need to do is…

1) throw up a crappy website
2) steal some persuasive copy
3) drive a little free traffic
4) and retire on the beach.

Yes, the more your competitors live in the past, the less competition for YOU.

But it’s CATASTROPHIC news if YOU are a part of the deluded majority.

That’s why one of the charts in his short video is so important:

It shows that most entrepreneurs have tried it all… the quick-fix courses, the hot-shot copywriters, a thousand traffic sources… but they’re scrambling harder than ever.

Your blueprint to bypass falling sales, click-through rates, and traditional online strategies is called:

“The DEATH OF LIST BUILDING: How to Ensure Reliable Business Growth and Profits, Before It’s TOO LATE!”
Daniel’s new discoveries are both myth-busting and profit-exploding…including:

>>> How today’s A-D-D Afflicted CULTURE is actually changing the structure of YOUR brain…

>>> Why ALL MARKETING MEDIA ARE CRIPPLED by two unstoppable forces… and how to exploit them instead…

>>> Why your SUBJECT LINE is no longer so important in today’s EMAILS…

>>> What’s replaced “ATTENTION” as the most valuable marketing commodity in the world today.

You’ll discover hidden, unsuspected, untapped leverage in this all-new training.


This is the absolute EASIEST, FASTEST, AND MOST COST-EFFICIENT way to create customer bonding, branding, AND long-term sales.

And you won’t have to walk on eggshells around the touchy egos of those so-called experts.



I’m back to getting punched and kicked in the face on Saturday…

I’m back to getting punched and kicked in the face this Saturday…

My 'hobby' is kickboxing and Muay Thai - and nothing I love more than finding gold nugget stories from my hobbies and finding ways to profit from them!

My ‘hobby’ is kickboxing and Muay Thai – and nothing I love more than finding gold nugget stories from my hobbies and finding ways to profit from them!

…and I can’t wait!

Lots of people question my push to compete in Muay Thai and Kickboxing at the ‘old’ age of 47.

“You’re going to get hurt”…they say (and I do – lots)

“Everyone else is in their 20s – what makes you think you can beat them?”… Cuz I can – and do (not all the time, by ANY means – but I’ve won more than I’ve lost :).

“There’s lots of ‘safer’ sports or even martial arts out there for you”… So?

I’ll be the first to agree that I am getting to be a dinosaur in the competitions.  Usually I am up against 20-30 yr olds. The odd time I fight someone in their 30s – rarely have I ever competed against someone in their 40s (except one tough bastard – he ended up kicking me hard enough to tear my MCL – the same battle causing him to need surgery on his arm).

I work out way too much for an old guy too.

Averaging out 8-10 times a week I am in a class or teaching a class (and when I teach – I train with them).

But I love it!

The aches and pains are a way of life.

The injuries I hate – but they have become much more frequent.  I try and be careful, but overtraining is an issue…as is age ????

Just in the 2 years since getting back to Muay Thai and Kickboxing:

• Achilles issue on my left leg that continues to be a pain in the butt
• Rolled ankle
• Torn ligament in my foot (bottom of foot – physic guy told me the name – too long to remember)
• 2nd degree MCL tear in left knee
• Numerous shoulder muscle tears
• Cracked bones in foot (or just never ending pains maybe)
• Cracked or bruised sternum from knees
• Chronic back pain from too much kicking (X-rays show degenerative issues)

That said, I’m not slowing down any time soon.  WKU Provincials are coming up this Saturday.  After that – WKC provincials.  After that – Nationals!

Now this has ONE BIG LESSON IN IT!

Less about marketing and copywriting, more about living life to the fullest.

I used to train in Muay Thai and Kickboxing 20 years ago, and never competed. I listened to the BS excuses of others and agreed it wasn’t a great idea to compete. And it pisses me off to this day that I didn’t compete back then.

BUT, and here’s the lesson, we ALL make mistakes and can either learn from them, or continue living them.

Instead of listening to others about competition 20 years later, I JUST FLIPPING DID IT!

No asking for permission.

No thinking about the ‘dangers’.

Just get-r-done.

It’s a good credo for your life.

Those things you want to change – just change them.

Those things you want to do – just do them.


Of course I get all worked up and nervous about competing against guys 20 years younger than me.

But I use that fear as a motivator!

As should you.

That one thing you’re scared to do – the one that would help either your personal life or work life – just do it!

See what happens…and learn from it.

Living a life of regret is not one I want to live.

I’d rather test myself and push myself into some very uncomfortable places!

I’ll let you know how the Provincials go this weekend.


PS: The next Story Playbook ( is a doozy! I’m going to show you how to CREATE stories in your life to feed your marketing materials. It’s actually quite a simple formula, that builds your business, and gives you a kick ass life! Get signed up = the next one comes out in a week.