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11 QUICK-cash Creative WiLd CARDS on tonights webinar

The past couple weeks I’ve been promoting Daniel Levis’ free training and course.

Actually…pushing hard is more like it!

For GOOD reason.

Daniel is a fellow Canuck, I’ve known him for a decade or more now, and I completely ADMIRE everything he does in his trainings.

This one tonight is going to top it off with a doozy!

If you enjoy tonights training, and decide you want to invest in his Elite course (from first-hand experience – it is AWEsome!), let me know and I will give you well over $1,000 in my own trainings and courses.

Just drop me an email, and we’ll take it from there.

Now, here’s some details about tonights call…
[FREE BONUS DOWNLOAD: “QUICK CASH Creative Wild Cards CHEAT SHEET: 27 Profit Fire-Starters to Use On Your Very Next Campaign (See Below)]

It’s confusing as a kid… when your family’s heading for the relatives.

You’re almost there, just minding your own business, when someone in the front seat
turns around and gives you the evil eye!

What follows is a mini-lecture that basically says:

“Don’t ANY of you kids talk about religion, politics, or sex…

… “Especially with Aunt Lois and Uncle Jim… they never shut up!”

You dutifully nod your head and wonder…

“What’s up with that? The BEST stuff is off limits?”

Avoid the cool stuff about love… hate… money… world events… the afterlife… poverty… relationships?

Well, if you were repressed during those troublesome years…


But TONIGHT (at 8PM Eastern), Daniel Levis is diving right smack dab into the howling hurricane of emotions that swirl around…

… SEX, RELIGION, and POLITICS… and a lot of other controversial, but super-profitable stuff like…

…Betrayal, the bizarre, challenges, cheating, conflict, conspiracy, intrigue, controversy, death, defiance, deviant behavior, envy, evil, the forbidden, murder, heartbreak, disgust, jealousy, Biblical topics, rumor, rescue, scandal, and tragedy.

What could be more fun?

So instead of walking on eggshells, Daniel will use these “landmine” topics TO MAKE YOU WINDFALLS OF CASH!

Tonight’s FREE training is called:

“11 QUICK-CASH Creative WILD CARDS: The Secret Mind Hacks to Out-Think, Out-Market, and Out-Sell Everyone Else in Your Niche, Through Sheer Inventiveness and Creative Volume…

And whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just starting out, there’s NOTHING more foundational to your success than zeroing in on the DEEPER ways to connect with the powerful emotions lurking at the heart of these QUICK-CASH WILD CARDS.

This is the biggest problem I’ve seen over the last 2 years…

… WORN OUT, BORING, OVERUSED, and REPETITIVE subject lines, headlines and sales copy.

That’s why “invention” is more critical than ever and why Daniel’s going to show you:

>>> How to connect with the deeper layers of empathetic persuasion and avoid formulaic, sales-killing CLICHED persuasion… (STOP using the offensive, copycat NLP stuff that drives people away)…

>>> How to run a Geiger counter over your sales funnel, locating the HIGH-PROFIT CENTERS (i.e., the buzzing  “uranium” of untapped, unnoticed, and unexplored hot buttons that create sales)…

>>> Why EVERY entrepreneur is COMPLETELY BLIND to connecting with vast expanses of their market (old pros and newbies ALL have this same, unsuspected problem eating away at their profits)…

>>> How to go far beyond worn-out persuasion templates and quickly create gutsy sales messages with deep PSYCHIC PENETRATION… with every subject line, EMAIL, headline, ad, or VSL…

After tonight’s training you’ll detour around a couple miserable years of trial-and-error as you set up advanced, sophisticated persuasion sequences.

In other words, if you’re not on board TONIGHT at 8 PMEastern, you’re waving goodbye to a freight-train of profits, easier sales…

…And willingly holding onto stress, frustration, and fear.

Not much of a choice is it?

Again, it’s called:

“11 QUICK-CASH Creative WILD CARDS: The Secret Mind Hacks to Out-Think, Out-Market, and Out-Sell Everyone Else in Your Niche, Through Sheer Inventiveness and Creative Volume…


At the end of tonight’s “WILD CARD” training, you get to download Daniel’s amazing appreciation BONUS:

“The QUICK CASH Creative Wild Cards CHEAT SHEET: 27 Profit Fire-Starters to Use On Your Very Next Campaign!”

There are 27 “Wild Cards” on the CHEAT SHEET.

You’ll pull this out every time you need some juice for coming up with an attention-arresting “angle” for approaching a new ad, email, headline, offer, or overall theme for your sales funnel or campaign.

Daniel will talk about ALL the stuff you had to avoid as a kid!

See you in a few hours.




Is this Marketing Cult destroying your future?

Internet marketing is a cult (without your realizing it).cult

And it can severely cripple your ability to succeed.

Here’s a definition that may help you break free:


1. A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
2. A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.
3.  Misplaced or excessive admiration for obsession with, fixation on, mania for, passion for, idolization of, devotion to, worship of, veneration of a particular person or thing… and it’s body of adherents.

I know, it doesn’t sound good.

Especially when you’re part of the cult, but have no clue it even exists.

We’ll you’re not alone.

We’re all victims on some level…

…Even if you haven’t shaved your head, don’t wear a saffron robe, or chant (well, maybe a little chanting will help… I’ll get to that in a minute).

But fear not.

This Thursday Daniel Levis is conducting a LIVE CULT-BUSTING and DEPROGRAMMING training.

IT WILL FREE your mind from cultish marketing LIES and help restore your financial freedom.

IT WILL ALIGN you with the REALITY about open rates, click through rates, and their relationship to sales.

IT WILL SOLVE the age-old debate about long vs short copy and how often to mail your customers and prospects.

IT WILL GIVE you the courage to break ranks with conventional wisdom and the misled masses.

It’s called:

“The NEW EMAIL ALCHEMY “ELITE” Quick-Profit Clinic,” with three convenient sessions to choose from:

>> March 24 at 11am Eastern 

>> March 24 at 2pm Eastern

>> March 24 at 8pm Eastern

This is Daniel’s new, expanded, amplified and concentrated E-MAIL ALCHEMY training…

…With real world, independently verified in multiple niches, email-marketing secrets for doubling, tripling, quadrupling your list-profits now… plus, how to earn a king’s ransom with email, even if you don’t yet have a list!

So don’t believe it if you’ve heard that EMAIL is dead, that social media is king, and that you need multiple, expensive, time-consuming, Hollywood-style videos to create a successful launch.

If you believe any of this, you need powerful deprogramming.

You need the simple, easy, systematic, predictable, strategic, inexpensive, lo-tech, under-the-radar persuasion of correctly-crafted EMAIL campaigns that produce consistent profits, even from previously under-productive lists.

Ninety-five percent of all entrepreneurs (and the cult-leading gurus) have it WRONG… so they never make the big bucks.


Plus, you’ll get case studies that free your mind — with ridiculously high ROI examples that fire your imagination for what’s possible.

You’ll be pumped for production… to finish your product, create a massive following, or crank out a guerilla launch in a few days.

And just to be clear, the only chanting he’ll have you do is this:


You may want to start on that right away.

See you at the training.

>> March 24 at 11am Eastern

>> March 24 at 2pm Eastern

>> March 24 at 8pm Eastern


Talentless Speed Marketing? (free pdf and video)


As of today, you don’t have to work so hard!

Not only that, you don’t need to be smart or have talent, because…

1) A new study has debunked the 10,000-hour rule to attain mastery.

2) EVEN BETTER… Daniel Levis has “kicked the rule while it’s down” and totally ANNIHILATED the learning curve (with his speed-writing system).

So we can all take a breath…

EVEN IF your open rates have bottomed out!

EVEN IF your click-through rates are non-existent!

EVEN IF your sales have tanked!

As background, the 10,000 rule was made popular in 2008 by Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller, Outliers.

It said that 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” would take you to world-class mastery in any field.

But a recent debunking study from Princeton says it ain’t so.

Which is great news if you need money NOW…

… Because you can quit waiting… quit busting your butt to become a great copywriter, marketer, or entrepreneur (20-hours-a week x 10 years = 10,000 hours).

So what do you do instead?

Cheat, unless you’re a masochist.

But if you insist on suffering, why not haul in the cash WHILE you’re torturing yourself to become an expert?

Now you can, because not only has “the rule” been debunked, but Daniel Levis has ANNIHILATED the evil myth with a NEW VIDEO and PDF PROFIT GUIDE:
The proof is here… systematized automation to create money-on-demand from virtually any email list… and the power to grow those lists at warp speed…

…WITHOUT the risk or the spirit-crushing trial-and-error …

… WITHOUT investing the time required to write winning email campaigns (even if you HAVE paid your 10,000 hour dues… this is STILL MUCH FASTER)…

… WITHOUT forking over the big bucks for a competent copywriter to help build your business.

Check it out while you put your feet up: “NEW PROFIT-GUIDE PDF + VIDEO! The 10,000-HOUR ANNIHILATOR: Slash Time and Effort as Lifeless Lists COME BACK FROM THE DEAD!”
By the way, Daniel Levis is the authority the pros turn to for EMAIL expertise.

It’s the reason they’re world class… they learn from the best!

British marketing legend, Drayton Bird says:

“Forget the guys who say ‘I’ll make you rich in 3 days’. Turn to Daniel Levis for advice based on deep study, real practice and good thinking. The genuine article.”

Marketing wizard, Mike Filsaime says:


Copywriting expert, John “Angel “Anghelache, says:

“Email Alchemy is a complete step-by-step system for crafting email promotions that result in serious profits within days. Daniel’s system just plain works. Get it. Use it. Profit. And repeat.”

Jon Benson, consultant and creator of the 3X Sellerator, says:

“Email Alchemy dug far deeper into my list and quadrupled my sales – for real, that is not hype. It generated a Tsunami of orders I had no idea were even there. In just two weeks, we pulled $300K in immediate sales for 3X Sellerator, plus another $100K+ in payment plan sales, all from a list of fewer than 25,000 names.”

Marketing funnel expert, Todd Brown, says:

“It’s one of the best, most comprehensive email training programs I’ve ever come across. Darn near irresistible! That’s how I would describe the email copy that comes out the other side of Daniel Levis’ EMAIL ALCHEMY methodology. If you want the ability to crank out highly-engaging and action-driving email copy, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better teacher than Daniel.”

Daniel’s done the work… so you can relax!

He’s one of the few marketing tacticians who’ve personally engineered campaigns (for his own projects and for clients) in every conceivable niche… for hundred-million-dollar companies… all the way down to kitchen-table startups.

Daniel’s also spent thousands of hours dissecting and analyzing emotional reactions and decision-making patterns that affect every aspect of THE SALE… from open and click-through rates… to length of time reading… to buying behaviors that lead to, or away from, THE SALE.


>>> IF YOU want FAST…paint-by-numbers, quick-strike, high-impact, low-cost guerilla marketing that quickly builds rapport and familiarity…

>>> IF YOU need speed writing that almost forces people to opt in…

>>> IF YOU want to encourage consumption of pre-selling content that gets people to buy, buy, BUY…

>>> IF YOU need to resell customers once they buy…

>>> IF YOU have to gather intelligence on what your prospects want… and need quality testimonials…

…Then you need the LAZY MARKETER’S shortcut right here:

“NEW PROFIT-GUIDE PDF + VIDEO! The 10,000-HOUR ANNIHILATOR: Slash Time and Effort as Lifeless Lists COME BACK FROM THE DEAD!”

This is the 3rd video in Daniel’s new training series, all available now at that page.

Dig in and make your life easier.



Lizard brain sales secrets and Henry Ford freedom finders

Henry-Ford-QuoteHenry Ford knew it.

McDonald’s and Subway know it.

I know it, and so do YOU at some level.

That there’s ONE THING that makes marketing easier, simpler, faster, and cheaper.

It’s working like hell to figure out what actually works IN REAL LIFE… boiling it down to make it even more efficient… and then SYSTEMATIZING every infinitesimal step in the process until it’s chimpanzee-easy.

Because we all know SYSTEMS work, even if it’s something as dumb as putting your car keys in the same place every day.

That’s why you’ll LOVE Daniel Levis’ BRAND NEW PROFIT GUIDE pdf and VIDEO:
It’s the sequel to his The Death of List Building training (also available on that page)… and the BIG SOLUTION to plummeting open rates, click-through rates, and falling sales… that are getting WORSE by the internet minute.

Daniel is famous industry-wide as, “The EMAIL ALCHEMIST.”

It’s because he’s engineered hundreds of successful email campaigns… targeting millions and millions of end-users.

And he’s actually stood over people’s shoulders… seeing their reactions and asking them about their decision-making process…

…Then digging deep into WHY they’re deleting versus opening… WHY they’re skimming versus reading… and WHY they’re clicking but not buying.

In this NEW PDF and VIDEO, Daniel also reveals:

>>> Super-Simple PATTERN INTERRUPT examples (but you don’t have to know a thing about NLP)…

>>> All 5 elements of the 5-STEP RESURRECTION FORMULA, to ramp up your profits:
S_________+ O_________+ D _________+ P_________ + C__________ …

>>> Proven SUBJECT LINE examples and detailed dissection… including grabbing attention, and creating “need to know”…

>>> How your lizard brain is hardwired to scan for TWO PRIMAL DESIRES and how to literally steal someone’s attention in the subject line…

>>> The 3-Part SUBJECT LINE FORMULA (and the subtle tricks to using it correctly)…

WARNING: Daniel advises you to DOWNLOAD and READ the PROFIT GUIDE FIRST… so you’re not intimidated or overwhelmed (even though the VIDEO is pretty short):

“NEW pdf PROFIT-GUIDE + VIDEO! The Resurrection Formula: How to Survive Falling Clickthrough Rates and Revive Failing Sales!”

You’ll get the SAME FORMULA that rookie Jon Bowes used to 10X sales for John Assaraf at Neurogym: –>

So if you do nothing else this month…


It’s even FREE, so you can’t go wrong.



$90 clicks and the science of online marketing mastery

If you’re still doing business online, CONGRATULATIONS!

Because the internet superhighway is littered with roadkill.

And the bodies are piling up.

I’m glad you’re not one of them.

But to STAY in the game, it’s important to understand TWO THINGS that are crushing the dreamers, waylaying the wannabees, and eliminating the stragglers who won’t (or can’t) keep pace with the changes.

The FIRST THING is a self-correcting mechanism called REALITY.

It’s the rude awakening that you actually have to have skills and knowledge to run an online business… and be willing to work.

The SECOND THING is just as obvious.

You need an UNSHAKABLE FOUNDATION for every media, message, and marketing campaign.

Without it, you’re easy prey for the next shiny object.


You’re no longer fragmented… no longer blown like a leaf in a hurricane.

You’ve got an anchor, a rudder, a map.

So you can take every hot new marketing miracle and USE it for all it’s worth.

Wring out every penny… then move on when the flame of each fad has burned out.

That’s what Daniel Levis delivers with his amazing new video training and FREE pdf Profit Guide.

And Daniel knows the drill, he’s famous throughout the marketing world as, “The EMAIL ALCHEMIST.”

He’s helped thousands of business owners “up” their email marketing game dramatically…

…From hundred-million-dollar companies… all the way down to kitchen-table startups… and in every conceivable niche.

In fact, he’s created guerilla campaigns that have hauled in over $90 a click… just using EMAIL.

Daniel will give you the foundation you’ve needed all along.

His new discoveries are clearly laid out in…

“The DEATH OF LIST BUILDING VIDEO and FREE pdf PROFIT GUIDE: How to Ensure Reliable Business Growth and Profits, Before It’s TOO LATE!”

Daniel’s new training provides the FOUNDATION for your marketing… EMAIL in a way you’ve never imagined it…

… Breathing fire, Lord of the jungle, rocking the house.

On the other hand, the RAMPANT MISUSE OF EMAIL is why customers are getting harder to attract, harder to acquire, harder to keep, harder to persuade, harder to sell.

So don’t get flattened as the internet speeds up.

Don’t be part of the roadkill.

Dominate the fast lane instead.

Grab Daniel’s amazing new strategies and discoveries, including:

>>> How today’s technology is REWIRING OUR BRAINS (and redirecting your customers’ buying behavior forever) …

>>> Why you SHOULD IMMEDIATELY GIVE UP traditional list building… it’s DEAD (but Daniel has the low-cost replacement you should be using instead)…

>>> The 2 INEVITABLE MARKETING INFLUENCES that RUIN even the most brilliant and well-conceived campaigns…

>>> The children’s classic that delivers today’s MOST POWERFUL MARKETING STRATEGY …

>>> Why you shouldn’t focus on the OBSOLETE SUBJECT LINE (even the experts overlook this obvious competitive advantage)…

>>> CORRAL YOUR ONLINE A.D.D. in seconds with this simple exercise…

>>> What is more important TODAY (and more profitable) than getting your buyer’s “ATTENTION.”

Look… there are dozens, even hundreds, of fabulous marketing media, strategies, and systems.

But without Daniel’s FOUNDATIONAL insights, NOTHING works as promised.

You can tear out every hair, buy every course, even sweat blood and you still won’t succeed.

Yet Daniel’s obvious, simple, straightforward insights into human nature and online mastery can stabilize even the shakiest foundations.


WATCH the accompanying short VIDEO.

REARRANGE your mental wiring.

PILE UP the PROFITS as they finally flow in.

It’s all right here:

“FREE pdf PROFIT GUIDE and The DEATH OF LIST BUILDING VIDEO: How to Ensure Reliable Business Growth and Profits, Before It’s TOO LATE!”
Grab the key to your Ferrari… so you can tear up the internet superhighway.



Wrong, wrong, wrong

Most marketers are wrong.

Because they take traditional strategies and apply them online.

Or they chase johnny-come-lately techniques and neglect (or don’t understand) the easiest, safest, cheapest marketing medium of all time, which is EMAIL.

Because if you know what you’re doing, there’s NO FASTER WAY to find the right customers, build relationships and a following… and of course, make sales.

But the operative phrase here is, “…if you know what you’re doing.”

Most entrepreneurs don’t.

Daniel Levis does.

He’s famous throughout the industry as, “The EMAIL ALCHEMIST.”

He’s helped thousands of business owners dramatically “up” their email marketing game…

…From hundred-million-dollar companies… all the way down to kitchen-table startups… and in every conceivable niche.

In fact, Daniel has created guerilla campaigns that have hauled in over $90 a click… just using EMAIL.

That’s why his new video training and FREE pdf Profit-Guide are even more important TODAY.

You can grab them both right here:

“FREE pdf PROFIT GUIDE and The DEATH OF LIST BUILDING VIDEO: How to Ensure Reliable Business Growth and Profits, Before It’s TOO LATE!”
Most entrepreneurs lose money because they aren’t up-to-date on these new online changes.

But Daniel puts you ahead of the curve with:

>>> How YOUR brain’s hardware (and your customers’ buying behavior) has changed because of today’s technology…

>>> What’s now replaced obsolete LIST BUILDING (and the easy-new “fix” you should be using)…

>>> The TWO UNSTOPPABLE FORCES that quickly ERODE all marketing media, no matter how powerful (Facebook, direct mail, AdWords… you name it)…

>>> What’s now more important (and more profitable) than getting your buyer’s “ATTENTION.”

So get on over and GRAB BOTH YOUR FREE PDF PROFIT-GUIDE and the accompanying video called:

The DEATH OF LIST BUILDING: How to Ensure Reliable Business Growth and Profits, Before It’s TOO LATE!”

DON’T get blindsided by the NEW internet.

DON’T follow experts who don’t have this information.

And DON’T miss out on the profit explosion you’ll get with Daniel’s new strategies.