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I got paid big bucks (and OT) to count fence posts and cook hot dogs

Wayyyy back when I was fresh outta high school, I worked as a labourer for Alberta Transportation. I was on a 5-man crew that was responsible to help twin a highway south of Calgary, where I live.Slacker

It was my first experience with Union or Government work… and it still baffles me how incompetence was (and is still) rewarded! Much like this guy I heard about who got paid for 6 YEARS without ever showing up for work.

That’s pretty well what I did for 8 months or so… slacked off and got paid big bucks!

Part of my job was counting fence posts along the highway. True story. Yup, I had to walk a fence line and count each and every post (about 6 or 8 feet apart). Boring? Yup. Waste of tax payer money? Yup. Something a monkey could have done better than me? Absolutely! (I was 18 years old, a hippy, a partier, and hungover from one libation or another, pretty well every day at work). But, instead of averaging fence posts per mile or whatever, they had me doing it and collecting overtime at the same time.

Oh ya, in the ‘breaks’ I had for this highly strenuous job, we’d drive for about 30 minutes or so to have hot dog roasts!

Ya – this was a killer job with big benefits!

After realizing that my area foreman had been working with them for 10+ years, and was only making $0.85 an hour more – I realized I would go more braindead than I already was at the time, and went back to school to get my Bachelor of Commerce degree!

Throughout my University days, I owned a College Pro Painters franchise that was one of the BEST things I ever did for my entrepreneurial passion.

It taught me about business structure (and the crazy 23% royalty I paid them), about hiring and firing, about door-knocking (very effective and profitable!), about managing people, about client relationships, and about latching on to high net worth clients (one client, a doctor, owned 20+ rental properties – they kept my 8 painters real busy for a lot of the summer).

Looking back, those sales skills I learned then have been invaluable to me and my business.

Imagine if I knew how to use stories to sell like now!

My Story Playbook ( could have made me twice what I earned running College Pro. Even after paying them a 23% royalty, I still made enough in my 4 month summers to pay 8 painters full-time, and support myself through University every year! Some good margins in that painting business 😉

So, no matter what your business is, find those simple little tools that make you a mint with little (or no) work. Much like the super-slacker that took 6 paid years away from his job, your ability to weave compelling stories into your marketing will make you a very healthy profit in the coming years!

Grab a spot here and start making some moola =>

Have a great day!

Troy White


A simple cheatsheet that you need at your side…


Simple lifestyles.
Simple businesses.
Simple workouts.
Simple income streams.

It’s one of the reason I love using Facebofblogook for lead generation (*I am the first to admit that I suck at using the social side of it – but I love the business side of it).

It’s why I told you about this awesome little cheatsheet yesterday

Stupid cheap.

Beautifully simple.

And it comes with 6 Facebook ad experts to train you in some simple ways to use Facebook for lead and cash flow generation.

The first training webinar starts TONIGHT!

So grab this and use it as a resource during the training tonight.



PS: Davey said this… ”This is a very comprehensive resource for Facebook. Many tools inside here are easily overlooked. This resource is very actionable and easy to use. It also saved me a lot of time. Highly recommend.”  Davey So


Facebook failures, or fortunes? Simple tools for lead generation and sales with FB

My first Facebook ad ran in the spring of 2007. I was just starting to promote my Wild West Wealth event, and used a combination of print, email, Facebook, Newspaper ads, and jvs.

Facebook, by FAR, gave me the fastest and best ROI.

fblogo$15 in ads = $2500 in ticket sales!

Gotta love them numbers.

Since that time, I’ve used Facebook for all kinds of business uses.

Lead generation
Sales promotions
Business events
Martial Arts events
Product launches

Each time it brings me results.

It can be a very powerful way to boost your business…

…OR it can be a total time and money SUCK.

There’s all kinds of inexpensive and HUGELY expensive training programs.

Then there’s this =>

Put together by a exceptional marketer that I met in 2010, Reed Floren.

For less than $10, you get an exceptional fast-track path to figure out the Facebook quagmire.

Hate wasting time – this is your best newfound friend =>

Let me know your thoughts, and your results with Facebook ads.

I run ads every single day of the week…

…sometimes for my own businesses, other times for my clients’ businesses.

When you use it right, it’s a fast, simple, and highly profitable tool that WILL grow your business.

Great tool for your marketing toolkit!

Have a great day,

Troy White