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Remember the Lobster Brothers? Their story made them millions and CLOSED their core business!

I’ve been singing the praises of Catch a Piece of Maine for years.lobster

I heard through some of the media like CNN and Forbes that 2 young brothers had a very unique idea for their Lobster business…

…so I stalked them and made them get on the phone with me!

That call made such a massive impact on me, I’ve been sharing their story and ideas for many years now.

I even wrote a free report detailing how they did it – and how you can use their ideas in your own business. You get this report FREE with your Story Playbook membership

Things this BONUS report shares:

* How to turn a $10 purchase into a million dollar a year empire … in 9 months or less

* How to personalize a commodity product so your competitors disappear

* The 30 second secret add-on they used with their lobster shipments that gained them press with Fortune, MSNBC, USA Today, Money Mag, CBS, and about 42 other major media outlets (*also how they used this one add-on to get HIGHLY affluent buyers of a traditionally commodity-priced product)

* How they edged a $10 sale to a $3,000 sale, and ignored the critics, while banking millions

AND…how this one story-based secret launched an empire, that has now closed for even BIGGER and BETTER things!

Yup, this story-based idea took them to over a million in sales in their first 9 months, made them many millions after…and has now spawned an INTERNATIONAL empire that will make them many, many more millions!


…And this is in a commodity type of business.

Yes, stories DO work with commodity type businesses.

They work in B2B – in B2C – online – offline – for lead generation – for sales conversions – for customer retention – and for past customer clawbacks.

Stories work EVERYWHERE…and The Story Playbook shows YOU how to make your sales grow rapidly with a simple little addition to your marketing and sales initiatives.

The Story Playbook is a tool unlike any other out there.

It shows you practical examples of story-based sales…and gives you the tools, the formulas, the strategies, and the “how-to” information to use in your own business.

Unique strategies you won’t find anywhere else…

…at a rock-bottom beta launch price!

Grab it now… the price is doubling very quickly!

Details are on the page.



$7.9 Billion in sales – and THIS is his best approach

You may or may not know, but 13 years ago I was fortunate to have Ted Nicholas as my mentor and copywriting trainer. Ted is a legend in the advertising space, and has sold billions of dollars in products and services using his copy.

Ted Nicholas and I at one of his bootcamps...

Ted Nicholas and I at one of his bootcamps…

He gave me the foundational knowledge on story telling in marketing, and credits stories as the unsung hero of sales copy and promotional marketing success.

I have the privilege to work with Ted, even helping run his protege program one year.

Ted is a MASTER at using words to create cash flow.

He sticks to the basics of entertainment, education, and structure sales strategies to generate leads and revenues.

The best part (in my opinion) is his LOVE of stories!

I wrote about the launch of my new Story Playbook program yesterday at

Get this though…

…I have a NEVER BEFORE SEEN bonus you get with your first month inside the Story Playbook group.

Ted Nicholas and I discussed story telling, marketing, sales copy and cash flow creation not too long ago, from his home base in Switzerland ( while I was thousands of miles away in Canada)… got to love technology!

As a BONUS to joining Story Playbook, you get the audio and the transcription of this call between Ted and I.

Full details on the program are here

A couple things that Ted shared in this interview:

* How he leveraged the power of words to create a Fudge empire with 30 locations, by the age of 29…

* The ONE THING he credits to most of the $7.9 billion in sales he has done in his career..

* A simple way he uses obscure people, and ideas, inside his marketing to dominate a new industry..

* His brilliant brain fart he made on a radio interview that resulted in the headline and storyline for one of his MOST successful ads ..

* His pre-game warm up ritual to get his mind in the right place, and his copy tightly tuned to the best story he’s going to use (Ted is a master at mindset in business – this alone is a GEM and worth an entire YEAR’s subscription to Story Playbook… and you get it as a FREE BONUS!)…

* And a whole slew of gold nuggets Ted drops!

Yup – that’s just a BONUS for joining!

All the details are here – get serious about your stories this falls… and this is how you do it



Slump ditty ditty dump – moving on and upwards in marketing

If you’ve been in business or sales for any amount of time, you’ve had a slump.

We alllll have.

Anyone telling you otherwise is… lying.

The key though is hoisting your shorts up, getting focused, and grinding through the down times.

Easier said than done at times.

After 13 years in this business, and many other years in past businesses and sales positions, I’ve had more than my fair share.

You know what?

Slumps ALWAYS come to an end…

…if you have the tenacity to stick to it – and do some things you won’t want to do.

There’s an entrepreneur I’ve known for many years.

She has been in the same retail business throughout the time I’ve known her.

She sells a product that a segment of the population LOVES… and her retail space is located in the ideal spot for that segment.

And now I have to say… WAS.

Her space is now occupied by someone else.

She is out of business. I’m guessing…never to return.


She had her slumps.

She’d buy me lunch, attend my workshops, and buy my products.


…she NEVER took consistent action.

Sometimes she’d LISTEN and up her game with some email newsletters. Special promos. Story-based campaigns.

They were fun to read…engaging…and mouth watering (she sold a high end, niche food product).

She had the ultimate customer story too – a regular client who had her Fedex her product halfway across the world.

She could have milked that story for mucho dinero…but didn’t.

She could have done highly targeted marketing within the area her shop was at…she didn’t.

She could have done weekly or monthly themed events at her shop…but didn’t.

She could have leveraged her customer stories into a membership program and monthly “bundle in a box” program… but couldn’t be bothered.

Instead, she chose to WAIT for business.

WAIT for them to find her.

WAIT for them to find a single compelling reason to try her out.

WAIT for them to come back and buy again.

You know what?

The waiting game FAILED her…and now she is out of business.

Which is exactly what happens to most entrepreneurs who fall into a slump, and do nothing to claw their way back out… bigger and better.

There’s some crazy stuff going on out there right now in the markets and economies.

Some people are thriving right now.

Others are panicking.

The choice is always yours.

If you want a very simple way to consistently grow your sales THIS YEAR AND NEXT…you have to take charge and up your game and motivate your marketing.

You need to do MORE marketing.
Better marketing.
Consistent marketing.

* And story-based marketing.

THAT is how you up the ante and grow your revenues.

I am doing something different right now.

It’s not free – but it’s reaaaal close.

This is a simple and inexpensive way you can master your marketing and excel at story-based marketing.

Here’s the dirt – and the details:



Playbook special offer

Thanks for joining the Story Playbook Tribe!


You’re going to LOVE what you get – and you’re going to absolutely love this new skill you’ll be building.

NOTHING sells better than an awesome story-based campaign!


Some people want to get things going fast.

Faster than through this.

So, as way of saying thanks, and as a very special offer to Story Playbook Tribe Members ONLY…I’m offering you my services to kick off your first story based campaign.

I will create a customized 3-part email series for you.

Based on a story you and I decide on for the theme.

We will choose a story – and a product mix – that makes sense for your business.

And I will craft the 3-part email campaign.

For just $500. 

You can easily get that back in multiples if you have a list that you market to already!

(this offer is designed exclusively for those who have an existing list, or for those who are running lead generation ads now, and are building a list)

Here’s the order button for grabbing one of the 5 spots I am opening for this:

And if this isn’t for you, just hang on and watch your email – I will be delivering you some awesome free Story Playbook bonuses in the coming week.  




Here’s to your Story Selling Success!



How to turn a simple story into a STEADY stream of income…

Your ability to weave simple stories into your sales efforts can swiftly grow your business and profits.

One story the Wall Street Journal used in it’s subscriber recruiting is said to have contributed over a billion dollars in subscriptions over the past few decades.

Let me repeat…

One story
Over a billion dollars in new sales

That’s just one example.

There’s a lot of them.

I interviewed Saddleback Leather’s owner Dave Munson, and the 5 page story about his dog thats on his website is the most discussed and commented on web page.

He does millions in sales from their website…not a retail store to be found.

They sell high end leather briefcases, laptop cases, backpacks, etc…

…and his affluent, loyal clients are just as fascinated about his past dog and sidekick, as they are the top quality leather goods they buy from Dave.

I also interviewed some 20-something year old brothers.  They figured out how to create a million dollar lobster business in just under 9 months…by giving their wealthy clients a great story to tell their friends and associates.

For just $3,000, their clients got a membership in the lobster club – and what happens next as a member is a thing of beauty and created a million dollars in membership sales in just 9 months.

So what?

Why would you care about lobsters and dog stories?

…Because you can easily model this type of marketing in YOUR business and reap the rewards.

…You can attract more clients, better clients, and greater loyalty with them.

…You can grow your sales quickly.

…You can become a marketing powerhouse, without needing a team of experts and minions at your side.

Just you…and your ability to craft a good story in your marketing.

Do you use Facebook for your business? Stories are a powerful way to grab some attention and filter out people who want to know more about your business.

Do you use email to share information with your clients? There’s nothing easier than crafting a story-based email that adds sales into your business.

Send out anything in print? A golden opportunity in this day and age!  Very few small or mid-sized companies use print marketing anymore…yet it can be the most effective and profitable story-telling medium you’ll ever experience.

If you have a playbook…

…a strategy and step-by-step system for consistently growing your business

…you have an asset that’ll make you money for years to come.

How much money?

No idea.

I have no clue if you can follow directions – and do so consistently.

I have no idea if you can take a case study and summary – plug in an action plan – and come up with a customized blueprint for your week-to-week marketing initiatives.

If you can listen up as you’re going to love what I’m doing here.

After 13 years in the marketing world, I’ve crafted and shared many a story that grew my clients businesses.

I’ve worked inside dozens of different industries…

…from dog therapists to Amish Furniture craftsmen.

Pretty well everywhere in between too.

I always SUCKED at story telling too

Hated trying to do it – and when I did, I bombed.

So I worked at it, learned how to do it better, tested stories in my sales calls, tried writing stories and scripting stories into my marketing campaigns.

You know what?

They work.

Even Carnegie Mellon, the biggest research firm in the world, did a major study on the use of stories in sales.

Their findings?

158% HIGHER SALES using stories… vs using facts.

If you are using facts to sell in your business now – think about growing your sales by over 150%!

If you do $20k a month or week in sales now – imagine bringing in $50,000 a month or week instead.

All thanks to the use of stories!

Not saying you WILL see that kind of growth, just that it was proven to do so in one of the largest studies undertaken in this area of interest.

You may see even better growth, or not as much.

I CAN guarantee you this: If you consistently use story-based marketing in your business, your sales WILL grow!

And I want to help you do that.

In the past I’ve held numerous workshops, both live and virtual, on this subject.

I’ve crafted hundreds of story-based campaigns for others.  You can see some of the testimonials through the link at the top of my blog.

I personally have done this full-time for over 13 years now.

I am a voracious reader, and writer.


…than seeing someone master this skill and crank out a highly profitable story-based campaign.


One guy took my Story Selling live program, used a few ideas there with a client of his, and took an existing web page from doing $500 a month…to $15,000 a month!

One story…exponential sales growth.

But I want to do something different for you.

Something that I personally find highly helpful in my business…and I know you will too.

EVERY MONTH, I am going to walk you through some successful story campaigns, how they work, AND – MOST IMPORTANTLY – how to use the concept as your own.

You may not have a Lobster business or a newspaper business like the Wall Street Journal, but HOW they use their stories and the WAY they use them CAN be easily tailored into your own business.

For example…

…I took a story-based approach a car salesman used in their lead generation.  It was a down-home unassuming 2 page letter that I took the idea from, modified it, and wrote a story-based letter for a trash can company.  

You know the kind of large steel bins homeowners use for renos, and businesses use for their garbage?

My client rented those out.

BORING business.  

But he wanted new corporate leads… the more the better.

So we put together a list of 200 of the largest home builders in my client’s region.

And mailed out this crazy 2 page letter.

White paper. No logo. Hand written envelope.

Get this: we talked more about his wife and kids in the letter than we did about the trash bins.

Never ONCE did we ask for an order – instead, we asked for a chance to talk.

As basic as we could get.

200 of the BIGGEST home builders got this letter – companies who had NEVER heard of my client before.

The result of this silly approach? (side note: everyone in my client’s business told him it was a waste of time and money!)

39 of the 200 companies replied!

19% response rate to a COLD LIST – people who get “dozens of pitch letters every single week” (which is what one of the biggest builders in the area said – half billion dollar a year company said this). If you understand marketing, you know that’s a FANTASTIC response to a cold list!


It was unusual, it was personal, and it told a great story about why this guy was different in a very un-sexy business (quotes from prospects who responded to the letter).

Again, from a single story that I took the theme from, and modified it to suit his business!

Now I want to show YOU how to do this exact same process…

Every month, you and I will be in a mini-mastermind together.

I will find you the story-based marketing approaches.  I will share them with you.  I will show you HOW to modify it to suit your business.  I will even give you simple ways to turn one story into multiple campaigns.

You get some pre-written materials you can even use to start customizing your own marketing.

Easy-peasy…as long as you take what I give you and you USE IT!

That’s the key, as you know.

NOW, the catch!

This is a beta test for a bigger program I want to roll out – and much more expensive program.

So…we are keeping this simple…and consistent.  The same thing you need to do in your marketing.


For this beta rollout, here is what you get:

  • The Monthly Story Playbook: Monthly training on what stories that I recommend you use in the following weeks.  These are designed for you to be immediately usable!  In other words, The monthly workshop-in-a-pdf you get from me is designed to ramp up your marketing for the coming weeks.  Each month will fuel your marketing for the following month.  So each Story Playbook you get has the case studies, the analysis, and the “here’s-how-to-use-in-YOUR-business” recommendations.
  • Story Playbook Tools and Resources: I love finding tools, websites, and shortcuts I can use to streamline my business and my marketing.  You will get the best of the best, and I will share with you my results using tools that I love (saves you a TON of time digging around yourself!)
  • Bi-weekly video updates.  As a member of the Story Playbook tribe, you also get regular updates and video strategies you can also plug into your business.
  • Monthly “upcoming events” updates.  A playbook is a tool used that shares strategies and tactics to make the most out of your assets.  There are countless assets out there… shaped as stories.  I will show you which stories are best to use in the coming weeks, how to use them, and even copy-paste templates you can use
  • Plus some extra goodies you’re going to love.  Killer reports I have created just for you.  Strategies you can use. Lead generation tactics I personally test and report on. Conversion strategies.  Everything you need to turn simple stories into steady streams of income!


How’s THAT to fuel your fire and ramp up your revenues?

This is a simple and very inexpensive way to start ramping up your marketing…becoming more consistent in your marketing…and leveraging the most powerful form of marketing there is…story-based-campaigns!

No, there is no guarantee on the Story Playbook membership!  First, it’s dirt cheap as it is.  You can easily spend more than that on a lunch for 2 at a fast food joint! Meanwhile, I’m giving you proven strategies that WILL grow your sales and income IF you use them. 

It’s a monthly commitment, but you can cancel at any time.

But, if you are using what I give you, and sending out consistent story-based campaigns, WHY would you want to cancel?

For just $20 a month, you are getting profit pulling workshops delivered to your inbox.  Each one could add hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands in new sales to your bank account.

For $20.

You’d be crazy to cancel if you are using and applying the strategies and systems I give you. Right?

So, the first edition is coming out just in time for my birthday in September! My birthday is the 16th, and you’ll get your first Story Playbook on September 15th – delivered to your inbox in a pdf format that day.


Each month on the 15th you’ll get a new pdf Story Playbook…

for $20



Commit to a full year of the Story Playbook and you only pay for 10 months, and get 2 additional months free…



As we roll this out, the deliverables will grow…as will the price.

BUT, if you lock yourself in at this beta test, I guarantee there will NOT be a price increase for you – for the first year!

Helluvadeal…if you ask me.

I am going to use Paypal to Manage the memberships…for now.  If it get’s troublesome, I may have to switch in the future. But for now, keeping things simple, Paypal it is.




Commit to a full year of the Story Playbook and you only pay for 10 months, and get 2 additional months free…





Why in the heck is this so cheap?

Good question!

I love sharing information with my fellow entrepreneurs.  I’ve written thousands of articles over the years, even being written up on for some of my work.

But this is different.

This goes deeper, wayyyy deeper, than an article.

This is a monthly workshop-in-a-pdf.

So I need to charge for it – and I fully intend to drastically raise the price in the future.

As I said right from the beginning, this is a beta group.

The $20 membership fee is peanuts to you, but gives you the ultimate strategies that are working NOW – and will work for you.

The price will be going up after the first edition comes out and I get some testimonials.

For now though, grab this stupid-cheap-deal at $20.

My 'hobby' is kickboxing and Muay Thai - and nothing I love more than finding gold nugget stories from my hobbies and finding ways to profit from them!

My ‘hobby’ is kickboxing and Muay Thai – and nothing I love more than finding gold nugget stories from my hobbies and finding ways to profit from them!


Sound good?

Grab it and hang on for a fun and profitable ride!

Troy White

PS: Yup, for just $20 a month, you get insider access into the Story Playbook world.  Every month you get the strategies, tools, swipes, and best practices you need to up your marketing and grow your revenues.  It’s delivered once a month in a workshop-in-a-pdf format to your inbox.  You also get regular video updates, bonus reports, resources and extra gifts.  Dirt cheap for now in this beta rollout – and the price WILL be going up after the first month deliver on September 15th!

EXTRA BONUSES if you sign up before September 1st too!

Grab this deal and let’s get you cranking out some story-based highly profitable campaigns.



Commit to a full year of the Story Playbook and you only pay for 10 months, and get 2 additional months free…



15 days in a tent on the beach

Just got back from a 15 day beach trip.

Every year, for the past decade or so, I’ve packed up my kids, my dog… and put away my cell, my computer, and anything electronic.

Then we venture out on a 6 hr drive to a secluded beach oasis that I love.

No power.
No cell reception.
No Wifi.

Many would hate it – but we LOVE IT.

…Add in that we are tenting, and most would run for the hills.

Fun on the tube (I truly enjoy making them flip OFF the tube - my best one this years was sending them flying 5 feet through the air in cartwheels :)

Fun on the tube (I truly enjoy making them flip OFF the tube – my best one this years was sending them flying 5 feet through the air in cartwheels 🙂

But we LOVE IT.

This year my girlfriend was with us for the entire time, and she got to experience all that this oasis can offer… the amazing… and the not-so-amazing-or-fun of it.

This year we had an assortment of hot, hot days… and a few wicked nasty storms thrown in for good measure.

We had car breakdowns…boat breakdowns…people breakdowns…and just about everything in between.

For over half the trip we were joined by 10 others.

Some can handle this kind of trip – others are good after a few days of it (the thin-skinned – just a few hours).

Here’s a few life (and business) lessons I am reminded of after a trip like this:

1) Be prepared for ANYTHING.

Having visited this spot every year for a decade, I knew what could go right – and wrong. I’ve been through the screaming hot beach days…and seen the wicked storms that can follow.

This year was no different.

Boats getting swamped by the nasty waves.
Trees falling down by our tents, thanks to 50 mile an hour wind storms.
Tents nearly blowing away (our 2 dogs held down the one tent in the first storm of the trip)

To name a few.

I always have liked Dan Kennedy’s use of “pessimistic optimist” for life and business.

Live life as an optimist, but don’t be stupid and believe nothing will go wrong.

Plan, *and be prepared*, for the unexpected!

We did – and we survived the storms, bailed out the boat (yes – it started after seat cushions floating away in all the water in the boat), and had some great laughs as a result.


2) Know how to DEAL with emergencies.

Not much left of this one...

Not much left of this one…

On our way back from this trip, the boat trailer had a tire blow out on a major highway.

If you’ve never experienced this – nor planned for it – it can be scary.

Looking back and seeing a tire explode, smoke, and chunks fly off – while cars are whipping by you at 70 miles an hour – is not for the faint of heart.

I was mentally prepared – and slowed down enough to find a spot to pull over (knowing I needed a bit of room as the tire that blew out was the one, of course, nearest to all the speeding traffic).

At this point you have a choice – sit, stress, and wait for a saviour.

Or get-r-done.

I was ready.

The spare was on the boat trailer – and had air (I checked before).
The heavy duty jack I brought, just in case, was handy to get to.
The wrench I needed for the bolts, luckily, was right there where I needed it.

From there – Danica Patrick’s pit crew would have been proud of me.

I was like a tire-changing master – and had that boat jacked up, blown tire off, and spare tire on… in mere seconds.

Weeee exaggeration…but I did this in record time, with cars whipping by me at 70 miles an hour.

Anything could have happened while we sat on the side of the freeway!

All my loved ones TRUSTED ME to take charge and fix the situation – and I did – quickly.


3) Think BIGGER!IMG_6442

I don’t camp enough to justify buying a camper (this one trip is our annual camping trip).

But years ago I bought a huge tent for these trips.

The problem?

My daughters took over the “Taj Mahal”, as I call it. 4 bedrooms, a dining room, and a great room – hell of a tent – and not quite that large 🙂

But they usually have friends staying in the tent with them and hang out there when they need time away from the heat.

So I caved.

Gave them the luxury suite.

Opted for a smaller version for me and my girl.

Unfortunately, a wee but of claustrophobia kicks in about a week into my trip.

So, I sleep next to the door, and leave my foot hanging out the door while I sleep.

The bugs have a feast on my leg while I sleep…but I slept just fine!

Next year though – think BIGGER 🙂

Taj Mahal 2 is a necessity me thinks!


4) TAKE these trips!IMG_6383

Everyone needs a way to unplug and refocus.

Getting away from email, news, and social media…for 2 WEEKS…was awesome!

The world didn’t collapse. The drama continued.

All without being plugged in.

YOU need to try it.

Clarity in your business and your life comes from removing the distractions.

The squirrels.
The bright shiny objects.

For example…

…I realized I missed emailing you more, and sharing more ideas around using stories in your emails and marketing efforts

…I realized the most interaction I get from you is when I share successful story-based marketing campaigns that myself or others did

…I realized that my other business endeavours have taken away my focus of sharing best practices of copywriting, story-based selling, and weird or wacky promotional ideas

…and I realized that almost all of the best tools I personally invest in – the ones I go back to time and time again – are in PRINT!

Yup, some of my favourite go-to resources when I need inspiration and ideas are print books, print courses, and print newsletters.

They are just easier to find when I need them.

Some goofiness going on here...

Some goofiness going on here…

This is after 13 years full time in this business, and after investing a huge sum of money in training courses and coaching.

…Which is why I am going to be launching a print publication focused on using stories in your marketing.

A tool you can keep at your side, and refer to when you need to ramp up your cash flow.

A tool that you can use for your email marketing, your website pages, your sales funnels, your blog posts, and your social media snippets.

I personally subscribe to a few select print newsletters and publications. I keep them on file.  I use them regularly.

Some of them I have been paying big sums of money for monthly – and been paying that for MANY years!

Those are my favourites when I need some out-of-the-box ideas.

When I need a promotional idea.

Or inspiration from outside industries.

I grab one or three of my archives, sit down at the desk, and FIND an idea to use and profit from.

So, nothing here to buy or visit yet.

But, if you want to truly ramp up your story selling ability…watch for my updates.

I expect to launch this for my birthday mid-September.

**** As a side note: if you are in need of some profit-pulling story based copy to up your cash flow right now – HIT REPLY. I just got back from vacation…my schedule has some openings for copy…AND I will promote you and make you a case study in the upcoming newsletter.


PS: I still have to share a few other interesting lessons learned while on the beach:

Things like…

* Why your OCD makes you the “bell of the ball” at the beach!
* PRANK WARS – my epic fail and my daughter well deserved win
* My morning ritual that awakens the soul, inspires the mind, and gives you a DAMN fine view like you can see here…

The most awesome view I had every morning at the viewpoint of my hike

The most awesome view I had every morning at the viewpoint of my hike