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[Free Training Webinar Wed] Acres of E-Diamonds: Guerilla Launch Formula

Wednesdays’s advanced e-mail marketing training with Daniel Levis is NOT named Acres of E-Diamonds.

It’s actually called EMAIL ALCHEMY “ELITE”, but it might as well be about diamonds …

…Because the principle is the same.

It’s about turning lead into GOLD, coal into diamonds, and dry-as-dust oil wells into gushers.

And it’s all about treasure where there “appears” to be sand… coal… or nothing at all.

It’s about finding hope where there was only despair.

It’s about the untapped power of your list… whether it’s been sitting on the back burner for years, or it’s as tiny as 25 e-mail addresses.

Or even if you’re riding an unmanageable whale of a 175K list… this is STILL for YOU.

And even if you’re still in the PLANNING stages of gathering a list… you’ll have advanced knowledge that will guide you in attracting the right customers.

As I mentioned in my previous email, Russell Conwell told the story of Acres of Diamonds, over 6,000 times around the world…

It was a parable about a man who searched the world for riches when there was a diamond mine in his own backyard.
And the message is EXACTLY the same Wednesday… when you attend the FREE training.

Dig in your own back yard… that’s where the riches are…

…and E-Mail is your shovel.

Daniel will show you the power of EMAIL ALCHEMY to extract tens of thousands… even hundreds of thousands of dollars in mere weeks from modest little lists.

There’s NO fancy video, NO JV partners, and NO affiliates.

Just e-mail for a couple of weeks… it’s what he calls a “guerilla launch.”

…Because it’s cheap, straightforward, easy to manage… and levels the playing field against your 900-pound gorilla competition.

He’ll be teaching you all the ins and outs of doing the EXACT same thing… by taking you through several real world campaigns that raked in as much as $16 per subscriber in just a couple of weeks.

The reason he orchestrated these campaigns was simply to PROVE to you that it can be done.

Then he documented everything he did… to haul in that cash.

And you’ll get to see the mindset, the strategies, and the implementation… Wednesday… and it’s FREE.

He will actually be teaching the introductory module from his all-new $2,997 course called, EMAIL ALCHEMY “ELITE” , which will continue for 8 more weeks.

Wednesday at 2pm Eastern Time, Daniel will explain the “guerilla Launch”… and…

> Reveal his behind-the-scenes campaign strategy…
> Dissect PROVEN e-mails that MADE money…
> Explain how e-mails and strategy REINFORCE each other…
> Deliver a pile of FREE BONUSES and checklists he uses himself as an Email Alchemist for hire (Clients pay him as much as $2,500 for each email)…
> Prove to YOU that you can do this, too, even if you SUCK at writing!

Don’t miss this inspiring, detailed, nuts-and-bolts training.

And don’t miss the ATTENDEE-ONLY bonuses… they’re HUGE.

Here’s the link if you haven’t signed up already.

Troy White


A fantastic use of a scary story a charity used to grab attention

Raising funds for a charity is not a simple task… nor is being in business and surviving over the long run.

Marketing is key, for both.

So is exceptional story telling.

I got this pitch from a charity that I had never heard of.

BUT – page 1 – there’s a subhead that grabbed me by the eyeballs and held me captive throughout the pitch.

It went…

>>> And that was the day he tried to kill me.


How do you NOT read that?

The story goes on about how her (now) ex boyfriend tried to strangle her, how he beat her, how he near killed her.

Which is HOW and WHY she got involved with the charity sending the letter.

Compelling story + value + call to action = the formula for growing your sales (and raising funds, in this case).

Remember that formula… it’s a powerful one that applies to everything marketing.

Which brings me to a FREE TRAINING coming your way this week…

In old TV westerns, they had a fool-proof test for VALUE.

Too bad we can’t do the same thing with the glut of internet marketing courses.

Because in the Westerns, a grizzled-old coot would grab a gold coin… look it over carefully… then bite down hard!

And it was actually pretty accurate.

Since pure gold is relatively soft, any cheaper metal that was secretly mixed in would create a harder coin.

So a “bite,” would flush out the counterfeiter and they’d shoot ‘em on the spot!

Or… if someone made a phony coin with lead and a thin layer of gold, biting into the coin would scratch through the gold veneer and expose the grey color underneath.

Of course, with the smorgasbord of internet trainings, it’s hard to tell the lead from the gold.

What you’ve gotta do, is look at the track record, check out the testimonials, watch who the instructor does business with… and see if there are FACTS and STATISTICS you can put under the microscope.

So to “bite down” on the GOLD of Daniel Levis’ upcoming EMAIL ALCHEMY “ELITE” workshop (which is FREE, by the way)…

…All you need to do is check out the statistics he’ll put right in front of you… everything about the real life campaigns that brought in $30K, $50K, as much as $400,000 in 2 weeks… from small lists and for products that had already been milked just a couple months before.

He’ll show you the ingenious formula he uses for creating these campaigns…

He’ll show you how to write EMAILS with “secondary benefits”… so customer suspicion goes out the window…

He’ll dissect the actual emails, introduce the clients, and take you behind the scenes, so you understand the BIG PICTURE of how they made the cash in a flash.

In other words…

Everything’s out on the table so you can decide for yourself if this is the real deal.

You’ll also discover:

>>> The BIG MYTH about open rates …

>>> Why conventional wisdom is DEAD WRONG about content marketing (and why content is way too much work anyway) …

>>> The upside-down truth about click-through rates …

>>> The soap opera secret of e-mail marketing…

>>> How to create spell-binding e-mail follow-up campaigns even if you suck at writing…

He’ll even introduce you to the BUSINESS END of EMAIL… making stacks of cash as a hired gun who rides into Dodge and cleans up the town.

That’s right …

You don’t need a single, solitary person on your email list to make money with this.

EVERYONE can profit (big time) from this training.

Troy White


TIRED of endless shiny objects and go-nowhere promises?

After 14 years in this business, I’ve seen some pretty interesting (and bizarre) things.

I’ve had the privilege and honour to write for some of the best entrepreneurs on the planet.

I’ve seen how they built their empires from ZERO to MILLIONS in record time.

The people they helped.

The teams they employed and nurtured.

The legacies they left.

You know what they DIDN’T do?

They didn’t buy every ebook or shiny software package that came out.

They didn’t waste hours a day on Fakebook.

They focused on 3 things – creating VALUE, creating TRIBES, creating TRUST.

The GOOD NEWS is, for most entrepreneurs the money is still there, plain as day… …if you’ve only got eyes to see it. And that’s what next Wednesday’s webinar with Daniel Levis, the EMAIL ALCHEMIST, is all about… …

Taking the blinders off and considerately rubbing your nose in the money, so you REALIZE IT’S ACTUALLY THERE… waiting for you to notice.

He’s going to show you EXACTLY how to create value for your tribe, and build trust with them through email.

The webinar hits the ground running at 2pm, Eastern time, June 24, as Daniel digs deep into the first MODULE of his new EMAIL ALCHEMY “ELITE” training.

You get to see it for free.

He’ll dissect the emails that have been so successful with REAL EMAIL CAMPAIGNS. These are case studies from diverse niches… making $30,000, $50,000, as much as $400,000 in mere weeks with a dozen+ e-mails sent to small lists.

You’ll see the complete blueprint for doing the same. Anyway, the story is about an African farmer who was captivated by tales of diamond mines and getting rich.

So he sold his farm and went to get some of that action.

Of course, he searched everywhere, eventually went broke, and the story goes that he drowned in a river… probably out of despair.

But back on the ranch, the new owner found a funny looking rock.

Which you guessed… turned out to be a diamond… and the property became one of the biggest diamond mines in the country.

Russell Conwell told that story over 6,000 times around the world in the late 1800’s… and the fees helped fund Temple University in Philadelphia.

I think it’s the perfect metaphor for the way entrepreneurs go searching for internet riches in Adwords, Social Media and SEO… and dozens of scams.

When their mailing lists are the most valuable resources they own…

…THEY JUST DON’T KNOW IT and it’s hard to drag their attention away from some sexy new traffic source.

That’s why you MUST pay close attention to the priceless training Daniel will be delivering at this webinar.

Because there are ACRES OF DIAMONDS, waiting to be unearthed from even the tiniest of lists.

The list owners don’t realize it… but with the new information he’ll reveal about the BUSINESS OF EMAIL ALCHEMY (not just writing e-mails)… YOU will have the tools to open their eyes… and they’ll gladly pay you for your trouble (since you’re HANDING them “found money”).

So if you’re interested in a predictable, money-laden, untapped market… maybe even a NEW CAREER…

… Or to finally begin profiting wildly from your own list, regardless of how small, as you should.

Then join Daniel at this free training.

His e-mail marketing strategies are like NOTHING being taught on the good-old internet… anywhere.

You MUST be at the workshop to learn them.

Troy White


Is the multiple stream model full of bunk…or bank?

There was a great article on site that talked about the 7 best secrets of self-made multi-millionaires.

First off, they really emphasized that MULTI millions is the only way to think now.

In cities like mine, a million is almost a starter home price!

Exaggeration… a bit… but not by much.

The article goes on to talk about your mindset, your determination, your value you bring to the market, the friends you hang out with, your work ethic…

…and the volume of income streams you have.

ONE isn’t enough.

Look at the tens of thousands of people in the oil industry that just LOST their one and ONLY income stream – their job.

They are left with nothing.


Until oil comes back – they are left to gov’t assistance or jobs that pay a teeny tiny fraction of what their oil jobs paid.

This problem is EVERYWHERE!

It’s one of the reasons I love working for myself – and I love having multiple streams as well.

But, there’s a BIG problem with creating multiple streams…


I see a lot of people trying to start 4 simultaneous businesses…

…and they are doomed to fail.

The best advice I ever got from my mentor was to start a new income stream, focus on it, build it, streamline the hours YOU need to put into it, then leverage the work you did – and the income you created – into another stream.

In other words…

FOCUS and streamline one… then another… then another.

3 streams as your initial goal.

One of the businesses I am active in is wayyyyy outside of anything I usually talk about here.

It’s in the B2B world.

And I love it.

Not only that – I need some help.

If you want to diversify your income streams, and want to at least look at some of the things I am doing here, then HIT REPLY and let me know.

It has nothing to do with network marketing or anything remotely like that.

It involves professional businesses…marketing…copywriting…and sales.

All packaged up – and offered to you as a new way to perfect your marketing and sales skills, while adding a new stream of income.


..if you want a great way to add a new income stream, hit reply and let me know.

There’s no cost or charge to get going… BUT you do need to focus and follow a plan.

Make sense?

Hit reply below, and let’s chat!