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$20k in 90 day program doubles in price today

You may have seen this, maybe not.

If you want to join a group of fantastic people that’ll help you make the next 90 days a great kick in the pants, and a sweet add-on to your bank account…

go here before it doubles.

It’ll still be a great investment, even at the new price that kicks in Wed night at 10PST.

2 simple catches, outlined on the page

One of our new members made a comment about jobs being lost around him, incomes dropping, and some serious changes happening in the business world around him.

He joined the 20k program, KNOWING that sitting around waiting for a miracle is a stupid business strategy… but taking massive action with the 20k program is a BRILLIANT strategy.

Think about this…

I live in an oil-driven economy (Alberta, Canada), and over 100,000 people employed in the industry lost their jobs recently (globally – about 40,000+ just in my province).

That kind of job loss impacts a LOT of other industries too.

And so on.

My point?

It’s NEVER TOO LATE to get moving! Sitting around waiting for things to get better is a BAD IDEA!

If you’ve got a business that needs a good butt kicking, or have sat on your entrepreneurial itch for too long, NOW is the time to start.

All the details are on the page (all the detail you need anyhow to make a decision about the next 90 days of your life).

It’s what I love about life…

…no matter what your age or situation, you can ALWAYS turn it around!

Commit to it.
Act on it.
Make it happen.

That’s what this program is for.

See you inside.



Jon Taffer’s Butt Funnel and the Brilliant Sales Strategy It Is

Do you watch Bar Rescue?

If not, start now!

Jon Taffer is a brilliant marketing strategist inside the bar business and does 5-7 day turnarounds for pubs and bars.

He’s done over 800 of them so far!

I was watching one the other day, and he was talking about his “Butt Funnel” strategy that boosts customer satisfaction and bar sales.

Basically, he puts in a bar in front of the dance floor that FORCES people to walk close to each other, while facing each other as they enter or exit the dance floor. It promotes closeness, attraction, and with attraction in bars, comes DRINKS!

It’s a very simple technique that works every time he uses it.

You know what?

The simplest techniques are usually what’s needed in most businesses that are living up to their potential.

Everyone loves the fancy-schmancy stuff out there – but its not needed for most people, and there are about 10 other things that’ll bring WAYYYY bigger returns than the newest website technique.

My upcoming $20k in 90 days program is about the simple things that bring the greatest returns.

It’s about the same kind of techniques that Jon Taffer uses (the one thing principle, basic professionalism, getting back to the basics, knowing your niche market, etc).

Nothing earth shattering here – but VERY, VERY profitable when implemented.

The $20k in 90 day program is about simplicity, basics, and massive implementation.

*** The price is doubling on Wed, so grab a spot now if you want in! ***

It’s still too cheap even with twice the price, but it’s also a GREAT way to surround myself, and you, with like-minded passionate entrepreneurs who are all about growth – something EVERY entrepreneur NEEDS!

Get those butt funnels in place, and lets make the next 90 days your best yet, setting you up for an AWESOME SUMMER!


PS: I wrote an article about Jon Taffer, Gordon Ramsay and Marcus Lemonis here – it shows you some of their top tips for business turnarounds.


20k in 90 days

What good can YOU do with an extra $20,000?


Pay some bills…Invest…Some clothes for the kids…or Maybe you’ll invest in your business?


Fellow business builder,

$20,000 can go a long ways, and the EARNING of $20k can be a skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

You already know me from my newsletter or blog, so I don’t need to give you a long-winded background.  I’ve been helping small businesses and entrepreneurs improve their cash flow for 14 years now.  I’ve seen the good…the bad…and the really ugly inside this business.

Like you, I get magically promises in my emails daily.

Yet, I can say from my experience, true success and wealth does NOT come from magic pills or promises.

It comes from consistency, massive action, and a solid and repeatable plan of attack.

I’ve helped everyone from Dog Therapists, to Amish Craftsmen, to multi-millionaire Real Estate investors (testimonials can be found at the top of the page).

3 down and 9 to go…

Hard to believe it’s April already, but it is, and a third of the years is long gone!

But that also means you have 9 BIG months ahead… and anything can happen in 9 months.

If you’re in business now, or even looking to get in your own business, here is an inexpensive way to make the most of the next 9 months!

Most entrepreneurs I’ve met are easily distracted and planning out 5 years, even 1 year, in advance, is a long stretch that pushes the envelope too far for most.

So I’ve found that a 3 month action plan is perfect for most people.

Are YOU ready to make an extra $20,000 in the next 3 months?

I’m not promising you will, but I’m offering you a way to do just that with an action plan.

I can’t ethically promise you that, because I know nothing about you, about your track record, or about your work ethic.

It’ll take work.

And effort.


If you can’t offer that, I CAN guarantee you WON’T make an extra $20k in the next 3 months.

Over the past 14 years in this business, I’ve taught live events, done one-on-one coaching, taught through webinars and teleseminars, and offered my marketing and copywriting services to help grow businesses.

But right now, what I see most people in the small business, solopreneur space needing… is a hybrid.

A combination of webinars where we can go through plans and blueprints that generate cash flow, to one-on-one calls.

An inexpensive way to get yourself into SERIOUS IMPLEMENTATION MODE… so $20k IS a possibility.

The area of Canada that I live in has seen 50,000 people laid off in the last couple months, thanks to the dismal price of oil.

I know of all kinds of great people struggling to stay afloat right now.

And I know a lot of people who want help.


Through a brand new program, I am going to help put YOU on track to make an extra $20k in the next 3 months.

The program starts in a week.

It’s a combination of webinars, one-on-one calls, and implementation plans that you and I collectively work on.


…and it’s only $247.


Dirt cheap in the big picture… don’t you think?

Here’s what you get:

1) Weekly webinars that outline the steps to take that week.  You will learn what’s working for others, and how to use successful marketing systems from unrelated businesses and modify them to suit your own.

2) Kick off one-on-one call. This is where you and I get on the phone to find out where you’re at, and what you need to do to maximize your results from this $20k program.

3) Weekly downloads, checklists, and blueprints.  Each one designed to help take your business to the next level, and that $20k goal incrementally closer to reality.

4) My 2015 Cash Flow Calendar (which sells for $97). This will be crucial for growing your cash flow, and building your marketing plan.

5) My Story Selling Tips Home Study Tools (which sells for $97 as well). This gives you the inside scoop on why stories work so well in selling and marketing, and how YOU can be a master with this simple skill.

6) Email access and questions.  Unlimited access to me through emails to keep you on track and drill into your biggest hurdles.

7) Catch up calls for 15 minutes every 3 weeks.  We will be talking weekly through emails and webinars, and every 3rd week we will hop on the phone and get busy busting any further road blocks you run into.

All-in-all… you get a LOT for the price.

The catch?

Actually, there’s 2 catches.

The first is that you will provide me with a testimonial as we go through the program. A before, during, and after testimonial. Probably not asking too much if I help put you on the path to a great new income stream!

The second catch, is that you have to DO what I ask.  Taking the program won’t make you money if you don’t do anything.  You know that, I know that.  So I am just making sure you know that this IS for those who are action-takers.

Sound fair?

After 14 years of int-the-trenches work with entrepreneurs and solopreneurs from around the globe, I know what needs to be done to help you get the results that you want.

I’m willing to give you those things and that experience, for a tiny investment.

All you need to do is commit to doing the program and implementing the lessons/

The next 3 months will FLY BY as fast as the last 3 months!

So, come July 1 this year, you can either have a new income stream that made you an extra $20k, or you won’t.

Pretty simple.

I am here to help those who will help themselves!

And I hope that’s YOU!

See you inside the program.

Troy White