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My torn knee ligament and the valuable business lessons it taught

3 weeks ago I entered a Muay Thai/Kickboxing Tournament.

I knew it would be a tough one… and that it was.

As soon as I walked in, I saw the 6’8” 290 behemoth I fought in the spring of 2014.

“Crap!” was the first thought entering my mind…

…relief was the second when I realized he was’t competing.

He recognized me and we had a great chat – amazingly nice guy – and oh-my-$%&ing-god was he big!

Seemed bigger now, than the fight I had against him in the finals.

As the competition strolled in, I saw another guy I recognized…a guy I watched fight a few months prior that won the heavyweight division.

I realized he and I would undoubtedly be fighting each other – so I racked my brain trying to remember his fighting style, strengths, and weaknesses.

<crickets> – not a thing I could remember other than him winning.

Ya – I remembered he was tough – and he won all the fights he was in when I was watching….

….now I got to find out why he won.

Tournaments are tough to watch if your fight is one of the last (heavyweights usually are the last up in the tournaments I’ve fought in).

The nerves get all wracked up – the stomach gets turning – and the mind get’s busy overthinking everything.

By the time the heavyweights were up, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to fight – or flee 🙂

Never flee’d yet – so not starting now!

This guy I saw earlier and I were up first….

…his first front kick came out of no where and sent me flying backwards about 3 feet.

[email protected]

Focus – and bear down.

That we did for 2 x 90 second rounds.

Somewhere in there, I took a really hard kick to my left leg, just above the knee.

Something happened – and it wasn’t good.

Thankfully, adrenaline kills pain and the fight continued – but I knew my knee was injured – or something was.

Fight ended – decision to him (rightfully so – he was a great fighter, and tough as hell).

I made him wince a few times so I inflicted my own damage – but he out battled me.

By this time my knee is definitely throbbing and something wasn’t right…

…but, what the hell, I decided to do a second fight with another young, tall guy (that’s the worst thing about the heavyweight division – I am usually way shorter than my competitors, and these days, 20 pounds lighter – I am now in the low end of the heavy weights – but not quite there yet to drop down a division).

Adrenaline took over and I did my best with one buggered up leg.

Another loss.

NOT a good day for me.

By that night, I couldn’t walk.

But, it could just be sore I thought.

So I do what I do best – avoid a doctor – for a week!

Finally, enough is enough and I get in to the Sports Knee Injury Clinic and confirm that I tore my MCL in the knee. Not bad enough to need surgery – but bad enough to take 4-6 weeks to heal.knee

When you’re used to working out 6+ times a week – going to nothing is painful! So was my knee though.

I lasted a week and a half, and started some real simple workouts, without any kicking or knees.

Still have some healing to do, but I am back on track and every day it feels a little better.



Couple lessons I learned from this that have impacted my business, and may help you too.

1) Know your strengths and enhance them! These 2 fights were the best work I’ve done yet with my boxing skills. I’ve been working on boxing, alongside the kicking part, and I am much better now than I was. I landed some great body shots and inflicted some damage with them.

Considering boxing isn’t trained nearly as hard as the kicks with most guys in these tournaments – THIS is something I aim to have as one of my greatest assets!

If I can out punch them by 3:1 (or more) – I can win the fights. (there’s a female Muay Thai fighter I follow that’s had 100 fights in Thailand in the past 18 months – she KNOWS her best skill is her use of knees – and she wins 80% of her fights… with knees! Not-so-secret lesson there)

So I know my best asset right now and am working hard at honing those skills.

If yours is social media in business – be a world class expert at it.

Copywriting – write, write, write.

Storytelling – perfect your craft (this’ll help =>

Wacky promotions – get prolific with them (this’ll help =>

Whatever your best asset is – milk it for everything it’s worth.


2) Know your weaknesses and work on them too! I have not spent enough time practicing ‘leg checks’ – which would have saved my knee if I had. My competitor comes from a school that specializes in leg kicks – their philosophy is (rightfully so) – if your competition can’t walk because of your leg kicks, they can’t continue fighting – and they are right!

I loved how he came out of the starting blocks with a hard front kick that sent me flying – that is a GREAT way to start a fight – one I will be working on and improving.

I will also work extremely hard on my leg checks so I don’t hurt my damn knee again!

I know my weaknesses and the damage that gets done if I don’t fix them.

Do you?

Every single one of us has strengths – and weaknesses.

Some of us won’t admit it.

Some of us will.

Those of us who really want to make 2015 our BEST YEAR YET – are the ones who are open to honesty about our weaknesses – and are just as open to praise about our strengths.

Find your strengths – and hone them until they are permanently engrained in your mind and muscle-memory.

Then work on them more.

Know your weaknesses – and either admit they will be your weakness (not interested in fixing them) – knowing full well your weakness – is another’s strength. Or you can FIX your weaknesses and turn them into something your competitors will have to really work at to beat you at.

It’s been a painful few weeks with my weakness.

But, I am working on healing, and am programming my body and mind to turn that weakness into a newfound strength.

You should too!

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a VERY prosperous new year!

If there’s any way I can help, let me know. If you need new marketing systems and products to sell (or are just looking for a new direction in your life, just hit reply right now and let’s chat!

Chow for now.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!