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16 ways to improve your cash flow… today

Happy Halloween!troy white

What’s now one of the the BIGGEST shopping seasons of the year, Halloween is a time of fun, laughter, and dressing up like all things silly, scary, and these days… sleepy!

Did you also know…

October 31st has 16 DIFFERENT WAYS you can grow your business in the Cash Flow Calendar (

While everyone else is promoting a Halloween theme, you could be doing any one of these:
* National Knock-Knock Joke’s Day
* National Magic Day
* Books for Treats Day
* Nevada Day
* Harry Houdini, famous magician & escape artist dies (88 yrs ago today)
* Carve a Pumpkin Day
* National Increase Your Psychic Powers Day
* Frankenstein Friday
* National Caramel Apple Day
* Beggars Night
* Books for Treats Day
* Day of The Seven Billion
* Girl Scout’s Founder Day
* National Magic Day
* National UNICEF Day

and of course…

* Halloween
Think about how this applies to your marketing, not just today, but EVERY day of the year!

Instead of promoting the EXACT same special occasions as every other person on this planet running a promo… you pick one of the 16 other ideas… and actually (gasp) STAND OUT from the crowd!

That is how you improve your cash flow!

And THAT is what the 2015 Cash Flow Calendar is the best in the world at!

Starting right now and running until December 31, 2015, you have YOUR CHOICE of weird, wacky, and wonderfully profitable promotions you can run.

* I give you the ideas (anywhere from 5-25 wacky promotional ideas every single day of the year)

* I give you the formula on how to use the idea (for a one-time, or multi-step promotion)

* I give you a TON of pre-written campaigns you can modify a bit to suit your company and offer

* and I give you hope!

No longer do you EVER need to be stuck for marketing ideas…

You can be in serious profit by this time next week.

Ask any one of the thousand of others who bought in prior years…

…you use it… you make money with it.

As simple as can be!




Announcing the NEW and improved 2015 Cash Flow Calendar

It’s here… and it’s AWESOMER!2015cfc-s

The 2015 Cash Flow Calendar is a BEAST.

I lost count on all the new dates and additions here – but I am
guessing we are up to 3,000 or more marketing ideas now in the 2015

One month alone had 253 of them – so you will never be lacking for
ideas to use:

* Blog posts
* Email marketing campaigns
* Product launches
* Twitter
* Facebook
* Direct Mail
* Event Themes
* Wacky promotions
* Advertising ideas
* Lead generation ideas

Full details are here –

Basically, if you sell a product or service, this tool will help
you attract new buyers and improve your cash flow.


I give you the ideas, the tools, tons of copy and paste promotions
you can use as is or modify as needed.

All the promotions you need for the remainder of 2014 and the
entire year of 2015.

This is a goldmine for cash flow creation if it’s used!

(Graham made $11,000 from a 3-step campaign.  Doc C made over
  $15,000.  What about you? How much do YOU want to make by the end
  of the year? There’s over 500 ideas between now and January 1st
  – ya think you might just be able to crank up that cash flow by

Seriously… anyone that can’t create a promotion a month with
this and pocket a few thousand extra has some issues.

Talk soon,

Troy White


Luigi the Love Bird and the Happiest Entrepreneurs of them all

I had the great privilege to be in a small, private event last night.

I got to meet and listen to David Chilton, best selling author of The Wealthy Barber and is one of the Dragons on Dragons Den.

David is a very successful entrepreneur, financial planner, author, speaker, and coach or mentor to untold thousands around the world.

Dragons Den is a very successful show in Canada and has continually upped its game over the past 8 years on television (David said the pitches are better this year than every before).Luigi and Mary in the studio smaller

David was sharing some of his favourite parts and stories of being a Dragon, and some surprising things were shared.

But there were a few things he said that I think contain golden nuggets of advice for entrepreneurs.

First, a GREAT STORY means easier marketing and sales.

He shared the story of Luigi The Lovebird and his owner, Mary (

Mary is an eccentric entrepreneur who found her bird Luigi was a MASTER at shredding paper.

So, being your typical entrepreneur, Mary does what entrepreneurs do best…

…she finds a way to build a business with a very cool story.

Starting off with simple greeting cards with Luigi’s shredded paper, she got rave reviews, developed a following, and ultimately a small business.

She went to Dragons Den to get some funding, and some help.

She was an entrepreneur with no records, no financials, no business systems in place…

…but she had a GREAT story!

David loved the story – saw something there (looking beyond a very unusual and somewhat ‘crazy’ entrepreneur at the helm) and…

…he invested.

– – – – – –

“Definitely the strangest pitch, but also my favourite pitch of the Season. Luigi’s is one of the most memorable and popular pitches in Dragons’ Den’s history.” — David Chilton, The Wealthy Barber and Luigi’s Personal Dragon

– – – – – –

Some hilarious things happened in the Dragons Den interview (including Luigi flying off and almost getting fried in the studio lights).

The deal was signed… David looked beyond the countless missing pieces needed for a successful business, and got her represented by Hallmark cards!

Her cards are a best-selling item and are a HOT ITEM, at PREMIUM PRICES.

Because she had a GREAT STORY (which is on the back panel of every card – as it should be!).

Don’t HIDE your quirks – you KNOW you have them – USE THEM!

Leverage your story (my Story Selling course will be a BIG help https://www.storysellingtips)

DID YOU KNOW: $50 billion a year is spent by those who LOVE stories. Think about all the people who go to movies, read books, and watch sports – living OTHER PEOPLE’S stories! People love a good story and are willing to pay for a good story.

Every entrepreneur I’ve ever MET had a great story to share – but most don’t (until prodded, poked, and booted in the butt!)

Another VERY interesting thing that David said can be taken two different ways.

“The Happiest Entrepreneurs I Meet On Dragons Den
. . . are Lifestyle Entrepreneurs”

Lifestyle entrepreneurs are tough to finance, because there is typically no staff, no major manufacturing or overhead, and a lack of documented systems that can be grown into mega-corporations.

So they don’t get financed much by the Dragons. The Dragons look for businesses they can SCALE QUICKLY.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs have successful businesses that make them a great living… and FUEL the happiness that David speaks of.

They don’t necessarily WANT to SCALE, to grow into a mega corporation, to deal with (or babysit) employees.

They want to earn a significant income – on their OWN TERMS.

David Chilton Dragons Den

David Chilton

THAT is a lifestyle entrepreneur.

That is what I personally love. I’ve had 8 employees at once when I ran a painting company – and I hated babysitting them.

Nowadays I love the type of business I have (13 yrs now).

My only full-time employee is my lazy dog Casino.

I get to spend lots of time with my daughters, and I can do things on my time and my schedule.

If you want to be HAPPIER as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, drop me a reply and say hi.

Not here to pitch anything – I’m here to help.

It was a great event last night and David was a VERY funny speaker (if you ever get a chance to hear him – or hire him as a speaker – DO IT!).

And if you want to live your life as the happiest type of person David’s ever seen, hit reply right now and say hi!

Have a great day.

Troy White

PS: The 2015 Cash Flow Calendar is coming out SOON! Grab your spot now and get the updated version free


2 ways to sell or position your products or services (free teleseminar)

After 13 years of helping entrepreneurs grow their sales, I can pretty well sum up 2 types of products or services they bring to the table.

Copycat ones that need a unique marketing approach and sales system.

Unique products that truly are one-of-a-kind (that still require effective marketing and sales systems).

The unique ones are, BY FAR, my favourite!

I found such a product, and opportunity, in 2014.

Join me tomorrow night and I will share with you a very unique opportunity to make some fabulous money this fall with a product that has no comparable competitor.

They have sales systems set up – marketing set up – product creation and distribution in place.

All I need is help from my fellow marketers and entrepreneurs to spread the word and help others with their health and wealth (I personally lost 35 pds in fat and put on 15-20 pds in muscle over the past 8 mths using just ONE of the products).

Join me Thursday and I’ll give you an eye opening look into a unique product and opportunity for marketers and entrepreneurs.

Thursday, October 16
5:00 pm PST, 6:00 MST, 7:00 CST, 8:00 EST

Dial in details:
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Let me help YOU get the money you need, to create the lifestyle you want!

Talk to you tomorrow.



A dedication to my daughters on their 14th birthday

Today, my daughters turn 14.Crashed

How in the hell did THAT happen?

Amazing how fast 14 years can go by… and how fast I can turn grey (coincidence?).

As you may well know, my twin 14 yr old daughters are everything to me.IMG_4053 IMG_4164 IMG_4392

They were brought into this world at a whopping 3 pounds each, and have turned into incredible young teenagers with the world in their hands.  In honor of their birthday today, I thought it only fair to dedicate today’s article to them!

Without them, I may have never taken the plunge to start my own business.

I did NOT want to be that dad that hated what he did for a living… so I quit my sales job and started my own business. 

Best thing I ever did for myself… and for them.

Below these pictures of my angels are 2 articles you will enjoy.

Side note: If you want to give them a no-cost birthday present, please pop on over to their youtube channel and view, AND LIKE, some of their videos.  They have a blast making them (done well over 100 so far).  GREAT experience and practice for them… and we all know videos, video editing, and driving traffic to video pages is a GREAT SKILL for them to learn.

Help them out and like some videos – please!  Any any dumb comments on their pages and I will personally hunt you down 😉

My daughters... my world
My daughters… my world

The day those 2 came into my life was the greatest day I can ever remember.

Katrina and Hailey were born 2 months premature and weighed in at 3pds each.

Yet, they carried the power of the universe in those tiny little hands. The first time I held one I will never forget (look at your hands when I talk about this to get the full impression) – their entire hands wrapped around my middle fingertip – their entire hand wrapped around my first knuckle.

So small, yet so many miracles at work within them.

They are now 14 years old and you would never know they were born so small or frail.

The power of love, nutrition and all the TLC possible brought them from where they were all bundled up in their incubators at the hospital to where they are today – terrorizing the cats, the neighbors kids and the local supply of purple balloons (one of their favorites).

Pretty well through most of this time I was also building my own small business and I quickly learned how many similarities there are to raising kids as there are to raising a business. You have to learn to crawl before walking, and walking before running.

There are no shortcuts (every once in a while you do hear of someone that broke the “rules” but it is more common than not to have to follow the rules.

Being twins, they also have some unique qualities and situations that remind me of marketing my business. Making my business different than others is very important to me and I am always working on new ways to get better at it.

What struck me most though was how powerful we truly are when we look to a higher power for help. Those tiny little 3 pound babies were put on this earth for a reason (and neither of us have twins in the family, so it was a complete surprise).

They are as strong as any other 12 year old, yet they started out at a serious disadvantage.

When you look to a higher power for help – you will receive what you ask for. As long as you trust and believe that it will come. When those 2 were born – all I asked for was health.

As long as they were healthy – I was happy.

And I got what I asked for because I KNEW deep inside that they were healthy – and would continue to be so.

With my business, I have asked for help numerous times. Many times I got what I asked for. Other times I didn’t. When I look back on why some things didn’t happen as I had asked for – it was mainly because I was not trusting that it would happen. Those times when I knew deep to the core that it would happen – it did.

My advice to you is – when you ask for help – believe they will help and trust that it will come in due time. But, do not sit back and wait for it. Go out and actively go in search of your dreams as well.

It gives the universe many more outlets to help you with when you are already helping yourself.



(this is an article I sent to Jay Abraham almost 10 years ago – one which he published in his newsletter at the time…. thought you’d get a kick out of it.

“No More Jay Abraham!”

as stated by Hailey White (2 years old)

December 2002 in LA was one of the defining moments in my life.  Over the period of 3 information packed days my thoughts on business and success dramatically.  When I got home I looked at the thousands of pages of information I had to read, 80 hours + in audio tapes to listen to…my year was filling up!

So… every chance I had to listen to the tapes I did.

Until last week…

I have twin 2 year old girls and they were on the fast track to be the youngest Jay Abraham Protégés ever !  They listened to the tapes every time they were in the car with me… and for the most part they seemed to quite enjoy it!

I thought I was a genius… raising marketing masterminds from birth!  By the time they were 12 years old I would be able to retire on their consulting contracts.  This was sounding great.

My dreams were dashed the other day when I was putting in another tape while the girls were in the car.   As the tape started there was a huge outburst from the back …. “NO more Jay Abraham!”  Hailey screamed.  I thought she was kidding, I mean how could she be getting tired of here education already?

Well, sorry to say… they no longer let me play the Jay Abraham tapes when they are in the car.  I get the same, very rude, outburst whenever I try them on the tapes.

My bubble has temporarily burst for the youngest protégés ever.

I am going to try again when they turn 3.

Thanks again Jay,  the training is excellent !

Troy White


Have a great day.


 PS: If you want to give them a no-cost birthday present, please pop on over to their youtube channel and view, AND LIKE, some of their videos.  They have a blast making them (done well over 100 so far).  GREAT experience and practice for them… and we all know videos, video editing, and driving traffic to video pages is a GREAT SKILL for them to learn.

Help them out and like some videos – please!  Any dumb comments on their pages and I will personally hunt you down 😉


Interested in building a new business with me? Last minute webinar notice

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