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With 13 years experience helping others grow their client base and improve their cash flow, I can help you too.

Need leads?

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I specialize in copywriting and sales scripting services for small to mid sized businesses.

From sales letters, email marketing campaigns, product launch funnels, direct mail, video sales letters, phone scripts, lead generation and conversion campaigns.

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Troy White
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Kijiji my Shmeejy: marketing lessons and an offer to help


Hope you’ve been having a fabulous summer!

Been a while since I shared some marketing insights, thanks to the beaches calling my name and some projects taking up what’s left of my time.

I’ve been doing some purging lately, and using Kijiji (a Canadian version of Craigslist) to get rid of some things.


Are there some winners and whack jobs out there!

And serious time wasters.

The problem with sites like this to post furniture or electronics for sale (or free), is that people love wasting your time.

Not showing up when they said they will.

Nickel and diming you on goods that are already at a huge discount.

It’s a royal pain in the arse and some of the stuff I’ve been purging ended up being donated to Goodwill when I got sick of the trolls out there wasting my time.

But – I got to do what I love to do…

…play with headlines and copy to see what gets better responses.

I was hired years ago by a lead generation company to test
different email marketing messages to their database of 500,000

We got a 1,250% response boost by testing some very
off-the-wall email messages.  Measured in ORDERS! Imagine getting
an immediate boost in sales of 1,250% just by changing the headline!

Very possible for you too.

By far, the #1 thing you need to be doing when promoting your business is testing different messages.

One headline or subject line can immediately boost interested parties in what you are selling.

From there, the copy can compel them to buy, or sign up for your free offer.

But if you’re offer (or traffic source) is no good, the best copy in the world won’t save you!

Test those headlines though!
The dog days of summer are coming to a close and people will quickly be getting serious about the last 4 months of the year.

Are YOU ready?

I have an unusual offer for you today.

Are you looking to grow your business quickly in the coming months?

Do you have an existing client database that isn’t buying as much as they should?

Email me ([email protected]) and tell me:

1) your name and phone #
2) your business details (what you sell, how you sell it now)
3) what’s your biggest need right now in your business

If you’re a good fit, I’ll email you right back and we’ll set up a time to talk.

Sound fair?

Hit reply right now then!

Have a GREAT day 🙂