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Last Chance for LinkedIn B2B Leads Training

If you haven’t yet registered for the Webinar tomorrowLinkedIn B2B Leads, Business to Business Leads
with LinkedIn expert: Alex Pirouz, I recommend getting
signed up for this no-cost training tomorrow.

B2B leads are trickier than B2C – and can be much more

Alex has mastered LinkedIn and is sharing his results
with you tomorrow.

Learn the 3-step process Alex used to:

* Generate over $700k in revenue for himself and his
clients across 14 different industries


* How to generate more leads in one month than most of your
competitors would in a year

* The No. 1 rule for LinkedIn success, get this right and
you will be way ahead of the competition

* The top 3 most common mistakes people make on LinkedIn
and how to avoid them

And this is just the beginning…

Grab your spot – I know
the one trick I learned so far is awesome…

… I had NO IDEA LinkedIn could do that!

P.S Some people have asked whether there will be a replay,
I’ve been told that if you register your details, a replay
of the session will be emailed to you.


How to find solid B2B leads that grow your business

Last week I mentioned my frustration with LinkedIn.LinkedIn B2B Leads, Business to Business Leads

Originally I thought LinkedIn was as big of a WASTE of time
as Facebook for Business to Business Leads.

And I’m talking about big business leads… not home business
seekers (Facebook is good for that – but is not going to work
if you’re trying to reach CEOs of $100 million dollar
companies – right?)

I’ve been on LinkedIn for 9 years now and never did understand it…

…until I met Alex.

He GETS what real B2B leads are.

He KNOWS how to find them.

He BUILDS his different businesses through… LinkedIn.

I saw his LinkedIn system and loved it.

I wanted him to share it with you on a free webinar.

This Thur morning, you’ll get an inside peak at the most
powerful B2B lead generation tool out there.

Once you learn this system you will never have to:

* Cold call or run telemarketing campaigns again
* Spend hours per week/month attending networking
functions only to meet the wrong people (networking functions
are another colossal waste of time if you are targeting high
level people in larger companies!)
* And waste money on out-dated advertising or marketing campaigns

There are still a few spots left to register your seat for the
upcoming webinar.

Grab a spot now – there’s no charge.

I will also be on the session myself, would love to know your
key takeaways from the webinar so drop me an email


P.S At the end of the webinar Alex will be holding a Q&A session so if you
have any questions feel free to email me so I can pass it on to him.


Is LinkedIn a wise investment of your time, or a total waste?

I joined LinkedIn wayyyyy back in April of 2005.

LinkedIn B2B Leads

Since then I’ve played a bit with my profile and even
connected with some people here and there.

As for paying clients… one or two.

What about you?

Are you getting results from LinkedIn yet?

I didn’t know much about how to use LinkedIn for
anything more than some networking, some prospecting,
and some research.

Probably using .5% of what I could be inside LinkedIn.

My friend and business associate, Graham McGregor,
out of New Zealand, recently introduced me to
Alex Pirouz (founder of Linkfluencer).

I’ve quietly mentioned I’m building a new business
outside of my normal field of work.

Much more ingrained in the B2B space.

I’ve been talking to Alex about this venture and
the unique type of prospects I’m looking for.

He broke down for me a 3-step process he had used
over the past few years to:

– Get featured in over 50 media publications
without sending out a single 
press release

– Grow his business advisory firms by over 328%
by securing joint venture partnerships through LinkedIn

– And generate thousands of leads whilst spending
$0 on advertising or marketing

I did what you should… just Google him!!

He has a great reputation and I’ve started using his
system and I can’t speak highly enough about it.

He has an upcoming LinkedIn Training webinar coming
up where he will share how he did this step-by-step
and I have managed to secure some seats for you.

To claim your FREE spot, click on the link below:

Have a great day
Troy White

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37 yrs ago, computers changed marketing forever (and today is Hug your Cat Day)

37 years ago right now, something magical happened.

The infamous Apple II

The infamous Apple II

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak took the plunge and launched the first personal computer, the Apple II.

My mom had one for book keeping, and it was my first experience with a device that has revolutionized the world.

I even tried my hat at programming that thing for a silly centipede creation that floated across that bawd-awful orange screen (so, so tiny compared to the 27” monitor I use now!)

Anyhow… in 37 years, computers have changed just a weeee bit.

So has marketing.

But the basics of marketing remain the same – no matter where you live, what you sell, or who you sell to.

I’ve been a little quiet on newsletters lately due to some very cool stuff I’m working on.

Things I choose to keep quiet right now – a webinar in a couple weeks with a fellow entrepreneur will show you a bit of what I’m doing, and how he’s used it to create millions over the years.

My new business is in marketing – for a very unusual niche, in a world that I am new(er) to.

But what hasn’t changed is the marketing we use.

Marketing is marketing – no matter who you sell to.

And my 2014 Cash Flow Calendar STILL comes in mega-dega handy for our lead generation and sales conversion!

In honour of national hug-your-cat day *(yes – its a national holiday – and yes, it’s today)… and in honour of summer…


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