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Reinventing your business like a renegade (and the 66.7% rule)

Here’s how renegade entrepreneurs leverage the 66.7% rule for rapid business growth (w/ a nice perk)the renegade club

Hard to believe, but 1/3 of the years is officially burnt toast.

The great part?

66.7% of the year remains – and you have an opportunity to leverage the most powerful tool for driving rapid business growth and a rekindled passion for your “why” in business.

It’s a success secret that every single successful entrepreneur out there taps into.

I just finished the Unlabel book by Marc Ecko – he used this same secret to create a billion dollar business.

I have used it to help my clients revive dwindling revenues and petrified passion for the business they were in.

I am using it RIGHT NOW in a brand new venture I launched with a couple others (part of the reason you haven’t heard from me as much lately).

I am ALSO using it to fire up my martial arts training and compete on a local and national level (just battled at a Provincial Qualifier this past weekend and walked away with a Gold Medal – not bad for a 45 year old like myself).

And I want to help YOU use this same tool to fire up your business and rekindle your passion.

It’s called REinvention like a Renegade.

Not exactly rocket science – but there is a science you can use to use renegade reinvention as your secret weapon to make the next 8 months of this year the most incredible 8 months you’ve had yet.

As I enter this new business venture, one completely unrelated to almost anything I’ve done for the past 13 years, I see some crystal clear opportunities that reinvention helps with.


…if YOU need to reinvent your revenues streams, or rekindle your passion for profits, here’s my reinvention plan for YOU…