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Direct marketing naysayers and negative nellies

I had a recent question come in from a guy doing some direct marketing.

He is a student of direct marketing, a solid writer, and received some negative feedback about a direct mail letter he wants to test.

Direct marketing and direct mail in particular can get a bad rap. People tried it once – didn’t make a fortune – and say direct mail doesn’t work.

Or the “branding” evangelists that have never built a start-up of their own – with their own money (and I don’t consider starting a “branding” agency with prior experience in ANY other business is considered a real startup.

Tell them to go start consumer service business – or sell a B2B software solution with their own money FIRST.  If they can use “branding” with a minimal budget (avg. startup budget of a couple grand maybe TOTAL for marketing) and be successful, THEN they can say branding worked for a startup.  They usually go after bigger companies with bigger budgets.

Those guys and gals LOVE to criticize the direct marketing field – mainly because they HATE to see the dollars and cents that come as a result of their campaigns.

We LOVE seeing responses, and numbers.

Which is why the direct marketing naysayers and negative nellies need to take a flying leap off the highest cliff, building, or bridge they can find.

Their advice is USELESS to you!

Here’s my comments back to the guy who emailed me: 

I find too many people love to nitpick our type of direct marketing.  The worst part is that its easy to let them sway us to actually believing them.

The people who nitpick usually have no vested interest in the success of the project.  They also have rarely invested a dime of their own money in advertising or direct marketing.

The answer to all of (in my opinion) is to just get it done – set it aside for a day or two – review it yourself – make sure it includes a strong headline, talks about the problem, and your solution or proposition (with testimonials if possible).

Then test it. The market will tell you if that approach is a winning one.

If it doesn’t work – try another approach. Then another.  There is always a message that the market wants to hear (and respond to).

But listening to all the naysayers out there can rapidly diminish your enthusiasm for a campaign.

Forget them – 99% of the time their advice is wrong – and could cost you a bundle if you listen to them!

My thoughts anyhow.



How to price your product or service

I am working with a client now that has a unique twist to a proven niche-business.

We focused the market to a tightly defined market, and are getting ready for launch in the next month or so.

They have quite a few volunteers involved due to the complexity of what they are doing.

A question keeps coming up about pricing, and one person recommended we ask the volunteers for their thoughts on pricing.

BAD IDEA, in my opinion.

Here’s why (with my response to the team):

Hey all.

Was going to discuss later, but will leave some initial thoughts to ponder here.
The market will tell us what they want to pay and how they want to pay.

We can discuss on the call tonight – but asking internally is not the way to launch a new product or service.
Sorry to say… but I’ve seen far too many internal surveys used as gospel that the actual paying public absolutely hated.
The ONLY real way to know what people want – is to put an offer in front of them and see if they buy it.
Plus, looking at other xxxxx sites is pretty well all the research you need – look at how they pay, what they offer, and consider they’ve already invested hundreds of thousands of dollars testing their offers with the paying public. Thousands of people are paying them millions of dollars  year for the bundles they have in place now no need to deviate too far.
The prices and conditions on how they do their memberships are what the public wants to pay.
We have a unique way of delivering it (xxxxxxx) – and to which market (xxxxxxx) but we are really offering the same thing as the others and our offers/pricing/deliverables should be similar.
Feel free to do internal surveys with volunteers – but the information you get there is to be used carefully as it is biased and it is not the general public seeing your offer for the first time.
My thoughts anyhow.

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An Open (and po’d) Letter to Mother Nature

I’ll be the first to admit that living in Calgary, Canada leaves me wide open to winter’s icy grips…

…but this has officially become FLIPPING ridiculous!

Even the Huffington Post had an article called
“Welcome to Canada, The Land that Spring Forgot”

Thanks for rubbing that in HP!

So, in honour of the spring that never happened, I’ve pulled
up a letter (aka rant) I sent to Mother Nature 3 years ago.

Surprisingly… it STILL APPLIES…

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. . .

Dear Mother Nature,



You win.

After yet another 8 inch dump of snow last night, I had no choice BUT to record this video this morning.

Some great lessons here for the astute marketer in all of us.

It’s only a couple minutes long, but has some ideas in there for making the most out of those unexpected events in life and in business.


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Why I went toe to toe with a 6’8″ 290 lb linebacker this weekend

“Did that wall just MOVE?” I asked myself…

“No, that’s your opponent in the finals – in 10 mins!” replied one of the voices in my head.


How did I get here?

At 45 years old, I’m about to go toe to toe with a linebacker… one who is intent on kicking my ass and winning this battle.

wku canada

The giant I battled in the finals…

I’m 12” shorter than him – 10 years older – and 80 pounds lighter.

Oh oh.

Now, this IS something I WANTED to do (didn’t know I would be fighting a giant, but I knew I’d be fighting).

I’ve loved and been involved in martial arts for a number of years.

15 years ago I was addicted to kickboxing and Muay Thai (and I was quite a bit younger, and able to heal much, MUCH faster :O)

I was so addicted, I did it until I could barely walk (due to a combination of overtraining barefoot on hardwood floors – and far too many broken bones in my feet from kicking an elbow or three – ouch).

But I loved it.

Nothing better than the rush I got (and still get) from an awesome workout.

When I couldn’t walk anymore, I stopped, got lazy and packed on a whoooole bunch of weight.

About 7 years ago, I got sick of being overweight and began my battle of the bulge.  I started walking, then into Tae Kwon Do (which I had done for a short stint in my teens).

6 years later I had received my 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do…

…but it wasn’t enough for the old boy here.

So I hired a personal trainer that specializes in Kettlebells and Interval training – LOVED IT!

My Tae Kwon Do training was dwindling as I just wasn’t getting out of it what I missed so dearly.

So what else does a borderline sane 45 year old guy do?

Gets back into Kickboxing and Muay Thai too, of course!

Next thing you know he’s doing 8 classes a week in martial arts and twice a week in the gym.

Crazy – I know.

But happy – I am!

The next logical thing now that I’ve found my “happy place”?

Elimination Round

Elimination Round…

Glove up and get fighting!

A couple weeks ago I did my first tournament as a 45 year old in the WKU Provincial Qualifiers.  Got a bronze in Point sparring and a Gold in Continuous sparring.

Good start.

Fast forward to this weekend…

…my second tournament as a 45 year old.

Tough competition and more qualifiers for the Provincials.

I won my first fight against a guy about my height – another heavyweight.

I’m going to the finals… when I realize I have to fight Sasquatch himself!!

This massive 6’8” 290lb linebacker is something else.

He and I are going against each other in the finals.

And I need to dig deep and look at squishing all forms of fears that are bubbling up all around me.

First, I’ve never fought anyone even REMOTELY close to someone that big.

Second, he wants this Gold as bad as I do – and he has arms and legs that are a foot longer than mine – how in the HELL am I going to battle this guy… and WIN?

facing fears

Wee bit of a height difference…

(probably the worst part was thinking… at his size he’d be ridiculously slow and I’d be able to use that as an advantage, but after watching him beat another guy in the elimination round, I realized that wasn’t the reality I was faced with. Uhg.)

Up against someone with that kind of reach advantage all I could do was try and be faster, and get closer.  Not giving him the chance to unload on me with those ridiculously long arms (that ended in fists), and legs (that ended in feet that kick).

My stomach was flip flopping, I was freaking out internally, but I was focused.

I paced the mats looking at the floor – seeing in my mind how it would all play out.

Looking at the moving wall was the last thing I needed to do at this point.

The finals begin… and I step up to centre ring.

And we begin.


He hits and kicks hard… and it’s flipping hard to get on the inside when he can hit me from so flipping far away!

I get some kicks in – some punches – but I am definitely not winning the first round.

wku finals, kickboxing, muay thai

Damn he’s tall and hard to hit!

30 second break and advice from my ringside coach… where I asked “what in the hell CAN I do with a guy like this?”  Coach says, and I agree – boxing – stick to boxing – and focus on his stomach.  Its eye level to me so about the smartest advice yet :O)

Round two…

…hands a flailing and landing as many body shots as I can (as my head is getting rocked by his 4 foot long arms and fists!)

It’s over… I survived… and I got some decent body shots in.

He won the Gold – I got the Silver.

He was a nice guy and deserved all his wins (he was undefeated in the tournament).

And DAMN did I learn some things about myself, about facing fears, and about focusing on ONE THING.

* Always be pushing yourself to find that place you are your happiest and most productive.

* When you find a sport and exercise you love (and I believe EVERYONE should have one – walking could be yours – it’s STILL exercise!) immerse yourself in your new passion and squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of it.

* When you feel yourself getting lazy or bored with your sport of choice – switch it up!  Find a new one that you can get passionate about. Find a coach that gives you the attention and PUSH you need.  Find a place to train, with people you enjoy.

* Find ways to push yourself INSIDE the sport you love.  I found I LOVE the competing in Kickboxing and plan to do more of it.  I will train hard(er) and continue to improve.  Hopefully my next battles I will be able to get under the heavyweight division – fewer 290 lb giants to battle!

* When you have a really tough challenge in front of you… dig deep inside, breath deep, put blinders on so you see nothing BUT facing your fears head on, then step in and GET IT DONE.

* When you lose – you still won.  Nothing beats the emotional feeling you get after facing a huge fear, tackling it head on, and seeing yourself step up to the challenge!  The catch is not to shrivel up and fade away after a defeat – you need to use it as fuel to fire your next challenge!

The MOST successful people I have met in life fail repeatedly, and quickly.  They find things to do and ways to push themselves to fail faster.  You learn, and get stronger from each time you step up to the plate!

(I’ll admit – it felt pretty damn good after it was all over to have some of Canada’s most respected martial artists and Muay Thai Coaches – many of them multiple world champions – step up, congratulate me, and say how well I did despite the odds)

…so what in the HELL does this have to do with business and marketing?

Just about EVERYTHING!

Replace marketing or writing with my mention of exercise or kickboxing here.

Being successful in business and in marketing means doing things you aren’t comfortable with. Doing things that scare you.  Doing things that stretch your comfort zone.  Failing forward as fast as humanly possible.

Staying in something or doing something repeatedly just because it’s comfortable is no way to thrive in life.

Pushing yourself as hard as humanly possible IS.

I conquered a big fear – fought a giant – survived without serious injury – and feel like a different person because of it.

Pretty good lesson I learned.

Hope you can learn from it too.


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PPS: If you are in Calgary, and want a FANTASTIC martial arts place to train – 5 Elements Martial Arts is it!  Maeghen Cotterill owns and operates this place and runs it like a champ.  Maeghan is a World Champion Martial artist and has an amazing choice of styles you can train in (Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Ju Jitsu).  They have an incredible Little Dragons program for the little gaffers and have world renowned coaches for every style of martial art you choose.  I can’t say enough great things about this place!


Creative writing vs cash-producing writing

I was responding to a question from an entrepreneur about the ‘state’ of email marketing.

…“Email is dead” is the concern she had.

After all, someone said that on the internet – probably in an email she read – so it MUST be true!


Email marketing is THRIVING right now and everything about email marketing is simple to do, uses a formulaic approach to getting results… and ANYONE can use it to grow their business.

Know what else?

The type of writing we’re talking about applies to: email, Facebook,
Twitter, Direct Mail, phone or video scripts, or pretty well
anything you need for finding leads and building your business).

Yup, no matter what you sell or who you sell to – the principles apply and can make your cash flow happy.

The next problem?

What kind of email marketing courses she should get.

There’s a TON of them out there – a new one just launched yesterday.

And there are some great ones for sure.

You know what makes me the most money in marketing though?

Information PLUS implementation.

Rapid-fire get-r-done implementation.

EXACTLY what the Writing Zing coaching program offers!

Training, information/education, and accountability for IMPLEMENTING what you learn.

Not more information products cluttering your shelves and hard drives.

Cash in your bank account sounds a little better – don’t you think?

We don’t worry about being ‘creative’ in marketing – we worry about bankable results (after all, you can’t spend accolades by your peers or family – but you can spend cash that you make with your newfound ability to turn words into wealth!)Writing-Zing-Coaching-Troy-White

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Join me in this coaching series and I guarantee you will not only learn some dramatically powerful ways to hone your ability to turn your own words into wealth, you’ll also get some campaigns DONE and bringing you cash…

…I guarantee it.

So, if you want help getting more cash flowing into your business – grab one of the final 2 spots.

More details here if you need them

When they’re gone – they’re gone – and the price is doubling at end of day Friday.


PS: I just received a question on Writing Zing and if it applies to the B2B space – namely targeting “C-level” execs.  

My response:

The principles we will be learning are based on effective and compelling writing.  
I am not a hype type of writer – and have done quite a bit in the B2B world (one 2 page letter I did for a client in B2B – targeted at a cold list – of 200 of the biggest home builders in a specific area – got a 18% response rate.  Response was measured by return call or email – not by an order – so would definitely work in your space).  

Actually that letter I mentioned – we got at least 6 thank you emails back from the prospects on using the type of letter we did. They were sick and tired of the same old same old ‘pitch letters’ that are used. Our approach was radically different and it worked.

Let me know your thoughts or other questions.



How Jim published 5 books in 5 years (and how you can too)

Becoming a published author is one of the best things you can do for positioning yourself as an authority and go-to expert. I saw an immediate bump when I published my first book back in 2004 (with some of the greats like Ted nicholas, Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, Joe Sugarman, Bob burg… to name just a few), and have personally helped 8 authors become best-sellers with properly done marketing campaigns.

My friend Jim Palmer cranks out books like most crank out excuses!

Jim has written five books in five years and that is one of the modules he is teaching at his upcoming Dream Business Academy!

Jim has built a highly successful and profitable business based in large part on his ability to create what he calls a Million Dollar Platform on a Shoestring Budget and being an author is one of the components in his million dollar platform.

…Just one of the things he’s going to be teaching at the Create Your Dream Business Now event.

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