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[video tips] 3 simple tips to UP the ZING in your writing

I received some great feedback to my video yesterday, so I uploaded a new video with 3 powerful tips to get you writing more compelling emails, sales pieces, promotions, and social media updates.

My early morning routine that did more for me in 6 months than ANYTHING I learned in 5 YEARS of UniversityWriting-Zing-Coaching-Troy-White

The 5 minute speed-writing tip to get your mind clear and focused on the profit-making task at hand

The EXACT type of word that you need to find, steal, and leverage every chance you get

Plus an update on my Writing ~ZING~ coaching program and simple signup details (over half the spots are gone from yesterday’s video).

If you want to crank up your marketing and make more money in your business… I guarantee the Writing Zing program will give you the tools you want.  Not only that, I’m sharing new information and templates I’ve NEVER shared before.

For the video tips and details – go here 

Have a great day!



Adding some ZING to your writing

Are you feeling a little lost in your marketing and writing?

You have to work hard at being UNforgettable in a very cluttered, very forgettable world.

Watch this video and discover a simple formula and path to making your writing stick and convert prospects to buyers…

(note: You can sign up through this link here – only 10 spots available – price goes up to $497 on March 7th)



What is direct marketing and direct mail?

I had a quick (not thought out) question about direct marketing come in today that I wanted to share.  Part of my business as a copywriter involves fielding (and weeding) out email requests like this.

First warning: his question was about as basic as it gets (why waste a professionals time when 2.2 seconds of search on Google would have answered your question?).

Second warning: no name – just a question on what is direct marketing and how much “does it cost to start”.  Again – all warning signs point to someone not concerned about wasting my time, nor prepared to actually DO anything. I know nothing about their business, their industry, their challenges, or anything else about them that would be remotely helpful.

I should have deleted the email, but decided to answer it quickly and use my answer as a quick educational piece.

My answer:

Direct mail is sending targeted promotional pieces designed to get potential clients to take an action.

That action may be to call you – to order – to visit a website, etc.

How you get started is a difficult one to answer.  There are a ton of books out there on how to get started (Dan Kennedy has some great inexpensive books on this).

You can take courses.

Or you can hire a professional.

I’ve been writing direct mail materials for 13 years – you can see testimonials here

If you are interested in talking about this, I need to clear something up. I am a professional – this is my business – my full time business.  That means I don’t write for free (in hope you pay me one day – I get asked to do this weekly – the answer is always no).  I live in Canada, not India – so don’t expect to hire me for $4 an hour.  I am damn good at what I do and only write for those who are SERIOUS about getting results, and for those who actually have a marketing BUDGET.

If you are still interested in talking, let me know.


Now, I was too subtle and kind for this reply.  If I was not who I am, I would have been an ass in my response.  Not my thing, so I was decent about it – but pointed enough to undoubtedly scare him away.

There is ONE thing I wanted to point out in my response though.

This ONE thing is critically important to understand in your marketing.

The ONLY purpose of direct marketing is to elicit SOME kind of response.

I personally think ‘branding’ for the point of branding is a complete waste of time and money for the average small business.  You don’t have the budget to make a real impact through ‘branding’ if you’re a small business.

BUT, you CAN afford to do some very targeted direct marketing that has one specific goal – an ACTION.  

That may be to send them to a web page and optin to your newsletter (or signup to get a report, or cd, or ebook).

Maybe its to get them to call you (one of my clients got an 18% response rate from a COLD list when we implemented their goal as an initial call).  They wanted to go for the sale – which would have gotten NO response – instead we got the door opened to 18% of the people we targeted from ONE mailing piece.

THAT is a goal you should aim for!

Hopefully this gave you some thoughts and insights into the world of direct mail, direct marketing, and copywriting.


Baby boomer entrepreneurs… here’s how to generate leads

Do you think it’s a different form of lead generation for those in the boomer and senior age ranges?

What changes?


Is it easier to generate leads or convert them to sales if you’re a baby boomer running a business?

Or harder?

Is there such a thing as a ‘secret weapon’?

As much as I dislike the ‘secret weapon’ term for marketing, there is ONE THING that gives you a crystal clear advantage over every other business in your niche… boomer or not!

This radio interview I did with Charlie Poznek of The Boomer Business Owner site, and thought you’d want to know.

Boomer or millennial entrepreneur… doesn’t matter!~

The advice in this interview applies to anyone who wants to run a thriving business with quality clients that buy again, and again.

Ignore at your own cost…

Baby boomer entrepreneurs marketing tips

Click to get the audio



One of my FAVOURITE types of businesses are ones with recurring revenues built in.

Looking back, this is something I should have invested much more time and money building.

Looking forward though, there are always things to be done along this line.

Some businesses are easier to figure this out, others can be much more difficult (which usually means you have to start a sideline business that relates to your main one, but has recurring revenues built in).

You’ve hear me talk many times about the Lobster Guys and their million dollar business built up in 3 months.


But, I have yet to talk about this restaurant in Chicago that sells memberships instead of meals: 

(sent to me by Greg Douglas of Douglas Environmental


This BREAKS all the so-called ‘rules’ of the restaurant business… and they are thriving!

Can’t even buy a membership right now – they are full up with a waiting list.

You’ve heard me praise Apple before on their use of the App store for building in recurring revenue – and their incredible focus on creating a cult of followers (yes, I am a fan – using Mac as my main computer for 8 months now, and using iPad and iPhone religiously too)


What I may not have talked about is my love of recurring revenues from the information marketing world.


But again, it takes guts to do and motivation to start.

If you want to start now… get the Story Selling Home Study and will also give you my 31k club training series.  For the next 3 days I will fire you up and get you writing more often, with greater profits as your goal.

The 31k club has transformed many lives of those who went through the Story Selling Coaching.  Now you get it free with the Story Selling Home Study course!


Jim Palmer Interviews Troy White about story selling

Jim Palmer is a friend, business associate and damned fine marketer.

I had the great pleasure to be interviewed by him about the use of stories in your marketing.

If you don’t know by now, stories are one of my ultimate marketing tools for my clients’ campaigns, and my own.

Not only are stories in business underused… they are one of your greatest assets.

NOTHING beats a good story in B2B or B2C sales…

…and this audio shows you some simple ways to leverage stories in your marketing.

Click on the graphic to get the interview mp3…