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Flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants as a business strategy? (plus – scum bag alert)

Christmas has flown by – New Years is just hours away – and I’ve already shut down a scammer!noscumbags

Thankfully, a good friend and business associate noticed that some scum bag decided it was perfectly ok to steal my website, steal my copy, and sell my 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar for his own personal gain!

Wish he was in Calgary where I live… but I had to resort to cyber beatings to get him shut down.

I did.

Paypal notified.
Webhost notified.
Cease and desist letter sent.

Voila – scum bag goes away… for now.

One of the challenges with the digital age is this happens more often than you’d know.

One of the advantages of the digital age is it’d easier than every to track them down and shut ‘em down.

My point: if you EVERY see the 2014 Cash Flow Calendar for sale by someone else that is not an affiliate or friend of mine – or at a discount – it’s an illegal copy.

THIS is the place to get your legitimate copy and marketing plan for 2014…

Not only that, I am getting geared up to make 2014 your best year ever with the 2014 Cash Flow Calendar at your side.

My friend, and fellow Canadian A-Level Copywriter, Daniel Levis said:

“I usually don’t promote products or programs at the $97
price point.

Firstly because most of them are downright awful and a
complete waste of time…

And second because you have to sell a shitload of them
to make any money.  Just not worth the time and effort.

This recommendation isn’t about the money.

It’s about helping you NOT HAVE TO WING IT next year!

And mostly because Troy’s 2014 Cash Flow Calendar,

It gets my highest recommendation.

Look, let me be frank.

Troy should be selling this FANTASTIC idea generating,
MASSIVE time saving marketing tool for a few hundred
dollars more than he is…

It’s THAT good. ”

My point?

One of the best in the business promoted the Calendar to his list, not because of the money it makes HIM… but for the money it makes THOSE WHO INVEST IN IT!

That’s a vote of confidence.

Get your 2014 Marketing Plan in place now and start building new income streams for the new year

Complete with solid, immediately usable marketing ideas…

…templates you can use to ease writers block

…more memorable promotions

…leveraging more stories (proven to sell 158% more than other forms of selling)

…and it’s less than $100!
(Daniel said himself I should be selling it for $297 or higher – you should grab it now – before I take his advice).

PLUS – a last-minute year end tax write-off.

I use it for my clients, for my different businesses, and for my promotional campaigns that run throughout the year.

Pretty simple and inexpensive investment for anyone SERIOUS about marketing more often, with better results this year!


PS: I am hosting a 2014 Kickoff Conference Call Monday January 6th for all 2014 Cash Flow Calendar owners.

Grab yours now and you will get the details for the action call at the end of this week.


2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar Plan


911! If your year was a dud… here’s free help tomorrow morning

I just got off the phone with someone who is stressed out and near admitting defeat.911

Their year in business SUCKED.

12 months ago they had grande ambitions and were all geared up to do big things in 2013…

…unfortunately those things didn’t happen as they planned.

Near tears, they shared with me what transpired, why they think it happened like it did, and asked for help.

It made me think of you…

…and I wonder if your year was everything you wanted it to be.

Was it?

Whether your year was stellar or not – I am doing a 911 Emergency Breakthrough call tomorrow morning at 9:30 am PST

Phone # (760) 569-6000
Access Code: 235097#

It will not be recorded – so if there is any possible way you can be there – just do it.

We will go through some breakthroughs my clients had this year that made them huge gains in short periods of time ($100k in 7 days kind of breakthroughs).

We will give you the steps to cranking up your New Years business breakthrough plan…

…and I will share with you what’s working best for those who DID have a great year.

The year is not over.

And the new year hasn’t even began.

Let me help you wrap this one up with a bang – and start 2014 with a grande plan that guarantees your year is the one you want.


No charge – just be on the call.

Dec 21 – 9:30am PST, 10:30 am MST, 11:30am CST, 12:30pm EST
Phone # (760) 569-6000
Access Code: 235097#

You can join me on the call and still have time to get your shopping done AFTER.

Talk to you then.



My OCD admission and a cool $97 gift for you

First, I need to come clean…

I am obsessive compulsive around things.

Never been clinically diagnosed… but I bet I am one shrink away from being so!

troy white entrepreneurial black belt tae kwon do success

Some serious sweat, tears… and PRACTICE went into this belt 🙂

You may or may not have got a hint of this in my emails about my love of martial arts.

I got my 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon a year ago.

Love, love, love martial arts.

Throughout my life I’ve done…

* Tae Kwon Do (in teens)

* Karate (while living in Dallas in 20s)

* Kickboxing and Muay Thai for 5 years in late 20s (had to quit cuz I was so OCD I was doing 6 workouts a week, had broken nuuuuuumerous bones, and could barely walk anymore because of the pain in my feet)

* <mega gap and overweight phase I am not proud of>

* Tae Kwon Do for the past 6+ years – Second Degree Black Belt

* Now I found a Kickboxing and Muay Thai Dojo 2 walking minutes from me – OH OH!

Now, besides the workouts at the gym, I am doing 3-5 Kickboxing and Muay Thai classes a week.


…do I?

I get so obsessive about this stuff.

And my obsessions carry over into marketing and business building.

Sales videos.
Facebook advertising.
Lead generation.
Traffic generation.


All of them obsessions.

What’s yours?

If you truly LOVE your business – you have obsessions inside your business.


Entrepreneurs in general are an obsessive bunch.

Which is why we drive the economy.

Imagine if all the entrepreneurs in the world had the mentality of most union-workers – ha!

Obsessions in business would become nil.

We’d be a nation of 9-4ers – 4-6 week holidays – never going out of the way to do anything extraordinary in our days.


I’m sure there are a few union workers reading this – and some damn hard workers too.

But, having worked on the highways in a union when I was 18 – I saw the mentality and its one of the main reasons I got my shit together and went back to school – getting a commerce degree in marketing and entrepreneurship in the early 90s.

Entrepreneurs like you and I MUST be obsessed.

It’s almost a character trait of those who go on to do big things!

= = = = = = = =



= = = = = = = =

A Christmas gift – and hopefully a new obsession for you.


Stories are proven by Carnegie Mellon to boost sales results by 158% over selling by fact/benefits.

Stories are easy to leverage when done right…

…which is why I taught my story selling course over the past few years.

Any it is why I still sell the home study program for $97 as we speak.



…no charge, no hook (you neeed to be on my newsletter list to get this free gift – if you are on my list you will get the direct link to the course).

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


I hope you get hooked on stories in sales with my help.

I hope it makes you have the most incredible year next year.

I hope it makes you a bundle more than you made this year.

Why am I giving it away?

Because I feel like it.

In an OCD moment I had while mulling over business, I thought about this – and thought it’d be a GREAT idea as a gift.

One catch – this is for you ONLY. Do not give this away to anyone else.

Ok – two catches – if you want one of your friends or associates to get a free copy – then send them to this link so I can tell them more about it and get them on my newsletter list (their only catch is that they need to be a member of my email list – pretty fair I’d say for a $97 course~!)



…Over the next couple weeks, you will have ample opportunity to reflect on the year – and to begin creating a NEW story for 2014.

That means redesigning YOU.

Recreating your MARKETING.

Crafting the ULTIMATE STORY and MAKEOVER in the coming months or years.

Keep the story selling course in mind as you go through these next couple weeks.

Plan out how you want things to look 12 months from now…

…then do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to make that a reality!

I can help you get there.

I have a monthly coaching and mastermind program designed with your marketing breakthroughs in mind.

Let me know if you want help.

Reply back and let’s chat.

No hard sell – I will actually give you ideas to help your investment become nil.

The smartest thing I ever did was hire a coach and get involved in a mastermind…


A quick reply to this below (or email me direct at [email protected])  and we’ll chat one-on-one.


Here’s to an awesome GRAND FINALE to 2013 and the MOST incredible 2014 ahead!



This quote from Sons of Anarchy explains your marketing frustration

I love the series Sons of Anarchy! It’s got some amazing characters and acting (who knew Peg Bundy would be the ULTIMATE Matriarch?).Sons-of-Anarchy

It’s really, solid on using cliff-hangers in the story lines…

…and it has some KILLER one-liners!

Like this one:

“Those are the things that turn players into kings” – Damen Pope


And telling.

It explains why most people stay knew-deep stuck in the player phase.

So, so, so close to a major breakthrough… yet never quite the mega-year they want.

Cemented in place – unsure of how to break free.


About 9 years ago I stopped fighting it, and did ONE SINGLE THING that broke me free. I denied it – fought it – ignored it – and put it down as a dumb idea.

But once I committed to it… everything changed once and for all.

What about you?

Was this year the breakthrough you wanted?

Or are you still stuck in the muck?

Having been in this business for almost 12 years now, I’ve been there, and I’ve seen lots of others STAY there (or worse, fall into the quagmire of quicksand that completely devours them and destroys their dreams).


…there are things and actions you can take that heave you out of the muck, and give you the opportunity to move from a player to a king or queen in your business.

Once and for all.

Putting the seemingly never-ending cycle of repeating your years, to a PERMANENT END.

Last year at this time, did you think you’d be further along by now?

Are you?

If not – why?

And if not – aren’t you tired of it?

Yank those legs out of the quagmire and let’s get you to the next level – ok? 

I am offering 5 no-cost-no-obligation marketing consultations this week. 45 minutes – you and I on the phone talking about your business – and how to make the last 27 days of 2013 – and the 365 days of 2014 your most INCREDIBLE ones yet!

If you have an existing business that generates revenue now… …are actively doing things to build that business (I don’t believe in the wishing and praying theory of business building) … and KNOW you should be doing better than you are in your business…

…EMAIL ME! [email protected]

Tell me about you – and your business.

The more details the better. I will get back to you and let you know if you and I working together on a free 45 minute coaching call is a good idea, or not.

And we’ll take it from there.


Talk soon.


PS: Sometimes, us entrepreneurs wonder if we really ARE the swiftest one in the crowd. We question ourselves, and doubt whether or not we have what it takes to make it big in our own business.

Others make it seem easy – for you… maybe not so simple?

If you are in a serious business now, and are fully committed to becoming a King or Queen in the next few months, get serious NOW and reply back with some details on your business.

Then we’ll chat.

And give you a plan to break out of the muck forever!

A specific action plan that fixes this nonsense once and for all!



I’m why my dog needs therapy (maybe my kids too)


He thinks he has super powers too…

He does.

I’m sure of it.

All 100% to blame here.

I’ve worked from home for 12 years, and my dog Casino is 5.  So all he’s known is this odd guy that’s almost always around – never goes out to a job like most do – and talks to himself more than what’s normal.

He smells me coming home from a workout at 10 in the morning, when most are on their coffee break.  The small ain’t hard to notice 😉

He sees me the odd afternoon stretched out on the couch napping.  More often than not with a keyboard in front of me, writing something.

The last couple years, if you’ve been following my story, have involved a bit of moving around with me and the hound.

His only saving grace is that I love to go out for fast 30 minute walks daily.  Most days, twice a day.

That keeps him, somewhat, sane.

Questionable sanity… as you’ll see reasons on why, next.

You can see in this rather unusual video my budding movie-makers (aka – my daughters) put together the other night…

SPOILER ALERT: They make fun of me in soooo many ways in this video!

I’m very proud of my daughters with the tenacity they’ve shown in their video creation!

They are getting into the editing of video more and more – and they are creating some AWESOME videos!

This one is a little make-fun-of-Troy style… more than I am used to, but I can take it! My daughters (and their friend) had a blast making fun of my ‘quirks’ and I love sharing it with you!

About 6 or 7 years ago, I let my daughters give me a makeover one Saturday afternoon and gladly shared the picture-proof with my newsletter readers… makeup, and barrettes in their glittery glory.

Being the marketing geek I am, I turned it into a Marketing ‘Makeover’ promotion, of course (never waste a good opportunity to be more personal with your clients and prospects!).

But this ADD-meets-marketer-meets-addictive-personality thing causes issues.

With my dogs.

With my kids.

With me.

Luckily, my kids are GREAT kids and excelling in school… so it can’t be that bad.

Me and the dog, I can deal with.

Still think the dog needs therapy – the kids are good for now.

Me… the jury is out.

All I know is that I am proud of my girls and the 175 or so videos they’ve done.

It’s taught them: trial and error, some humility, some persistence, the power of self-education, and the pursuit of a big-picture dream (they want to develop a highly successful Youtube channel – and they are DEFINITELY doing the right things, as we speak!).

…pretty good lessons I think EVERY entrepreneur should learn!

Entrepreneurs are an odd bunch.

I’m proud to be one.

I’m proud to be raising some.

And I get why we seem so off-the-wall.

It’s not the lifestyle for everyone… but it is the lifestyle for a unique type of person….

…Maybe you?

Warning: it may cause you to need therapy too.

Wine therapy.

Beer therapy.

Peer therapy.

Speaking of which…

…are you in need of some marketing therapy?

FREEEEE marketing therapy (if you qualify).

I am offering 5 no-cost-no-obligation marketing consultations this week.

45 minutes – you and I on the phone talking about your business – and how to make the last 27 days of 2013 – and the 365 days of 2014 your most INCREDIBLE ones yet!

If you have an existing business that generates revenue now…

…are actively doing things to build that business (I don’t believe in the wishing and praying theory of business building)

…and KNOW you should be doing better than you are in your business…

…HIT ME UP IN THE COMMENTS BELOW (they are private until I approve them – so no one sees what you write).

Tell me about you – and your business.

The more details the better.

I will get back to you and let you know if you and I working together on a free 45 minute coaching call is a good idea, or not.

And we’ll take it from there.


Talk soon.



Forget Cyber Monday Sales — here’s some FREEbies for you

Hope those of you in the US had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

And Cyber Monday is in full force, as you have seen my the sheer
volume of special deals in your inbox.

The gift I got in Calgary?

Mother Nature’s Fury!

Minus 32 tomorrow – yippee!

But, I do have a couple things for you that don’t cost a dime
(both could MAKE you a bundle though).

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =million dollar marketing
Freebie #1: ‘Million Dollar Marketing Advice-Volume 1’
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

In this guide, my friend marketing expert Graham McGregor invited 21 different business owners around the world to each share a proven marketing campaign (myself included).

Download here (no optin needed)

Here are just a few of the marketing campaigns that these business owners shared with Graham…

-A tax firm in the United States has a simple LinkedIn strategy that 
they used to create an extra $10,000 of  brand new business.

-A school uniform company uses a clever direct mail strategy to 
get appointments with key decision makers and generated over 
$25,000 in new sales.

-The owner of  a fitness centre in NZ tested a simple mobile bill 
board that made him thousands of dollars in new sales within 
a few days.

-A travel agent in Central America used Facebook to collect 
great testimonials from their clients. Then used these testimonials to double the amount of referrals and repeat business that they normally received.

-A marketing consultant in Australia explains a simple webinar 
strategy that has produced tens of thousands of new sales for 
a wide range of his business clients.

-The owner of an online music business wrote one email that 
took 20 minutes. This email became so famous his business 
was  mentioned positively over 10,000 times on the Internet.

-A business coach in Christchurch helped a builder client 
develop a simple referral system that means that the builder never has to advertise. 

-A marketing consultant in Australia ran a fun competition that created thousands of dollars in new sales within a few days.

-The owner of a struggling café in San Diego did something 
super simple to promote his business. This bought in hundreds
of new customers within a short time and worked well for many 
years to positively differentiate his café from all his competitors.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Freebie #2: The Secret to Social Media Success Recording
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Last week I held the second webinar with Kevin Pasco, the
21 year old Social Media Whiz Kid.

Some of what he revealed:

– Why you don’t just need to be on social media, you need to
dominate on it…

…And HOW to do it

– The actual formula he uses to generate thousands of new customers
for his clients

(Seriously, he’ll put the actual formula up on the screen and then
walk you though it, piece by piece)

– The scary truth of how your competitors are already using social
media to take more than their fair share of new customers in your
industry and how it could be hurting you more than you know…

– How social media will become your biggest lead generator over the
next 6 months, brining in new leads automatically, which will allow
you to focus on what you do best in your business

Grab the recording here (have pen and paper at the ready)…


Here’s to an awesome week ahead…

…and a stellar last month to your year!