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Fist fights and tramplings: what a way to say THANKS! (here’s positive ways to get customers)

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!
Be careful out there… mayhem and danger are lurking in the Walmart near you.

Reports are already storming in about fist fights and tramplings over some pretty stupid things.

Save $20 on a toaster? HELL YA! Lets trash the joint!

$50 off a tv? Worth some jail time to lay a beat down on that mother and daughter over there!

Stupidity at its finest.

And before you non-Americans gloat, don’t get so cocky.

The madness is not much different where you are either.

I am in Calgary, Canada… and we have our Thanksgiving last month.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t copying the mayhem and doing our own Black Friday Freakouts today too – news at 11:00.

EVERYONE is doing Black Friday specials.

Thanksgiving emails.

Gratitide emails.

As we should be grateful to all the wonderful people we have in our lives.

I am thankful to YOU.

For you to be a loyal reader… client… and marketing-geek-like-me!

I am also thankful that I see BEYOND the stupidity out there.

I see these dates coming up that 4 million other businesses AREN’T using in their promotions.

I see the power in using WIERD AND WACKY promotions… rather than just doing what every other business out there is doing.

For example, some dates from my 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar :

December 4th is National Santa’s List Day (don’t imagine any astute marketers or writers out there would be able to turn that into an article or promotion? Nah.

December 5th is National Day of The Ninja. No fun to be had with a date like that using a promotion around Ninja Cooking Techniques (if in the cooking business), or using it to talk about your love of Martial arts and Bruce Lee (and using the date to tie into a Ninth Ninja Throwing Star Special, or something off-the-wall like that).

Or what about the fact that the second week of December being…santa

International Operation Santa Paws Week (to use your pets, or love of animals, as a GREAT reason to share your favourite animal story – which I’ve said time and time again is a simple and VERY effective way to create an emotional connection with your clients and prospects).

…Or that the second week of December is International Coats for Kids Week. Couldn’t use that to do some good things for a kids-focused charity, or to collect coats for kids… could you?

Think about this…

This weekend people are getting HAMMERED with Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.

Next week… nothing.

Yet you get it.

You understand the power in THEME MARKETING.

You understand the profits to be found in using UNUSUAL PROMOTIONS.

You understand that using the 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar means you STICK OUT from the crowd.

You know that 2014 will be a stellar year…

…because you AREN’T typical.

You like being different.

You like atypical results!
Think beyond what everyone else does.

Promote yourself differently… into different niches.

And be wacky!

It works… and it will grow your business!

Have a great – and safe – Thanksgiving weekend!


2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar Plan


An odd, yet furry way to boost your business (petpreneurs TAKE NOTE)

One of the funniest things I continue to hear, after 11 years in the business is…

…”B2B buyers want professionalism and don’t fall for this kind of hokey marketing!”

It’ll never cease to amaze me why people who should know better think that as soon as someone walks into their place of work, or their own business… they become cold, impersonal, un-emotional robots.

In essence that’s what they say by insisting that B2B buyers are different.

They aren’t different.

They have families.





They make decisions in business for the business – but there are still many factors at play here.

2 examples for you…

1) Client of mine selling to C-level buyers at companies that range from $50M/yr in sales to $500M/yr.

We have a cold list to market to.

They don’t know him from any one of the 15 dozen other competitors knocking on their door and filling up their voice mails weekly.

At first, I get the “my buyers are different” BS from my client.

I convince him to TEST my way before letting his ego get in the way.

We write a personal 2 page letter, without letterhead or glossy brochures to be found.

Handwritten address.

Live stamp.

Talking WAYYYYY more about family, kids… and pets… than my client was comfortable with.

But ego aside, he tested.

18% response… from a COLD LIST.

B2B buyers. C-Level buyers.

They THANKED US for the personal approach.

They talked about THEIR family, and their furry friends.
Second example…

2) Another B2B supplier – this one selling commodity items for the office (post-it notes, pens, printer ink, etc).

Selling to office managers, and owners.

They used to send out slick one-page fliers showcasing how amazingly CHEAP they were.

I put an end to that nonsense (competing on cheapest price is a sure-fire way to fail for 99% of entrepreneurs out there).

Instead, we crafted a double-sided, black and white, newsletter.

No logo.


Just some off the wall stuff about the owner, and his love of adrenaline sports (and sharing how many broken bones he had during his ‘fun’).

Then we made 25% of the newsletter… FROM THE DOG.

They had an office dog named Roxy.

So Roxy’s Rant became the centrepiece of the newsletter.

She ranted and woofed her woes about being an office dog.

The nonsense she puts up with.

And the pure joy she got when clients brought her treats.

How unprofessional!





We mailed it out UNADDRESSED.

In other words, no names or addresses – we just blanketed business addresses.

HUGE success!

Lots of love for the paper.

Lots of new buyers.

And LOTS of treats for Roxy!

Roxy became a celebrity with this unprofessional piece.

And the owners banks some fantastic new clients and learned a thing or two about unprofessional B2B marketing…

…and how bone-biting successful this approach is.

* B2B buyers respond VERY WELL to unprofessional marketing like this (in fact, the C-level buyers thanked us for BEING personal and NOT DOING what the ‘dozens of others they hear from weekly’ do).

Hmmm… a lesson to be learned?

For the smart entrepreneurs out there, maybe.

Marketing assistant roving reporter

Casino, my marketing assistant and roving reporter

* PETS ROCK for marketing!

People love their animals and using your pets (or your neighbours, or your employees, or your friends)… is the smartest thing you can do!

…if you are in a pet-related business now, put a note down below and let me know.

I have something I want to discuss with you.

Something fun… profitable… and oh so cool.

Let me know by hitting reply if you are in a pet-related business.



PS: The 2014 Cash Flow Calendar is out… it’s hot… and it’s PACKED with some pet holidays that SCREAM marketing opportunity.

We added about 100 new pet-related marketing opportunities to this years calendar.

Just ONE of those could mean thousands to your bottom line.

Best darned return-on-you-furry-marketing-investment-EVER!



Video of 21 yr old Social Media Star is here (plus his NFD+EAI+ALG formula)

Last week, I interviewed Kevin Pasco, the 21 year old punk who showed me up on what’s possible with social media.Kevin Pasco

I’ve never figured the social media part of marketing out.

Although I’ve done well on the paid side of social media marketing, the free side is a mystery to me.

Something to do with the grey hair – and a wee bit of stubbornness in me.

He shared with us why 85% of people (potential client kind of people) feel more connected with those they follow on social media.

He shared his formula for success on social media.

And he shared his AWESOME results helping people go from stubborn (ah hem), to successful…

…with tens or hundreds of thousands of social media connections… and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues.

Social media without a sustainable revenue model is a waste of time.

You can talk all the “relationship” stuff you want about social media – but if you can’t find ways to turn “friends” into raving fans and devoted clients, then why are you in business?

Kevin showed us how to do ALLLLL of this…

…and more.

Watch the recording here:

The take MASSIVE action on what he wants you to do.

I started… and got 300 new followers on a niche project I am working on in the last couple days – can’t complain about that!

Second: I’d be an idiot to not mention – FRIEND ME on Facebook!

Pretty please…

And last, of course, a quick reminder.

24 hours and the price doubles on the 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar!

Full details here:

Have a fantastic Thursday!



How Scott got $18 back from every $1 he invested in marketing (5 steps)

18:1 Returns on Marketing Investment: The New Normal?

Gather up 20 entrepreneurs in a room and ask them about their experiences with marketing.

Let me guess… 80% of them have failed miserably with marketing their products and services.

The 80/20 rule applies in every industry, in every niche, in every city.

So why is it that 20% of the entrepreneurs out there take home 80% of the revenues?

Thinking even deeper: of THAT 20% taking home 80% of the revenues, there is 20% of that 20% that takes home 80% of that revenue.

In other words, out of 100 entrepreneurs (lets say $100 million in collective revenues, to make the math easy): 20 of those entrepreneurs make $80 millions in revenues

Of those 20, 4 of them make $64 million of that $80 million.

Amazing to see the real numbers at work!

Why do you think this is?

After 25 years in sales and marketing, 11 of that in direct response marketing (measuring the results of marketing investments), I’d say it makes complete sense.

Most entrepreneurs don’t do what it takes to make the money they want.

As an example, one of my clients used some of my services, combined with the marketing templates and ideas in my Cash Flow Marketing Calendar

We put together a 3 step campaign to his list of prospects.

It was a VERY unusual promotion that focused more on the entrepreneurs personality than the product/service offering.

Most business owners would scoff at the idea, and would let their ego take control of the marketing process from there.

They’d make all kinds of excuses why this idea wouldn’t work:

“this is business to business, that kind of marketing doesn’t work!”…

or… “these are professionals I deal with, they don’t want this personality/story junk in a company promotion”, …

or … “3 mailing pieces in a row? That’s garbage, and won’t be accepted by MY type of customers… MY business is different!” …

or…, one of my favorite excuses I hear “if I use me as the personality in the promotion, the person reading it will think we’re a small, two-bit operation!”.


Guess what – they are ALL WRONG!


I’ve helped my clients generate millions of dollars in newfound revenues with personality-driven marketing.

Revenues attained from C-level executives, from cold lists that had never been contacted before, in commodity type businesses, using multi-step campaigns, when once a year mailings were the norm before my help.

Scott was one of those entrepreneurs.

He sold a B2B type service – to professionals – in a very impersonal type of industry (financial dealings with large companies).

Scott buried his ego long enough to actually TRY my recommendations.

We chose a marketing theme from the Cash Flow Calendar

We created a 3-step sequence to go out to his mostly-cold list of prospects.

It was personality driven.

It had a off-the-wall theme to it.

It was aggressive, not much for actual teaching content in it, and asked for very specific actions to be taken in each of the emails that went out.



All-in-all, it broke EVERY possible ‘rule’ you can imagine in his industry.

His peers thought it was stupid and professional-suicide.

His wife nearly left him.

His staff fretted about the jobs they were about to lose.

Lo and behold… it worked.

Not only did it work… he made $18 in revenues for every $1 he invested in this marketing campaign!18-1-marketing-returns

You show me ANYWHERE you can put a $1 bill in – and immediately take out $18.

How many times would you put $1 bills in?

As many as humanly possible, I would hope!

Scott was smart – he let the numbers talk louder than his ego.

He reaped the benefits and has a evergreen campaign he can continue to run untouched for many years to come.



The keys to making measurable marketing work for you:

1) Bury your ego. It will also scream at you for trying unusual ideas in your marketing. Your ego is wrong – the numbers are ALL that matter and the only way you can get those numbers is to ignore the ego and test those ideas.

2) Use themes in your marketing. Unusual themes. Wild West Themes. Peanut Butter and Jelly Themes. Dog Days Themes. You name it – use it. Your first reaction will be, “how unprofessional”. Your second reaction after testing it, “surprisingly profitable!”. I see it time and time again.

3) Multi-step campaigns ALWAYS outperform one-off campaigns. 3 steps should be your minimum. If doing direct mail – space them out about 7-10 days apart. Email campaigns should be done every second day or so.

4) Personality driven campaigns only. No speeds and feeds garbage (where you talk only about the wonderful features of your product or service). Talk about why you started your business, talk about your failures along the way, talk about your wife, husband, kids and pets. THAT is how you stand out in the clutter.

5) Be prolific. Don’t try this once and give up. Be and think like a marketer! Always be looking out for innovative marketing ideas and take massive action on getting them implemented once you come up with them.


…ignore the naysayers.

There are lots of them out there and they will surely drag down your profits and kill your passion to be a marketer of your business.

Trust the numbers – and the only way you get those is to TEST these kind of marketing campaigns!

Have fun, and be different.


PS: DON’T FORGET… the pre-release discount on the 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar ends in 48 hours!2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar Plan

You can be like Scott above and master the ability to grow a business and leads on demand with this It works incredibly well on:

* Facebook
* Twitter
* Pinterest
* Email Marketing
* Newsletters
* Direct mail

… you name it, I’ll show you HOW to make it work.

On Friday the price goes from $57 to $97!

Grab it while you can (I will be updating it, and training you throughout the next year when you invest in the 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar)


Signs you are a sissy-preneur (and possibly raising a child to be one too)

My father grew up in an itty bitty farm house, in the middle of nowhere, Saskatchewan.

According to him, they were “so poor, they had to walk to school (barefoot of course), “uphill both ways”.

An amazing story – full of wee embellishments, me thinks.

But the point is – they were tough kids back then. The baby boomer generation grew up tough.

It shows in how they built and ran businesses.

My dad included: my mom and he built a very successful Campground I’ve written about before, with 400 permanent sites, indoor swimming pool/hottub, and 100 overnight sites. He sold it off a while back so he could retire without financial worry.

LOTS of boomers run great businesses.

So do lots of Generation X-ers… which is the generation I am in.

Yesterday, I saw a couple VERY disturbing articles about the nansy-pansy BS that’s going on in our schools.

For example:

* In some schools, kids aren’t allowed to touch each other anymore in the playground. The parents of these wimpy kids were concerned the kids were too rough in the playground – so new law imposed – no touching allowed.

* In another school near me, a child was suspended for, get this, trying to break up a knife fight. The kids is brave enough to try and stop a DEATH – and the school suspends him for vigilante justice.

* A 5 year old girl was suspended for threatening to use her… bubble gun. Yup. Suspended for bubbles.

* Or the seventh grade girl who was suspended for 10 DAYS for saying no to drugs! Yup. Someone put a pill in her hand, she gave it back, said no, and was suspended for ‘possession’.

* Here’s a good one – mother in Texas GOES TO JAIL for letting her kids play outside! Why? “Reckless Endangerment” of course.

* Or the five year old kicked out of school for wearing a mohawk.

* Let’s squash some ambition, while we’re at it too: 3  10 year old girls were forced by police to shut down their lemonade stand because they didn’t have a food permit and a business license, not to mention all the health concerns that came with a glass of lemonade.

* Need I continue?

I think not.


It’s also a tell-tale sign of the society we live, work, and build businesses in.

Bunch of pansies.wimps and sissies


Thin-skinned moochers (to steal the term from Atlas Shrugged).

Can you imagine what will happen to these kids as they get older.

They will have no ambition – they get punished for trying to do good and stand out from the crowd.

They will be scared of people – for being around, and playing with others means bad things happen to you.

They will want to act, dress, and be like clones – any sign of individuality is a sin and punishable by law.

They will need their parents at their side until they are in their 20s, 30s and 40s. oh wait, that’s Generation Y, already at this phase. The next generation will just live at home PERMANENTLY! No need to work, do anything remotely dangerous, learn to cook, pay bills or fend for themselves.

WAYYYY easier being a sissy.


But reality.

I see it in some of the entrepreneurs out there too.

The fear of sending too many emails (once every 4 months is MORE than enough they claim).

GASP … look at the 5 unsubscribes!

Look at the complaint we got!

Meanwhile, mailing more frequently is proven to increase the bond with your prospects and clients, and will definitely increase your revenues substantially.

My mentor, the $7 billion dollar man, Mr Ted Nicholas, found his revenues doubled every time he doubled the frequency of his mailings!

The fear of standing out from the crowded competitive marketplace by, GASP, putting some damn personality in their marketing.

Much easier to hide behind that fancy-fancy logo they paid a pretty penny for!

The shaking in their boots fear of doing off-the-wall, somewhat-controversial marketing campaigns that push a hot button or three. Might offend someone! Ya, and you might actually build bonds with people who were once ho-hum about you, because you were NO DIFFERENT than the 45 other competitors out there that they are looking at.


All is not lost.

We can turn it around.

We MUST turn it around.

Make it your mission in life to get thicker skin.

Raise your kids this way (and yes, my daughters ARE raised this way).

Build your business this way too!

The 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar comes out Friday and the price doubles then too.

It is the ultimate de-sissifying-tool for entrepreneurs out there.
I personally show you how to mail more, with greater results.


How to come up with wacky marketing campaigns that get wicked good revenue results.

And how to take your marketing to a whole new level.

Don’t be a sissy in your marketing!

Grab the guide for $57 now – and get that sissy-juice out of your body, mind and soul NOW!2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar Plan

And lets get serious about passing on some anti-sissy lessons to others out there.


Grab your copy now – price goes up to $97 Friday.

Have a great, sissy-free day.



Fran used the Cash Flow Calendar to go from $1000/mth to $1000/day

7 years ago I had an epiphany.

I realized my best promotions I had done for my clients involved some wacky themes.

Usually I did them in multi-step campaigns that were sent out to their clients and prospects via email, some direct mail, with some social media plugs here and there.

I had some wild and wacky stuff going out.

Amish craftsmen go hi tech and high touch (I got my Amish clients to approve running a very unusual ad with a girl in a knee high skirt – scandalous for the Amish – hugely profitable for their business).

Enquirer tabloid style headline campaigns (one of them did 400% better click-throughs and 240% better orders with a “robotic mouse attacks man, woman and child” email campaign)

My Wild West Wealth Summit that I ran for 2 years and still get feedback monthly from people who attended the events, applied what they learned, and are killing it in their businesses.

The point is…

…off-the-wall marketing WORKS!

Plain and simple.

It stands out from the crowd.

It gives you the freedom to have more fun in your marketing.

It opens up the creative gateways for all kinds of cool things you can do for lead generation and conversion.

Which is EXACTLY WHY I created the Cash Flow Calendars that I’ve been using for the past 7 years with my clients’ businesses.

Fran was doing, on a good month, $1,000 every 30 days from her online store.

She grabbed the calendar, applied what I gave her in there, and RACKED up her sales from $1,000 a month… to $1,000 a DAY!

All with some simple story telling, added into a multi-step Cash Flow Campaign.

The 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar is almost done the new additions (awesome new dates added, new copy and paste templates added, new audio trainings, and a TON of new bonuses).

On Friday it goes from the pre-release discount of $57 up to $97.2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar Plan


It will be sent to you this Friday – right when the price goes from $57 to $97 (and is STILL a fraction of what it should be sold for – just ONE campaign can be worth thousands to you – so you know it’s true).

Not only do you get the Cash Flow Calendar, the 1500 or so marketing ideas, the copy and paste campaigns you can run, the audio training, the bonus training to maximize your return on the calendar…

…you also get ongoing updates and supports for the year.

For $57 until Friday.

Seriously… if you don’t think a $57 investment is worth it to go from thousand dollar months to thousand dollar days… you and I probably aren’t a good fit anyhow. I am all about massive implementation in marketing – story telling – and wacky marketing campaigns. I know that any investment in marketing is a wise investment. This Calendar alone has made millions for my clients (testimonials on – you can grab them now for $57.

If that offends you me asking you to invest in a product like this, I wish you all the best hoping and praying your way to success.

If it doesn’t offend you and you have thick enough skin to actually invest in your marketing and business, and are willing to try some new and innovative marketing ideas…

Then just invest the $57 would ya?

It’s guaranteed.

It’s a proven system for growing your business.

And it will put money in your pocket each and every time you run one of the campaigns.

About as fair as it gets in an unfair world!

For the thick-skinned marketers out there

For the thin-skinned ones, best of luck wishing and praying your way to success… good luck.

Have a great and profitable day!