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4.5 wicked lessons I learned for my 45th birthday

I’ve been thinking a lot about the last 365 days, and what good lessons I learned in that time.2013-09-16_1024


Because today is my birthday and I turn 45.  No idea how I got here so quickly, or what the next 45 will bring.

But I do know some important lessons I learned over the past year.

Lessons that may help you in your business… they may help you in your love of life… and they may help you live a much happier life.

I was going to list 45 things I learned… but 4.5 seems a little easier… and chances are you may get through 4.5 of them:

LESSON #1: Focus with all your heart.

I’ve shared some of my personal trials and tribulations in past newsletters (divorce, weight, lack of focus, etc, etc).  But I learned some important good and bad things about focus in particular this year.

For over 11 years I have put together marketing campaigns for all kinds of businesses.  In that time I have written for some very unusual businesses.  ALL KINDS of businesses in all kinds of niches.  I love learning about new topics, new industries, and new lessons.

When starting a new project, I immerse myself in the world I am about to write for.  Sometimes it overtakes my life and forever alters my way of thinking around things (like certain foods, supplements, forms of exercise like tabata, my 2nd degree Black Belt, and beliefs about certain groups).

One project I worked on was around the prepper market.  This is a market full of people who passionately believe that society is near breakdown and they do everything in their power to prepare themselves for this breakdown.

Focus and passion can be good – or disastrous. 

Immersing myself in the prepper world convinced me they were right.  Depression set in.  Bunkers were built (kidding).  It definitely made a permanent scar on my mindset.  But the good focus and passion balanced it out.

If you need to spice up your life, IMMERSE yourself in a newfound passion.  Read everything you can about it.  Listen to podcasts and audios about it.  Watch videos about it.  Read sales letters about it.

Your energy levels will spike and you will rediscover that passionate feeling that may have been eluding you!

Passion and profits go hand in hand… so find yours, nurture it, feed it, and permanently wire it into your brain.


LESSON #2: Resting is fabulous! 

Entrepreneurs are infamous for long hours, and total immersion in their work. I used to take great pride in working till 2am then getting back up and at ‘em by 7 am.  I burnt out – got fed up – and did few things helpful to my long term health or happiness.

But I discovered something.  Resting more with complete escape from technology does a mind so, so good.

You feel alive again.  Those bags under the eyes disappear.  Your body screams thank you.  And you start feeling like the real you again.

This summer I took a lot of time to myself and my kids.  It was fabulous!

After the resting was done, I came back with a newfound focus (lead generation for B2B –comment below if you want to know more about what I am doing in the B2B space – will be in touch with webinar details.

I feel better.  I look better.  I think more clearly.

FIND ways to escape from the computer and phone – it’ll do your mind and body good.


LESSON #3: Cross-pollination cash flow lessons. 

I briefly mentioned above the Business to Business focus I am working on now.  But the B2B vs B2C argument always seems to rear its ugly head when I bring this up.

Most people are convinced business to business is completely different than business to consumer.

I’ve sold and marketed in both – and I completely disagree.

It’s deluded “I know I am always right” mindsets that KILL marketing and sales breakthroughs.

You DON’T know it all!

Neither do I!

NO ONE KNOWS IT ALL… and anyone that says or believes they do know it all is toxic and to be avoided.

That’s what stagnates sales and passion.

Selling and marketing in the business to business world can be just as much fun as the B2C world.  There are still buyers inside that business that have families, have emotions, have frustrations and fears.  They aren’t robots doing the buying here!  Not yet anyhow.

So treat them like human beings and you will find some wickedly fun things you can do to get incredible results in short periods of time.


LESSON #4: Test them wacky marketing ideas! 

Sometimes I think I am living inside The Sixth Sense movie script…

…Except it isn’t dead people I see…

…it’s thin-skinned people!

People unwilling to even try new ideas, because it might offend someone.

Especially in marketing and sales. Unwilling to try that ‘edgy’ headline.  Or that ‘unusual’ sales script.

…Take the Amish for example…

For a couple years I did some marketing for some of the Simply Amish furniture franchises.

Amish run – Amish built furniture.

I even went and stayed/ate with the Amish one summer – AWESOME experience!

We were testing display ads in print papers in the one location.

I had a killer (so I thought) headline.

BUT… the perfect graphic to go with it was a little risqué.

Not exactly Amish-style.

But one store let me test it.

The other did a ‘safer’ graphic.

The risqué one – KICKED BUTT!

Pure, measurable results.

No comparison.

No one was offended – other than the one store with dismal results – their own doing.

So try those off the wall ideas – develop thick skin – get used to criticism.

It pays off in a BIG, BIG way.

LESSON # 4.5:  Be open to trying new ideas. 

In the summer of 2012. I started a little test.  It was a test that was outside of my comfort zone.  But it was a test. I didn’t put my life on hold.  I didn’t risk my reputation.  I actually didn’t even work very hard for this test.

…But it made me over $5k a month on average – on a minimal investment of time and effort.

Let me repeat that —  for a little test I was willing to do, with minimal time invested – I made more in a very, *very*, part time basis than most people make in the average salary.

So never discount your little tests or ideas because other people say it’s a stupid idea!

(if you’ve been reading my newsletters for a while now, you may know I am talking about Empower.  Yes, I still do it.  Yes, I love the income.  Yes, they have exceptional training! And yes, I made great cash with them in the last year.  No, I am not making $25,000 a month like quite a few of the young pups in it – it was a part time test for me. No, not everyone did make money.  Nor does everyone who gets a business degree excel in the world of business. Nor does everyone who buys a gym membership even use the membership!)

Results are completely up to you.

If you immerse yourself in it – if you develop a passion for it – if you look after yourself in the process – and if you are willing to give it your all on little tests like this one  – then you may find some winners. If you are interested in making that kind of part time cash – then have a look inside the system – then let me know when you are ready to make that kind of part time income

It’s been a great year in so many ways… and it’s only getting better.

My next 45 years on this planet are going to ROCK!

Have a great day.