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Sales and lead generation for oil and gas related companies

Lots of people work in the oil and gas industry.

Millions actually, if you count just Canada and the US alone.

Not to mention the tens of millions of people who are indirectly impacted by those who do work in the oil path.

Doubt me?

Take away every oil and gas related job out there.

Watch what happens to the economy!

All the oil and gas people spend a lot of money in non-oil related businesses.

So the entire economy depends on oil and gas.

Which means those in the oil and gas industry need to actually… gasp… sell stuff!

The oil doesn’t get delivered unless the supply and service chain is humming along. That means people need to be selling, and buying, to make it all profitable.

So how does someone selling business to business in the oil and gas industry grow their sales?

“It’s ALL word of mouth” some like to say with a all-knowing crooked smile plastered upon their face.


Word of mouth is incredibly powerful in the sales cycle, but you can’t put 100% of your trust that wom will feed the families of millions of people.

If you are in oil and gas, and need more leads, or better quality leads: you need a better system.

The web is a giant mess.

If your potential buyers don’t know who you are, and don’t know anyone who’s bought from you before… wom doesn’t mean squat.

So you need to get in FRONT of your potential buyers.

Then you need to GRAB their attention.

And PROVE to them you have something unique to offer them, other than the lowest price (always a losing sales strategy).

Your website needs to be optimized for those potential buyers doing their research online.

Meaning, when an engineer does a Google search for the type of product you sell… you had better be on the first page search results. If not, you won’t get a click, and you definitely won’t be making any sales.

But just because they FIND you on the first page, doesn’t mean they will find you INTERESTING enough to want more information.

If your site tells them nothing, and gives them zero reason to want more information from you… your competitors are next on their search.

Even if you grab their interest… then you need to find a way to get them involved with your sales or marketing systems.  To give them relevant information to help them in their search and purchasing process.

This is what the web does… right?

It can… but most don’t know how.

They fumble about thinking Facebook, or maybe Pinterest (or the next shiny object-of-the-week) will be the answer to ALL their answers.

Wrong again.

If you are in oil and gas and need proven systems for finding and converting more web “clickers” to buyers… you need us.

We are the most experienced firm in the oil and gas space for finding and converting buyers.

Leveraging the power of the internet, we can show you a simple way to get in front of the people you want, grab their attention, and convert them to buyers.

We’ve done it with 90+ different oil and gas related businesses so far.

Companies seeing 200% growth in online leads.

Companies seeing dramatic differences in the quality of buyers they find from their websites (buyers that don’t have ‘the cheapest price’ as their main priority).

Companies who want to turn a ‘nice’ website into a consistent sales tool, one that gets them qualified leads on a regular basis.

Fp-iMarketing is a firm that specializes in online marketing and lead generation for the oil and gas industry.  Add to it, the Active Conversion software, and you have a reliable lead machine for oil and gas companies, or those who sell to oil and gas companies.  Active conversion is the secret weapon of B2B sales and marketing people in these industries.

Imagine knowing exactly which companies, and people, are coming to your website – without them even filling in a form.

Knowing which pages they are looking at.

What their name, email, phone number and job title is.

How often they come by.

How long they spend on your data sheets.


That kind of information makes a HUGE impact on the sales and marketing systems for oil and gas related businesses.

Think about it – then ask me for a demo to see how it can work for you!

At Active Conversion and FP-iMarketing, we help those who specialize in B2B sales get found online, get noticed amidst the clutter, and then get quality leads delivered right to their inbox!

Let me know if you have questions or need help with your Oil and Gas related B2B leads or sales generation.

Troy White

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Conquering writers blog in B2B content creation

Staring at a blank screen.

Knowing you MUST come up with something useful.

But that giant brick wall looms in front of you and the anxiety of ‘writers block’ takes over.

The #1 reason you get this?

Not writing enough!

Simple… maybe even stupid answer…

…yet every business to business (B2b) content creator KNOWS how to overcome it.

But they let fear get in the way.

If you are even somewhat knowledgable ablout your business or industry (you should be), then you already know how to get over writers block.

You write.



You write about customer questions, or concerns.

You write about new product developments, and the people who are behind the scenes.

You talk about the company culture, and what you enjoy most about it.

You talk about what you know…your business, your products, your industry… and your co-workers.

You tell stories.

You write daily about these things.

Save the files.

I love using Evernote for keeping track of things I write.

Some of them never get used – but when you are writing daily, even multiple times a day, you have MORE than enough content to SQUASH writers block like a nasty ole bug.

Writers block is all in the mind.

You write.



You let the words flow and just see where they go.

THAT’S how you overcome writers block.

Content creators in the B2B space think they have nothing to share, or what they want to share is too boring.

It’s because they don’t write enough.

Your customers and potential customers DO want to know more about you, your company, your culture… and, more specifically… what makes YOU interesting.

Write more.

Write frequently.

And write about anything and everything business related.

THAT’S how you overcome writers block and you create mega content for the B2B space!

At Active Conversion and FP-iMarketing, we help those who specialize in B2B sales get found online, get noticed amidst the clutter, and then get quality leads delivered right to their inbox!

Let me know if you have questions or need help with your B2B leads and sales generation.

Troy White

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Living and marketing with fear

Working my may through The 50th Law book by 50 Cent and Robert Greene.

The 50th Law Book by 50 Cent and Robert Greene

A must-read book for everyone who wants more from themselves and from life!

My second time through.

What an incredible book, jam packed with practical business advice and all-around life strategy tips!

The basis of the book is around fear.

Accepting that we all have fears.

Accepting that fear is a natural thing.

But denying fear’s ability to take over your thoughts and being.

Most people live in a state of fear.

They are fearful of: disease, disaster, financial ruin, loss, pain, adrenaline, harm, embarrassment, change, status quo, relationships, poor health, success, being the centre of attention, loneliness,  and the list could go on for pages!

Most people let those fears DOMINATE their thoughts and control their lives.

Which is why I love The 50th Law.

50 Cent has a story that you need to hear.

I am not a rap guy – but I am all about improving myself, my business, and my future.

This book covers it all.

50 Cent was riddled with 9 bullets from an upset ‘bad guy’… and had an epiphany that changed his life forever.

It will change yours too.

If you are in business, you need to be marketing.

And if you are marketing, you need to accept and embrace fear.

If you are doing things in your marketing and sales that make you uncomfortable… you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough.

And your marketing or sales efforts are undoubtedly sucking wind.

When your marketing and sales efforts keep you in a constant state of “butterflies in the stomach”, then you are doing the right things.

Controversial ideas for marketing campaigns.

Sales calls to those potential clients that you once deemed ‘uncrackable’.

PUSH yourself to feel the fear.

And make it a daily habit to do AT LEAST 2 things that stretch your comfort zone and expand you capacity to feel and work with fear.