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Need your help: in return you help out a great athlete and cause


I have raved about Belinda Morrison and Be More Fitness. I have seen incredible results in just 6 months training with her.

Belinda’s daughter, Shaunie Morrison, is representing Canada at the Pan Am Games in just a few weeks and needs sponsors!Shaunie Morrison, Be More Fitness, Belinda Morrison

If you support our young athletes – and want to do some good for a GREAT ATHLETE and cause… can you help out?

From Belinda…

GREAT NEWS my daughter Shaunie Morrison just ran 10 min ago on Montreal she is the fastest Junior in Canada! It was a head to head race with the fastest in Canada!

She will be representing Canada again at the Pan Am Games in Columbia. We have three weeks to raise enough money to send her…any DONATION would be appreciated at this point.

If you know a individual or business that could help us please forward this email to them!

To donate please got to

Without the support of our clients and the community Shaunie will not be able to attend.

Thank you so much in advance,
Belinda, Colin and Shaunie!


Some great domains I am selling

Earlier today, I had sent out an email about some personal
changes I went through in the past 19 months.

The 3 C formula is revealed here…

Part of my cleaning process involved in my 3C formula was
in going through the 400+ .coms I own.

Figuring out which ones fit my clarity and new

Here are some of the .com domains I own that I am willing to sell.

Have a look through – if you are interested in one or more – let me
know which ones and we will work out a fair deal for all.

Quick & easy.

Reply back if you want one or more of them.

abundancenews .com

affluentrealestateleads .com

backendbucks .com

bcfractionals .com

beachhomesinternational .com

boomerbillions .com

boomerstoseniors .com

businessmasterycourse .com

costaricasuccess .com

createproductsfast .com

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marketingyourhobby .com

marketingyourniche .com

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secondweddingideas .com

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theshemyth .com


Private parts of my business and personal life in the past 19 months…

I have kept certain parts of my personal life pretty quiet over the past 19 months.

Rare for me – but some major things happened that I wasn’t comfortable sharing.

Why share them now?

Because the past 19 months taught me a ton of powerful things about improving myself, and my business…

…and I would like to pass them on to you.

Early January 2012, I was fed up.

Fed up with me.

Fed up with my health.

Fed up with the direction my personal life was going.

And fed up with certain parts of my business.

Have you been there?

We all have.

I did something about it though.

DRASTIC action.

I ended up divorced after 12 years of marriage.   That was very difficult – not something I wish on anyone.  But change was needed.

Fast forward 19 months and everyone is doing fine, new lives have begun, and positive changes came as a result.

MORE drastic change… my health.

I have always been active in martial arts and walking, but it wasn’t enough.

I carried far too much extra weight for the exercise I was getting, I didn’t feel that great, and I had lost my self-confidence… ultimately leading to depression.

So I did something about it.

Fast forward 19 months and I dropped ~30 pounds in fat and put on ~20 pounds in muscle.

I feel great and my self-confidence renewed.

My business was another area I wanted CHANGE, massive change.

Fast forward 19 months and I have redesigned much of my business and some MASSIVE new developments are just about to be announced in the next month.

=  =  =  =   =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =
=  =  =  =   =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =

3 Cs.

The same 3 Cs I now abide by.

The same 3 Cs that changed the direction my life was headed in.

The same 3 Cs that can help YOU change what you need to change.


~ ~ Clarify, Clean, Commit ~ ~


#1 – Clarify.  

I had been stuck in a rut in many areas of my life and had NO CLUE where it was going.  Didn’t care – wasn’t watching.  I was going about my day to day life without regard for the rest of my life.

As soon as I clarified my MAJOR PURPOSE in my life and business… it all started coming together.

The day you get this clarity right – TEARS should come to your eyes.

Then you know you are on the right track!

So I had clarity on what I wanted and why I wanted it in my business, personal, and health.

#2 – Clean.

In order to make things now get on the RIGHT TRACK… I had to purge the old mental junk to make room for the new mission.

I purged.

Crappy thoughts.


Destructive parts of my life were moved aside so I could get to the productive parts I wanted in my life.

Voila… cleaning + clarity = potential for massive change.

BUT… one thing was missing.

#3 – Commitment.  

I have been in various types of martial arts for about 13 years now.  In that time I have seen countless number of people come in with great intentions to train… but 2 weeks later they disappear like a fart in the wind.

Same in business.

In copywriting.

In marketing la-la land.

Big dreams squashed by teeny tiny ambitions.

You have to be PIG-HEADED and willing to do WHATEVER it takes to make it happen.

Serious commitment to see your clarity and clean slate through to the grande architecture of design you want.

I created daily routines.


It worked.

Fast forward 19 months and I have the health I wanted, the relationships I wanted, the business I wanted.

So if you are stuck or fed up with parts of your life…

~ ~ Clarify, Clean, Commit ~ ~

Try it.

Crappy marketing results?  ~ ~ Clarify, Clean, Commit ~ ~

Unhealthy lifestyle or relationships? ~ ~ Clarify,Clean,Commit ~ ~

You name the problem you face… ~ ~ Clarify, Clean, Commit ~ ~

It’s a simple formula that always works…

as long as you keep the commit part locked in to your daily schedule… the results look after themselves!

Try it – you’ll love the results!


PS: Part of my cleaning process involved going through the 400+ .coms I own.  Figuring out which ones fit my clarity and new direction.

Here are some of the .coms I own that I am willing to sell.

Have a look through – if you are interested in one or more – let me know which ones and we will work out a fair deal for all.

Quick & easy.

Reply back if you want one or more of them.


Poop by post: the ultimate gift package for nasty dog owners


If you’re a dog lover like me, you will appreciate the brilliance behind this direct marketing “campaign”.


Imagine you’re out walking the old furball and being a good owner, picking up the poop along the way, as you should.

And then you see them…

…the jerk off dog owner who thinks they are above everyone else and shouldn’t have to pick up after their own dog’s poops.

Infuriating isn’t it?

In Madrid… they have a BRILLIANT solution.

The council had previously worked with advertising agency McCann on a scheme that sent a motorized plastic dog poo around the municipal region with a message to encourage the cleaning up of pet waste. Noting that the campaign only saw temporary success, the local authority once again hired the agency for its new initiative. 20 agents were hired to follow citizens around the region to catch those who were letting their dogs foul in public places without clearing it up. The agents boxed the poo then approached the culprits and started a friendly conversation to determine the dog’s name and breed. This information was later cross-referenced with the town’s registered pet database to find out the name and address of the owner. The poo was then delievered to them as property from the ‘Lost & Found Department’, along with a notice informing them that next time there would be a fine.


Have a look at this video and you tell me if it’s a grande idea or not:


What does this have to do with marketing?


Consider the power of the database (the cross referencing they do to find the name and address of the dog owners).

Consider the IMPACT that box has when first received (who doesn’t LOVE receiving an unexpected ‘gift’ in the mail?)

Consider the unforgettable impression their poop-package will leave with them!

This is a brilliant twist on direct mail that addresses a problem and leverages the power of direct mail and database maintenance.


Think about a problem your prospects face.

Think about their hobbies… their likes and interests.

Think about those who might have a database of those likes and interests.

Then start plotting world domination with direct marketing campaigns like this!


Hope you see the power in this as I do!

Direct marketing in business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) is a proven and highly effective way to get attention and make the sale.

Isn’t it time you get serious about measurable response in YOUR marketing?



Advice to copywriters on what it takes to succeed in the world of copywriting

I had a great question come in from a friend that’s also in the copywriting world.

In copywriting… what qualities put you above the rest?

In other words. why do you think you succeeded where others failed, what made the difference?

There are so many writers out there with grandiose dreams of riches without real work.  I put together a few thoughts on this matter because I think Advice to copywriters about copywritingafter 11 years in the business I can say I’ve survived some major ups and downs in my business – and my personal life.

My response… 

Some things I did that I am not sure if others did:
* Actually LISTENED to Gary Halbert and hand wrote out long copy sales letters every day, 2 hours a day, for 6 months (all copywriters have heard of this – my guess is very few did it)
* Wrote a TON of copy.  Free. Paid. Lead generation. Landing pages. Emails. Articles. Rather than reading and studying all the masters without DOING what was taught – I DID IT.
* Wrote a ton of copy for myself – usually the hardest copy for a copywriter to write. I created info products, put on local seminars, taught the basics of good copy. And that all requires copy to get your own sales and butts in seats.  Lots of copywriters can write for others but few seem to put their skills to work in their own marketing systems.
* Went to seminars and met people.  Always a great source of new clients … and new ideas.
* Willing to work for less $ – rather than listening to the bullshit out there that any copywriter should be getting $15k per letter – I was willing to go out and test copy for others for far less money – even a trade on revenues.  I get a kick out of the guys with a year experience that think they are worth $20k a letter. Ha!
* Persistence.  I was willing to slug through the bad times and FIND ways to bring cash in the door.  Most give up at the first signs of a storm.  For 11 years now I have been slugging it out in the trenches and helping people with their copy.
Willingness to stretch my comfort zone.  I got up and spoke to local networking groups, create meetup groups, do whatever it took to build my reputation and get experience teaching what I knew.
* I didn’t fall into the internet marketing guru trap.  Thinking you have to be the next Kern or guru-of-the-month.  I worried about clients – not my brand reputation.
* I did my best to look after me.  Got caught in the workaholic mode many times.  But I looked after my health and mental well being.
* I played and mingled with all KINDS of people.  One of the keys to this business, I think, is the ability to learn about people and mingle with them.  Copywriters are usually quite introverted and stay out of the crowds.  That’s me.  But I forced myself to get out and go places to meet people.
* I created experiences that were story and article worthy.  From martial arts, to sky diving, to scuba diving.  From showing pictures of me in makeup after my kids did me up, to sharing stories of my past, present, and future dreams.  In essence, I walked the talk and wrote the articles that showed me as a real person – not some bullshit artist guru who pretends they walk on water.
Hope some of this helps!

Clarity in marketing to tightly defined niches

I’ve ranted many times before about the average mentality of a realtor.

They invest $5,000 or $10,000 to get licensed.

niche marketing ideas

Hang up a sign and the masses will come… or not

They dream of great riches.

They trust in the system and just “know” that what they are taught in realtor school is their ticket to wealth.

They hang up their shingle and just wait for the masses to come rushing to their door with contracts in hand.

<crickets chirping here>

So they throw up a bus bench, do some template-style postcards, get a website up and wait for the masses to come rushing to their door with contracts in hand.

<crickets chirping here>

They make the BIGGEST mistake possible – the SAME mistake that people in every kind of business make when starting.

They target EVERYONE.

Anyone with a wallet or credit card is fair game.

Their marketing reflects it.  Their sales strategies reflect it.

Their followup reflects it.

They have NO CLUE who they are marketing to!

Do you?

Do you have a crystal-clear definition of your idea client?

Their age, profession, sex, hobbies, likes and dislikes?

It’s a simple thing to think through… but I would bet not 1 out of 10 entrepreneurs or realtors have ever done it.

It’s no wonder so many realtors are out of business in their first couple years.

Same with the average business owner.

Clarity in niche marketing can be one of your greatest marketing assets.

Take realtors for example: how many realtors that you know of market themselves as… “The Pet Lovers Realtor”?

One ONE that I know of here in Calgary, the city of 1.5 million people and 6,000 realtors.


Yet, I’ve told this example to countless realtors and always hear <insert nasally voice here>, but I want to sell to eevvvvvvvvvvveryone! Not just pet lovers!


Maybe that’s why it isn’t working for you!

One single realtor out of 6,000 others.


Pet magazines.

Newspapers. And the pet sections inside those newspapers.


Child magazines.

INSTANTLY, your marketing becomes more clear, and easier to do.

There is nothing that says you can’t do specific marketing campaigns to:

* Pet Lovers

* Dog Lovers

* Cat Lovers

* Horse Riders

* Home schoolers

* Single Moms/Single Dads

* Singles/couples/newlyweds/swingers

* Fitness buffs

* …need I go on?

One marketing campaign with a few minor tweaks can make for a VERY powerful marketing tool kit.

You may have to do some homework on the targeting, but the rewards can be and will be immense.

You need to invest some time upfront, and you need to get some thick skin (the majority of people believe marketing to everyone instead of niches is the way to riches… they majority of people are wrong and broke).

Try this and let me know how it goes.



I am doing a  special offer for the next week to help with your niche marketing efforts…

…I have discounted my 2 best and most helpful programs by 50% –
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(imagine losing your home, your belongings, your cars… and having
no insurance to help! That is what all these people are faced with
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they have nothing).

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Topped off with 2 BONUS LIVE training webinars.

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My story selling course walks you through the process of finding
and  leveraging your stories into your business.  Showing you
simple ways  to use stories to build a stronger business with a
more engaged  communication with your prospects and clients.

My 2013 Cash Flow Calendar gives you thousands of ways to leverage
stories and unusual events in the next 6 months.  Complete with
some copy and paste templates you can use to get quick campaigns
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Combined, they make a POWERFUL 1-2-3 combination that you will love.

All at 50% off and 50% of your remaining investment goes to the Red
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PLUS – I am going to do an extra 1-2 HOUR training webinar (maybe
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Exclusively for entrepreneurs like you who car about marketing,
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Instead of the $184 investment for the 2 training programs, I am
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Again, if you want BOTH the Story Selling Program and the Cash Flow
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Have some fun this summer, and if you are near Calgary and can help
out those in need, please do.  This email is one of the ways I am
helping and I will update you on what is happening with the cleanup
here for families in turmoil.

PPS: Full descriptions of both Story Selling and Cash Flow Calendars
are at the following links (but the discounted links are not on the
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