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The SSBBO marketing plan to improve your cash flow (and have more fun) this summer

Thanks again for all the comments and concern about the floods in Alberta (article can be seen here with pictures )

The cleanup has begun and an amazing thing is happening here in Calgary – complete strangers are wandering the streets helping homeowners in need strip dow their soaked drywall, and throw out all of their water-logged garbage. Not an easy time watching a lifetime of momentos getting tossed into the garbage – but in a disaster like this people are counting their blessings and realizing things could be much, much worse.

My daughters and I will be helping out this long weekend as well, along with donating more food, clothes and bedding for those in need.

Guess what today is?

The LAST day of school for kids everywhere here.

My daughters are graduating Grade 7 (!!) and an exciting summer is about to begin.

I have been writing articles about marketing, business, and my daughters for 11 years now. Some have been on my newsletter list for that amount of time, others for just a month… but it has been an absolute blast!

At a time like this with summer vacations ahead, NOW is the time to start thinking about a simple strategy for summer cash flow.

For example, you need to think about the stories you are creating and using in your marketing this summer.

LOOK for ways to tie in personal events, local events, or national special occasions into your marketing.

Monday, July 1st is a National Holiday in Canada called Canada Day – but it is ALSO: Freedom from Fear of Speaking Day / International Joke Day / Financial Freedom Day / Build A Scarecrow Day / Children’s Art Day / National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day

Point being that you don’t have to stick with the standard ideas in your promotions – PICK THE WEIRD ONES!

Those are the ones that stand out amidst all the clutter.

July is a time for family vacations, but it is ALSO:

* International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month
* National Bikini Month
* National Culinary Arts Month
* National Tennis Month
* National Ice Cream Month
* National Grilling On the Old BBQ Month
* National Make A Difference to Children Month
* National Wheelchair Beautification Month
* National Recreation and Parks Month
* Anti-Boredom Month
* Picnic Month
* Women’s Motorcycle Month
* Cell Phone Courtesy Month
* Family Reunion Month
* Baked Beans Month
* Hot Dog Month
* National Blueberry Month

If you can’t find at least THREE ideas for articles, blog posts, Facebook updates or promotions from all those events – you need to give your head a shake.

Marketing is ALL about looking for the opportunity to share value – to stand out from the clutter – and to have a little bit of fun mixing in stories with marketing.

And NOTHING helps you get more ideas, with more copy and paste ready-done campaigns than the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar.


We are officially half-way through the year and I have a Summer Splash Bubble Blow Out for you.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Here’s how to make the most money and have the most fun
this summer in your business…

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

1) Create stories you can use in your marketing. Whether its your family fun you experience (getting one of my clients a 19% response rate from a COLD LIST – one who had never heard of him before). Take the summer to practice your story selling techniques, and use stories

Click graphic to see info on the Story Selling course

Click graphic to see info on the Story Selling course

intertwined with marketing messages for compelling promotions that improve your cash flow and build your list of prospects and buyers.

My Story Selling course helps you do that, and it USUALLY sells for $97.

I am offering you a way to dramatically improve your marketing results leveraging simple stories you create.

This course walks you through my process of finding stories – leveraging stories – and using stories to help your business.

From there, you can use your cash flow to help others in need (like I am doing with this to help out the flood victims in Alberta here).


2) Use your newfound story selling skills in combination with the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar and become a marketing machine!

You’ll be cranking out blog posts, articles, promotions, sales pages and emails like a seasoned pro.

Any day you need an idea or two for marketing – pull up the calendar, flip to the day or week you need help with and *voila* you have all the ideas you need, along with some pre-written marketing pieces you can use word-for-word.

Cash Flow Calendar and Marketing Plan for 2013

Click graphic to see info on the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar

The 2013 Cash Flow Calendar is sold online for $87 right now (with the odd short-term discount here and there).


Now, COMBINE the Story Selling Course and the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar and you have a wicked good system for growing your business this summer.

What would usually be a slower time of year, instantly becomes a busier and more profitable time of year.

More profits means more fun!


So instead of the $184 investment for the 2 training programs, I am offering a Summer Splash Bubble Blow Out for the 2 of them for just $92…


Or just the story Selling course for $49…


PLUS, 50% of all proceeds will go to the Red Cross Flood Fund for all those families who lost their homes in the past week here in Alberta.


Again, if you want BOTH the Story Selling Program and the Cash Flow Calendar for $92 – a 50% discount – and a large percentage of proceeds go to the Red Cross to help Flood Victims: the use this link (I will personally send you an email with information and some surprise bonuses too)


Or, if you want just the Story Selling Program at half off for $49, then use this link (…again, I will personally send you an email with information and some surprise bonuses too)


Have some fun this summer, and if you are near Calgary and can help out those in need, please do. This email is one of the ways I am helping and I will update you on what is happening with the cleanup here for families in turmoil.

Thanks again,



PS: One other quick, simple, and free request.

As I said earlier, my daughters are finished grade 7 as of today.

They have created a special love of making fun and goofy youtube videos of them being dorks with their friends.

Could you like this video?

They don’t know I am doing this but I would like to help them get more likes.

It’s AMAZING what kids can do now with a simple Smart phone and a video app – have a look and please like their video (THEY LOVE SEEING PEOPLE LIKE THEIR VIDS!!!)

Much appreciated!!



Rekindling the Kundalini in your business and life

Yikes – where’s Waldo White?

Oh ya, that’s me… and I’m back baby!

Been a while since I wrote you an update – you’ll soon see why.flood-calgary-firefighters

First – the floods in Calgary and surrounding areas.

You may or may not know, but we just went through the worst floods in history here (in the 1930s, the flood levels were similar – but the city is 200 times bigger now).

A nasty combination of melting snow in the rocky mountains, combined with some wicked downpours, and flood waters destroyed homes, businesses, momentos and peoples’ dreams.

A city of 1.3 million people was spellbound and crippled watching the water levels rise, the rivers pouring over the banks into the surrounding communities, and a bustling downtown completely shut down for almost a week while Emergency crews attempted to grasp the reality of what happened.

$1 billion has been pledged so far to fix the problem (which probably won’t even scratch the surface). You can’t buy flood insurance in our neck of the woods – so all those homes that are destroyed – no insurance.

<< if you want to see the devastation that hit here – have a look at this — >>

Not just Calgary got hit either – some of the worst hit areas are Canmore, High River, the Siksika Indian Reserve, and countless towns surrounding us. flood-high-river

People lost their homes, their businesses, their jobs (when a business gets demolished like this – people lose their jobs), their pets, their futures, and all their memories.

But if you could see the positive in this…

Well over a million people have come together like no other time I have experienced.

From our incredible Mayor that proved his worth (and how he calls out the dumb asses in society through this, to the incredible people who have stood proud to help those in their time of need (on the first day of cleanup the city asked for 600 volunteers and 7000 showed up non the first day).

The Calgary Stampede is supposed to start up 10 days from now (see past article about the Stampede here

The problem is… the grounds where the Stampede takes place is UNDER WATER! flood-calgary-stampede

Massive destruction.

Talk of cancelling the Stampede – first time in 101 years.

$500 million in lost revenue.


The city and their awesome volunteers have pulled together – and are determined Through “Hell or High Water” (the new slogan for the 2013 Calgary Stampede) that the SHOW WILL GO ON, despite all odds against them.

People are working 24×7 to make this happen – and it will.

I have no doubt. flood-homes

I saw what this city can do when it pulled off the 1988 Winter Olympic Games… spellbinding!
Watching people have their dreams destroyed one day – and their passion rekindled the next to move on and be a bigger and better person because of mayhem is awesome!

It fired me up.

And it should for you too.
Have you heard of Kundalini?

According to wikipedia: “In practical terms, one of the most commonly reported “kundalini experiences” is the feeling of an electric current running along the spine.”

You know that feeling when a fire gets ignited inside?
When that energy starts flowing throughout your entire body and ANYTHING feels possible.

Ya, that one.

It is powerful.

But it can be fleeting.

If you can tap into it and KEEP IT FIRING, you can tackle anything and everything you set your mind to.

Like the passion running high in this city to rebuild bigger and better…

…it may be time for YOU to retire YOUR Kundalini energy.

And I have a simple little exercise to do it.

It applies to your business – to your relationships – to your hobbies.

First, grab a pen and paper (works way better at getting the energy flowing than typing does – try both if you don’t believe me).

Next, find a quiet spot without cell phones, emails, or distractions.


Write about first time you felt that Kundalini-type energy in your business. What fired you up about your business. What your dreams were. What you loved about being in this business. What you love about the types of clients you deal with.

If it’s difficult – GOOD! That means this exercise is EXACTLY what you need right now.

2-3 pages MINIMUM! And the more you write the more you will fell the energy rising in your body (in business – the more more of this type of energy you have – the more money you make).

If you don’t want to do this for your business – do it for those in your life that you love. Write a letter to them or about them describing what first gave you that Kundalini-type-of-feeling for them. The moment you met. The first date. The first kiss. The first realization that you had someone really special in your life.

Again – 2-3 pages MINIMUM! And ditto on if this is difficult to do… it could be the most incredible thing you EVER do to retire your passion in your personal life.
Please don’t discount this as silly or hokey.


See what it does to your sales.

Or to your sex life.

It works.

And it will drive you to bigger and better things in the coming months and years.
All this devastation here has fired up well over a million people – JUST WATCH what happens as a result.

And if there is any possible way for you to get to the Calgary Stampede this year – do it!

You will experience an energy and a community unlike any other you’ve ever seen.

I promise.

Some big things are coming here. A new program for all you renegades out there that hate being part of the status quo and want more from life. Examples of renegade-style marketing and simple ways to use them in your own business. Case studies on turning dull or blah business models into passion-fueled profit machines.

Lots of great things on the horizon.

Have a great day and FIRE THAT KUNDALINI UP BABY!

Mountains will move and impossible tasks will become easy.

Try it… you’ll like it!

Have a great day.




Marketing and promoting a book

I had a potential copywriting client come to me for information on marketing her new book.

The information marketing business is an exciting one, but there is so much hype and BS out there, I try and make sure people are crystal clear on what they are getting into when they talk about marketing their book.

You don’t write a book and just magically become a best seller.

Anyone telling you that is a scammer and you need to run away.


First off – you won’t get rich writing a book.  See point above about magical best sellers.

A book is an entry level information product.  You will make some money – but not much.  Just ask anyone who does have lots of books to their name.

A single book – especially your first one – isn’t going to buy you a new home any time soon.

So here is my response to her that I believe could be educational to any book writers out there with grandiose dreams of riches in their new book launch!

But, I need to understand some of the following.

* Is this a full time business for you? Wanting to know what your background is – which is critical for selling any form of information product

* Do you have other products for this market or the book exclusively?

* Building a business or income based on a book is all about marketing systems. Website, shopping cart, affiliates, blog, sales pages, email newsletters, autoresponders. Do you have any of these in place – or are you looking for someone who can help do all of these things?

* Marketing budget.  Lots of people write a book and honestly believe it “sells itself”.  Not true.  There are hundreds of new books that come out every single day. How are you differentiating yourself from alllllll those other choices? You will need a budget for a web designer, graphic designer, copywriter (me), marketing help (me).  Has this been budgeted or are you just in the initial phases?

Dont want to be difficult here.  I have been in this business for 11 years and have helped a dozen or so people get on the Amazon best sellers list.  But it isn’t a simple process you can do for $500 – I am very clear with people on what they need to expect if they want to do it right.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Troy


Self sabotage and self-defeating beliefs

Lots of people completely screw up their success potential with self-sabotage.

Righhhhht when things are getting good… you do something stupid to screw it up.

Like clockwork.

Again, and again, and again.

Pretty moronic… isn’t it?self sabotage

I do it.

I’m sure you do too.

Pretty well most people have some way of messing things up when the going gets good.

Why… remains an open question with many, many opinions on why it happens.

But it does.

And there ARE things you can do to minimize it.

First – develop some NEW obsessive compulsive based habits. Those habits you stick to NO MATTER WHAT. They aren’t simple to create – but oh-so-worthwhile.

You know how to create a habit – YOU JUST DO IT DAILY until it BECOMES a habit.

If you want to be a blogger and get more traffic to your site – you BLOG DAILY. About anything and everything.

You don’t let excuses get it the way.

You buck up and get the writing done.


Then you have a backup plan for those days that AREN’T so easy to get motivated.

Some form of a daily reminder that pops up on your phone, your computer, your tablet – all at the same time or staggered so as to become a PEST.

Then you DO IT.

Most ignore the reminders.

I have multiple OCD habits.

Some around writing for the various niches I work inside.

Others include twice a day dog walks.

Another is 4 X per week Tabata training (awesome, awesome, awesome!)

And my martial arts training has been OCD-worthy now for 7 years straight. 3 times a week – every week – every month – for 7 years.

THAT is OCD worthy!

Inside each of my habits, I have my backup plan and reminders.

I have coaches or accountability partners.

I KNOW why I am doing them and what my end goal is for each of them.

Now it’s your turn.

Find 2 or 3 things you want more than anything else in this world.

Get them down on paper.

Why you want them (be crystal clear on your why – is it big enough to make you want to cry? It needs to be!)

What your goal is.

What you will do, come hell or high water, to ENSURE they do happen in an OCD-worthy manner.

Then do it.

Your backup plan is what will help you overcome the self defeating habits and self sabotage.

I am here to help.

You want to be a prolific writer? Drop me a line through the contact form on this page and let’s discuss.

Want to be a prolific marketer? Drop me a line through the contact form on this page and let’s discuss.

Want to drop a bunch of fat and get into the best shape of your life? Drop me a line through the contact form on this page and let’s discuss.

You need SOMEONE to push and prod you… let me be the one!