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The Marketing Ring of Fire

Have you ever heard of the ‘ring of fire’ workout?

Sounds painful – doesn’t it?

Well, it is.

But it has a significant marketing lesson for you in this video…


Event planning and getting butts in seats through marketing

A long time friend emailed me today asking about doing a local event for marketing training.

Events are always a great way to get more exposure, find more clients, build more of your information product library, and put a few extra dollars in your pocket.

I used to do events regularly but slowed down in 2008.

But I have been thinking of doing more, so his question to me was timely, reflective, and hopefully informational to you if you are thinking of doing an event yourself:

Great to hear things are rocking for you and you found a great niche to make some money in.

No shortage of entrepreneurs who need some help with their marketing, to say the least.

With live events – I go tired of doing them. A lot of work and the return was just ok.

Maybe I wasn’t doing them right, don’t know.

I charged $797 I think my last year doing Wild West – so similar price point to yours.

Since then though I have not done events so can’t speak to the price point people are willing to pay (2008 changed peoples mindsets around putting money into their marketing – seems to have come back – but there was a time that seemed more difficult to get them to invest – could have been me, not sure).

If you are doing a multispeaker event – get a commitment in writing (contract) that they will promote your event xx number of times – through webinars, teleseminars, emails, etc.  One of the biggest hassles I found was the non-delivery from the affiliates of marketing the event.  At the last one – out of 100 people – I think 2 came from the speakers.  So ALL of them came from me – and that makes your job much bigger and more difficult.

Your biggest challenge will be in getting butts in seats.  You will need to do email, teleseminars, direct mail, Facebook ads, etc.  And lots of it.

The one thing going for you – we don’t have much competition in Alberta for some reason.

There just doesn’t seem to be much for events going on, for whatever reason.

I have been tossing around the idea of doing another one here, if I had a partner to organize and promote it.

Talking to one gal who has done a ton of tradeshows and symposiums before. Someone I have known for many years.  Wait and see where it goes.

Hopefully some of this gives you some insight into event planning for this.

Much more to discuss – probably a phone call would be best me thinks.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, Troy


Guilty as charged…


How does nearly a month fly by so fast?

Craziness and busybess combined and a month goes by without a blog post…

…not something I would recommend to my clients in their own marketing.

NOT something I should have done either.

I have posted to my Empower Network blog, but that’s no excuse.

So what in the heck has Troy White been up to for the past 30 freaking days?





Martial arts.

Kettlebell and Interval training with Belinda Morrison at Be More Fitness (by the way – I have dropped at LEAST 3 belt notches since January by adding in Belinda’s workout! If you are in Calgary and want to get in prime shape for summer, get your behind signed up to her workouts – AWESOME!).



…and all that jazz.

Wanna see the new digs?

That said, I have some exciting things happening right now.

First, some incredible new lead generation strategies I am testing, tweaking and enjoying.

More to come on that.

Second, I’m reading a fantastic book right now – The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene. If more entrepreneurs, marketers, and salespeople would read this book – the economy would seriously improve faster.50th Law, 50 Cent, Robert Greene

What I am taking away from this book is: (a) a must read and re-read on my bookshelf (b) think WAY bigger (c) think far more like a hustler like 50 Cent – by hustler I mean always on the lookout for ways to improve my business and (d) NOW is the time to get serious about marketing and business. NOT a month from now like I let this one slide.

I am back on track after the move and my slacking off.

A new pad – a new lake community – and a new passion for everything about marketing and growing a business.

Have a great day and I will be in touch much sooner this time!


PS: Because of my slacking off, I wanted to extend to you a free gift.

This course is one I wrote, sold, and long forgot about.  It has one fantastic way to turn one marketing campaign into 7 quickly and easily.  If you sell a product or service that could be deemed a ‘commodity’ this will help you eliminate competition once and for all.


Join me next week at the Cowtown Marketing Meetup!