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In Canada, the US, or pretty well anywhere – be VERY worried about Obama’s email

First off, I live in Canada and do not claim to know the
intricacies of American politics.

But I do know Canada is also in trouble right now.

So is much of the world.

This is not about politics – this is about YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

I heard about Obama’s email that went out today about the
likely sequester of government funds…:

“Prepare yourself for job layoffs, reduced access to early
education, slower emergency response, slashed health care, and more
people living on the street……If Congress fails to act, we’d see budget cuts pretty much
across the board to critical services that teachers, first
responders, seniors, children, and our men and women in uniform
rely on every day….”

I know on top of that, I have been doing a TON of research for a
client that produces information products that help people in times
of trouble.

It’s SCARY out there!

No matter what your beliefs are about the political scene in your

…RIGHT NOW is the time you need to start planning ahead.

No matter what happens with the wayyyyy-out-of-control spending and
debt in much of the world.


…the ONLY ONE in control of your well-being is you.

Not your local politicians.

Not the media.
Not the lobbyists.YOU.

And if are sitting back just waiting to see what happens, it’s
already too late for you.

Now is your time to get proactive and to put together some action
plans to create a lifestyle for you and your family.

Waiting for the government to spend a billion or ten more won’t

Waiting for a raise from your boss isn’t exactly a proactive

Waiting for things to “turn around” in the economy
isn’t what I call an intelligent strategy.

So what is?

Doing something RIGHT NOW that can improve your situation.

Maybe it’s a new product line you create.

Maybe it’s that new business you wanted to start.

Maybe it’s time you get TEN TIMES as much marketing out the door
as you did last year.Maybe it’s time to quit that job you detest so you can make the
changes you’ve always wanted to make.When things are a roller coaster ride for me, I shake them up.  

I make MASSIVE changes happen.

I did it 14 months ago and some amazing things have happened to me.

You may or not know, I have fallen head over heals for the awesome
training and community that Empower Network provides.

Best damn training for tapping into the pure power of making money
online – no matter what product or service you sell.

Bar none.

After 11 years I feel qualified to share and back that
statement. Their training and commission is UNMATCHED.

If you want a community of people who are doing BIG THINGS.

People who are mastering the ability to get traffic to websites,
the skills to turn that traffic into leads.

People are are making a fantastic living doing so.

12 minutes of your time

12 minutes of your time

Then maybe it’s time you invest 12 minutes just to see what I

And maybe it isn’t for you… but I highly recommend you put
some SERIOUS thought into the next 6 months.
The governments will continue to spend far more than they bring in.I guarantee it.

The majority of people will continue to spend more than they earn.

I guarantee it.

But right there in front of your eyes are some opportunities to BE
different.To DO things differently.To THINK and ACT like an entrepreneur on a mission.

More of us out there CAN make a difference.

How you get there is up to you…

…I love this way myself it IS for you?Troy

PS: I hope for some wild reason I am wrong and overnight all the
politicians out there will magically come to their senses and stop
destroying us through their overspending and debt accumulation.

Ya right.

Ha ha ha ha.

I choose to take control and DO SOMETHING about it.

I hope you do too.


Is it ethical to use a “Tommy” in your marketing?

I have been asked quite a few times about using fictional characters
in story telling and marketing.

The question is: “When you create a fictional character, is itunethical? Or is it a good idea?”Which is a GREAT question.

Story telling and marketing are ALL about capturing peoples
attention and imagination.

And characters are what do that for you.

Sometimes you are better off using yourself as the main character
in your marketing

(for ex. I have often spoken about Saddleback Leather and the
Million Dollar Lobster story – both use real characters based on the
owners of the company)

But there also times when fictional characters can do some
incredible things to boost your customer loyalty and following.

This article shares success stories from both real and fictional

…along with some important questions to ask yourself in figuring
out how best to do your own story design.

Find out how Tommy Bahama and Harry Rosen master their marketing




Turning phlegm into profits

Gross subject, I know.

You know what’s worse though?

Realizing you have to take 2 unexpected weeks off work… and you aren’t getting paid for it.

The average small business owner or entrepreneur just can’t afford to be down for 2 weeks… especially when it wasn’t planned and there may not be anything you can do about it.

Planning for unexpected events is one thing… unplanned crises are another.

I just had 2 awful weeks with a flu bug.  It tore me down and spit me out.

BUT, I had a backup in place.

It saved my tail.

And it also drove me to enhance my backup plan even more.

If you do any form of online marketing, you know that a couple weeks is like a couple years in the offline world.

Things happen at warp speed, and disappearing from the scene can be devastating;.

Here are some things I had working for me while I was “turning phlegm into profits”:

* I leveraged some of the automated online marketing tools like and to promote my sites, my blog posts, and to keep leads coming in the door

* I used auto responders for automated followups, and to deliver the reports, audios, and membership access that people had requested

cough* I tapped into some automated promotion tools like bing ads, Facebook ads and even some on and offline business or product listings (offline marketing can be a real goldmine right now – very uncluttered – meaning it is MUCH EASIER to get people to pay attention! Compare offline media to online media – which is more cluttered for your attention right now?  ‘Nuff said)

* While I was resting up from the bug, I would leverage my “good moments” and blast out article and blog post ideas – saving them in my oh-so-valuable Evernote database (*best tool I have found to keep organized between computers, phones and tablets)

* Exercise! When I actually could breathe, I made my way to my martial arts training and my HIIT classes.  It kept me motivated and kept the blood flowing… both critical for those of us who work from computers like we do

Last – I kept planning.

I knew the bug was temporary (*first time this sick in a long, long time!).  So I planned out what was needed to be done once I was back on track.

I created a schedule.

I planned out marketing campaigns.

I wrote ads and copy.

And I made the best of what I was experiencing.

NOW is the time for you to put your backups systems in place.

Things happen.

Things WILL happen to YOU.

So be ready.

Hope a few of those tips help you with some automated promotions when then do.

Have a great and phlegm-free day!


PS: One of the best things I had going for me during all this was my Marketing Beach Bum business – it builds me a database and makes me money using some very simple online marketing tools and training.  If you need to improve your cash flow and build your database – you need to be working with me on this!


Flu bugs, long copy pizza boxes, and a local Calgary Marketing Meetup

I’ve been abnormally quiet over the past 8 day.

Unfortunately it was with this stupid flu bug going around.  I haven’t been sick in years, but yowza this one knocked me down and boot kicked me real good.

Shivers, sweats, headaches, wickedly congested lungs…. oh what a fun time it’s been.

The only good thing about it?

It’s feeling a little better and I will feel like a NEW MAN after not being able to breath for a week!

Kinda like when you are in the trenches gasping for air, trying anything and everything to get your marketing campaigns to work.

Then you see a sign… albeit a small one… but still a sign that one of them is gaining traction.

So you STICK TO IT, keep on plugging, a voila(!) you have a winner!

Most entrepreneurs don’t stick with it.

They test Facebook ads for 2 days, decide Facebook marketing doesn’t work.  Then they do the same with PPC.  Or SEO.  Or print mail (great opportunities out there right now folks too!).

Marketing is about fighting the good fight and slugging your way through it.

Then you wash, rinse and repeat once you get them working.

Much like long copy pizza box marketing

Quite some time ago I wrote an article about a Calgary guy who MASTERED using long copy on pizza boxes.
(photos here too)

It has certainly worked well for him… he was just written up in the local paper for some of the amazing things he has done…

Why does it matter to you?

He ZIGGED when everyone else ZAGGED.

You can bet everyone said it was a stupid idea to fill his pizza boxes with stories like that.

Now people collect them.

STOP listening to the naysayers out there – their advice is usually useless.

The only way to succeed in marketing is to TRY NEW THINGS.

If everyone is marketing online, go offline.  If everyone is offline, go online.

If everyone is using pretty image ads… use long copy ads.

THAT is how you get attention… not trying to do the same-old, same-old as your competitors do!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I have taken the plunge, crawled out of my cave, and decided to start hosting regular marketing Meetups in Calgary.

After a 4 year hiatus from doing local seminars, I am back baby!

The first one is this Thursday –
(I could have done what most would have done – calling it the Calgary marketing club, but that’s boring, and Cowtown Marketing Club stands out a bit in my opinion).

If you are local – come on out and lets talk marketing!

I feel a chill coming on… back to my wimpy chair and blanket 🙂

Have a great and healthy day,


Cowtown marketing club Calgary