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Using simple videos for lead generation and conversion (for techtards like me)

I saw an article this week showing their research results on email
open rates.

Using “new video” in the subject line boosts open rates
by 7-13%.

If you’ve been reading my newsletter for long (it’s been
around almost 11 years!)… you know I haven’t done much with
video in the past.

But I have used it and am using it much more.

Personally, I prefer text.

But shorter videos can be excellent for personal branding, for
building trust, and for building your content archive (which of
course means more traffic back to your sites and blogs).

A couple years ago we got a massive snowstorm in Calgary… in

Rather than moaning and groaning about it... I grabbed my camera,
my XShot stick (holds the video camera for you while you walk)…
and my dog for a walk.

And created this…

Major success for me.

Got lots of comments (meaning building trust)… and orders.

Just this morning I nearly froze my lily white … fingers … off
and created this video

((no idea why I like to wait until its freezing or blizzarding out
to do my videos… a therapist could probably help me with that))

My point is…

* People LOVE video
* Google LOVES video
* Bank accounts LOVE video

* YOU should LOVE video too.

I now use my iPhone (with a Glif to mount the phone to a tripod or
Xshot stick).

I used other cameras, but the new phones work awesome for this.

I don’t even bother with a microphone – I prefer ‘keeping
it real’ (and simple) – and I am not very smart with do hickeys
so no microphone is much simpler for lil ole me.

I do one take videos.

Shorter – 2-5 minutes.

Upload to my iMac (*I use IMovie to cut out beginning and end of me
turning on and off camera – and to cut out parts of me picking up
said frozen fingers).

Then I use iMovie to automatically upload to Youtube.

You can also just upload directly to youtube from your phone or
camera (I thought the visual of my finger falling off might be too
graphic so I cut it out 🙂

Videos can be simple and will generate you both leads and clients.

Give them a try and please feel free to share them!

Have a great weekend.


PS: True story – the second and third videos I tried to do this
morning while walking at the dog park didn’t work so well – the
camera froze up and stopped working! Got one video done anyhow –
total time invested – 5 mins to shoot – 3 mins to edit – uploading
to youtube happens behind the scene so no real time of mine to do


My camera froze and a finger fell off filming this new video (hope you’re happy)

It’s bloody cold out this morning… but I shot you a new video anyhow.

The stupid camera phone kept freezing up on me and I’m pretty sure
my right thumb was left somewhere at the dog park where I filmed it,
but I am happy with the video anyhow.

Either click here to see direct…
(or click the picture below – typing with 9 fingers now so doesn’t matter to me)

After you watch that… join me.

I will personally walk you through the 90 day plan to put $15k in your pocket.

Considering that we are now into December…

…that will make for a VERY nice beach trip in February for you!

Would $15k extra help a wee bit?

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My disastrous first attempt at information marketing

15 or so years ago I saw an ad in a newspaper.  Some guy in the city I was in was an expert in importing goods and was selling information on how to get into the business.

For a large fee, I signed up for his personal coaching and got resale rights on his manuals (if I recall – I had to buy them from him and could then sell direct).

The manual was mediocre – with some photocopied pages, some instructions on where to go to find exporters in the library – and how to make money selling the same manual.

His recommendation?


So I started placing ads in newspapers around the city I was in.

I quickly found that the smaller towns were MUCH great response than the larger.

More calls.

More orders.

I was on cloud nine.

I would take the call – take down their address – explain how COD (Charge on Delivery) went – and would mail them the book.

They would need to be home to pay for it once it arrived.

I got a whole bunch of ‘orders’!

Dozens of them to start – and the manual was ~ $79 or so.

Looking good, I thought.

Until I got back a TON of COD packages that were denied at the door by the so-called ‘customers’.

shameful attempt at information marketing


I quickly realized this COD thing was a bunch of bunk and I was pissing my money away having to pay for these packages to be mailed – but returned.

Fast forward 15 years.

I have been selling information products online for over a decade now.  No COD.  No 65% return rates.  No nonsense.

I have sold information products for weddings, pets, marketing, sales, lead generation, health, and a few other industries.

…and I love it.

Information marketing is an exceptional way to enhance your present business, or start a new one.

The market keeps getting bigger year after year with the internet.

People are reading more. Watching more videos.

Buyers are out there in droves when you know how to find them.

The point is two-fold:

* when you attempt something in marketing and fail – DON’T GIVE UP.  It doesn’t mean that marketing doesn’t work… it means THAT WAY of marketing didn’t work for YOU. It may have worked for others seamlessly… but not so for you. So pick yourself up and try a DIFFERENT way – or a different product.

* information marketing is an exceptional way to add cash flow into your life.  I do it through my business and love it! To a full time income and more in 90 days.  I have tested all kinds of on and offline marketing over the years. Some things worked for selling information – some were ‘learning experiences’.  The demand for information will ALWAYS be there and will constantly grow.

Find ways to build your knowledge of marketing online AND offline… and try different types of information products that enhance your present business or help you start a new business.

If you need a new income stream for 2013 –  get in touch with me at 403-259-4566 or sign up for the updates on


…NEVER give up.

There is always a way.

Only persistence and focus will help you uncover the path.

Have a great day.



Awesome Gift Ideas for Guitar Lovers

Not only is this an excellent resource for Christmas gift ideas for the guitar lovers in your life…

…it is ALSO an exceptional way to create a funky ‘about us’ page for your site.

I always talk about Saddleback Leather ( and share their pages as excellent examples of how to use stories in your marketing.

…low and behold…

…the marketing guy from Saddleback Leather has his own creative inspiration and designs a line of awesome gifts for guitar lovers…

…and creates the ULTIMATE story selling “About Us” page on his guitar lover site-

You know what?

If you did the one line inventory of stories exercise… you just wrote a new about us page for your sites!

Model this template – I LOVE IT.

Happy shopping.


Great gifts for guitar lovers

Great gifts for guitar lovers


Announcing Life’s Most Wanted Manual – Do you have it?

Have you ever wished that you had manual to navigate your life?

I know I did.

We all experience points of transition and even plateaus. And yes we get through them.
I know a couple of my friends have been on the cusp of their success. I was sharing the strategies in a new book I discovered.

They were so intrigued that they started doing the exercises in the book and creating a plan.

Having a plan to take you from where you currently to where you would like to be and have the life you wish to create is pretty incredible.

As they started shifting their thinking to what was possible and creating the plan, their confidence grew and they tried new things. Their relationships grew stronger. They were making more money and even had more time for family and friends. They were achieving their goals and opportunities started coming their way in droves.

A few simple changes made all the difference.

How much sweeter would your life be if you could get crystal clear on what you wanted, mapped out a plan, and learned how to navigate those darn obstacles that show up?

I bet you would feel unstoppable.

My friends, Charmaine Hammond and Debra Kasowski, have helped many people including a few of my friends.- get positioned for success in their new book, GPS Your Best Life: Charting Your Destination and Getting There in Style.

There are tips, techniques, and “how to” information that you can start using in your life today. Imagine what your life would be like if you had a plan to make it a reality!

Isn’t time to lead a fulfilling and happy life – your way?

Even Jack Canfield co-author of The Success Principles and the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul Series is raving about this book! “With GPS Your Best Life, Charmaine and Debra have created a system that will guide you into taking the right direction so you live an exciting, meaningful, and fulfilling life. Above all, Charmaine and Debra will show you how to navigate through life’s inevitable roadblocks and obstacles with grace and ease so you can reach your desired destination!”

Get your copy NOW


P.S. This is one of the best books to help you get ready for 2013!

P.S.S. If you buy it today, not only will you be helping these amazing women and their book reach best-selling status but you will get to download some valuable gifts to help you get positioned for your best year ever!


Using waterboarding pigs and sensory deprivation on cows in your marketing

An admission: I have a man-crush on Dave Munson of Saddleback Leather

Here is a guy that absolutely ROCKS using ‘personality in pixels’ and


Dave Munson and family on another Saddleback Leather Trip

his website is loaded with incredible examples of marketing using

Waterboarding pigs and sensory depravation on cows is just one itty bitty example of the great marketing he does on his site.


I have written many times about Dave Munson and Saddleback Leather – if you haven’t invested some time poking around their site and noting how they use stories to sell – do it now

Just noticed some new things he had put up that I wanted to point out.

Notice how simple this is – how he weaves personality and humor into the Saddleback Leather sales copy – and how un-pushy his sales process is.

After reading through his Saddleback Leather site (and buying Troy a xmas present while there 🙂 – take some ideas on how to sell using personality driven copy like this and apply it to your own site – quickly!

A few snippets from the Saddleback Leather site:

(for guys: what to say to convince your honey you need these leather goods)

* I don’t know why, but owning a hope and a dream like this,
makes me want to just sit down on the couch and OPEN UP about the
hopes and dreams we share.

* Think of all of the extra TIME we’d spend TOGETHER on our
long walks holding hands and showing off the leather.

(for girls: what to say to convince your hubby you need these
leather goods)

* You know, I feel frisky just thinking about that leather piece.

* I don’t think I’d need to go shopping for another thing
all year after buying something like this.

(for the both of you – from Dave: what he says to convince the both
of you need these leather goods)

You’ll be more popular. You’ll have more friends.
What’s wrong, you chicken? I might invite you to my birthday
party. If you don’t buy this case, then next year, when
you’re scouring the internet again looking for your next garage
sale piece because yours is already torn or broken, your mind will
drift back to my words. You’ll slowly shake your head and say,
“Man, was that guy right or what”. And then you’ll
slightly squint, press your lips together and give a few small

I tell you what, buy it now or kick yourself later.

I’ve made this for you to break in. It’ll take a few months
until it really starts to look cool, and you’ll have to use it
a lot. In fact, the more you use it, the better it looks (and it
already looks great). It’ll eventually form to the places on
your body it touches regularly. The edges will soften and round
some to become even more chic and classic looking than it already

Where can I see one of these cases in person?

I don’t have any of the items in stores and we’re not big
fans of folks coming to our home because of the weirdo factor. My
sister, Patricia, and her husband (my Chess and Scrabble nemesis)
send out the leather from their place near Ft. Worth, Texas. But
again, because of the weirdo factor, they don’t want you
dropping by there either. If it helps, everyone tells me that
they’re much more impressed with them in person.




Does exactly what it needs to do.

Saddleback Leather is a PRIME example of how to use personality in your marketing and how to excel marketing online.


Have a great day.


PS: I interviewed Dave Munson a while back about Saddleback Leather and what he had done with it.

He gave me one insight on where he finds clients that I NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED.

I have never shared this idea with anyone before.

And I am not going to here.

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Try it out for a month (you still get all these bonuses)

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