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Simple Steps to the Most Powerful Lead Generation Tool Under Your Belt

Fellow Business Builder,

Yet again, a simple 4 hour project has returned major rewards in just a few weeks.

This simple strategy works in every possible industry and country imaginable.

It will boost your credibility.

You will experience an influx of high quality prospects, which are typically ready to buy at higher prices.

 It adds an immediate cash flow stream.

It builds your database.

And it will most definitely make you one of the most credible in your niche.


What is it?

The simple printed book.

Before you go running off complaining about how you have no time to write a book, hear me out.  The type of book I am talking about will take a small amount of your time, and is easy to put together.

My first experience in this world began 6 years ago.  I met a gentleman names Steven E. at an event and first heard his idea of co-authoring a book with him.  All I had to do was contribute a single chapter in the book telling my story.

This was the second time he had done this, and this one was going to be their first best seller.

It was an honour to have my name listed next to Dr. Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hanson, John Assaraf… even Lou Ferrigno of Incredible Hulk fame.

The book was compiled and printed in what seemed like record time.  We did the Amazon campaign that got the Wake Up… Live The Life You Love book #1 in a number of categories and my new life as an author began.

My next experience began on a call

with the legendary Ted Nicholas.

I was fortunate to get the chance to work with him on a few projects and learned an incredible amount from a man that has sold billions using direct response marketing.

On one of our conference calls, someone asked Ted a question that caused him to hesitate.  What he said next inspired me to create my own book.  Ted mentioned one thing that he credited with his success, yet said that he didn’t like to talk about it much.

To me… this was GOLD.

Something so powerful it was responsible for his success, yet he didn’t want to talk about it?  I knew there was something big here.

So I hatched a plan for my own book…

and Entrepreneurial Spirits was born.

Based on the conversation with Ted, I knew this was something other successful people had in common, and I was determined to bring it out into print.

So I developed a series of 5 questions and started asking people I already knew.

Ted Nicholas agreed to be in the book.

Joe Sugarman agreed.

John Assaraf agreed.

Joe Vitale agreed. 

It took on a life of its own and, next thing I knew, 52 successful people from all over the world had agreed to contribute to the book.

Entrepreneurial Spirits was compiled quickly and put in print in the matter of a couple months… and I continue to reap the rewards from that simple idea.

3 months ago… it happened again.

I was asked to be in a book called Money Making Marketing For Canadian$.  There was no hesitation at all… I knew how simple it was and how powerful it worked.

So I invested 4, maybe 5 hours on my chapter and sent it in.

The book came out not more than a month ago.

Surprise surprise… I just landed a very nice 5 figure consulting contract with someone who had never heard of me before reading my chapter in the book.

As he said… “you were in a book, so I just knew you must be the real deal”.

Once again, this tool has paid itself back to me many times over.

And here’s how it can do the same for you…

1)   Pick your niche you want to be known in.

2)   Decide if you want to have a book with complimentary authors, or competitors (both methods work… the one I was just in was all competitors in the book).  Let’s say you are a plumber.  You could create a book with all plumbers… or a book with a single plumber, a carpenter, a roofer, a painter, etc.  This method is easier to do (and to convince the other authors to contribute).

3)   Pick a sexy title for your book.  Use the formulas given here on The Total Package for headline creation… and find one that could easily be used as a book title. Alternatively, go to Amazon and look at the best sellers in similar categories.  Use the same formula the best sellers use in your own title.wealth-quiz

4)   Put together a pitch letter you can send to the contributing authors you want.  You can have them contribute the chapter for free… or you can charge them a fee to be in the book.

5)   Give them guidance on what questions to answer in their chapter, or what format you want to stick with (stories about how they got started, or about the best tips for their area of expertise, or the dumbest things people do when they hire a ______).  Each author gets a set number of words they can contribute, along with a bio listing their contact information.

6)   Make it really easy for them to write the chapter (show yours as an example).  Give them guidance and ideas. And give them a solid deadline to have their chapter in by.

7)   And get busy going after your dream authors.  Once you have gotten the ok from the number of authors you want (10-20 is perfect, 53 in mine was too much… almost Chicken Soup like)

8)   Make sure you keep in touch with them during the writing phase and make sure they are committed to the deadline.

9)   Send it to a professional editor and cover designer.

10)                 Make sure YOUR name is the most prominent one on the cover and spine

11)                 I would suggest printing your first book in the standard 6” x 9” format… it is easier for the printer and the cost per book is less.

12)                 Don’t worry about making it perfect!  You are going to use print on demand, so you can always get more printed if you find something that needs fixing. The best part with a print on demand company is that they can do small runs of 50, or 500… and you don’t end up with a garage full of unsold books (which happens 95% of the time with authors).

13)                 Print extra copies for your contributing authors.  If they are paying you to be a part of the book, give them 20+ copies.  If they aren’t paying you… give them 5.

14)                 Create an affiliate program so that your contributing authors can sell the book through your program, or they can sell them direct, as long as they buy them from you at $X per copy.

15)                 Write your winning sales letter using the tips on this blog.

16)                 Get busy promoting the book! Use it as a business card. Mail it out to your clients and prospects.  Use it as a bonus with your product shipments.  Do everything possible to get your book in distributors, catalogue houses, on Amazon, and in the hands of other entrepreneurs who want to bonus your book with their product shipments. (book promotions are a whole other subject, one that I can’t cover here… even needing an entire course around the subject!)


This is a simplified version of the entire process… but it can be done quickly and efficiently using this formula.

Don’t overcomplicate it…

this formula WORKS.

The books you now have are the PERFECT promotional tool.

They will enhance your image and will attract your perfect clients.  A single chapter made me 5 figures in a month since it’s release… imagine what it will do over the next few years. 

And don’t cheap out and go for the ebook version.

I love ebooks… especially selling them.  But there is something different about a physical book that you cannot match with a pdf.

If you start now,

you can have this done

well before Christmas and New Years.


I would love to hear your ideas.

Thanks again.

To your success,

Troy White

PS: Once you have a book, then you need BUYERS for the book.  And buyers can come easily when you have quality traffic to your website selling your book.  If you want some of the best and most comprehensive training on internet marketing, lead generation, sales systems and web traffic conversion… join me in the Empower Network.

Excellent training and quality systems for attracting website traffic, then converting it too leads and sales.


Empower network lead generation tool



Lady Gaga’s famous flaws and Katy Perry’s wonderful ways

As you may already know, I love Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

Not necessarily their music…

…I LOVE their entrepreneurial spirit.

Lady Gaga is the MASTER of controversy and cash flow.lady-gaga-marketing-success-secrets

(I wrote about some of her brilliant marketing strategies before at

Some media pictures popped up recently showing she had put on 25 extra pounds… and the pics weren’t exactly too flattering for her.

Rather than apologizing and going on a bread crumbs diet (which most celebrities would do)…

…she turned it into a MEDIA OPPORTUNITY!

She gets in her skivvies and snaps a whole bunch of very unflattering pictures.

Then she admits to the eating disorders she had as a teenager (Bulimia and anorexia since 15).

Then she encourages others to post THEIR not-so-flattering pictures on her forum (in the new Body Revolution area that was created just for this) – and on her site.

“Hey Guys its Gaga… Now that the body revolution has begun, be brave and post a photo of you that celebrates your triumph over insecurities,” she wrote. “My mother and I created the BORN THIS WAY FOUNDATION for one reason: ‘to inspire bravery.’ This profile is an extension of that dream. Be brave and celebrate with us your ‘perceived flaws,’ as society tells us. May we make our flaws famous, and thus redefine the heinous.”


Do you see the brilliance?

Controversy erupts over her pics.

Rather than hiding or back-pedalling… she makes the most out of it… creates a whole new marketing campaigns… fires up the media engine… and makes even closer ties with her fans.

Damn she’s good!

I love how she confronts things head on and turns them into a marketing opportunity.

Then there’s the lovely Katy Perry.
I wrote about her too before…

An amazing young lady with marketing and showmanship coursing through her veins.

Not only has she broken many music and performing records… she is winning awards and recognition right, left, and centre.

Her newest?

The Billboard Woman of the Year award.

The Firework singer Katy Perry has been hailed as “one of the most exciting and inspiring artists in the industry” by the Billboard magazine’s editorial director and she has been presented with their coveted award for all that she has done in the entertainment and music industry.

It doesn’t matter what you or I think about their music or clothing styles.

…it matters what HER FANS THINK.

It’s a simple concept that many entrepreneurs really need to understand.

And is the reason I always talk about getting thick skin for your marketing.

LOTS of people will dislike what you are doing.

Who cares?

All that matters are the people who LOVE what you are doing.

They are the ones who stay by your side through thick and thin…

…and they are the ones that help pay the bills.


As you know I sent out a couple emails this week about my newfound passion for the Empower Network. LOTS of people joined me this week and are already making money with it.


…LOTS of people complained to me.

Made fun of me.

Got mad at me.

Yelled at me.

They don’t understand what it is (training on how to market any and every business online)… so they chose to let biases and prior misconceptions cloud the facts.

So what do I do?

Turn it into one or five blog posts and videos!

Here is the article and video

Which made me more fans (and no-so-friendly-guru-fans)

…and money.

So the lesson here is for you and I to first develop thick skin.

If we are being assertive enough in our marketing (and you need to be), then you WILL make enemies.

Move on and make the most of it.

Learn from it – and capitalize on what you learn.

Marketing in today’s market takes guts.

The more you market, the more action you take, the more opportunities you leverage…

…the faster you move towards your goals.

(One of my big goals for the next year is to take my daughters to a very special writing camp for kids and their parent. It happens next July in Texas. I’ve always wanted to go to one of their camps… and I am raising twin pen slingers that master this art of turning words into wealth. I say this publicly so you an hold me accountable to take them to the camp next summer!)

Anyhow, have a great day.


PS: If you want to learn the art of lead generation through stories… you may also want to get on this webinar I am doing about story creation and selling through stories – hosted by my friend Mark Huber

Katy Perry and her secrets of success


The marketing secret of the red lanyard…

Is it possible that an itty bitty strip of cotton dyed red could contain a marketing secret?

Watch this and let me know…

If you have other questions about the red lanyard or Empower Network, make sure you read this post as well.

And then, get started with me in this fun and profitable adventure!

It’s $25… you can’t go to a movie for two with popcorn for that… not in Calgary where I live anyhow (it costs me $60-$75 for me to take my daughters to a movie, with popcorn and pop!)

Have a great day and I hope you decide to work with me on the Empower Network as a fellow marketing beach bum!



Being a beach bum takes money

I just got back from San Diego after immersing myself in the Empower Network World.

Is Empower network for real?

Can I make money with Empower Network?

Is the Empower Network a scam?

All fair questions and ones I wanted answers to.

Here are my thoughts after a very interesting few days with 3,000 others.

Let me know your thoughts and if you want to make some beach bum money with me.

“Being a beach bum takes money…

…if you want to do it with flair.”

Travis McGee


One seriously fun and profitable way to pocket some cash

With all the Facebook posts, Tweets, articles, blog posts and email newsletters to write, it keeps a person busy just coming up with unusual ideas to keep things hopping.

…Then toss on a dash of originality so that you stand out from the thousands of other messages a person sees in an average day.

Whew… exhausting just thinking about it.

It’s the main reason I created the Cash Flow Calendar 5 years ago… and why I continue to update and add to it. (new $100 off special offer


For example, here are just a few ideas out of the calendar for the next couple days:

* Today (Friday the 21st) – World Alzheimer’s Day / World Gratitude Day / International Day of Peace / 1st gift coupon introduced (New York – 1865)

* Sunday Billy the Kid 1st arrested (1875)Billy the kid

* Monday the 24th – Energize Day / National Women’s Health & Fitness Day / World’s Longest Kiss recorded (17 days, 10.5hrs (1984)

* Next week: National Singles Week / National Clean Hands Week / National Love Your Files Week / International Women’s E commerce Days

Think about the Facebook Ads you could run with Billy The Kid as a graphic – or the big old juicy pair of lips as the graphics to tie into the Longest Kiss occasion.  Or run a special promotion or discount in honour of the 147th anniversary of the coupon.  Or have a special offer just for women next week for online orders.

All it takes is some innovative ideas, mixed with an itty bitty amount of initiative, and you have a campaign that’s unusual and profitable.

We are heading into the last 3 months of the year.

Christmas just around the corner.

Yearly goals that nerd a shot of adrenaline to keep them on the right track.

Which is EXACTLY why I am offering a special deal on this program.

$100 off!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“The program helped us make an easy $1,268.20 on St. Patrick’s Day
for one of our businesses,”

“…and a $45,000.00 windfall in another. This is the perfect solution
for companies who want money-making promotions done for them.
My highest recommendation!” – Kimberly Schick-Puddicombe –

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Received over $1000.00 worth of sales from it in one day”
We executed the September promotion and received over $1000.00
worth of sales from it in one day!  Fabulous I say.” – Fran Agar –

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Pick up a copy and get your first promotion out this afternoon – another one out on Monday or Tuesday next week.

This is a simple, simple way to get more content out there in front of your prospects and buyers.

Use them to educate – or use them to improve your cash flow…

…this is a great deal on a proven money-maker (plus I will gift you the Facebook Ads training classes I have in home study format).2012 cash flow calendar and marketing plan

Get yours today —

Profit tomorrow.

Have a great day.


“Theme marketing is one of the most powerful things you can do.” – Dan Kennedy – 
Millionaire Maker

How to turn $47 into $5,000


Shaun White and celebrity obsessions

Shaun White ‘truly sorry’ after being arrested for public intoxication, vandalism

A police report says Shaun White, a two-time Olympic gold medalist snowboarder, was charged with vandalism after an employee at a Nashville hotel saw him break a phone, and public intoxication.
Olympic snowboard champion Shaun White apologized Tuesday for “unwise choices,” saying he got “carried away” after police accused him of pulling a hotel fire alarm that forced guests to evacuate. White was charged with public intoxication and vandalism and is due in court Oct. 10.


The 26-year-old snowboard star said on his Facebook page he wants to apologize for “any inconvenience it caused my family, friends, business partners, the hotel and their guests. He added that he was “celebrating a happy occasion with a ton of family and friends and got carried away. I’m truly sorry for my poor behaviour.”

You may or may not have seen the article I posted about Shaun White before

Here is a quick summary of the most important points:

>><<Red Bull took a shining to Shaun White>><<

They saw his natural talents for ripping up the half pipes and decided it would be a great idea to build him HIS OWN secret half pipe.

A full-size halfpipe, accessible only by helicopter, that included a foam pit at the bottom for him to rehearse the more dangerous tricks.

No one knew about it.

No one could watch him train.

No one had a clue that he was secretly inventing new tricks and techniques that had never been seen.

And when he start to strut his stuff at the snowboard competitions… he trounced the competition!

He changed the game with his new tricks.

Even saving some of his most advanced one for the Olympics… ones that left his most seasoned of competitors standing there with their jaws hanging slack.

Some great quotes about Shaun:

“Shaun had a lot of ideas about things he wanted to do, and
really pushed the sport into the future,” said Bud Keene, White’s
coach and an assistant for the United States Olympic halfpipe

“I can’t even tell you or begin to describe how many times I’ve
gone over this run in my mind, gone over this competition in my
head, imagined what it would be like,” White said at the bottom
of the massive halfpipe.

“This season has been unlike any season I’ve ever had before,”
White said. “Where I crashed probably more than I ever have, I’ve
been frustrated, I’ve lost sleep. I really pushed myself as far
as I could go, not only to have to invent these tricks but
actually have do them, and then win.”


What does Shaun White and his arrest have to do with marketing and celebrities?

People are OBSESSED with celebrities.  Especially when they screw up (like Shaun White did), or when they hit the media for positive stories too.

YOUR customers are no different.

So FIND ways to tie in celebrities you like and follow into your business.

Write articles and blog posts about them.

Immerse yourself in the world of your clients, and talk to them about the thing THEY LOVE.  Celebrities being one of them.

Shaun White was a great Olympics success story… he is now a story of failure (temporary, but still highly visible).

An article like this goes a long way in Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So get writing!

In this market, in today’s economic environment and cluttered marketing space… you NEED to start thinking out of the box through niche marketing efforts like this.

I am doing it with my work in the Empower Network and my niche focus on wanna-be beach bum marketers.

And I highly suggest you start thinking about this too.

In my upcoming coaching program, I am helping you find and customize your marketing to specific niches for Halloween and Christmas.  The last 90 days of the year are almost upon us and there are some AWESOME marketing opportunities at hand.

Get yourself signed up and lets make you some money to close off the year!