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Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga is one AMAZING entrepreneur

I love outrageous marketing campaigns AND outrageous entrepreneurs.

Lady Gaga is a master at both.

Before you Gaga-haters go off on your little tangents about her, pay attention for just a few seconds… would ya?

Yes, she shows skin (nothing new to Hollywood and the Music scene… she just takes it to a new level…and could be considered tame to some of the nonsense you see out there).

Yes, she is Madonna on speed.

Yes, she is a flipping BRILLIANT marketer.

She WANTS to stand out… and be extreme.

She WANTS eyes watching her every move.

She WANTS critics speaking out against her.

It’s all part of the package.

In March 2012, Gaga was ranked fourth on Billboard’s list of top moneymakers of 2011, grossing $25,353,039 dollars, which included sales from Born This Way and her Monster Ball Tour

That’s just the beginning!

Now she has a whole new product line AND the patent on the creation of it.

She is about to single-handedly change the fragrance industry FOREVER!lady-gaga-fame-perfume

It all began with a simple idea… a perfume line created for, and branded with, Lady Gaga.

But that’s boring.

So Lady Gaga does what she does best…

…she pushes it to a NEW EXTREME.

Not only did she want a unique perfume line, it had to be BLACK.

Yes, you read it right.

She wanted a perfume that sprayed on black and became clear after drying.



Lady Gaga Worthy.

The problem?

It had never been done before.

They perfume company told her it can’t be done and they wouldn’t do it.

So she told them to piss off then – no perfume line.

If she couldn’t do it to the extreme, why bother?

They regretfully agreed to give it a try…

…and, “Gaga’s innovative ideas caused headaches for the company’s research and development team.”

But the found a way to make it work and are proud to announce FAME, the world’s first BLACK PERFUME.

Not only is her marketing around this provocative (surprise, surprise!), it is in your face and almost downright scary looking (watch the Youtube video – it caused some viewers nightmares!  THAT is powerful marketing).

Again, before you go off on your little tangent about “Oh my god, who would want black perfume?!” – she doesn’t care.

That’s the point.

She has a HUGE fan base that DOES care… and those are the ones she cares about… and those are the ones who will gobble up this awesome new product line and concept.

It is something you need to understand about outrageous and effective marketing.

It isn’t about the people who HATE your campaign or idea (I bet Gaga has millions of haters out there – but it is the millions of BUYERS that matter… no one else. Actually, the haters probably help her sales far more than they would ever want to know.)

It is ALL about the people who LOVE your campaign or idea.

She get’s it… and they now owns the rights and patents to a NEVER-BEEN-DONE-BEFORE perfume concept.

From an article I saw about this: “Gaga remained defiant and now Coty Beauty executives are in the process of patenting the technology to ban others from copying the remarkable achievement, and Tuil has credited the singer with encouraging them to think outside the box: “She was really behind the most important innovation in the fragrance industry in the last 20 years. She is really pushing boundaries.”

Pink perfume.



She will make a killing off this.

All because she thrives on being outrageous and will not accept anything less.

7 of her best marketing secrets were shared on a previous post I wrote about her —

Which, of course, got me some negative feedback from the Gaga haters out there… and my response

Imagine if more entrepreneurs took a hard stance like this.

Innovate or screw it.

Don’t bother.

Entrepreneurs are the most innovative people out there… but imagine if we all continued to push the envelope that much more.

Something for all of us to strive for.

Have a great long weekend and I look forward to hearing your feedback.


PS: One of the most innovative and out-of-the-box ideas I have seen in a long time is share on my Marketing Beach Bum video series which you can see here

lady gaga success and marketing secrets


Copywriting jobs for freelance copywriters

Let’s cut to the chase… shall we?

For over a decade now, I have been a freelance copywriter.  I have been very fortunate to work with some of the greats in the copywriting world.  Ted Nicholas, Clayton Makepeace… to name just a couple.

But not everyone is cut out to be a freelance copywriter for the rest of their lives!

Nor are we all prepared to seek out copywriting jobs for the rest of our lives.

No… it isn’t all the hype that is pitched online.

Nor is the money everything you have heard.  Go look on Elance if you doubt me!  Lots of writers, very talented ones, are willing to undercut your pricing.

And there are more and more copywriters out there every day.

You wanna know what I personally would have done differently if I could go back a decade or so?

I would learn copywriting as I did (I read the classics, took the courses, and WROTE A TON OF COPY – I even hand wrote out winning sales letters as Gary Halbert recommended for 6 months, 2-3 hours a day).

I would still take on copywriting jobs as I did.  I would have charged more though and taken on less work (at the beginning you should take on lots of work for less… you NEED the experience and you need to ‘hone your chops’ as Carlton would say).

BUT, I would have immediately started promoting products and services using my kick-butt copywriting skills.

I would have found proven sales systems that I could add value to with my copywriting.

I would have made it one of my main goals to make more with my copywriting skills for other products or services…than I would make writing for others.

Ya, I would aim to create cash flow from selling stuff – than for writing for others to sell stuff.

That would have gotten me much further, nuch faster.

Copywriting is great...but you can make far more money and live a better lifestyle using copy to sell products and services that you make significant commissions from.

Empower Network is a GREAT business model for copywriters.

It gives you high converting templates you can start with.

It gives you the platform to build your own list and use your copywriting skills to build relationships with that list.

It gives you the tools you need to make a significant income with your copywriting skills.

It is THE platform I wish I had 10 years ago…but they haven’t even been around for a year now. In less than a year, newbie marketers are making $1,000 a day – every day.

No products you have to create.

No products you have to fulfill.

No customer service you have to personally manage.

Just a simple step-by-step blueprint you can use your copywriting ability to build a list and create a significant income stream.

So instead of looking for more copywriting jobs… why do you put your skills to good use and make YOURSELF the big bucks for once?

I have made many millions of dollars for my clients in the last year.

…but I never made millions back.  I made a good, decent lifestyle… but no millions.

VERY FEW COPYWRITERS make a million a year.  One handful at most.

A TON OF ENTREPRENEURS make over a million though.

Take your copywriting skills and use them to create cash windfalls FOR YOU.

Not other people.

100% commissions and the perfect platform for your copywriting skills.

Join me and I will personally guide you to through the success steps.


PS: I made more in my first month with this, with just a few emails and blog posts, than I would have with a 3 day 8 hr a day copywriting job! If you want to discuss in person, call me at 403-259-4566


A simple, sticky way to boost your marketing response by 200%

Fellow business builder,

Can you believe August is almost gone?

Yeesh!  That kinda flew by.

In between dealing with the insurance companies, estimators and police with our recent breakin, I found myself knee-deep in a brand new project for an exciting new client.

She has a program being released in a highly competitive field, and hired me to help her find ways to grow her sales as fast as humanly possible.

Now a few details on the project:

  • She is in Canada – and wants to focus on Canadian buyers (but the content applies to those who live pretty well anywhere)
  • She has an amazing story (she went from $0 to $3 million in her first 6 months), and then another $3 million in the next 12
  • She is selling training in a field that is oversaturated with “gurus” – but she has no goal to be one.  All she wants is to share the formula she used to create speed wealth like she did… rather than feeding people a little here – then upsell them to a little more – another upsell – a little more content, etc.  She wants to give it all at once – for a sizable premium
  • She is the real deal and has proven to me time and time again she overdelivers
  • She is only offering the program 3 more times and then is out of it

So, the foundation is set and I need to find out how to market her services, and who to market to.

We had discussed using online and offline media for maximum results in the timeline we set… and I think she really needs print materials mixed in to stand out from all the others.

One thing I really like the use of in print is the repositional lift notes

 (the little post-its that go on direct mail).

In Canada, we can use these on regular first class style mail, or on unaddressed bulk mail – – for no extra mailing cost.

They are nice touch, they stand out, and I was curious to what kind of responses people are getting to these. Canada Post just started allowing them a year ago, so the numbers would be in.

Fortunately, 3M Direct Response shared some numbers in a recent Direct Marketing newspaper…

“In Canada, we’ve been seeing 200 percent response rates compared with rates of 40 percent in the US, through USPS”200 percent growthin marketing response

Now we are talking!

Rogers Wireless also shared some numbers (one of our Canadian rip off artists for cell phones. Did you know Canada has one of the highest cell phone rates in the WORLD? I certainly do).

Anyhow, they did a recent direct mail campaign with addressed mail (first class) vs. unaddressed mail (bulk mail in Canada that can be sent to any house or business within a certain geographic area for $0.11 per piece).  They tested with and without the postit notes to see what response differences they would see.

The same copy and media pulled 200% more using the post it notes!

Considering the notes cost pennies to have printed by 3M, this is a must for anyone doing print mailings to their own lists, or to new generation campaigns.

3M has a whole section dedicated to direct mail tools they have –

Using a high quality hand written font, in a mailing where it makes sense someone would want to keep the postit as a reminder or for something to post on their fridge or desk, and success has been consistent.

I will let you know how this works for her… but with the major shopping season right around the corner, this would be a wise idea to look into for yourself as well!

The other area that is of critical importance for us in the campaigns we do is to build an online database using offline media.

She has no large list to work with – and just a few jv partners to call upon.

So we are starting from scratch in many ways.

How we are going to use print advertising and media

 to drive her online sales…

First thing of significant interest here is the recent Jupiter Research that shows 67% of online searchers actually are driven to search by OFFLINE channels. And half of that % is driven from print advertising.

To top that, note that print advertising generated more actual online sales than any other offline media.  30% of those who opened their wallet and made an online purchase came from offline print media.

Again, for this project – these are critically important numbers.

Some of the areas we will be testing for her campaigns leveraging offline media to drive online purchases…

  • Putting our key search terms right inside the advertisements.  In the Jupiter research, they found that a large number of online searchers do not go direct from an offline ad to a url.  In many cases they remember a tag line, a key word, or a slogan, and search on that first.  So we have already created a unique brand that is quite unforgettable in the Canadian market.

  • We are using the print ads as a “sneak-a-peek” view of the online experience they take part in.  Showing screen shots and snaps of the online experience in the offline print will tease them enough to get them to the site.  Once there we have much more flexibility with video, audio, animated demos, etc.

  • Using offline as a teaser and online as the educator.  The way we are testing this is to use short copy teasers in offline media to drive them to an online site with volumes of more detailed information on the company, the testimonials, the details of the offer, etc.

  • Online elaboration.  Some shorter testimonials are being used offline, but the real magic happens with the video testimonials that we can use on the website.  Video is so much more emotional than print, and seeing someone talk about their experiences has a much great chance of touching some emotional “hot buttons”.

(NOTE: Late last year I rolled out a product that was selling quite well.  I put up a 2 minute testimonial video and IMMEDIATELY saw conversions increase by over 210%.)

The last thing we did was go through her tiny database

and tried to cut out as much of the junk as we could.

A 1,000 person database of highly targeted people is MUCH better than a list of 100,000 untargeted.

A side benefit of a smaller list is that you can invest more in each package – and see a much higher response. 

Plus, with all the VDP offerings out there now, and a smaller list, we can do some very creative mailings for cheap (def. VDP = variable data personalization – having the persons key information merged into the printing).

Based on this 2007 report from Vertis, the more unusual your marketing looks, the better your results will be:

Which of the following makes

a difference in the mail you open?                         2001                           2005


Timing of the mail, and need for it at the time          58%                    69%

Package looks interesting                                         48%                    63%

Personalized with name on front                              58%                    59%

Special offer or discount                                           34%                    51%

Looks important                                                        37%                    49%

Dated material enclosed                                           24%                    33%


As you can see – the numbers have risen sharply.  People want to see more creative packaging and offers from you, and will return with more orders for you.

These numbers are very important both to online and offline buyers – people are people are people.

It’s up to all of us to put everything we can into making our mailings as applicable to the potential buyers as possible – then give them some REAL GOOD reasons to open up that email or mailing piece.  It will only work if they read it – and as we all know, it is getting tougher and tougher to get emails and print opened.

I will report in with you what happens here.

As you have seen, the process we are going through on this project is the same process every single one of you should be considering for your future campaigns as well!

To your success!


PS: If you seriously want a step-by-step blueprint to get YOU making a serious online income from home… join me in the Empower Network.

This is a very unique program that combines a very powerful sales system, some of the best training I have seen online, and a great revenue model where you keep 100% of the sales you make.

I know you have a lot to choose from right now.

But, if I can give you the biggest and best piece of advice I learned from the past 10 years online… it’s that you need to START with a proven affiliate system that converts AND trains you at the same time.

Plus, if you decide to work with me on this – I will give you $500 of my own products to help you get started right away.

Let me know your thoughts and questions.



PROOF that Sasquatch exists… in a great marketing campaign at least

The ‘Sasquatch” case study of marketing excellence

You KNOW how much I love a creative and impactful marketing campaign…. right?

I am always on the look to find and create them.

So, when I saw this one… I immediately took note.

First, they capitalized on an urban myth – brilliant!  Everyone loves the mystery and intrigue behind myths, fables, maybe even neighbours like the sasquatch.  This applies equally to superheroes, ghosts, ghouls, goblins and superstitions.

Find them and run with them in your marketing.

Like they did in this video

It links after to their website ( that looks like this…

sasquatch marketing technique

I just LOVE this campaign idea.

It’s simple, easy, and inexpensive to do.

A trip to the costume rental place, a video camera (I use the Kodak Zi8 and love it – $150), and a little bit of creativity.

There is no reason any one of us couldn’t use an idea like this to promote any product or service out there.

They found a creative and eye-catching way to use the Sasquatch to promote their homes in a funny, unique way.

What can YOU do with this idea?


PS: I am truly loving the creative marketing system I share on my Marketing Beach Bum video series… you should have a look at it and seriously think about the impact a better designed online sales system would have for your business. Even if you already have a sales system in place, imagine getting a few tips here and there that improve your conversions and retention. The Marketing Beach Bum series is my own introduction to this – you can also have a direct look at the sales system I am referring to here.


This does for entrepreneurs what spinach does for Popeye

If you’ve been reading my emails and posts for some time now, you know I am very focused on staying healthy.

Running a business means YOU need to be there and stay well.

No sick days.

No whining.

I walk twice a dog with my furry marketing assistant… I eat well…and I religiously do my martial arts training 3-4 times a week.  I am testing for Second Degree Black Belt in December so I need to stay healthy.


…18 months ago I started taking a product to keep my immune system strong. I did a TON of research on the product (so many of them claim big things but don’t deliver).  This one had 35 years of medical research  ($100 million worth) and clinical trials backing it… so I gave it a go.

18 months later, not one cold or down day to illness!

Not only that, my recovery time with martial arts is very quick (I am getting older so hurt myself more, but am recovering rapidly).

This is something I consider a MUST HAVE in my business.

It keeps me healthy and it keeps my business running.

If you are interested in learning more about the product, have a listen to this audio:
(it works the same for all mammals: people, dogs, cats, horses)

Or, if you want to get on the same product, you can use this link (yes, it is an affiliate link so I would make a cut).

Last, if you are in the health business or want to, you and I can work on selling this together – here is a link for the full details:

To a healthy, happy, and wealthy future!


PS: If you prefer to talk in person about this – call me at 403.259.4566


Trailer park success… and fly-by-night tenants

Fellow business builder,

Today, I want to share 2 dramatically different small business stories.

First, a local disaster.

There is a little strip mall by my house.  On the end of the mall is a small bay that continues to struggle.

The last attempt is “Food 123” which you can see here…

They spend $15,000 on the renovations of the inside and kitchen.  They were excited about opening day.

And they were destined to fail.

Opening day came, and went. And they closed their doors for good.  These morons thought they would make enough money day one to float them through their big grand opening.

  • · They had no marketing in place.
  • · The name of their restaurant… sucked.
  • · They had no differentiation (crappy deep fried foods is all they offered)
  • · And they did NOTHING to get people in the door (in their business, all they had to do was create a powerful offer for the local neighborhood.  That would have given them a decent start on day 1… they didn’t even do that).
  • · They honestly thought that by opening their doors they would be swamped with people, cash in hand.
  • · To top it off… they blew all their money on renovations, saving nothing for getting people in the door.

When they didn’t make their millions day one, they had no choice but to pull a midnight move and disappear.

It reminds me a LOT of people online these days.

They think they need a fancy flash website.  So they spend $10,000 with some “creative design team” and get a wiz bang site that says nothing useful.

They get all the nice business cards and letterhead.

They hire a copywriter, thinking that a great sales letter is all they need.

Then they are shocked to learn that a website does not magically draw people to the site.  They can’t understand why they aren’t making a mint with their creative web design.

They blame the economy.

They blame the competition.

Never once do they blame themselves for not having a plan of attack on HOW they will get actual prospects to their site to buy.

In contrast to the morons with Food 123 (what a great name… hey?), here is a story I am very familiar with.  One that WAS thought through properly.

This is the start of a long weekend here, and I am heading out of town with the kids to a secret location 90 minutes northeast of where I live.

Ok, it ain’t that much of a secret… I am heading to the campground that I grew up in.

You could kinda say…

“My name is Troy, and I grew up in a trailer park”…Tall Timber RV Park, Sundre Alberta

…and it would be factually accurate.

When I was 8 yrs old, my folks, along with 2 other couples, bought 60 acres of land in Sundre, Alberta.  Their plan was to build a quality campground with 400+ sites in an area that did not have campgrounds like this.  There were a couple run down “shanty town” type of parks… but nothing that anyone was really proud to call their “home-a-way-from-home”.

Every single chance we had, we were up in Sundre working on the campground, which was named “Tall Timber Leisure Park”.

Weekends during school.

Entire summers during time off.  Every chance we had, we were out there working on building that park up the way it was envisioned.

They made me do every grunt job possible out there…

…mowing miles and miles of grass every time I was there

…picking up rocks and clearing trees for new campsites

…building picnic tables

…climbing in sewer tanks (still have nightmares about that one)

…installing power lines, sewer lines and water

…picking up garbage


…building playgrounds

… and so on.

A great place to learn the value of hard work, as I saw that place come together bit by bit and morph itself into the premier “leisure park”.

With over 385 permanent sites (rented by the year) and another 100+ overnight sites, it quickly became “the place” for bringing your family and having a good time.

It ran successfully for 25 years that way, then in 1999 or so, they sold individual lots off as private parcels

They are out of it now, and have a condo board that runs everything.  They kept their 60 foot mobile out there, and me and the kids love going out there for the weekends.  Hang out at the river. Go swimming (it has an indoor swimming pool and hot tub).  Sometimes I sneak off for a round of golf.  Sometimes when I am on a serious deadline, I will pack up the laptop and head out to the trailer for some serious focus time.

The reason I bring this up?

Because they invested a small fortune building that place from the ground up.

They had a vision in mind on what type of campground it would be. They knew it was targeted at families, not baseball teams and young teenagers on a mission to get as drunk as possible.

They had lots of rules in place on how you had to act in the campground, if you wanted to stay.

They were priced at a premium. And they hired tyrants as managers for the place to keep everyone in line.

They worked their asses off for decades… and it paid off in the end.

They didn’t build it, and expect people to come.

They built it, and worked their tails off getting people out there to try it out.  Then to get them to commit for a year. Knowing full well that one year would mean the next year, the next, and so on. Many seasonal campers stayed there for 25 years, then ended up buying the lots once they privatized it.

The Food 123 business built it and expected a flood of traffic the first day.  My folks knew better.  They knew they were in it for the long haul and had to actually work to build it. They did. They cashed out. Food 123 owners are on the run with a multi-year lease in place and lawyers on their tail.

Do not fall for the get rich overnight crap out there.

It takes a lot of work, persistence, investment and tears to start and build a successful business.

But, the fact remains… ANYONE can do it if they set their mind to it.

As long as they are willing to hang in there through thick and through thin.

The economy is in the toilet now… and some people are struggling.  Some people are thriving too.

Those in a tough spot now, need remember the Tall Timber story – 30 years of days, nights and weekends. And they cashed out to enjoy what most entrepreneurs dream of… financial independence and retirement on your own terms.

No reliance on the government, or some pension plan.

But with your own money that you earned in your own business.  And THAT does not happen overnight with little thought to the future.

Think it through, have a big vision of where you are going with it, and be prepared to stick to it until you get there.  It won’t go perfectly smooth.  You will have awful weeks, months, even years.

But it will pay off if you persist.


If you don’t have a marketing plan of attack in place

– NOW is the time to do it.


2012 is almost three quarters done… are you 75% through your goals for the year?

If not, get a plan of attack in place and GET BUSY.

It won’t be magically drawn to you while you sit on your couch meditating.  YOU have to go out and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

That is the only way you can guarantee your success.

Have a great week.

Thanks again.

To your success,

Troy White

 PS: I just put up a new video for you about marketing, and making money with a website.

It’s only 4 minutes, but it reveals some of the insider things I am doing right now to market online, and it shares a very exciting way to promote yourself, while learning an INVALUABLE skill.

Have a look and the video and let me know your thoughts.

Either reply to this post, email me at [email protected] or call me at 403-259-4566.