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Give them something to stalk about

online-peeping-using-stories-in-marketing-to-stand-outMorbid curiosity.

Borderline legal.

Yes, I’m talking about online ‘stalking’.  Not the offline, creepy, bad-people kind… but the online peeking into the lives of others and living vicariously through them.

It happens.


Possibly to you.

And there is some good to come from the queasy feeling  it leaves you with.

It is your ideal marketing asset.

Tapping into people and their deep-seated desire to know your dramas, your pains, and your successes.

Giving people a good story to read, watch, and share is your goal in marketing.

Nothing more, nothing less.


A good one…

…about you, your company, your product or service.

NOTHING trumps a good story.

Carnegie Mellon is a humungo research firm that just released results from a major study.  Story telling increased the money spent by 248%.

Same product.

One sold with facts.

One sold with a story.

Story won by dollars spent by 248%.

You need to find your own personal story that you can use and reuse in your marketing.  It’s there… you just may need to dig it out.  I was never a natural story teller.  It took a lot of work to start telling good engaging stories.

And it has become my favorite way to promote my clients products and my own.

I use stories and I teach others how to use stories in marketing.

I taught classes about it and sell a home study program around it (

Love it and am still amazed how rare it is to see an entrepreneur using stories in their marketing.

The best way to find stories to use in your marketing:

1)     Take yourself, a note pad, and a pen to a place far away from your typical routine.  A place that makes you feel good and creative. Coffee shops, cool little cafes, places that spark you the right way.

2)     Pen to paper… start writing little one sentence summaries of things in your past that come to mind (ex: fishing with grandfather, putting fishhook through sisters ear by accident, seeing snowmobile accident when I was 10 yrs old and saw my uncle covered in blood, the birth of my twin daughters, etc – a few that just came to mind).

3)     Fill as many in as you can.  If stuck, take photos from your past with you and start writing as you flip through photos.

4)     Voila… your little list you just created here is pure marketing gold.

5)     Every single time you need an article, a blog post, a sales campaign or theme… pull out your sheet – find one you can make tie into your goal – get writing.  I take the one liner and make a paragraph off the top of my head to expand on the one line.  Then I expand on it and try to relive the story.  Sometimes it helps to record yourself going through your story (which can then be transcribed or used as material for the writing).

6)     Take your story – relive it, keep it condensed as much as possible and interesting, tie it into your promotion or action you wan them to take, then Ask for the action you want.

7)     Wash, rinse, repeat. Always repurpose your stories and articles that get you sales and comments.  They will continue to work for many years to come.

Try this method… you will love the results.

Have a great day.


PS: If you are in need or interest of an additional income stream online that promotes your business, this is for you  It is a system I found and love – and highly recommend as a training platform for lead generation and conversion online. Comes with blogging platform, training videos, bonus reports and an affiliate arrangement that can put cash in your pocket.

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It runs like clockwork and makes you money

Something interesting has happened in the past couple weeks in my business. For 10 years I have created marketing and advertising campaigns for smsall business owners.

My clients have made many millions of dollars in revenues from the campaigns I wrote.

But I often struggled writing the same quality campaigns for my own seminars and products.

…a common complaint amongst other copywriters.

Much like the car mechanics that driver beaters, or the shoe maker with worn out loafers…

…doing for yourself what you can do for others is not nearly as easy as it seems.

Over the past year I have been experimenting with other peoples products and using my writing ability to market them.

Had some great successes along the way too – won a few awards for sales numbers and growth, and got some much-needed recognition for my work.

But very recently I stumbled on the Empower NEtwork and thought I may just give it a chance. The videos were great, the sales system seemed well-done, and the training was exceptional.

And for $25 to get started… how could I go wrong.

The best part?

In the past week I have seen some impresive numbers coming through and I am sold on this.

Not only does it give new writers a place, and the training, to start leveraging the power of the internet to build a home business…

…but it also gives experienced writers a place to use their writing to expand the marketing message that’s already created for you.

It works like clockwork and makes you money.



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Then $3,000.

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The common bit amongst them?


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To an exciting year ahead.




Free video training breaks down the online marketing confusion (no signup needed)

Breaking down the online marketing barriers (free training)

After all the money I have invested in my training over the past 10 years in this business, you’d think I would be more ‘inept’ at all the online marketing tools.

There are sooooo many of them though.

Blogs, autoresponders, PPC, CPA, SEO, SSM, Facebook, Twitter, blah, blah, blah.

Kind tough to figure it all out if you like being solo in your business like me.

I love working on my own.

Had employees before (8 max at one time), had virtual assistants and contractors before.

Not for me.

I suck as a boss.

But I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE marketing.

So when I find a simple way to learn a true 1-2-3 system that helps me invest 15 minutes a day and it generates me quality leads, converts them to signed up prospects, then starts the entire sales seem automatically…

…it’s like love at first site!

Here is the first of a multi-day training sequence you’ll love (free training – no signup required)

Let me know your thoughts – it certainly made it easier building a lead generation and conversion system than anything else I have seen in the past 10 years.

The system applies to every business.

How quickly you apply it is up to you.

Let me know if it helps you out.



The sultry promise of a marketing system… truth or trash?

Having been in the marketing business on my own for 10 years now, I STILL drool over a solid marketing system that takes in leads and turns out repeat clients.Marketing system and home business idea

Do you have one?

Don’t you want one?

Think about it…

…you turn it on

…it goes out and finds you qualified leads

…it engages those prospects and gets them to first trade their email in exchange for something they want

…then it entertains and engages them to build trust

…then it starts to convince them to buy things

…inexpensive at first (some systems go straight for the jugular with big ticket items)

…leading into more and more profitable sales.

The best part?

Little work on your part to keep this system well lubricated and working like a finely tuned clock.

The panacea of marketing.

Something you and I need to always be looking for and working on.

To me, the concept of being able to sit on a beach on holidays, KNOWING my marketing system is doing its thing and making me money is heaven!

I’ve created many of them for myself and for others over the years.

I’ve also found some out there that DO what they promise (most of them you can buy or buy into are nothing but guesswork and empty promises).

There is one of them out there that is absolutely fantastic for this.

But it isn’t for everyone.

I didn’t think it was for me at first.

But I spoke to some serious direct marketers about it and they were using it to generate ALL KINDS of high quality leads.  They were using it to generate leads and sales for ALL KINDS of products and services.

So I started testing it.

I love it.

It does what it promises and delivers the goods.

The training provided is some of the best I have ever seen (considering I have been investing in seminars, courses, books and coaching for over 10 years now, this says a LOT!)

The training covers lead generation…blogging…copywriting…email marketing…solo ad buys, tips and tricks… along with some fantastic ways to start small and roll out big.

The best part? The training comes bundled with a built in income stream.

Not only do you learn how to implement powerful marketing systems into your business… but it adds a second, third, maybe even your first revenue stream.

I don’t recommend something like this lightly.

You’ll see why soon.

But it is well work your time to check it out

Let me know your thoughts and I would love to talk more with you about it.

Have a peak first – email me by commenting below – or call me at 403-259-4566.

This is a fantastic training system with REAL content that delivers – with a built-in revenue creation side to it.

Ideal for expanding your existing business (or bank account), or creating a NEW business (and bigger bank account).

Let me know your thoughts.


PS: As I said, I don’t recommend something like this lightly.  After 10 years of writing this newsletter, I am very careful on what I promote or get myself involved with.  This one though has training FAR better than most of the $2000 seminars out there! No bull.  Check it out


5 secrets of getting stuff done in a home business

After working on my own, from my home, for 10 years now… I have learned a thing or two about productivity and success from a home business.

First, don’t do what I did!

I closed myself off from the world, stopped going to networking meetings, and pretty much became a hermit.  It feels great to be able to do that – but it can ultimately lead to depression and a waning ability to talk to people face to face.

Get out there and press the flesh: networking meetings, coffee shops, breakfast clubs, entrepreneur home business support groups.  They are all good and a necessity.  Once a week or more is good.

Second, pick a schedule and stick to it. 

I left the corporate world to start my home business over 10 years ago.  I gave up rush hour – the best thing EVER!  But I also started a ritual I stick to religiously.  Wake. Water. Coffee. 30-45 minute walk with the dog (fast paced – walking is the best form of waker-upper exercise out there, if you ask me). Back home. Make a smoothy. Shower. Sit down at the desk and get to work.

NOTE: I try and avoid reading emails until after showered… email has a way of taking over your day.

Third, work from a timer.

It is sooooo easy to get distracted working from home.  Facebook. Web surfing. Tv. Laundry. napping.  You name it, you can easily be led astray by it.  So I use a timer to keep myself on track. This, by far, is the best productivity tool I know of for home business owners and solopreneurs. I set the timer to 33 minutes.  When I press start… there is no distractions allowed.  I set on one project and one project only.  If I get it done before 33 minutes are up, I start on the next.  When the timer runs out – you can either let it go another 33 minutes, or take a 2 minute bathroom break (no longer of a break yet).  Do 3 or 4 of these 33 minute blocks and you will get a TON of stuff done.

Fourth, I eat good and drink lots of water.

Temptations for eating bad are there no matter if you work from home or not.  So I plan out healthy meals, lots of clean water, and a focus on staying healthy (no paid sick days when you own a home business!).

Fifth, exercise!

Besides walking the dog twice a day (love my walks as a time to get some air, some exercise, and as time to catch up on training audios on the ipod), I am also very active in martial arts.  3-4 times a week I journey down the road (keeping it close so not wasting time in traffic) and train in Tae Kwon Do.  I am first degree Black Belt now – testing for second degree in a couple months.

You know what fascinates me most about martial arts and people? Most people are quitters!  In the 6 years I have been there I have seen hundreds of people sign up, come to a class or two, then disappear.  Some people come for a year or two then disappear.  Less than 1% I would guess make it to Black Belt. Sickening.  It explains why so, so many people end up hating the job and life – they are quitters!

Persistence is key – and CAN BE LEARNED!

Last – find some good ways to make extra income – the Marketing Beach Bum system is one of the best I have seen in 10 years – you should be having a look!


PS: More success tips for working in a home business will come.  If you want to find out how I am making cash from home, have a look at the Marketing Beach Bum system.


Weird marketing tricks that work

I am always on the lookout for unusual marketing ideas, and especially systems, that work time and time again.

Not the one-off flash in the pan nonsense being pitched online.

But real systems that work once, work twice, and continue to work for those who try them.

I recently found a system that is awesome.  The training is fantastic, it uses the power of writing (which I have loved and done full time for over a decade now), and shows you how to make money from home on the internet.

Have a look at the Marketing Beach Bum system that I dug up… and am making money from.

Then let me know your thoughts.

If you want to make some extra or full time money at home or on the beach, let me know and I will show you how.