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Think email marketing is free? Lets look at the facts…

The thing everyone loves about email marketing and social media marketing is the cost.

After all, sending a thousand emails doesn’t cost you additional money. Nor does posting new updates on Facebook or Twitter.


But it DOES cost you a TON of sales… therefore, it costs you a TON of money!

Case in point…

The Direct Marketing Association just revealed the newest numbers that compare email marketing, direct mail marketing, space ad advertising, etc.

What would you rather have?

3.95% of your list that buys

…or 0.12%?

Kinda of a no-brainer.

Oversized direct mail got a 3.95% response rate vs email at 0.12%!

So those ‘free’ emails… ya, those ones… are costing you a 3,191% sales growth.

You’d rather accept far, far less sales?

Or is NOW the time to step up and try some new things?

With the buying market going through major fluctuation and the new mindset of the buyers out there more difficult to grab, I would think now would be the time to test some alternative approaches to email marketing.

Phone calls TRUMP direct mail too.

So, if you want maximum response…

…you send a direct mail piece, follow up with a phone call, one more direct mail piece then email as a last resort.

Kinda what I am doing in the Dog Park Dollars Pet business I am running.

And am just getting started.

Hope you do too.

Here is the full graphic of their test results.

Great lessons to learn here.

Free is not free – it can cost you a bundle.


Direct Mail marketing vs email marketing


The Vamper Tramps are at it again

This week, the 5th season of True Blood began… and millions of people tuned in for another season of blood thirsty vampires, werewolves, and a host of other bizarre characters.

I wrote about my introduction to this series here

…and I encourage you to note the BIG lessons learned from this Emmy nominated series (also: True Blood is HBO’s most watched series since The Sopranos).

They took their initial success in tracking down the best and most devoted fans… and then turned their series success into a goodie bag success. From the jewelry line, to the figurines, to the comic book series and soon-to-be video game.

Good lesson there for all of us: find those successful products, services, or marketing campaigns… and leverage them into bigger and wider offerings.  Once you have a devoted client base, a certain percentage of them will want other complimentary goodies you offer.

I am not much of a tv person, but I really, really like this series.

The cliffhangers are awesomely done.

The characters are intense (and intensely sexy).

And they are masters at dragging you in right from the beginning and pulling you kicking and screaming right to the end… where they leave you hanging… waiting for the next bloodletting to come.


Speaking of blood suckers

Hows that $2,000 magic pill going down?

You know the one… the next make 5 bazillion dollars by next month with app development or seo, or article marketing course.

There was another one of them last week.

Guess the price.

Yup… $2,000.

Funny how they are all about the same price.

Know why?

So they can pay the affiliates half… and refund the rest due to crappy product development.

It’s true.

After 10 years in this industry, helping many people sell their wares… I have seen it all. (7 years ago, I wrote the sales letter for one of the big name gurus out there now.  His new products? Rehashed material from the same stuff I wrote about 7 years ago!)

Some good stuff… most not.

You see the not-so-good ones and guru disappear from the scene a year or two after their big launch day.

Don’t fall for their blood sucking trap.

You DON’T need the next shiny $2,000 big-old-box-of-junk from them to be successful.

You DO need a good product and some SERIOUS initiative.

I just spoke yesterday with another person who is buried in all the courses they bought and are now struggling to make sense of it all.

They need a formula… a step-by-step blueprint.

Not a bunch of crap sitting on their shelves that cost them $2,000 each TIMES 10!


There are real businesses out there.

Ones that involve real products.

Products that have had extensive R&D put into them (vs. the slap-em-together-and-sell-em-mentality that is prolific throughout the “internet marketing” nonsense).

Products that are PROVEN to work… and documented to work in numerous cases… by people who are NOT paid to pretend they work.

They are out there.

And when you find a good product or service to sell that doesn’t promise miracles… isn’t repacked book material… and doesn’t all sell at $2,000… then ylou have the beginnings of a good business and marketing plan.

THEN you need initiative.

Not entitlement mentality (the people who buy a course or book and expect to make money by just buying the course… ya, those entitlement masters).



At all costs.

THAT is the secret to success.

Proven, quality product
Reasonable price
Marketing system
Serious initiative
Repeatable success

It sounds simple… and it can be in so many ways.

Yet many people fall for the shiny object trap (I have too… don’t me wrong), and believe only the next $2,000 course is what they need to finally break through.

It isn’t what you need.

The formula above is.

Find your own, then stick to it.

Make it work.

Then leverage it into multiple income streams.

And if you need help finding the product, the system, or the initiative… let me know.

Just reply back or comment below and we can discuss.

Until then though – here’s to the Vamper Tramps!

Have a bloody good day.


PS: If you missed my email from last week about Drayton Bird’s new program – read it here.  Not only is it reasonable in price… it brings with it many, many decades of proof of delivery.  Drayton is a MASTER and you should be paying very close attention to him.

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A legendary marketer… and all-around good, funny guy

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Yes, Drayton is a great guy with a wicked sense of humor.

And I have an interview that I did some time ago that got burried in my blog

…even better…

Have a look at this awesome, oh-so-profitable toolkit that Drayton has for you

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