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Crack your back all the way to the email marketing bank

I have a buddy, who I’ve known for 40 of my 43 years on earth.  We grew up together, obviously, and have remained very good friends all this time.

He is a home renovator and general contractor.

I am a weird writer-type.

VERY different ways of making a livelihood.

He is always on his feet.

I am always sitting at a desk with keyboard or pen in my hands.

…hence the problem.

Sitting at a desk is a very bad thing for your health.

It causes excess weight to be put on.

And it can KILL your back.

For many, many years I have had a bad back.

Only made worse by the computer.

I do my Tae Kwon Do 4 days a week for cardio, and I walk my dog and marketing assistant, Casino, 7 days a week.

It helps.

But one of the best things I ever did was get an exercise ball to use as a chair.


Do it.

My back feels 100 times better.  It seems to definitely help strengthen the core muscles in the body and tighten up that softening middle which was partially created by sitting for so long.

The best part of the exercise ball?

I can sit down at the computer, crank out copy all day long, and get mini-workouts throughout the day.  I move it side to side, back and forth, and bounce a little up and down when needing to get the juices flowing.

Getting exercise while making money is a wonderful thing.

10 years (in March) I have been working on my craft… and it is the most enjoyable thing I have ever done.

It’s like therapy… but without the psychiatrist.

I highly recommend you get yourself a really good chair… the large exercise balls work great (except they can roll away on you when you get up… which is a minor, minor problem to have while living a life you love).

And I recommend you get REAL GOOD at writing emails.

And articles.

And sales copy.

You master those skills and you will never again wonder what you need to do to make more moola, nor will you ever be at a lack for marketing ideas.

The Story Selling Home Study Coaching program should be ready by Friday and is an incredible way to introduce your clients and prospects to your backstories… where your real money will be made.

Your back and your bank account will thank you.


Turning Stories into Wealth


The true power of raw emotions in your writing

The past couple weeks have been rough for me.

Some very personal things happening that I won’t get into right now.

But what I do want to talk about is emotion.

Pure emotions that strip you down to the core.

The kinds guys don’t like to talk about…

…but girls typically freely share.

Ya, those ones.

Those are the ones I have been going through lately.

They drain me.

But the inspire me too.

Some of my best writing happens when I am in that raw emotional state that I love to hide from others.

Words flow through me unlike any other time.

I don’t know where those words come from… but they sure feel good to put down on the paper.

Tapping into those emotions is one of those secrets of the best marketing campaigns in the world.

When you can feel the tears well up when you read “In Memory of Blue” on the Saddleback Leather Site

That memoir he wrote on his dog blue is THE MOST DISCUSSED PAGE on his blog.  He gets DOZENS of comments, emails, and Facebook posts about that page.

Much like my “Ode to Entrepreneurs” article I sent out last week

              …I wrote that in a raw emotional state that truly made me blank out the actual writing of that article.

When I was finished, I shook my head and realized I had just written something without thinking.

It came from the heart.

…and people are commenting on it daily.

YOU need to tap into those emotions.

Find something, anything, to get yourself fired up and in that unprotected state.

Then pour your words onto the screen or pad of paper.

Magic happens there.

Miracles too.

Find it, nurture it, and feed it.

Emotions are the KEY to fantastic marketing.

Dig yours out and let them free.

…as tough as that is for guys like me.

Try it, please.


PS: Telling a great story is an excellent way to start re-discovering your emotions.  Finding the stories that make you cry, or laugh hysterically, is a learnable art and craft.  It makes your emails shine and your website magnetic.

The home study version of the Story Selling Coaching Class is ready this week…  Get yours through this link

(for full details of everything you get – minus the actual live coaching – go to


Pizza Troy

Found this the other day and just HAD to share it.

We all have these pics around… and the are a fantastic way to make fun of yourself while sharing some personal stories about yourself in your marketing.

Have a look for yourself and laugh at my expense.

Troy White as pizza cook and delivery guy


Go ahead… have some good laughs at my expense.


PS: The Story Selling Home Study is just about ready and it will be a big help to you in creating the ultimate marketing tools to promote your new product.

One of the grads of a previous live Story Selling class wrote a single page for a client’s website of theirs and they went from $500 a month to $15,000 a month in sales, almost overnight…

…and all because of this one page story.

Find out how he did it and how you can too.


Panda Poop Tea, $100 Hot dogs, and Cat Poop Coffee

3 very unusual “products” with one very powerful lesson.

I admit it: I am weird.

Very unusual in many ways.

One of the things that makes me an oddball is my fascination with wacky marketing ideas.

I love them!

You should too.

Always be on the lookout for those high priced, high oddball-factor products or services.

They are full of great lessons and ideas for your own marketing campaigns.

For example, you may recall my article on Cat Poop Coffee and Holy Crap Cereal.  One if s product idea that garnered tens of thousands of free media publicity for a teeny tiny coffee shop in Calgary.  The other snapped up thousands of dollars in first day sales as soon as they re-named their product

And now the Panda bear is giving the Wild Cicvik from Thailand  a run for its money.

$18,000 a kilo?


That had better make me 20 years younger, more attractive, wealthier, and 20 pounds lighter too for that price.

But my forecast is that they will do very well with this.

It’s exclusive.  Not something you can get at the local supermarket… so those who love a good story and an unusual experience (those with the money) will be flocking to the place that sells this Panda Poop Tea.

The right kind of people are magnetically drawn to this type of product.  People with disposable income. People who LOVE a good story and can’t wait to be the first to tell their friends what they did or bought.

People who are willing to pay an extremely high price for either bragging rights, or for that ultimate experience they can share with their friends and family.

The kind of person you NEED as part of your customer portfolio.

We all should have  segment of our customer population that is wealthy, affluent, and looking for something unique.

You’ve heard me talk about Saddleback Leather (  Their prices are reasonable but on the higher side for leather bags like they have.  But the STORY behind their beautiful leather bags and 100 YEAR guarantee make

Saddle Back Leather

THe BEST Leather Bags Out There

for a very compelling Valentines Gift, or Birthday Gift, or that special gift for anyone and everyone you know who loves quality leather goods (hint, hint….Valentines Day is just around the corner!).

Now we have $100 hot dogs!


Just down the street you can pick up a $2 hotdog from a cart….but the “most expensive hot dog in the world” – a $100 cognac-infused sausage topped with oil-seared Kobe beef, lobster meat and a picante sauce.The foot-long bratwurst is infused with 100-year-old Louis XIII cognac – which has a $2,000 price tag of its own – and must be ordered 12 hours in advance so fresh ingredients can be prepped.

Now THAT is how you get media attention, world record breaking Guiness attention, and how you call out to the locals who have the money and are looking for something fun they can put their money into.

You see a BIG part of marketing to the affluent is in the experience side.

Quality is quality.

But experiences are tough to compare and tough to ignore.  When you have $1,000 in your pocket that’s consider pocket money for the day (every day), you start looking for unusual places to spend.

You can star out the day with some Cat poop coffee.  Have some Panda poop tea for a mid-morning picker upper, then a $100 hotdog that is infused with $2,000 cognac.  By 1 pm that day, you have had such a unique experience to share, it is WELL worth the money to you.

Not to everyone…

…that’s the point.

Marketing to the affluent is difficult for people to get their heads wrapped around.

Because most people think price is the major factor in buying decisions.

It isn’t.  It plays its part, but it isn’t the big part.

Especially when catering to those who high disposable income.

When I interviewed Dave Munson of Saddleback Leather, he revealed one of their HOTTEST sources of leads… a place I never would have thought of… but a place that is full of wealthy story-seekers.  I have never shared his source, but may one day when the timing is right.

So for you, I want you to think about the craziest, whackiest, most pie-in-the-sky concoction of products and services YOU could be offering.

Something that would increase your prices by a factor of 10.

And then consider how you can offer it.

I am not saying you need to replace your other products or services…just to add in ONE product worthy of media attention like all of the businesses here are lapping up.

If you have that one thing now – or know of one like it – PLEASE let me know!

I would love to do a write up on it and share some publicity with others (possibly a JV on a affluent marketing product I am working on too).

Think about adding a zero, or even two zeroes to y9our products.  What would you need to do…to offer…to promise… or to add into it to justify the expense.

Market it right and you just created a HUGE profit center!

And you are off to the races with all kinds of media attention and a whole new kind of client you can work with.

Try it and please let me know what you do.

I would love to interview you on this!


PS: The Story Selling Home Study is just about ready and it will be a big help to you in creating the ultimate marketing tools to promote your new product. One of the grads of a previous live Story Selling class wrote a single page letter for a client of theirs and their website went from $500 a month to $15,000 a month in sales, almost overnight….and all because of this one page story.

Find out how he did it and how you can too.

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The curious case of the “bespoke brief”

Another bizarre email request came through my blog today.

I wanted to share with you the email I got, and the unusual lessons that are inside.

First, I get lots of requests through my blog contact page.

Some of them are for helping with marketing campaigns, others are asking for money, some are joint venture requests, and then other times….I get this kind of nonsense.

“I hope you are well. {NOTE: no personalization – shows a lack of real effort or research on who actually writes for the site.  It would take about 2.3 seconds at the most to figure out my name}
After reading your blog, I think you may be interested in a project I run that would be great for your site.

{NOTE: if they truly read my blog, they should have put something in here to prove that they did, and didn’t just hire someone to do this en masse}

We are looking for partners that we can place a page of our high quality editorial content with, in which the article will be written directly to a bespoke brief produced by you. In exchange we would like to place a link back to one of our blue chips client’s sites.

{NOTE: ‘Bespoke brief’?  Who talks like that?  I sure as hell don’t! Nor would I EVER recommend you do.  I had to think about what it actually meant…and any time you ask someone to get out a dictionary to decipher your message, they are done…toast…vamoose…later gator.  Never try and impress people with your creative use of big words.  It doesn’t impress anyone}

{NOTE: So they want to put one of their clients content pieces on my site, with my endorsement, and a link back to their client’s sites?  Wow! I am so excited!!!  What an amazing opportunity for me.  I am such a lucky guy and this is the opportunity of a lifetime for me! What am I waiting for…this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. YEESH.  That is the best they can do, is it?  There is truly NOTHING in it for me with their offer. Put crap up on MY site with a link back to some other person’s site…how enticing.  How about I write my own content and link back to MY products, services, or recommended resources? Go figure.}

We endeavour to produce the highest quality content for our partner sites. I can assure you that all of our clients are recognised corporate brands, so the quality of your site will not be affected by the link within it.I’m sure you receive many e-mails similar to this, offering services at the lower end of the quality spectrum. {company name} Limited have worked on a high end proposition, we are content providers not spammy link builders. Please visit www.{removed for privacy}.com so you can get more of a feel for who we are and what we do.

{NOTES: Yes I do get lots of this nonsense…thanks for thinking of me.  Yours is no better and actually may be worse.  Now go away please.}

If you are interested in partnering with us, or have any questions regarding this opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact me.

{NOTE: Can’t wait!}

I look forward to hearing from you.Kindest Regards


Maybe these guys have a great business doing this, I have no idea. The approach they took with this email SUCKED though.  I can’t think of a more useless piece of trash.

Always remember when soliciting new business….the potential customer you are contacting has 2 very important questions they quickly want an answer to:

1) “What’s in it for me?”  This email never once answered that question.  Yet it is the most important one of all.   Put some serious thought into the answer to this when writing emails or approaching prospects.  If you don’t address this – expect them to dismiss your ‘wonderful offer’ much like I have here.

2) “So what?”   Each and every line in your email request (or letter, or postcard, etc) should answer the question.  Put content on my site? So what?  I write my own.  A link back to their site?  So what?  I don’t want to promote some moron I don’t know, trust, or like.

Put some thought into your emails and prospecting efforts.


Don’t let your email request get caught in a review like this one!

Answer those 2 questions and you will get a much more friendly response than this :O)



Ok, let’s talk about what makes you weird

Let’s talk about your….



Bizarre behaviours.

Unusual beginnings and family ties.

The first step is admitting we all have them.

The second step is to get them out there!

Leveraging your personal stories in business is a touch-and-go thing. You can’t get too caught up in it.  You can’t share some things far too intimate that you wouldn’t share with your best friend.

But you need to seriously get some eccentricities built into your marketing.

It’s why people read and love Harry Potter books (each character in the story line has certain things about them that make them off-the-wall and unusual).

It’s why people watch Regis every day, and have done so for decades (his opening monologue is full of his daily life-doings and mishaps).

It’s why people watched and were hooked on Oprah’s show.  Who doesn’t know about her problems with relationships (including the present one that has been front and center for a long time… I had lunch with Stedman 7 years ago… seemed like a very nice guy :O)

It’s why reality shows are all the rage!

These so-called reality stars are usually a bunch of yee haws with more quirks than personality.

They have jaded histories.

They have tempers.

They have drinking problems.

They have serious people issues.

Whatever their issue is… people love it and watch just for that.

Weaving stories about your own quicks and traits into your marketing will be the best darned thing you could EVER do.

Think about the things (and write them down) that have made you who you are today.

– hobbies
– passions
– eccentricities
– secrets
– quirks
– dare devil tendencies
– self-destructive tendencies
– unusual past jobs
– present day friends or family with unusual stories or family members

Each and every one of these is a GREAT starting point for your story-based marketing campaign.

But you have to get your list down, PICK ONE, and write about it.  Find a way to tie it into your business and or promotion.

And just see what happens.

The more you do it, the more people will love you for it.

Do it on a regular basis and they become a raving fan, and a Regis-like watcher that sticks with you through thick and thin.

Try it.



PS: If you are interested in the Story Selling Coaching system, but aren’t willing to invest $495 in the one-on-one coaching program, I have another option for you.  I am just getting the transcripts done of the past coaching class and am willing to give you a VERY SPECIAL Powerful Personalities special.

You get the 31k Club series of writing lessons as well as the audios and transcripts of the last 6-session coaching series.  For only $99.

If you want in, either Paypal me the $99 (US or CDN – they are almost the same right now), or you can reply back and I will send you a private link.  This has never been offered again and may never be again – I will see if you like the idea or not.  The material is gold when used – worth many, many times the investment.

Let me know your thoughts (paypal to this same email [email protected])