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He’s old and crotchety… but FULL of exceptional marketing advice

Drayton Bird is old and crotchety… he’s always quick to tell you that.

He’s prolific in marketing and ad copy.

He’s one of the greatest direct marketing minds in the world.

He has written ads for nearly every industry out there… and his results
have been stellar.

He has a fantastic sense of humour (as you will see on this free audio
I am about to share – I laughed the entire 74 minutes while talking to him –
and STILL managed to write down 4 pages of notes from this genius).

He also shares freely, as you can see on the audio I have for you here:

He ALSO is offering a fantastic opportunity to sit at his side and watch
him show you how to build a bigger business, how to write better copy,
and how to leverage his 50+ years of direct marketing experience into a
marketing breakthrough.

The only downside to the event he is hosting?

…It is in London.

And for some people, it may not be an option. I am scheduled to speak in Edmonton
at the same time (with some of the Dragon’s Den stars, I am proud to say).
So I may have to miss it – but am trying to shuffle speaking slots as well.

If you want to learn from one of the greatest marketing minds in the world
(according to many of the legends like David Ogilvy), then have a look at
what he has going –

“Success leaves clues” and Drayton Bird has left 50+ YEARS of direct
marketing success clues here for you today – both in the interview
and hopefully you can join him in London in October.

To your success.


PS: I have been traveling quite a bit this summer and have some fun
and informative articles coming soon. Watch for the Amish Marketing
Secrets email and some wacky ideas for your fall promotions, which
you can get fired up starting September 15th with the Story Selling
Coaching Club


Saddleback Leather Strikes Again

If you have been reading my blog for some time now, you know I have a man-crush on Saddleback Leather.

They are absolutely beautiful products (my medium sized Moleskine cover in Tobacco color is at my side daily, you can see it under the Wallets section of the Saddleback Leather website).

Not only do their products rock, their marketing and story telling is beautifully done (wish he shared more of his writings, but am happy with videos like this one below tells it all).

You should have a look at the article I wrote about Saddleback – it is packed with some excellent insights into how they have done so well in a saturated market (high end leather goods).

You can find the Saddleback Leather marketing article here

Have a poke around my article and their website – and notice how many raving fans they have!

Something for ALL of us to aspire to.



Marketing stickiness


Does your marketing look like it's buried in the clutter?

11  important rules you need to stick to if you want to succeed in your marketing:

1)      The purpose of your marketing is NOT to showcase your brand, your logo, (it does not need

to be for them to buy something, as it can be for them to take some kind of action like visiting a web page to get something for free)

2)      You MUST learn how to create compelling offers that get them to take those actions.

3)      Each of the marketing campaigns you launch will consist of a minimum of 3 steps.  In other words, when communicating with your clients and prospects, you must send at least 3 different pieces to them in order to call it a properly designed campaign (and one that will actually work and help you achieve goal #1 from above)

4)      No more cutesy sayings and vague one-liners that say and do nothing that take you closer to goal #1. Again, a cute radio ad is useless if it doesn’t generate you leads or make you money.

5)      You will learn how to become a more natural writer, and use those skills to further build on goal #1

6)      Your personality in your marketing is your greatest asset. Don’t hide the fact that you are a real live person, like most business owners do. They try and mask the size of their company… pretending to be a big company.  Putting your face and personality front and center in all your marketing will do more for your sales than anything else you do.

7) Effective advertising rarely looks like advertising.

8)      Effective advertising stops your ideal customer in their tracks and literally forces them to start reading your ad.

9)      Effective advertising always has some form of tracking mechanism in place so you know exactly if it is working, or not.

My first few years into copywriting, I had logged 2,000 hours of writing and studying from the masters (I tracked my hours).

Since discovering this thing called copywriting, I have a whole new world in front of me.  I see why most businesses struggle.  I see why people think marketing doesn’t work. I see why most people think advertising is a waste of money. And I see why some companies go on and accomplish amazing things in record time.

I have had the privilege to work with some incredible people, from all over the world. Movie stars. Bestselling authors. Public speakers. Inventors.  Real estate investors and developers.  Information publishers.  All said and done, there are probably 35+ industries I have helped now.  And have made them millions and millions of dollars in short periods of time.


Why do I share this with you? Because just 7 years ago I had no idea what marketing was or how it worked.  Today, I am an internationally-known entrepreneur who has helped thousands of people turn their businesses around.  Every week, my articles go out to thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners spanning the globe.  And I absolutely love seeing the look in a client’s eye when they hit their first grand slam in marketing. The pay doesn’t hurt either.

If I can do it, so can you.  I failed English in high school and university.  But I quickly discovered that real marketing doesn’t care about proper grammar.  As you will see in this article, real marketing breaks many of the rules of proper English.

Yet it works… and the results speak for themselves.



I LOVE your comments… good and bad.  Let me know what I can do to help you grow your business faster and more profitably.




An Ode To Entrepreneurs

This is for you if you’re an entrepreneur (or one in the making) …

We are the dreamers.
The visionaries.
The doers.

We are your neighbors.
Your friends.
Or your family.

We pursue our dreams, rather than letting them die a slow death.
We’ve learned to ignore the negative people in our lives.

We know we are different.
And we relish in it.

We are unemployable.

We are good people.

We are writers.
Directors and creatives.

We have a disdain for bureaucracy and red tape.

We love to build and enjoy our creations.

We are most definitely off the wall.
…Yet the most sane of them all.

We are passionate about our trade.
Yet we realize most people would never leave the ‘security’ of a job to live their dreams like we do.

We are the biggest employers out there.
We stick to it, amidst economic turmoil and media frenzied trash talking.

Thank the entrepreneurs that you know.
Tell them to keep on plugging and building.

Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.
We are the future.


If you’re a consultant, you’ll love this

I helping other entrepreneurs and consultants.

In 22 years, I have been:

* a House painter and franchise owner (consulting on colors)
* a Unix systems consultant
* a multi-media consultant
* a storage and backup consultant
* 10 of those years as a marketing and copywriting consultant

I have loved nearly every moment of it… but knowing what I now know, I would certainly change a few things if I had a hot tub time machine.

When Michael Zipursky asked me to contribute to his Masters of Consulting book, I jumped at the opportunity to share some of my insights.

Some of what you will discover:

* The 3 words that will help you land any client you want.masters-of-consulting
* A pricing plan strategy that is backed by science and works 90% of the time.
* Discover how to expand your business and make much more money through outsourcing the right way.
* Why 95% of the marketplace isn’t for you, and how to find that golden 5%.

…and much more.

Full details on his new Masters of Consulting Interviews bundle is at this link here.

If you are in a business where you are consulting with others, this is a fantastic resource I am proud to be a part of.