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Destined for jail… now doing the rock star jive from stage

A good friend of mine with a great first name needs your help today.

I am fully supporting him on this – and I honestly feel you’ll love this story.

Troy Payne is a very inspirational guy that has helped thousands of kids and adults get through tough times.

He was handed a family situation that no one would want… but he found a way to avoid jail and become what he had within him.

…Broken…beaten…destined for jail.

But he avoided what most thought inevitable and now turns people’s lives around.

Troy also wrote this fantastic book and needs your help.

He has an incredible story to share and is destined to be a best selling author…troy payne

…today he is pulling out all the stops to make it so.

First, go to and see for yourself the story behind the story.

Then pick up a copy or three (they make perfect gifts for anyone in your life that needs a helping hand).

Last, send this to your friends as well.

Troy has arranged a bundle of free gifts if you buy The Road to Resiliency today.

I can’t do it justice here, but the website can

Please help out Troy today!

Thanks for your help.


PS: Today is a special day and The Road to Resiliency is destined to hit the best seller charts.
Troy has captured the hearts and imagination of thousands of people in North America… and
now wants to share his story with you and those you love.

Please help Troy today – this story that needs to be shared.


Creating a ‘Calgary Stampede’ Of New Clients

SCalgary Stampede, Troy White, Marketingtarting July 8th, Calgary (where I live) turns into a complete country party town for 10 days.

The Calgary Stampede is an event that’s been running since 1886 – and lays claim to The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth.

We get probably half a million visitors in to Calgary during the 10 day event (which is amazing since Calgary is 1 million people- we add 50% of our population in 10 days).

Get this, the total take home winnings from the Stampede Rodeo is a whopping $1.6 Million – which is now the largest prize winnings of any rodeo in the world, from my understanding.

You’d certainly have to pay me well to sit on a bucking bull! $1.6M would about do it ;o)

What would make people travel from all over the world to see the Stampede?

***> HINT: The lessons of the Stampede can easily be adapted to your business.

1) An annual event like no other – there are rodeos all over the world – but Calgary has a 1 million dollar rodeo purse so this is NOT like all the others. People look forward to the Stampede for months to come. The best Rodeo stars from across the world gladly come to Calgary to fight for the main prize.

Make your special events special – and something worthwhile coming to.

2) The customers “get into it” like no where else in the world. Imagine this… Thursday night before the party begins on Friday you leave your office all dressed in suit and tie (I remember it well – uhhgg). Friday morning – everyone from the corporate CEO’s right to the mail clerks dress up in their western attire (hats, boots, belt buckles, and jeans). And they stay that way for the whole 10 days.

WARNING: If you are in Calgary from out of town and mistakenly wear a tie – it WILL be cut off by the nearest person with a pair of scissors.

The customers dress the part and *gladly* become part of the culture.

3) The Party racks up there with the best in the world – many people save their money, and their livers, for the party that happens.

The saying for the week is: “Drink triples, see double and act single” – and lots of people heed that advice.

The bar staff is dressed skimpy enough to make Hugh Heffner smile with glee.

And people really do travel from across the world – JUST for the party.

Make an event so exclusive that they are willing to *do whatever it takes* to be there.

4) Tons of events, goodies, and freebies. Every day during the stampede you can walk down the street and catch yourself some free breakfast – pancakes, sausage and eggs (and if you catch the good private parties they are serving vodka and orange juice by 7 am – told you it was a party).

Line ups around the block for the Stampede Breakfasts (almost always complimentary).

Corporate Calgary’s way of giving back and saying thank you.

5) It is unique to have an entire city dress, act and drink the part. Tons of fun (drinking or non) for the whole family. Great midway with tons of rides and things to do. The people watching is nothing short of amazing in itself.

When everyone is part – it’s a very amazing experience for everyone involved.

***> Lessons From The Stampede For Your Business < ***

– Make your special events special – and something worthwhile coming to.

– The customers dress the part and *gladly* become part of the culture.

– Making an event so exclusive that they are willing to *do whatever it takes* to be here.

– Giving back and saying thank you to all those that got you there.

– When everyone is part (from CEO’s to entry level clerks) – it is a very amazing experience for everyone involved.

– Have fun and lighten things up a little and people will notice.

Have a great week and happy Stamped’n!



my 24 word article about the vancouver riot

Post every one of their pictures on the internet
and let people report them if they know them
…charge every single one of them.


Canada Post’s Secret… Uncovered and Exploited by the USPS

I have long been preaching the power of using direct mail to complement your online marketing efforts.


Because ‘everyone’ is NOT online.

Because ‘everyone’ do NOT prefer email to print mail.

Because ‘everyone’ is not on Facebook and Twitter.

There is a huge opportunity to leverage the dinosaurs we call our postal service into your marketing.

And the United States Postal System just figured out one of Canada Post’s little secrets.

Yes, for many years now, astute marketers were using Unaddressed Admail in Canada. Direct to the door mail for 11.9 cents per household.

Fantastic for lead generation!

But until recently, the USPS didn’t have a service that would work like Canada Posts Unaddressed Direct Mail tools.

…Until now…

What it means to everyone is that there are now more options south of the 49th parallel.

And it also means it is TIME to get serious about using this tool.

If you need help – let me know.

If you want a webinar around this – let me know.

This is a fantastic tool for geo targeting of your prospects and clients.

Hope you are using it!!

Let me know your thoughts.

(I also have a product called Direct Mail Detox
that you will find helpful for generating QUALIFIED leads)


PS: I should also share the fact that I have seen some incredible results using this next-to-free direct mail tool. One client in a very competitive, commodity type business used a flier I did up and we used Unaddressed Admail to businesses – and got an incredible 12:1 return on their investment. Another sold a number of high end home products (average price of each piece if $800) for a whopping $300 investment in mailing and postal services.

This is a great way to find leads and make sales. Definitely worth your time to test.


Where else will you find… “As my boat sank into the Zambezi”

Fellow Business Builder,

The J. Peterman catalogue is a masterpiece of mixing romance and storytelling, finished off with a dash of practicality and concern with the highest quality product and service possible.

Not too long ago I had written a post about J. Peterman on my own blog.

Not long after, I got a very pleasant surprise and received an email from Jonathan Sexton, Gladiator for the J. Peterman Company (or as he says, drab title ­ Director of Marketing).

He complimented me on the article and we have agreed to do a teleseminar discussing J. Peterman’s success… failure… and resurgence in popularity.

I thoroughly enjoyed Peterman’s book,
“Peterman Rides Again”.

If you haven’t read it before… you need to.

His book is packed with exceptional storytelling and a very insightful look into the life of this unusual garment globe-trotter.

It all started with an ankle length duster – a long, simple riding coat that John Peterman purchased during a trip to Wyoming. “I wore that coat and people wanted to buy it off my back” said Peterman.

As he took his initial purchase and turned it into a mail order company, he found his flair for writing and eye for unusual items was drawing in people who were looking for something out of the ordinary.

The first full year selling J Peterman Dusters he sold $580,000 worth that year. That led to the J. Peterman shirt… which was another great seller… which led to another… and another.

John Peterman would travel the world looking for unusual items that people normally wouldn’t be able to find, or had romance and stories built right into them.

And he succeeded.

The catalogue that started a cult…

As you may know, his catalog, the Owner’s Manual, was a masterpiece.

…Using hand drawn sketches rather than photographs.
…Using long copy to romance the reader, rather than short, typical, catalogue copy.

The J Peterman Owner’s Manual was the secret (and sacred) tool that like-minded people would cherish and read out loud amongst their closest friends on the inside.

It was an odd shape as well… 5 ½ by 10 ½ inches.

The catalog itself became a thing of legend and celebrities quickly became devoted fans and buyers.

A list of just a few J. Peterman fans (and customers):

Nicole Kidman
Tom Cruise
Clint Eastwood
Tom Brokaw
Paul Newman
Joanne Woodward
Kim Bassinger
Tom Hanks
Mia Farrow
Bill Murray
Angela Lansbury
Sidney Pollack
Jerry Seinfeld
…to name just a few

Wouldn’t you just love to have a client list like that?

In 1991 the New York Times called him the Merchant Poet.

His success bloomed and his reputation became legendary among the discerning, more affluent crowd.

And then Seinfeld hit in 1995

With no advance warning, J. Peterman became a character on the hit sitcom, Seinfeld.

Seinfeld caught J Peterman by surprise – and it took them from having a catalog that was a well-kept secret to having no secret at all.

The growth was phenomenal and debilitating.

The phones lines lit up and people wanted more.

They bought… he expanded.

But something bad started to happen amidst all his success…

Seinfeld show made light of who the real J Peterman was, and it created the wrong impression in the general public eye.

[note: offline… the tv J. Peterman, John O’Hurley , said “J. Peterman answers a need for authenticity in a world that is losing authenticity at a catastrophic rate”]

Something to think about: O’Hurley’s statement reflects much of what is happening right now in our economy. People are distrusting, weary of spending money on the same-old, same-old. They are looking for unusual experiences, exciting new product offers, and a GREAT story they can tell their friends and family.

Don’t you think that maybe… just maybe…
the J. Peterman style of copy could help YOUR business stand out from the clutter?

I certainly think it applies everywhere!

Headlines or copy that reads like this “As my boat sank into the Zambezi I watched my luggage float downstream over Victoria Falls. But the day wasn’t a total loss…” compels people to read… and we all need to find new and innovative ways to bring people into our culture.

What happened to J. Peterman and caused the ultimate demise of this icon?

He lost touch with what made his company so great to begin with, and was focused more on investors and retail expansion, rather than the things that he loved so much about his company.

Expansion into retail destroyed all that he enjoyed most about his business. Cash flow issues continued to plague them.

Ultimately, the expansion caused him to go bankrupt, and his dreams were dashed.

He eventually bought the J. Peterman back out of bankruptcy with the help of friends and family, and is rebuilding it from the ground up (you MUST get on their mailing list, if you aren’t already).

They are again obsessive about the copy… even when he had Don Stanley writing his copy alongside him.

Back in the boomtime, the sheer volume of copy needed meant they need to expand and find other writers who could match their flair for persuasive story telling through catalog copy.

They were very picky on who wrote for them and how the copy sounded. One writer needed to sound just as appealing as the next… and they all needed to sound just like the infamous J. Peterman wrote it himself.

Some lessons from J. Peterman:

• He created a brand character that developed a life of it’s own (much like the Tommy Bahama character does).

• Build practical romance into your copy and the experience your buyers have with your company

• Attaching emotional meaning and feeling to clothing and everyday items you may put in your home or business.

• Focus on the best customer service possible. Develop the attitude that your service and guarantees are to be upheld to the point that anything and everything is guaranteed. Make it so people WANT to tell others about how great your customer service is. In his book, they talk about a return they got on a pair of boots that were obviously worn for work on a farm and in the fields. They were worn out and the customer wanted a refund. Most companies would say no. J. Peterman knew that if he gave the gentleman a new pair, word would spread. And it did… quickly.

• Truly think through the experience you give your prospects and buyers… how can you incorporate more Peterman style copy into your business?

• Do you tell the real adventures you go through to find components to your products? Or how you invented your newest creation? Or what the actual experience you provide delivers to the clients?

• Do you use catalogs? Could you? Again, go to and sign up for their newsletter. Read their copy, and think through how you could romanticize your products and services like they do. (it IS possible to do, you have to use your creativity and writers voice to find it, and you will). Look at how a jacket and skirt becomes an experience. Or how a cologne can increase your heart rate and make you feel warm.


Harriet and Lord Peter jacket, $285, and pleated skirt, $175:

They met in her cell in the Old Bailey. Had she fed arsenic to her lover? Had she? He proved her innocent. Met again in Oxford. (She wore this outfit.) He courted her; punting on the Cherwell, quail’s eggs, wit, an antique ivory chess set. Proposed in Latin: “Placetne?” Oh, yes. It pleased her.

Shocking rabbit fur hat, $245:

Shocking to see someone this young, this independent, so beautifully dressed. Shocking to find out she was not who she said she was. Shocking to see her walk off the QE2, into the arms of an unsuitable man, just an ordinary bounder.

The other passengers couldn’t stop looking. At what she wore, how she wore it, the way they looked at each other, the way they still do.

Dominica Bay Rum.

The Small Island of Dominica. Columbus discovered it, named it, and left it alone. It’s north of Martinique. And it is the home, since 1907, of a very good West Indian Bay Rum manufactured under the Dominica brand-name.

Bay Rum has a fairly quiet scent, less strong than anything called perfume, less strong than anything called aftershave, but not so quiet as to be boring.

It is, in fact, quite sexy.

It is sexy the way skin begins to smell from strong sun, salt water, steel drums, breaking waves, moving palm branches and giggling coming from somewhere.

Men liked Bay Rum long before 1907, when the Dominica brand started. Men have liked Bay Rum since Spanish Main days. They like it for the least complicated reason in the world: it smells good.

A decent gift which often turns into a lifetime habit.

Dominica Bay Rum (No. 1044), 10 fl. oz. Imported.

NOW is the time to use incredible story telling and copy like this.

People are looking for new experiences and new ways to buy… this approach can easily make your company stand out from any and every competitor you have.

Last: if you want to dig deeper into the J. Peterman success story and learn how to incorporate their techniques into your own business, sign up for the free call recording at

What would be your TOP question you would like to ask their Director of Marketing? Leave your best questions below and we will see how much quality information Jonathan Sexton can give us.

Make sure you read their site, and get a copy of John Peterman’s book.

Last – you can get the recording of the call at J Peterman Call


PS: For more advanced marketing secrets of using stories to sell — make sure you are watching for the Marketing Dojang… the greatest kick butt site for creating winning marketing campaigns!


Fictional or real characters in your marketing?

I have been asked a few times about using fictional characters in story telling and marketing.

The question is: “When you create a fictional character, is it unethical? Or is it a good idea?”

Which is a GREAT question.

Story telling and marketing are ALL about capturing peoples attention and imagination.

And characters are what do that for you.

Sometimes you are better off using yourself as the main character in your marketing
(for ex. I have often spoken about Saddleback Leather and the Million Dollar Lobster story –
both use real characters based on the owners of the company)

But there also times when fictional characters can do some incredible things to boost
your customer loyalty and following.

This article shares success stories from both real and fictional characters…

…along with some important questions to ask yourself in figuring out how best to do
your own story design.



PS: I broke my blog this week so it isn’t showing up properly. Lesson learned – STOP trying
to be the tech guy too, Troy! Should have left it to the designers – but I was in a rush and
it cost me.

There is another related article there you should have a look at as well

PPS: Have you picked up a copy of the Small Display Ads report? – a
great way to generate and convert quality leads and buyers.