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I’m pretty sure my mailman is in witness protection…

I always wondered what type of job that would be. You’d get lots of exercise and sun. But also lots of cold, rain and snow in many cities.

My mailman is always switching personalities, disguises, sometimes even gender.

I have a feeling he (maybe she) is hiding something.

Anyhow, in honor of National Mailman’s Day, I want to share some ideas around getting your mail opened and read (that includes e-mail as well)

Also, i have a very special offer below which I have never offered before.

Some ideas around making your email and direct mail more enticing and persuasive.

* Your writing needs to act more like a talk radio show with guests, than a soap box preaching. Compelling talk radio is hard to pull away from when you are interested in the subject. Are you engaging your readers? Are you introducing them to the characters in your life and your business? Telling stories on what happens in your life and in your clients’ lives? You should. Look at Regis – he has been doing talk tv for ~ 400 years or so and is still very popular. He always talks about his personal life – and people love him for it. Are you building those bonds with your clients?

* As you know in my Cash Flow Calendar, I love wacky promotions. Like National Mailman day. Find events you can tie into your story or promotion – heck you can even make a holiday up if you want – declare a day in your honor – your kids honor – your anniversary in business – whatever, there are no rules saying you can’t. (one Story Selling client just sent out a great email about her last trip to the dentist. Most people overlook these ideas for communicating with their clients, astute marketers see it all as opportunity).

* In your Auto Responder sequence – include early on a testimonial from someone who made good with your help, or your products and services (this applies in direct mail just as much)

* Have different spellings for words. Make up words if you need to (but explain what you mean). People love things that stand out. For example – this bottle of wine has a fantastic label. Why can’t you create – make them up – people like them – enjoy them – and look forward to seeing what you will do next time with unique bundles and bizarre names. This wine la It focuses on a fun title – targets a specific type of person – and gives them something to label is fun. It gives them reason to talk about it with their friends. A gal I know that ran a massage studio called her bundle the “61 Minute Vacation Package” – simple – but very effective. Hundreds of other examples available on this site.

* Use your free content to sell – MAJOR over-delivery on free information, tips and helpful or intriguing stories. I realize that this IS work… and it takes time. Which is exactly why your competitors DON’T do it and why you SHOULD. The more content you provide, the greater your perceived level of expertise, the less you have to sell anything – your expertise and contest sells FOR YOU.

Get in the habit of writing for 10 minutes a day. Just dump your thoughts out into some form of printed or online journal (I LOVE for this – its free – and a HUGE gift to keep your thoughts organized. Lord knows, organization is not my thing and this gem saves my butt more times than not!)

* Surveys and questionnaires. Simple – yet rarely used. Have a look at what is going on here (and post your comments too please) – this simple little post and question gives me some invaluable tips on what my clients and prospects want – and don’t want. Took very little time – but has HUGE value to me (and my readers) in the long run.

This may sound harsh but it is meant to help – you DON’T know what your customers and prospects are thinking. You have no clue. Nor do I. The ONLY way we can figure that out is to ask them in a survey – or run a promotion and guess their hot buttons. Both ways show you quickly.

* Mix up your messages. Write text emails. Html emails (I am not a huge fan but understand some of the benefits). Give them pdfs. Offer lots of pictures and articles about your family, friends and work associates. Tell stories. Do the odd promotion. Test out some short videos and audio downloads. Mix them up and see which ones get the greatest response.

* TELL YOUR STORY! I don’t understand why so many people are so scared of doing this. They do want to know your story – your kids – your background. They want to hear fun and wacky things about your pets, your employees, your customers. How do I know? Because I use them – and people love them. Be it the Amish clients I write for, or the trainers, speakers and authors – every single one of them has a story to tell – so do it.

* Share. Give them your favorite tools you found. Your favorite recipes. Your favorite books and movies. People EAT that stuff up. Look at all the reviews on the average Amazon page – it’s there for a reason! It helps sell and bond.

* Put more emphasis on the bonding side of your sales cycle. Create and draw out the flow from when a prospect gets into your funnel – to when they buy. And buy again. The emails you will send them. The videos you will share. The audios. The stories. The promotions. Draw it out and think it through.

I could go on for a long time here… but I won’t.

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Have a great week and keep on writing!



Changes at Clayton Makepeace’s Blog… and what it means to us

You may or may not have seen – I’ve been writing a weekly blog post for the great copywriter, Clayton Makepeace.

Every single week for the past 3 + years.

That’s a LOT of content!

I have met some fantastic people through there – and have loved every minute of it.

Today, Clayton announced some BIG changes moving forward. No longer will there be daily posts by himself and the other writers who contribute. He will post less frequently – and the other writers won’t be writing any longer.

That means I am all yours.

And I would love to hear your feedback.

If you read Clayton’s blog – what did you like best about it? Least?

If you have been reading mine for some time – what do you like best? Least?

I am promising you that I will put more time into helping you make the most of this year…

…and your feedback would be MOST helpful right now.

What would YOU like to see here?

More if the same?

More interviews?

What do you want?

Please share – and I will do the same with fresh, money making, business building content.

Just write below what you would most love to see here.

Thanks – and to new beginnings.