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Spooky success with the 31k club

Have you ever wanted someone to be there at your side to prod you along to greater levels of success?

Someone who would give you the ideas that make you more money?

Someone who can show you the shortcuts to having substantial sales this holiday season?

I have a very unique offer for you today.

No hype, no bull.

Just real actionable tools for go-getters like you and I. (and a stellar deal as well)

I am launching the 31k club starting November 1st.

It is a bonus with something else highly unique I have for you here.

The 31k club is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals who want to get a LOT more done in less time.

Starting November 1st, and running for 31 days I am going to kick your butt to write more (yes, I know Nov only has 30 – work with me here :o)

Every single day for 31 days I am going to give you extra tools, tips and techniques to make your writing flow, and your promotions sing.

You will discover the intense results that happen when you go full out for 31 days.

Your business will grow.

You will grow.

And you will develop a skill that will stick with you for life.

As I mentioned, the 31k club is a free bonus you get when you commit to learning from me and these other masters.

Guys like Ted Nicholas, the $6 billion dollar man. You get over 4 hours with Ted on a recorded session where he shared his copywriting and success formulas. 4 hours sitting at the feet of a multi-billion-dollar-revenue-builder.

Next, Bob Burg. Bob is a genuine great guy who specializes in helping you build word of mouth and referral business. Zero cost, high impact leads and clients.

What entrepreneur doesn’t need help with focus and time management? Les Hewitt is the focus master – and you get 3 hours with his training audios on how to get TWICE as much done in half the time.

Website not working? Daniel Levis walks you through his 5R system for maximum sales with minimum web traffic.

Plus you get extra bonuses and some surprise gifts and audios.

Invest in learning from the masters, and I will gift you the 31k club … plus, if you go through the 31k club with me to the end – you get a nice signature story trophy for your office, and some great mentions and pr in upcoming newsletters and blog posts.

So – are you up for the challenge?

Do you need help growing your business in the next month?

I will kick your butt and make you succeed with your writing in the next 31 days.

I dare you…


Join me in the 31k club and you win all around.

Details and registration are at

To your Spooky Success.


PS: You also can get the audio coaching AND the 31k club for FREE – details on the registration page.


Time Tested Tips for Mastering Your Writing

Finding your voice is something that takes time. It isn’t natural to most people (myself included, I eeked out a sub-par passing grade in English both in High School and University – had to take the Writing class twice to get my grades up)

It really comes down to writing every single day.

While you don’t have to post a new blog every day, you do need to write something. Writing every day helps you develop a more natural rhythm to your writing.

The problem with having “rules” for writing is that none of them apply to everyone. One rule that works for me – may not work for you. And something that works for you – may not work for me.

Some writing ‘rules’ that I like and use, try them out and see how they feel:

* Schedule your writing time like you would schedule any profit producing activity

* Schedule in 1-2 hour blocks (and use the Eugene Schwartz technique and write for 33 minutes, 33 seconds – take a 5 min break – then wrote for another 33:33)

* Write during dead time

* Write during busy times

* Use Evernote to track all your writing and keep it organized

* Get used to the fact that your writing is worth money… the more you write, the more you can market, the more you can make

* Write when you are excited

* Write when you are in a funk

* Learn to think in stories – find something every day that happened to you – something you could build into a story – stories are proven to FAR outperform fact based marketing messages… use this fact to your advantage

* Find industry news, trends, or media mentions that you can use in your writing – store them in Evernote for future reference.

* Write even more

* Write stories about your family, your friends, your business associates.

* Write advertisements that tell a story about your business beginnings and the lessons you have learned

* Write stories about your best customers

* Write stories about your pets

…the key is to write.

It isn’t magic.

But it is profitable.

Try it for a week or two and see you you feel.

I dare you!

Every. Single. Day.

Then let me know how you feel.


Fact selling vs story selling – – Carnegie Mellon research results

Carnegie Mellon did a fascinating study on the power of story telling vs hard core statistics in your marketing.

You may think you know the results, but I bet you would never guess the results and the implications for marketing.

The results surprised me too.

The first test they ran involved a sales letter promoting a non-profit.

The people involved received 2 versions of the sales letter.

One version told a heart wrenching story about a girl that lived in the 3rd world country…

…the other shared the facts on what dismal living conditions the people lived in, the numbers of them without fresh water, without food, etc.

Then they measured how much each of the test groups donated to each letter.

The letter sold 118% more with the story based letter.

So despite what you may think about people who just want the facts, real life shows a very different outcome.

But it gets even more interesting…

Then they tested an approach that used BOTH story and facts in the same letter.

‘Logic’ would say that using both story and facts in the same letter would appeal to the analytical buyers and more emotional buyers all at once.

You’d think it would improve results…

But it did the opposite.

It did sell more than the pure facts approach (25.4% increase), but it sold 39.9% less than the pure story approach.

So story definitely sells far better than the facts based approach.

It gets better…

They then tested a theory that ‘priming’ the different groups would impact sales ad well.

One group they primed by having them do mathematical calculations before being presented with the analytical approach.

The other was primed with more emotional hot buttons and their reactions to emotional hot buttons… Prepped with the emotional words before seeing the emotional words.

Those primed with analytical exercises before the analytical letter bought 12% LESS than the mixed emotions/facts letter.

Those primed with emotional exercises bought basically the same as without the priming (actually 1.7% less).

The lesson?

Sales and marketing campaigns based on emotional stories will outperform anything else.

This works in business to business. This works in business to consumer

Having a great signature story in your marketing campaigns will improve your results…

…I guarantee it.

The first Story Selling Coaching program started up this week.

You can still join, get the recordings, and be fired up to join the rest of us next Tuesday.

If one great story could improve the sales in the Carnegie Mellon study by 118%…

…imagine what it can do for you this holiday season… The busiest shopping season of the year.

You are guaranteed 2 campaigns written in the 6 week program… Each of them could add some serious sales to your business.


Hope you join us… Guaranteed results.

To your story selling success.


PS: As I was wrapping this article up, I realized this was all facts… with a little bit of story mixed in. Which, according to the study is not a good thing.

So I will end with a quick story. I have written extensively about Kinjo Sushi in Calgary. The fact that they are thriving in an industry that has regular business failures.

The fact that they sell out the seats in their restaurant 5-9 TIMES a day.

Yes, 100% sold out over 5 times a day.

They fill the seats – feed them – entertain them – send them on their way… quickly. The fact that the owner of this place used a great story to build his last empire of 35 franchises.

The fact that they have NEVER done advertising before… every single one of their clients come to them as a result of word of mouth.

Why? It’s cold, dead, fish… right?

Well – they have a secret weapon… Peter Kinjo. Peter gets this. He knows that peopel buy when they are entertained and they are given a great story to share with others. And they do!

They tell their friends about the wacky guy and the big knife.
The free sushi they got.
The free chocolate they got.
The incredible service.

That’s all it takes… a great story for your customers to share.

Get your signature story tuned now – there is no better time!


50 years of marketing results… all bottled up in one

If you are looking for a proven way to attract new clients and
improve your revenues, this one is for you.

Drayton bird is one of the most incredible marketers of our time.

He has decades of results in growing companies…

…and he wants to give you his best-of information.

>>> First… I messed up.

This should have gone to you earlier, but the importance of it is
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You will see Drayton has put together an all-star cast for his
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If there is any possible way for you to be in London – just do

Guaranteed to be a highly comprehensive training program for
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…people like you and I that want results… not magical claims.

Real. Results.

Next, Drayton recently gave me 75 minutes of his time on a
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Get the audio recording here…

Five decades of marketing mastery all bottled up in one hilarious

Drayton Bird was a blast to speak with.

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the call, he gave me far more of
his time than I thought I would get.

He shared his history and what has inspired him to continue
writing 6 hours a day for 50 years.

He shared the story of his mothers first direct response letter –
and the staggering results she attained for her non-profit animal
shelter (along with the single key that any non-profit could use
to get the same results).

He shared his formula for creating winning copy.

He shared his incredible insights into the internet marketing

Get the audio recording here…

He inspired me to use more humor and to develop my ability to see
the lighter side in everything that I do.

For now though – see if you can get yourself to the event in London!
Hope you can make it.



Turning 10 on 10/10/10

We were told Katrina wasn’t going to live.

It was 10/10/00 and we had been sent on a medical Lear jet to Vancouver 3 days prior.

Kari’s water broke at 31.5 weeks – a full 8 weeks early.

Due to lack of incubators in our province (over 190 of them were full in the province), we needed to get Kari and these unborn twin babies to a hospital… fast.

Thanks to a wonderful medical staff at the BC Women’s, they were able to give Kari a shot of hormones that helped develop the babies’ lungs at warp-speed.

BC Womens Hospital in Vancouver, BC - Incredible Medical Professionals

Very common with premature babies.

3 days later they decide it was time to come out screaming. And they haven’t stopped in 10 years.


They are the lights of my life.

My girls mean the world to me and I would do anything for them.

They are perfectly healthy 10 year old girls, that were born at 3 pounds each.
It was scary.

Heart-in-your-throat scary.

So, so, so tiny.

Katrina is on the left, Hailey on the right (the only way we could tell them apart at first was Hailey's shaved spot on her head - they had an iv in there for a couple days)

Amongst 100 other very tiny premies as well (many of them were much smaller, even down to half a pound in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in BC Womens.)

I learned a lot about faith, trust and love… with a huge heaping of kangaroo cuddles mixed in.

What’s a kangaroo cuddle?

When my girls were brand new out of the womb-mate stage, they were so fragile that Kari and I would cuddle them, skin-to-skin on our chests.

It is a proven medical marvel with premies and how kangaroos cuddles help them grow and develop faster.

It’s much about the body heat, and the heart beat.

They are side by side next to their womb-mate for 8 months, plus their mothers heart beat.

Then torn out of a nice warm home to a bright, sterile medical hospital with 13 medical staff on hand.

Kangaroo cuddles were awesome.

Kangaroo Cuddles

Feeling that delicate little person next to you for 30-60 minutes at a time was amazing.

They spent 3 more weeks in the Vancouver hospital and then came home for 2 more weeks in a Calgary hospital.

Once they were a whopping ~6 pounds each, time to go home!

Absolutely the best adventure of my life.

I love being a dad… and am good at it. I have my quirks, but I know my girls are being raised right.

Their favorite place to shop is not the toy store… it’s the book store.

And one of their favorite hobbies?

Writing, of course.

They each have their first ghost story written.

This Sunday is their birthday.

Their 10th.

That means they are officially turning 10 on 10/10/10 – the coolest birthday EVER.

Growing up way too fast for my liking (Hailey on left, Katrina on right)

I am sure they are destined for greatness, with a birthday like that.

We are having an Alice in wonderland Party for them, and I get to be the Mad Hatter :o)


Pictures will follow.

I hope you indulge me this week to share a personal story, rather than a business one.

I took your feedback on previous posts, and have just launched a new Story Selling program for business. If you love a good story, and want to start using more stories in your marketing, you may be interested in this.

Have a great weekend!


P.s. I got in trouble last night from Kari. She was out with the girls selling girl guide cookies and when they were asked the price they said “eight dollars for two boxes“. The lady asked about one box. Which they responded “no we are selling two boxes for eight”. After leaving, Kari questioned them, and Hailey said “Well, daddy told us to sell them two at a time, they sell faster!”

This looks like trouble...