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Facebook advertising

We all know the numbers…

500 MILLION users.

Nothing else you need to know.

If you want to tap into a VERY powerful database, Facebook is something you should be researching.

Are your ideal clients on Facebook?

With half a BILLION users, don’t jump to conclusions until you actually do your research.

2 years ago (wayyyy before all the ‘gurus’ started hyping their wares on Facebook advertising), I saw great success with Facebook ads.

From a $15 ad investment, I was able to sell $2,500 in seminar seats.

Not a bad return!

Things are much more competitive now, but the size of Facebook is growing by the second. If the founder doesn’t mess it all up, it will be one of the MOST powerful marketing databases in the world.

I recently interview Brian Bagnall on the power of Facebook advertising and how anyone can start using it today.

Here is the mp3 recording of that call.

Enjoy – and see you on Facebook!



Honesty in advertising

This, by far, is one of the best movies ever… especially if you own a business… or want better results from your advertising.

If you haven’t seen Crazy People with Dudley Moore and Darrel Hannah yet – get it!

I am on my… ahhhh…. 10th time through it by now.

Every time I watch it – I pick up on something new (ok – maybe just have a great laugh every time).

Dudley Moore stars as Emory Lesson, an advertising genius who ends up in an insane asylum.

What made him “crazy”?

Emory had enough of creating phony advertising and hypy garbage (none of that on the web now is there?) and decides to create his own campaigns that tell… the truth.

Advertising with truth – what a concept!

Since sex sells, Emory crafts an explicit ad campaign consisting of unadorned sexuality…

“Jaguar-For men who want hand-jobs from beautiful women they hardly know”

His colleagues take such great offense to the honesty in the ad – they decide he is now unfit and commit him to an asylum.

Undoubtedly, he fights it – but soon settles in to find a beautiful new friend Kathy (Daryl Hannah), and bunch of wacky misfits that are eerily comforting to his new home life.

Where it starts getting really good is when his ad agency accidentally runs a bunch of his “honest ads” and finds that consumers absolutely LOVE them – and buy the products being sold in droves.

Emory also finds that the crazy people are natural-born advertising geniuses… and a new business is born. Honest Ads being creating out of an insane asylum. And they are major hits.

The ads hit home run after home run… and the laughs are great.

A few more ads in the movie…

“Metamucil- It helps you go to the toilet. If you don’t use it, you will get cancer and die.”

“Porsche-It’s a little too small to get laid in, but you get laid the minute you get out of it.”

“Come in Jamaica”

Needless to say – if you are in marketing and want to pick up an idea or two on creating more effective advertisements… watch this movie.

The truth behind it is real – people want honesty – and will buy when it is given to them.

My highest recommendation. Pick up a copy and watch it soon – your bank account will thank you.


PS: Here is another painfully truthful commercial spot – and I love it! (don’t you think that honesty like this would make a HUGE difference in sales results? Not only that, how much easier it is to create a down to earth video like this!)


Feeling Stuck or Confused In Your Business?

Most times the answer is right in front of you

You ever felt lost, dazed and confused?

Can’t see the answer to that nagging business problem?

It happens to all of us.

To me quite recently.

I was struggling with an idea and what to do with it.

So I tossed and turned.

Mindmapped it.

Lost sleep over it.

and then…

…lo and behold… the phone message I got pried open the door I was looking for.

I returned the call – and got some seriously GREAT additions to my idea.

Additions that will help my clients and help me build my own business.

All because I was overlooking my most important asset – the people I know.

If you are lost or confused and need help, have you gone out to your network of people?

Not with an email.

With a real live (gasp) phone call.

Something amazing happens when ear meets phone – a connection is made and big things start to stir.

Sometimes minds and melded and breakthrough ideas come forward.

Other times the person on the other end sees something (good or bad) in your problem or idea.

Many times they know exactly who you should next talk to.

…or, in my case, where I could find the exact model to do what I wanted to do.

As I have shared before, I can be a major recluse.

It’s easy.

Keyboard and computer can be my communication tools… and the phone gets neglected.

Which means I am neglecting my contacts, my friends, my family.

What about you?

Are you stuck?

Then pick up the phone and make that call.

Get in touch with the person you know that might have insight for you.

See where it takes you.

Yes, phone calls take much longer than blasting out an email.

But the connection is deeper and amazing things happen when person-to-person communication over the phone takes place.

…a CHALLENGE for you.

Over the next week, I encourage you to pick up the phone and call someone you never call.

Someone that might be able to help you through any business challenge you might have.

One call.

30 minutes of your week.

Who knows where it will take you!

In my case, it gave me the clarity I wanted and the plan of attack I needed to follow.

All in 30 minutes.

Compared to the hours I had wasted stewing about it.

One call.

That might be all it takes.



Is it getting more difficult to get sales?

One thing about today’s economy… you had better be tough to make it out better off than you went in.

The media makes sure you hear all the disturbing trends.

That’s how they make their money.

But their fear mongering won’t help you build your business or live a better quality of life.

You have to take responsibility for that.

So what do you do?

People aren’t spending like they used to.

They are spending less than they used to (only the top 5% income earners are growing their personal expenditures by any significant amount).

They are making buying decisions based on a new criteria that they have set.

They aren’t reading the yellow pages in print.

They aren’t responding like they used to when they saw newspaper and magazine ads.

Now it’s summer and people are paying less attention to all the online commotion.

Again, what do you do?

If you are looking for new ways to grow your business in turbulent times like this, you must start looking at unusual ideas.

Completely different marketing ideas.

New media to place lead generation ads in.

One of the best places to start?

Go FAR outside of your industry…

…to a land far far away.

If you sell computers, look to the restaurant business.

If you run a restaurant, look to the clothing industry.

You sell life insurance? Well, stop looking inside your field, and look to the publishing industry.

The point is that you need to, right now, STOP thinking about you being a computer tech, or a restaurant owner, or a life insurance specialist.

And you need to start thinking like a marketer.

Marketers look for opportunity in the weirdest of places.

When they see something working elsewhere, they don’t say (in a whiny voice): “that won’t work in myyyyyyyyy industry… my buyers are different”.

Yes, your buyers are unique people… but they are people and people buy based on similar patterns and habits.

And if they are buying over there in a wacky promotion going on, you had BETTER get testing ways to take that wacky promotion and make it work for you.

So get busy looking at what promotions catch your eye – online, offline, it doesn’t matter.

Things that stand out to you in the newspaper or magazines you read.

Success stories you read about.

People you talk to who are doing well in business.

Figure out what they are doing, how they are promoting it, and then FIND WAYS to make it fit your offerings.

Tools needed?


That’s it.

Now get busy.

I took a simple little 2 pager that was written for a completely different industry.

I modified it to fit my client.

We got over 15% response.

I modified it again for another client and we saw a 20:1 return on their marketing investment to mail the letter out.

(how many times would you be investing $1 if you knew you would roughly get $20 back? as many as freaking possible, I would hope!)

The letter came from an industry I do not like.

One few people like.

But it worked.

And I modified it to make it work in multiple industries.

It didn’t work every time the first time, but through testing was made to.

If you are interested in a copyright free version of this letter that you can use for your own business… let me know how to get ahold of you and we can talk.

I have to charge you for it – everyone else paid for it.

BUT, I promise it will be a minuscule investment compared to the results it can give you back.

The best ideas come from places you would never think of.

This might be one.

I am offering 10 copies of this letter, one per industry.

Email me at [email protected] if you want to find out more.

And keep your eyes open for those wacky marketing promotions that catch YOUR attention. If they work on you… the odds are good they are working on others!

To your success. Troy


Referral marketing and word of mouth mastery

Listen in as I interview the referral marketing master, David Frey.

This is a very informative (and profitable) 60 minute interview you need to hear.

Why? Because referral marketing and word of mouth are 2 of the most powerful ways any entrepreneur can grow their small business.

Do you have a referral marketing system in place?

Here’s one done for you.


* 6 powerful elements of effective referral generation

* The least leveraged tool you can automate with a simple online site

* 3 fun sites that will spice up the relationships with your clients

* One of the most overlooked reasons for contacting your clients (and why they will LOVE you when you do!)

* Your new 3:1 referral system that will boost the number of referrals you get by 500% (and then the follow up thing you can do to boost the referral numbers by 300% more)

* How to get in front of major players and the big names in your targeted prospect list

* Major circles of influence… how to win them over and get them sending you their best customers

Get your interview here – no sign up needed.

(right click and save to your computer)

Have a fantastic day.