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7 Critical Email Marketing Rules

Here’s how you can increase your sales numbers and attract a better quality client

Email marketing has transformed the way we can grow businesses. From the costly (yet still highly effective) direct mail world with the postage and printing costs… to the new age of instant delivery and little out-of-pocket costs for a mailing.

Email can bring life to your marketing mix and give your prospects and customers an insiders peak into your personality and business endeavors.

That said, email marketing is not a guaranteed moola maker.

In fact, more of them go wrong than right (despite what nonsense many of the ‘gurus’ are feeding you this week).

It doesn’t take much to sit at your computer like I am doing now, and put together a letter to your clients, much like I am to you right now.

What it DOES take is some grey matter to go into your campaign and some formulas that help ensure your odds are improved.

1) Write to ONE person… not hundreds or thousands. Know who your perfect client is. Know them like your best friend. Know what they would say if they were the one writing their life story in a journal.

What would they tell you?
What are their challenges?
What are their frustrations?
What keeps them awake at night tossing and turning?

If you don’t know this – you can’t write effective emails to them. They will come across as bland, stale, and without a personal connection. BUT, when you DO know who they are (intimately) your email will strike a chord with them unlike any others they receive. (fyi: I actually got to know my one client so well that I ended up marrying her :o) 11 years now… twin 9 years daughters to add to the mix. You could say I know her very well 🙂

Marriage and kids... the roller coaster ride of your life!

2) Leverage your personality. One of your greatest assets, yet highly unlikely being used to its potential. Here are a few key things you can use in your copy that may help.

The key to this is to let loose. This is a unique way of getting inside your head and finding real life ways to position you and your business in the buyers mind. Don’t worry about if it is too much or too little… just dump your thoughts on paper.

Sometimes the most unusual of things about you can be the big breakthroughs we are looking for in the marketing and positioning of you.

Have fun… share freely.

* Pet Peeves
* Physical Characteristics (Uniqueness)
* Core Beliefs
* Politics
* Birthplace
* What Are You Pathological About?
* Significant Childhood Events
* Beliefs
* Hobbies
* Education
* Skills
* Interests
* Family
* Talents
* Life Events You Remember Most
* Adventures You Will Never Forget
* Incompetence At?
* Anything You Are A Legend Of?

If you invest a few hours on this, and write down the points you think of as they come to you, that docuement will help you write promotions, articles, blog posts and campaigns for years to come.

A definite worthwhile investment.

3) Always try and include something in your promotions that gives an insight, a tip, or something helpful. Even in your promotions, include a PS or a side bar that is helpful. It helps them justify the time they invest in your materials.

4) What makes you unique in your field? Everyone talks about a USP – but, as you’ve probably seen, they are not that simple to create. Ask anyone what the best USPs are, and you will always hear Dominos Pizza, Fedex, etc. Always the same. Why? Because they aren’t that easy to do. Especially in today’s market with soooo many competitors out there – all doing the same thing you are. But there must be something, just one thing, that makes you unique. Right? Find it – then mention it in every email that goes out. Use it on your websites. On your blog. On your invoices. Everywhere you can – spread the word about the one thing that makes you unique. It doesn’t have to be rocket science – Microsoft doesn’t have one – Coke doesn’t have one – even Apple doesn’t have one. So monster success stories didn’t always get that way with an official USP – they just found one or two things they were good at and made that the focus of their marketing.

5) Call to action. Obvious… but not used. Every email you send should have a call to action. That does not mean you sell something every time you email… that is a dangerous path to take. The call to action could be to visit your blog, or reply back with comments, or to fill out a survey (the unsung hero of getting to know your customers). Just ask them to do something.

You should aim for 4 times as much content as promotions.

So one out of every 4 – 5 emails you send can be a promotion.

6) Have more fun with graphics. I am as guilty as charged here – but have been testing different approaches with some retail clients of mine. I found some interesting conversion improves with some very untraditional graphics.

Something I recommend you try.

Think about how people ‘traditionally’ think about your business, product or industry. What is the opposite of that? What graphic could be used to show the 2 opposites? Test it – you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

7) Always remember Murphy’s Law in your email marketing. If something can go wrong, chances are it will. Pay very close attention to (speaking from my own mess ups): Deadlines are correct, contact details are correct, dates or holidays are the right one (like my mixup on when Canada day is this week – whoops!), etc.

Plan for a contingency.

Think through your email from the point of view of a brand new prospect to your email list. How would they see it? What would they like about it? Dislike aoutb it? Is it worthy of being passed on?

Do your best to factor these 7 rules into your marketing.

More to come.

Have a great week.

Troy White

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Your 6 month marketing plan at 63.27% off

You know what next Wed is?

If you’re in Canada, it’s Canada Day.

July 1st is also:
Freedom from Fear of Speaking Day
International Joke Day
Financial Freedom Day
1st US Zoo Opened (1874)
International Build A Scarecrow  Day
Children’s Art Day

For any astute marketer, this is a gold mine (ALL business owners should
consider themselves a marketer).

Think about it…

…I just gave you 7 different ideas to run a theme based promotion.

They are unusual.

They are fun.

They stand out from the crowd.

They can be a cash cow if you know how to leverage a wacky event like this
and turn it into something that can build revenues in your business.

The best part?

They also build stronger bonds with your prospects and clients.

It certainly shows them that you are different than the rest, and try to at
least have a little fun in your business.

And they work.

Theme based marketing is one of the greatest ways to improve your cash flow.

Even Dan Kennedy says

“Theme marketing is one of the most powerful things you can do.”

One last thing about July 1st?

We are now officially half-way through the year.


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As long as you send out newsletters, promotions, blog posts, articles…

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Troy White

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“This calendar activates your creativity”

I have found this calendar to be very useful
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your creativity. That is what it did for me.

It is a big help for finding new ideas for marketing
that are highly unusual (and profitable).

Thank you Troy and Kari for this valuable tool.

– Audie Perove –


Drayton Bird… Master Marketer and Free Training For You

What an inspiration!

Many decades of marketing mastery all bottled up in one hilarious gentleman.

Drayton Bird was a blast to speak with.

Right Click here to download the interview with Drayton Bird

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the call, he gave me far more of his time than I thought I would get.

He shared his history and what has inspired him to continue writing 6 hours a day for 50 years.

He shared the story of his mothers first direct response letter – and the staggering results she attained for her non-profit animal shelter (along with the single key that any non-profit could use to get the same results).

He shared his formula for creating winning copy.

He shared his incredible insights into the internet marketing age.

Last, but certainly not least – he shared his humour.  Lots of it.

I haven’t laughed like that in a long time.

He inspired me to use more humour and to develop my ability to see the lighter side in everything that I do.

If you have never heard of his 450 page masterpiece – NOW is the time to look it up on Amazon!

Common Sense Direct Marketing is a huge honking behemoth of a manual.

And it delivers.

For now though – start with the recording of this fantastic call.

Drayton Bird is a master marketer and you need to hear this:

Right Click here to download the interview with Drayton Bird

Would love to hear your comments on this.



PS: MAKE SURE you have a good look at Drayton’s upcoming program in London – this is one
I would hate to miss


How my dog helps me in business

My dog Casino was found wandering a gravel road on an Indian Reservation when he was under 2 months old.

He was malnourished, had a skin disease, and had been kicked in the mouth.

Luckily, Misty Creek Dog Rescue was driving by after collecting another 20 puppies from a certain death on the reserve.

They healed him.

Fed him.
Fattened him.

…and named him Casino, a name they were saving for the right dog.

This little husky mix was that one.

We adopted him when he was 4 months old and have loved every minute of having him since. That was almost 2 years ago.  My 9 year old twin daughters love having a dog and have a blast with himm in the yard and at the off-lease dog park.

I even have pictures of them dressing him up (we promised not to share with his dog park buddies).

We actually finally made the decision to adopt after having our house broken into 2 years ago, while we slept.

It was a stomach-wrenching realization waking up and knowing someone had been in the house while we all slept.  I always thought I would wake up if it happened (as does everyone), but I didn’t hear a thing.

Anyhow, the breakin scared my girls and a dog was soon to follow.

One of the biggest changes that I feel happened has a direct impact on my business.

…And there is a solid lesson in here for you.

My original mentor, the master Ad Writer, Ted Nicholas, once said to me that “walking is the unsung hero of exercise”.

Coming from a guy of his ‘experience’, and the fact that he is still very youthful and full of vitality, I listened.

…in fact, I used Casino as my excuse to get out there more consistently walking.

You know what?

Going for a fast-paced 30 minute walk every morning is a FINE way to start your day.  I walk fast, so every morning I get a good sweat going before tackling anything else.

Me and Casino cruise the neighborhood, stop by the offleash area, and then walk back home to pick up my daughters so we can walk them to school.

It gets me lots of fresh air, some sun, and hours a week of excercise (besides my 3-4 hrs a week in the Tae Kwon Do Dojang).

Here is my point to you…

…if there is any possible way you can start your day with a walk – DO IT!

Even better…

…start writing the SECOND you get back from your walk.  Well, maybe grab some water and a banana first.

It is one of the best ways to start your day.

You will find your mind refreshed, excited, full of oxygen, and ready for a powerful day. Marketing Maniac

Most of the days I am out walking, I am also listening to audios with experts or audio books.

So I am also getting a priceless education!

In the average 1 month span (probably more like 1 week, to be honest) I learn more PRACTICAL tools for growing a business than I did in my 5 years in Business School (Bachelor of Commerce Degree).

You don’t need a dog like Casino to get the benefits I have seen.

All you need is some initiative and commitment.




Just got back from a weekend away with the kids.

We went away to Sundre, Alberta… specifically to Tall Timber Leisure Park. Tall Timber RV Park, Sundre Alberta

To make a long story short, my parents bought 60 acres of land some 31+ years ago and over the years turned it into one of the premier campgrounds in Alberta.  With 360+ privately owned sites and 100 or so overnight sites, Tall Timber has proven itself as a dominant force in the recreational space market.

Numerous others have tried knocking them off and building competitive campgrounds, but Tall Timber is still seen as the high end answer in an every-increasingly cluttered marketplace.

Having spent my entire youth out there picking rocks, cutting miles and miles of lawns, painting, etc, I didn’t really appreciate it as much as I do now.

As for the marketing lessons I have learned by watching them build this from a hilly, rock-filled cow pasture into a premier travel destination, they are many.

But what struck me most this past weekend was the new impressions I formed of the place after talking to some of the lot owners out there.

I realized that many of our own marketing and positioning problems are easily overcome with a fresh eye and a willingness to see things in a way you never have before.

Take Tall Timber, for example:

Tall Timber new playground

One part of the incredible new playground

(1) looking at it from the kids perspective... it is a BLAST!  A brand new $250,000 playground was just installed over the past month.  2 new play sets now welcome the children with open arms.

Everything from swing sets, basketball courts, slides and jungle jims.  Then there are the bike trails.  And the trees they can play in, or build forts. Or going to the river to tube, wade, or build log bridges.  Or the swimming pool and hot tub.  Or the candy store. Or the ice cream store.



So promoting the campground based on the kids perspective is an easy way to makeover your marketing.

That’s what Disney does

(2) Looking at it from the parents perspective. The ultimate escape from busy city life.  Curl up with a great book for an afternoon of adventure, romance or mystery.  Bike paths and walking trails for fitness.  A swim or hot tub in the salt water pools.  Playtime with the kids.  Or having a cold beer next to the fire.

The parents (and non-parents alike) LOVE Tall Timber.  It is an hour and 15 minutes from Calgary (am easy jaunt).  It is beautiful country.  And it (my favorite part) has NO access to internet or cell phones!!  Well, you can get both internet and cell reception if you try – I recommend you don’t. Nothing like a cold beverage and a hot fire

(3) Looking at it from the competitors perspective. Tall Timber is notorious for the strict rules and regulations around parties, quiet hours, proper behavior, no tenting (unless there is a trailer on site too), and covenants around what they can or cannot put on their lots.

Some people don’t like the rules – others love the quality of people that a park like this attracts.

So what does this have to do with your business?

Right now, get out a pad of paper and a pen.

Then pick 3 or 4 different perspectives that somehow relate to your business.

1) your direct competition

2) your ideal clients

3) other people your ideal clients will talk to about your product or service

Write out all the different ways they could see your product or service. Remember, you are not you anymore!  Close one eye (works for me), think through their way of thinking and see things through their eyes.

What would they say?

Write out all the good things they would say… and the bad.

Write out the great story telling pieces they get when they deal with you.

Note what is lacking.

Note what is prevalent throughout.

Note what could become your biggest asset.

Note what could become your biggest hindrance (and think on how you can turn that into an advantage).

Tall Timber has been a significant part of my life.

Troy White and kids at Tall Timber in Sundre

Getting geared up for another fun filled day

Still is.

It was my parents dream.  That is now reality for hundreds of adults and children alike.

I am going to be sharing many more lessons on Tall Timber, including how the volunteer committee was able to personally raise over $250,000 to build this new park.

They used elbow grease.

Sweat equity.


And ingenuity.

They made this park come to life in a tough economic climate and how they did it is inspirational and educational for any serious entrepreneur.

What I want to leave with you today though is a desire to look at your business from the direct, and indirect, buyers perspectives.

In those you can learn more about marketing opportunity than most $1500 marketing packages being sold.

Invest a few hours in this exercise… I guarantee it will pay off in spades.

My Maverick Marketing Club will help you do just that.  More to come on that.

For now, have a great day… and invest some time this week on this drill!


Tall Timber Leisure RV Park

Tall Timber RV Park... From Dirt to Dreams


Zinging along with Joe Sugarman

A great recording just posted and a Calgary Writing class coming

Hope you had a great week.

One of the fun things I did recently was interview Joe Sugarman.

If you don’t know Joe, you may have heard of his sun glass line “BluBlockers”?

Many years ago, Joe was busy running a thriving ad agency when he ran into a line of unusual sunglasses. They were so unusual, he decided to test some unique marketing ideas he had.

One thing led to another and, next thing you know, he was selling 300,000 pairs of glasses every single month!

His line of glasses was a BIG success and allowed him to brand his name, while using direct response to make a mint in the advertising he did.

Something happened a couple years ago that went under the radar

…until the movie “The Hangover” came out.

Next thing you know, people were running to buy BluBlocker sunglasses and a huge sales surge enveloped the company.

Plus, it gave them an entirely new niche they could target.

Joe shared some excellent information with me on this private call.  Things like:

* how to leverage unexpected media attention
* why luck has played a huge part in his recent sales surge…and how you can position yourself to experience more ‘luck’
* the single-most important tool in the entrepreneurs marketing toolkit
* what technology has leveled the playing field for anyone running a small business
* how to find the hidden hook in your product or service (and the easiest place to start)
* 6 of his success secrets that got him where he is today, and will help you fast track your business growth along the way)
* one thing you can change in your ads that could double your response (as it consistently does for him, and it isn’t the headline)
* the counter-intuitive system for breaking free of mediocre sales

…and much more.

The interview with Joe Sugarman can be found here:
Right click and save to your computer

~ ~ ~ ~

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