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9 ways to promote your business in the coming months…

Well, it’s now time to start planning for May/June/July

I realize that you may not be using print mail for yoru
marketing, but I DO highly recommend it.  There is a simple 2
page letter I am using with my clients that is seeing exceptional
results for generating leads and sales.

One person saw a 18% response from the first letter to a list
that had NEVER heard from him before.

Another sent a modified version of the letter to her list of clients
(that hadn’t heard from her in years). She saw well over 12% response
from the first mailing and a substantial sales boost from this simple letter.

Try getting those kind of numbers from your emails… not easy.

I am not saying to stop email – I love email – I am just saying
that print mail can be a fantastic way to communicate with people
(and you aren’t bundled in with the 200 other emails they get
that day).

Look at the time it will take to write your promo, organize
printing and envelope stuffing, mailing etc.  3 weeks can fly by
in no time.

Here are a few upcoming events (with grabber ideas to be attached
to top of the letter – see for a ton of
grabber ideas) that tie in nicely to your promotions:

>>>> MAY <<<<

May 9) Mothers day (ideas: special for mothers, specials for
those who love their mothers, specials for those who want to give
a gift to a mother)

Grabber idea: mini flowers, or a bandaid (mothers were always
great at fixing boo-boos)

May 30) Australia’s first dentist Simon Lear starts to yank out
teeth (1818) – (how many ideas can you come up with around the
idea of yanking teeth – or hating to visit a dentist – or a job
where no one enjoys or appreciates you?)

Grabber idea: tooth on a chain attached, miniature drill, packet
of aspirin

>>>> JUNE <<<<

4) French opera star becomes first women to fly in a balloon
(1784) (how to sail high above the crowds, women breaking free of
everything that held them back, From “singing to sailing”)

Grabber idea: attach a balloon to the top of the letter

13) Alexander the Great dies from over eating (323BC) – perfect
for anything fitness related, food related, over indulging, the
fact that no-one is invincible

Grabber idea: miniature platter of food, mini coffin

15) Benjamin Franklin discovers electricity (1752) – making a
breakthrough discovery, electrify your profits or love life or
money situation.

Grabber idea: light bulb, kite string with key attached

26) Fat, drunk King George IV dies from over eating (1830) –
similar to Alexandar the Great above – could combine the 2 to
make for a VERY powerful introduction – 2 of the worlds greatest
leaders fall to the simplest of pleasures…

Grabber idea: Kings crown, miniature platter of food, mini coffin

>>>> JULY <<<<

8) World’s first supermarket opens in USA (1912) – when
convenience really matters – share the difference between how
things used to be compared to how they are now then compare to
your offering and how much easier you will make things

Grabber idea: mini shopping cart, grocery receipt, savings coupon

15) Flush toilet invented (1588) – are you flushing your money
down the toilet? – things we take for granted (flush versus most
of world without flush)

Grabber idea: mini toilet, toilet paper made into coupon, flush

30) Henry Ford’s B-day – famous quotes from Ford “one color only
– black”, automating things that used to take too much time,

Grabber idea: toy antique car

How can you make the most of this email?

The possibilities to tie in holidays to your promotions are

The key is to pick one, craft a sales letter around the theme,
and get it sent out in a timely manner.

If you need help with getting started,
here is one option I can provide right now

1) Take the Sales Letter Success Workshop and Home Study Course
For a very minimal investment, you can learn exactly how to
create sales letters that sell.

“A great handout package and resources
kit. Lots of unique and inspiring
marketing techniques.

You always deliver more than you promise!

Thanks Troy.”     Kim Palmer

“Huge volume of useful material. Great
value Troy!”

Ann Stewart

PLUS, I will bonus you a copy of the 2 page letter we are using
if you decide to invest in the home study program.

Look forward to more marketing reminder tips in the next few

***> If you can’t find an idea or two for a promotion with all
these big holidays coming up – we REALLY need to talk!

To your marketing success,

Troy White


Lady Gaga… role model or devil in disguise?

If you don’t know already, I write a regular article for Clayton Makepeace every Thursday at Small Business Mastery.

Clayton is a genius at creating multi-million dollar marketing campaigns and has sold well over $1.6 BILLION in his days.  It is an honor to be one of his contributing writers.

Anyhow,  I wrote an article today called Monetizing the Monsters, and it was all about the marketing lessons all of us need to learn from Lady Gaga.

Anita made a comment:

“What do you suggest for those of us that aren’t willing to flash beaver or act like a whore to mask our deficiencies ?”

Which is a good question.  Many people are extremely caught up in the sex side of Lady Gaga. Completely overlooking a very simple way to make your business tand out from all others in your market.

So I wrote her a reply and wanted to post it here, because there is a very powerful story that needs to be shared:

Hi Anita.

Dave said it right – it isn’t about that at all.

It is about doing everything your competition isn’t willing to do – usually all that means is actually showing a personality!

People are so scared of personality driven marketing (look around your local businesses if you doubt me) – yet it will INSTANTLY make the difference.

My original mentor, Ted Nicholas, taught me the major lesson in his Hugging Butcher story.  Told it here in the past and will again.

Husband wife team started a new butcher shop in an affluent area.  Were unaware that the parking lot was being torn up and in disarray for months.

Those who lived in the area didn’t want to drive their BMWs, Mercedes, Lexus, etc through the dust muck and rocks.

So they stopped going.  Business dropped and they were almost bankrupt.

Then they met Ted.  Told Ted their story.

Ted asked about the husband/wife team – personality traits,, etc.

Found out the husband loved to hug people. Husband was a big 6′ 3″ guy.  Ted tells them to go home, rip down the sign, change their name to The Hugging Butcher.

Husband stands at the door and hugs every single person that walks through (man, women, child).

People LOVE it!  Tell their friends and family. Soon enough everyone is coming for a hug.  And buying their meat while there.  (despite the parking lot STILL being ripped up – they were now willing to drive there for other reasons)

Business booms.  Majorly.

All because of a hug.

THAT is why personality driven marketing is so easy to do, and effective for small business.

Nothing to do with showing skin.

It has EVERYTHING to do with showing your personality – and letting it SHINE.

Hope that helps. Troy

Now – my challenge to you... GET BUSY putting your personality into your marketing.  It is the easiest way you can immeeddialte stand out from the crowd.  It may be uncomfortable to do… but it sure as hell works like a charm.

Try it.  If stuck, let me know and I will send you a questionaire that might help you dig out some interesting stuff.

To your success… you little marketing monster (read the article if you don’t understand the monster bit!)

Troy White


Information Overwhelm… or Opportunity Galore?

There is an overwhelming amount of information right now

I said that 4 years ago.
I said that 8 years ago.

Some things never change…and the sheer volume of information coming at you and I is mind boggling.

Not to mention how the average Joe business owner tries to make some sense out of it all.

I make a living out of it…so I have to be doing my reading to stay on top of it.  But I feel like I am burried by it.

Blog setup
Blog content
Blog SEO
Blog traffic
Blog reader relationships
Linked in
Stumble Upon
(insert any one, or ten, of 547 other social medias here)
Email marketing
Article marketing
Html vs Text
Web page design
Web traffic
Page Stickiness
Sales copy
User experience
Lifetime Value of Customers
Joint Ventures
Direct marketing
Direct mail
Lead generation
Squeeze pages
Landing pages
Cross sells
Best practices
Up and coming trends
Special reports
White papers
Mp3 podcasting
Ebooks for Kindle and iPad
Free content
Paid Content
Online video
Online audio
Display Ads
Text ads

The list could go on for a looooong time.

And you wonder why it is difficult to make $ online?

It’s NO WONDER so many people get overwhelmed and give up.

But, there is something lurking in the list that is key to your success in 2010.

One of 2 things:

1) If you are a business owner looking to make money online:
all you need to do is pick one or two of the above and you can make money.  Get good at them.  Study the free and paid resources out there.  Become a master at doing that one technique to build your online presence.

Each and every one of them works.

Makes money.

Independent of each other.

You don’t need to master them on – just a few.

2) If you are looking to start a business providing products and services to others: pick one or two of them above and you can make money. Get good at them.  Study the free and paid resources out there.  Become a master at doing that one technique to build your client’s online presence.

It is impossible to become an expert in more than a few of these at once.

Run from anyone who says they are.

But it is quite easy to pick one or two and start learning more than enough to be dangerous.

Dig through articles, ebooks, youtube videos, paid resources and free resources.

Invest some time every day learning your new craft.

Test the ideas immediately.

Track the results you get from everything you test.

Find what works for your situation.

Rinse, wash, repeat.

Then, when you become a master at your craft – do what others do and sell your knowledge.  The more you teach others, the better you learn yourself.

It’s a vicious circle.

But it works.

What doesn’t work is to try and master it all – and end up mastering none and back at a job you hate.

It won’t be easy doing it this way (no such thing, imo)… but it sure is rewarding!


Procrastination is for princesses

Tired? Fed Up?

Too bad – suck it up, princess!

Monday morning after a busy weekend doing stuff around the yard, maybe enjoying in a few cold ones to celebrate the weather. You didn’t sleep well.

You have a million things you know need to be done this coming week.  Distractions abound.

You work for yourself so you are the only one to hold yourself accountable.

After your exercise, breakfast and coffee (the morning ritual of champions), it’s time to get BUSY.

Or is it?

Emails piled up over the weekend.  Cool news stories are starting to show up on the blogs and newswires.  It is supposed to be another 75 degree day outside.

ARGH! What to do?

It would be sooooo easy to blow it all off and enjoy another day off.

Back when you worked for others, you may have even called in sick.

No, not this time.  You now work for yourself.  While you could do all that.  You won’t.   Because you know that your income depends on your ability to suck it up and get productive in the least motivated of times.

It’s times like this that you just need to hunker down and get busy. Start doing something – anything.  Get a plan of attack into your calendar.  And think productive thoughts.  Think about how great it will feel to finish all your to-do items for the day… early.

Make it a plan to finish up at 3:00 so you can play for a couple hours.

You just have to do it though.

Procrastination is for princesses.

Which you are not.

You are a profit-seeking strong willed entrepreneur.

And you realize that it is no one elses fault but your own if you do or don’t make money today.

No one EVER told you that being an entrepreneur was for thin-skinned folk… did they?

It takes a rare type of person to do what you and I do.

Even more rare to find one who can stick it out through thick and thin, good times and bad.

9 years now I have been outside of the corporate world.

I have worked FAR more hours than I ever would have in the employed world.  I gave up a decent six figure paying sales job.  I rebuilt that over time.  It didn’t happen overnight.  It was painful. We had lots of majorly broke times.  But I stuck with it and did what I had to do.

Nothing wrong with blowing off an afternoon – even a day.

Vacations are a MUST for your entrepreneurial spirit.

The bigger the break – the more motivated you will be.

There were lots of times where I couldn’t afford to take a week or two off – but had to.  My sanity depended on it.  And the world didn’t collapse while I was gone (my inbox near imploded, but that’s another story).

Funny thing was…I got more productive and profitable things done in the week I was back from time off than I would of if I hadn’t gone away.

Some of the best advice I ever heard about this challenge us entrepreneurs face:

* Work your ASS off for 4-6 weeks.
* Take an extended weekend or week off.
* Rinse wash and repeat.

It works.

It is beautiful in it’s simplicity.

And it will make you more money.

Time off helps you find new ideas, helps you rejuvenate your soul, and helps you get back the fire within that drove you to start your own business.

In the meantime… get back to work!

And schedule (right now, in your calendar), your next break.


Free Cosmo Headlines


2 years ago I hired someone to pull all the best headlines from the Cosmopolitan site.


Because it is the top selling magazine… and the headlines are responsible.

A solid headline is the biggest factor in your success with marketing.

Bad headline – smaller number of readers.

Great headline – maximum targeted readers.

Which is exactly why Cosmopolitan is the BEST place for headline ideas.


…this week a guy started selling an ebook with 1,000 cosmo headlines.

I’ve been giving this away for years.


Rather that re-package them and sell them…

…I though I’d just give you some of the best.

Remember, each and every one of these is a formula for a winning headline, winning email subject line, winning postcard.

Take these and insert your own benefits or teasers.  One client I wrote for had a database of 400,000 people.  I was hired to test different approaches to email marketing.

First I tested the ‘professional’ approach with the email subject line.

Next I tested the Cosmo headline approach with the same lists.


400% better open rates and sales using the Cosmo approach.

Definitely worthy of your time.

Some of the best:

* 75 Tricks For Nights When You Want To Be Just A Little Naughtier
* The Surprising Touch That Whips A Guy On Date# 1
* Lose Weight While You Eat (10 Foods That Actually Burn Calories)
* 5 Times You Shouldn’t Test Him!
* You, You, You (22 Smart, Sexy Skills Every Cosmo Girl Need Now)
* Guys Sex Confessions
* 100 Outrageous Facts About Men
* What’s Your Sex Style?
* Surprising Stuff They Don’t Want From You In The Sack
* “I Know What Your Boyfriend Did Last Night” (A Love Spy Tells All)
* Four Things All Guys Keep Private (The First One’s A Real Doozy)
* Ali Larter (She Is Fearless About Life And Love)
* How To Stay Safe (5 Places Sexual Predators Look For Women)
* 6 Instant Confidence Boosters
* Could Your Man Be Gay? (The Fool Proof Sign)
* Cosmo News (A Kind Of Date Rape You Must Know About)
* Guys Uncensored (Their Get Naked Fear Will Make You Laugh Out Loud)
* True Crime Story (Her Boyfriend Killed Her For Breaking Up Wid Him)
* The Girlfriend Habit That He’ll Love You More For
* Questions You Must Ask Before*Moving In *Getting Engaged * Tying The Not *
* 15 Articles Guys Pray Never Run In Cosmo
* Jessica Biel (Unpredictable And Uncensored)
* Are You Accidentally Making Yourself More Tired?
* 75 Sex Tricks (*Warning*They Are So Hot That This Magazine May Burst Into Flames)
* Sex “Facts” You Shouldn’t Believe
* The Naughtiest Photo We’ve Ever Run Of A Guy
* The Surprising Trait 80% Of Men Find Sexy
* Beauty Tips That Save Your Buck$

Enjoy… and use them.



11 Marketing Tips Guaranteed To Grow Your Success

1)      The purpose of your marketing is NOT to showcase your brand, your logo, or your creative company name.  The ONLY rule that matters is the entire goal of your marketing campaigns is to make you money.

2)      Branding can and will happen as a benefit of profitable growth

3)      Every advertisement or marketing piece you send out from here on contains an offer (it does not need to be for them to buy something, as it can be for them to take some kind of action like visiting a web page to get something for free)

4)      You will learn how to create compelling offers that get them to take action

5)      Each of the marketing campaigns you launch will consist of a minimum of 3 steps. In other words, when communicating with your clients and prospects, you must send at least 3 different pieces to them in order to call it a properly designed campaign (and one that will actually work and help you achieve goal #1 from above)

6)      No more cutesy sayings and vague one-liners that say and do nothing that takes you closer to goal #1

7)      You will learn how to become more natural writer, and use those skills to further build on goal #1

8)      Your personality in your marketing is your greatest asset.  Don’t hide the fact that you are a real live person, like most business owners do. They try and mask the size of their company… pretending to be a big company.  Putting your face and personality front and center in all your marketing will do more for your sales than anything else you do.

9)      Effective advertising rarely looks like advertising

10)   Effective advertising stops your ideal customer in their tracks and literally forces them to start reading your ad

11)   Effective advertising always has some form of tracking mechanism in place so you know exactly if it is working, or no