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Good news… people are buying less

Most people look at that as a bad thing.  I personally see it as
an opportunity for you and I to step up to the plate and come out
a winner.

People ARE buying less.

They are pickier than ever.

They are more demanding.

And for you the business owner, it’s up to you to deliver the

Admit it; things have been quite easy in the past few years for
business owners.

If it wasn’t easy for you then… sorry to say… you probably
won’t survive the next few years if you don’t dramatically change
the way you run your business.

In the good times, people spend freely, without nearly as much
thought, and at higher price points.

Times like this mean you have to stand out from the crowd more,
give them MUCH more compelling offers, and provide them better
pricing structures and bundles.

That said… people are still buying… you just have to work
harder.  I was shocked this year to see all the stores that were
doing nothing different and expecting strong sales numbers.

No new bundles.

No wacky promotions.

No discounts.

No special deals.

Nothing compelling at all… and the crowds were rushing to buy
from them.


Then they bitch and whine about the economy and how tough it
is… probably about to go whining to the government for another
bailout package.

Because its up to the tax payers to bail their ass out of bad
business practices.


The one thing you are guaranteed right now – when you make the
necessary changes in your business right now, and prosper in the
tougher years ahead,… when you emerge at the end… you are
going to lead your industry and be in the position to cash in a
big way when people start spending freely again.

So what kind of things can you do to position your business

1) Change your products and services. Start being different than
everyone else. Rename them.  Create new bundles of products and
services.  Make it so people cannot easily compare you to anyone
else (or else the price is all they will buy based on)

2) Create a closer bond with your clients and prospects.
means you have to be in front of them more often, and by being
more interesting to them.  Not pitching them something every
chance you get. But sharing stories with them. Showing them you
are a real person behind the scenes. Now is the time to step up
to the plate and become a real character in their eyes. If it
means you have to elaborate a little on how exciting your life
and history is… so be it. Not all of us are overly colourful.

Some who pretend they are, aren’t really that way behind the
scenes.  If you pay attention to story telling basics and take
close note of characters like Regis Philbern (one of the most
enduring tv personalities there is)… or Oprah Winfrey (despite
what you or I may think of her show, she is a master at brining
in her personal life into her business life and sharing the mix
with all who will listen).

3) Think of ways you can keep them coming back to buy from you
– or at least to find out more about what you are up to now.
What you are doing next.  What you are doing in your business.

This means building in loyalty programs.  Membership
programs (like the lobster story I have told many times before
– a multi-million dollar business created in less than a year
selling lobsters… but in a whole new way).  If you were to
recreate your business for tv… how would you keep them coming
back week after week, month after month… year after year?  Not
an easy thing for most to answer… but certainly worthy of some
serious contemplation going into the new year.

Find ways to reinvent your business model moving forward into

There is a real opportunity out there for entrepreneurs like you
and I to weather this like a pro… and come out at the end
bigger, better and wildly more profitable.

To your success,

Troy White

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Dale Carnegie… Master Writer?

Was Dale Carnegie a Master Copywriter?

A man whose legacy will live forever.  A man who has changed millions of lives worldwide.  And a man who has more of a grasp on the true art of copywriting than many would ever recognize!

Copywriting is the art of turning words into wealth… selling a product or service with the printed word.  As I was preparing for an upcoming copy seminar I started thinking about my experience with the Dale Carnegie organization.

Having spent many hours there as a student and as a graduate assistant, I felt compelled to look back over his material and what I found astonished me!

If you want to write effective copy – take heed in the following advice from Dale Carnegie himself. His book “How To Win Friends And Influence People” shares the following advice (written in 1936 but as applicable today as back then)…

“First, arouse in the other person an eager want. He who can do this has the whole world with him. He who cannot walks a lonely way” Dale Carnegie – 1936

“Become genuinely interested in other people”

“Smile” – this can be done is subtle ways in print – write like you are smiling while you are writing

“Remember that a persons name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Always use YOU in the writing you do, and in the presentations you do for your clients.

“Become a good listener” – potential clients don’t want to hear about you and your company, they want you to listen to them, their problems, their dreams, their aspirations.  Show them you understand this in your copy and they will listen then.

“Make the other person feel important” – and do it sincerely- share with them how important they are now to you, to their friends, their family and the world

“Get the other person saying yes, yes, yes immediately”

“Let the other person feel the idea is his or hers”

“Try honestly to always see things from the other persons point of view”

“Be sympathetic with the other persons ideas and desires”

“Dramatize your ideas”

“Throw down a challenge”

“Give the other person a fine reputation to live up to”

“Make the other person happy to do what you suggest”

Dale Carnegie – 1936

If you could accomplish that in all your dealings with your clients – would you not be the leader in your field?  How many companies that you know of (and have bought from) actually apply even half of the above? 10%?

Make those your new mission in dealing with clients and see your profits soar this year – and your clients thank you beyond all belief for finally understanding their side of the equation!


A simple way to get attention

If you haven’t heard of J. Peterman… where have you been?  J. Peterman is an exceptional example of marketing done right.  No where else will you be romanced by a pair of shoes… or taken to another world by a lamp.  J. Peterman has become an icon in the marketing world for creative marketing strategies and powerful story telling to sell their goods.

I got this through their newsletter (which you should join):


LEXINGTON, KY – Sep. 30, 2009 – In a recent press conference, J. Peterman addressed rumors about the company’s role in “single-handedly managing to turn the economy around.”

According to recent indicators, the market is hitting an uptick and at least one economist who preferred not to be quoted, said that he could not rule out a renewed public interest in unique, quality goods.

Peterman denied any wrongdoing on this account. “[The economy] is what it is. Our customers are smart people who like interesting stuff… If they like it, they buy.”

When asked if he had ever monkeyed with pricing in an attempt to move the market, Peterman initially replied, “Never.” Then, after a brief word with someone nearby, he mentioned something about a secret web-only code that could “possibly fall under that category.”

About the company: J. Peterman has been in an epic battle against all things mediocre since he started the company in 1987 and began traveling the world to find uncommonly good things.

For information: or [email protected]

There is absolutely NO reason you can’t do something like this yourself!

And mail it out to the local media (you just never know), mail it to your database, and include it in every shipment that goes out the door.

A simple strategy to lighten the mood, and promote yourself to your buyers.

Try it… you might just like the results.


Richard Branson does this in his marketing… do YOU?

One of the easiest ways you can build your business and stand out from the clutter is to create highly memorable promotions.

Virgin Mobile loves to leverage Richard Branson’s passion for adrenaline… and has made November 19th National Fearless Day.
They are actively out there looking for Canada’s most fearless person.

They have tied the promotion in to the message that Virgin customers don’t have to fear high data rates so they can tweet and surf the web fearlessly.

Virgin cites a national survey that revealed 49% of Canadians consider themselves ‘fearless’… and ‘riding a rollercoaster’  was the most commonly reported example of fearless behavior.

They also create a specialty web page just for the contest – of course tied into the fear theme. Virgin’s famously adventurous founder Richard Branson urges Canadians to say “Screw it, let’s do it.”

Their site includes suggestions for fearless activities, polls, quizzes and a link to a Fearless Twitter feed.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

So what?

What does this have to do with you?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

You have to copy/swipe/borrow this idea… that’s what!

If there is one thing I have found in the past 8 years business, it’s that the easiest way to build your sales and create buzz in the marketplace is to…


Find a unique or unusual theme you can tie your promotion into and wrap all your marketing materials, sales materials, branding and bundles into the theme.

I have used this with my clients and we have made millions of dollars for them using this model.

You have seen me use it in the past few years with the Wild West Wealth Summit, with my Wild West Christmas Bash, my Vampire promotion, my marketing makeover promotion (how can you ever forget the picture of me in makeup, lipstick and hair clips as my twin daughters gave me a makeover!?).

Theme marketing works incredibly well for every single business out there…

…even Dan Kennedy said at his 2008 Information Marketing Summit that theme-based marketing is the key to standing out from the clutter in the marketplace.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
So… how do you do this?

With the 2010 Cash Flow Calendar program!
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The 2010 edition has just been released and has thousands of ideas and templates you can copy and paste into your own theme marketing events.

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To your theme marketing success!

Troy White

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Comfort Zone Warning

One of my biggest pet peeves in marketing is the inability for entrepreneurs to step outside of their comfort zone.

I consult with, and write sales copy for, business owners from all over the world.

We have been able to grow thier businesses by millions of dollars.

They have realized significant profits in very short periods of time.

Yet I still run into hassles with certain entrepreneurs.

They hire me to help – but don’t want to try anything new.

“that’s not like the usual email I send out! my customers won’t like it”


“I don’t think that will work, it’s so different sounding than what they usually get”


“that won’t work in my business”

I’ve heard it all… and I battle them all.

Listen: if you hire a person whose entire business relies on making other entrepreneurs money.  A person who gets paid for performance (not awards won by the creative approach you took), don’t ya think maybe, just maybe, you want to test some out of the box ideas?

I realize entrepreneurs have a lot to protect… our businesses are very much like our children. We feed and nourish them, many entrepreneurs spending far more time with their businesses than their real family!

But there comes a time when you just have to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

What if (GASP!) it actually works?

What if the new approach actually made you ten times more sales than anything else you did in the past 5 years?

What if your customers LOVE the newfound passion in your copy?

Not only is this possible, it happens ALL THE TIME.

For example: I have a client that sells custom made Amish Furniture. As you would well know, the Amish are very traditional, very secretive, and risque is not in their vocabulary.

I wanted to test a new approach to an advertising campaign… something very different than what they would have ever used in the past.

And they let me!

Lo and behold… it worked!

The day it hit the magazine stands… they were deluged with sales.

Very high priced sales.

In a recession.

In a small town.

Sales they would have never had if they hadn’t stretched their comfort zone and tried something a little more outrageous.


Tired of playing it safe?

Then try something so different that you feel ill to your stomach.

Then you are probably on to something that might work.

Surprise yourself and do something you would love to see someone else do, but are afraid to do yourself.

Then let me know the results… you might just like them!


PS: One last thing… you didn’t start a business by staying in your comfort zone!

Having a job is much more comfortable to most people than going out on your own without getting paid.

Without security.

Without like-minded people you can talk to daily.

Running a business is as risky as it gets… just look at the numbers.

So once your business is up, running and making money, why stop stretching yourself then?

You only got there by stretching yourself to the breaking point… and the only way you will get to the next level is to KEEP stretching yourself in entirely new ways.

So what are you waiting for?