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Right message… right market

Two success stories to share with you on advertising effectively.

SUCCESS STORY #1 – Network Marketing Money Machine

I received a phone call 2 years ago from a husband and wife team.  They have done exceptionally well in the network marketing industry, and now was to go big on the speaking / information publishing business.

We designed them a campaign that goes like this:

Step 1 – Squeeze page to capture emails from people

[All a squeeze page does is capture contact information from people who visit your website.  You need to entice them into why they should sign up – snippets of content they get, free bonus books or audios, etc.  When they enter their information – name and email – they are then sent to step 2.

Step 2 – Thank you for sign up and Free CD giveaway

[We gave away an audio cd detailed part of their system they use to earn well over a million a year in the industry. The cd is free, shipping and handling is $5. This gives people a very low cost way to get more familiar with you and your techniques. If they take the free cd offer, they click through to the order page with an option to buy into step 3.

Step 3 – Upsell to higher end package at 20 -40 times the price of step 2

[When people go to the order page for the cd offer, they are offered an option to buy a much higher pried package. In this case we did 2 higher priced options – one at 20 times the cd s&h price, the other at 50 times that price. They can get just the cd… or take them up on the upsell offers with much more information and product sent to them.

Step 4 – For those who never took the offer for steps 2, 3 or 4 – they get sold into step 2 through the auto responders they receive once they sign up on the free newsletter (step1)


Because the copy was targeted perfectly to their market, and because they had a good number of people read the copy:

1. 1800 people purchased the cd option
2. 20% of those people bought upsell #1 (at 20 times the price)
3. 5% bought upsell #2 at 50 times the price

Do the math!  That is a serious money making AUTOMATED machine. For every 1,000 qualified people they send to their site, they know roughly how much money they will make immediately.

In the next 9 MONTHS, that simple marketing system, with the right words, sold well over $1.2 million dollars.


How can you leverage these ideas and automate the sales process in your business?

SUCCESS STORY #2 – First time author ROCKETS to #1

Another client of mine launched his first book.  You may have seen some of the promotions for The Power of You!?

We invested a substantial amount of time and resources putting a massive campaign together for him.

1. Teaser sales letters to get people to the main sales letter

2. $3,000 in bonuses to buy the book on the launch day

3. Long copy sales letter to sell the book and bonuses – the key was that he needed people to buy on a single day so Amazon could do their calculations on if he had a best selling book (calculated by Amazon every hour based on total books sold from their site)

4. Recruited LARGE numbers of partners to endorse the book to their own client lists.  They got to read the book first, then endorse the book to their own clients if they like the book.  IMPORTANT NOTE: the partners received NO financial compensation for doing this.

I wrote the copy they sent to their lists, to recruit them as partners, to sell people the book, etc.

5. Arranged everything to happen on August 15th starting at 12:01 am.


#1 on Amazon – on the main book best seller list AND in all 5 registered categories the book qualified for!

PLUS, 3 days later – it was STILL #1

Thousands and thousands of books sold (5,000 sold in first 2 weeks, 55,000 sold over the next 3 months) – each of those books is a lead generator for him (ads on the inside of the books for other products) and a MASSIVE database built from the launch (people had to supply their emails to get the bonus materials)

Now he has #1 International Best Selling Author to his name.


How can you leverage these ideas and have other people promote you to their lists? How can you use this to launch a new product, service or bundle?

The key here is to NOT say “that isn’t my business”. The key is to say “HOW can I make that apply to MY business?”

When you do that – and then implement what you wrote – you will see similar results as they have seen.

The power of the written word, combined with massive action…

Simple Things to Change and Test in your Marketing and Copy Over the Next 30 Days (measure your results before and then after you make these changes to see the effect on your bottom line)

* Are you running a headline in all of your marketing? Go to the news racks and pick up some copies of Cosmo and The National Enquirer (seriously).  Find ways to modify some of their cover headlines to fit an advertisement, or email, or newsletter subhead line. This is a simple, yet incredibly effective way to create revenue producing headlines.

* Is it targeted specifically at your target customers?

* Are you specific in your claims? None of the “best in the world” type of claims – no one believes them anyhow.

* Does your marketing material answer the question – “would this help our field sales people close the deal, or pre-qualify the prospects?

* Does every piece of your marketing containing some form of measurement device (special website to visit, email subject line to send you, trackable phone number, etc)? Without this, you have no way of knowing which of your marketing dollars are working for you, and which ones aren’t.

* Does your marketing and advertising materials explain what it is you want them to do immediately after reading the ad or promotion? (does it ask them to take action by phone, mail, email, web form, or fax?)

* Does it answer all the questions your typical prospects ask your sales people?

* Can you specifically tell me who your ideal client is (age, sex, income, demographics)?

* Is the most common word in all your marketing “You”? If not – get rid of all the “I”, “We”, “Us” etc – they do not care about you! All they care about is what you can do for them.

* Do you have testimonials in everything that your prospects and customers see?

* Do you follow up with your prospects and clients at least once a month?  Remember that there are totally different messages you want to send to your prospects and to your existing clients.

Try this out in the next month – and let me know your results.   Troy


Customer Follow-Up: What to do if you’ve never done it

The biggest problem I see with entrepreneurs?

They don’t follow up properly with their leads and their clients.

They put the responsibility on THEM to buy, even when they have never heard back from you after putting up their hand and saying “yes, I am interested”.

Get this right: it is YOUR responsibility as the entrepreneur to stay in touch with your prospects and buyers… not theirs.

If they don’t buy – it is YOUR FAULT… no one else.

The best thing you can do for an immediate cash flow surge is to mail an apology letter to your existing database.

Apologize for your lack of communication.

Share with them what is going on, the new products or services you have, and what they can expect from you in the coming months.

To them, it shows you care.

To you, it finally opens up the communication channels and you can NOW start promoting to them again.

This works fast… and works well.

But,, again, it is up to YOU to actually do it. To write the letter. To click send.  Or to have it mailed out (even better) handwritten to your list.

If  you want this kind of letter done for you, join the Entrepreneur MoJo Community and watch your Entrepreneur Mojo and Profit making ability go up fast!



Entrepreneurs: Get your BHAG going with this…

Is stubbornness costing you a fortune?

I am the first person to admit how pig headed I am.

If you don’t have persistence, competitiveness and downright
pig-headed determination tattooed to your forehead, you will never
make it in your own business.

Thin skinned and worried about what people think of you?

Get a job.

Entrepreneurship is only for those who can handle criticism from
others.  I can’t tell you how many times in the past 8 years in
business I have heard negative [email protected] from those in my circle of
friends, and from those on my ezines.

At first, it definitely hurt.  I would take it personally… and it would change the way
I thought about my future.

Over time, I realized those who complain the loudest and
criticize those who are trying to help, are the ones that will
never go anywhere in life and are doomed to a life of mediocrity
and self-fulfilling doom and gloom.

Good on them (I have a few of them as relatives and they drive
me nuts).

Those who are supportive of your dreams and ambitions are like
rare treasures that you must protect, and keep nurturing at your

The one skill I have found most critical to success in your own
business is the ability to roll with the punches and follow the
signs in front of you.

It means that you must have a dream to pursue, a “Big Hairy
Audacious Goal” or “BHAG”, as one person I know likes to call it.

What one thing do you dream about quietly at night?

Maybe a place you have always wanted to live, or something in
your life you have always wanted… maybe a grand vision for the
changes you would like to make in the world.

You MUST have those… and you MUST review them every day of
your life.

But you cannot let your stubbornness get in your way and cost
you your dreams.

I have my bhags, and they continually drive me forward and
inspire me to do bigger and better things.

One of those BHAGs is to create a community of highly passionate
entrepreneurs who want to accomplish GRANDIOSE things.

A place where you and I can go to bounce ideas off others, to get ideas
on what is working now, and a place where people share their best
strategies for growing their business.

Which is the EXACT reason Troy MoJo White and I partnered up on
The Entrepreneur MoJo Community!

Instead of complaining about a slow economy, take the extra time
you have now to implement new ideas, new systems, and new goals
for yourself that inspire you.

The key is to constantly be moving forward…

…to think bigger this month than last.

…to do things this month that you have never tried before.

…to stretch your comfort zone to the point of breaking.

Are you now?

There has never been a better time to start.

When the economy does recover, which it will, things will be

People have changed.

They got taken down a notch…or 14.

They realized they aren’t invincible.

They realized that things go up… and they go down.

And for you the entrepreneur, they will be buying differently.

When you reposition yourself and your business to be more in
lines with your BHAG, the right people and opportunities will
just appear in your life.

If you stay stubborn, those opportunities will pass you by,
unknowing to you.

Take the opportunity at hand and just get ‘r done!

To your success,

Troy ‘MoJo’ White

PS:  Where else will you get the opportunity to work intimately
with 2 millionaire-makers on YOUR business?

Where else will you be given daily, weekly, and monthly tools that
WILL grow your business?  Troy and I created the Entrepreneur
MoJo Community from the ground up.

We built what we knew was lacking in the entrepreneur and
small business community: a place you can call home and make a
boat load of money alongside other passionate entrepreneurs.

No matter what stage you are at in your business, the
Entrepreneur MoJo Community will give you the push you need
to make all your BHAGs come true… guaranteed!


The catalog that started a cult

Where else will you find …
“As my boat sank into the Zambezi”

Fellow Business-Builder,

The J. Peterman catalog is a masterpiece of mixing romance and
storytelling, finished off with a dash of practicality and concern
with the highest quality product and service possible.

Not too long ago I had written a post about J. Peterman on my own

Just this week, I got a very pleasant surprise and received an e-mail
from Jonathan Sexton, Gladiator for the J. Peterman Company (or as he
says, drab title ­ Director of Marketing).

He complimented me on the article and we have agreed to do a
teleseminar next week discussing J. Peterman’s success … failure …
and resurgence in popularity.

I thoroughly enjoyed Peterman’s book,
Peterman Rides Again.

If you haven’t read it before … you need to.

His book is packed with exceptional storytelling and a very
insightful look into the life of this unusual garment globetrotter.

It all started with an ankle-length duster – a long, simple riding
coat that John Peterman purchased during a trip to Wyoming. “I wore
that coat and people wanted to buy it off my back,” said Peterman.

As he took his initial purchase and turned it into a mail order
company, he found his flair for writing and eye for unusual items was
drawing in people who were looking for something out of the ordinary.

The first full year selling J. Peterman Dusters he sold $580,000
worth that year. That led to the J. Peterman shirt … which was
another great seller … which led to another … and another.

John Peterman would travel the world looking for unusual items that
people normally wouldn’t be able to find, or had romance and stories
built right into them.

And he succeeded.

The catalog that started a cult …

As you may know, his catalog, the Owner’s Manual, was a masterpiece

… Using hand-drawn sketches rather than photographs.

… Using long copy to romance the reader, rather than short,
typical, catalog copy.

The J. Peterman Owner’s Manual was the secret (and sacred) tool that
like-minded people would cherish and read out loud amongst their
closest friends on the inside.

It was an odd shape as well … 5 ½ by 10 ½ inches.

The catalog itself became a thing of legend and celebrities quickly
became devoted fans and buyers.

A list of just a few J. Peterman
fans (and customers):

Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise

Clint Eastwood

Tom Brokaw

Paul Newman

Joanne Woodward

Kim Basinger

Tom Hanks

Mia Farrow

Bill Murray

Angela Lansbury

Sidney Pollack

Jerry Seinfeld


… To name just a few

Wouldn’t you just love to have a client list like that?

In 1991 The New York Times called him the Merchant Poet.

His success bloomed and his reputation became legendary among the
discerning, more affluent crowd.

And then Seinfeld hit in 1995

With no advance warning, J. Peterman became a character on the hit
sitcom, “Seinfeld.”

“Seinfeld” caught J. Peterman by surprise – and it took them from
having a catalog that was a well-kept secret to having no secret at

The growth was phenomenal and debilitating.

The phone lines lit up and people wanted more.

They bought … he expanded.
But something bad started to happen
amidst all his success …

The “Seinfeld” show made light of who the real J. Peterman was, and
it created the wrong impression in the general public’s eye.

[Note: Offline … the TV J. Peterman,  John O’Hurley , said “J.
Peterman answers a need for authenticity in a world that is losing
authenticity at a catastrophic rate”]

Something to think about: O’Hurley’s statement reflects much of what
is happening right now in our economy.  People are distrusting, weary
of spending money on the same-old, same-old.  They are looking for
unusual experiences, exciting new product offers, and a GREAT story
they can tell their friends and family.

Don’t you think that maybe … just maybe …
the J. Peterman style of copy
could help YOUR business stand out from the clutter?

I certainly think it applies everywhere!

Headlines or copy that reads like this “As my boat sank into the
Zambezi, I watched my luggage float downstream over Victoria Falls.
But the day wasn’t a total loss …”compels people to read … and we
all need to find new and innovative ways to bring people into our

What happened to J. Peterman
and caused the ultimate demise
of this icon?

He lost touch with what made his company so great to begin with, and
was focused more on investors and retail expansion, rather than the
things that he loved so much about his company.

Expansion into retail destroyed all that he enjoyed most about his
business. Cash flow issues continued to plague them.
Ultimately, the expansion caused him to go bankrupt,
and his dreams were dashed.

If you want to dig deeper into the J. Peterman success story
and learn how to incorporate their techniques into your
own business, join us next week for the Free call


He eventually bought J. Peterman back out of bankruptcy with the help
of friends and family, and is rebuilding it from the ground up (you
MUST get on their mailing list, if you aren’t already).

They are again obsessive about the copy and the catalog … even when
he had Don Stanley writing his copy alongside him.

Back in the boom time, the sheer volume of copy needed meant they
needed to expand and find other writers who could match their flair
for persuasive storytelling through catalog copy.

They were very picky on who wrote for them and how the copy sounded.
One writer needed to sound just as appealing as the next … and they
all needed to sound just like the infamous J. Peterman wrote it

Some lessons from J. Peterman:
* He created a brand character that developed a life of its own
(much like the Tommy Bahama character does).

* Build practical romance into your copy and the experience your
buyers have with your company

* Attaching emotional meaning and feeling to clothing and
everyday items you may put in your home or business.

* Focus on the best customer service possible.  Develop the
attitude that your service and guarantees are to be upheld to the
point that anything and everything is guaranteed.  Make it so people
WANT to tell others about how great your customer service is.  In his
book, they talk about a return they got on a pair of boots that were
obviously worn for work on a farm and in the fields.  They were worn
out and the customer wanted a refund. Most companies would say no.  J.
Peterman knew that if he gave the gentleman a new pair, word would
spread. And it did … quickly.

* Truly think through the experience you give your prospects and
buyers  … how can you incorporate more Peterman style copy into your

* Do you tell the real adventures you go through to find
components to your products? Or how you invented your newest creation?
Or what the actual experience you provide delivers to the clients?

* Do you use catalogs?  Could you?  Again, go to and sign up for their newsletter.  Read their copy,
and think through how you could romanticize your products and services
like they do. (It IS possible to do, you have to use your creativity
and writer’s voice to find it, and you will).  Look at how a jacket
and skirt becomes an experience.  Or how a cologne can increase your
heart rate and make you feel warm.

Harriet and Lord Peter jacket, $285, and pleated skirt, $175:

They met in her cell in the Old Bailey. Had she fed arsenic to
her lover? Had she? He proved her innocent. Met again in Oxford. (She
wore this outfit.) He courted her; punting on the Cherwell, quail’s
eggs, wit, an antique ivory chess set. Proposed in Latin: “Placetne?”
Oh, yes. It pleased her.


Shocking rabbit fur hat, $245:

Shocking to see someone this young, this independent, so
beautifully dressed. Shocking to find out she was not who she said she
was. Shocking to see her walk off the QE2, into the arms of an
unsuitable man, just an ordinary bounder.

The other passengers couldn’t stop looking. At what she wore, how
she wore it, the way they looked at each other, the way they still do.


Dominica Bay Rum.

The Small Island of Dominica. Columbus discovered it, named it,
and left it alone. It’s north of Martinique. And it is the home, since
1907, of a very good West Indian Bay Rum manufactured under the
Dominica brand-name.

Bay Rum has a fairly quiet scent, less strong than anything
called perfume, less strong than anything called aftershave, but not
so quiet as to be boring.

It is, in fact, quite sexy.

It is sexy the way skin begins to smell from strong sun, salt
water, steel drums, breaking waves, moving palm branches and giggling
coming from somewhere.

Men liked Bay Rum long before 1907, when the Dominica brand
started. Men have liked Bay Rum since Spanish Main days. They like it
for the least complicated reason in the world: it smells good.

A decent gift which often turns into a lifetime habit.

Dominica Bay Rum (No. 1044), 10 fl. oz. Imported.

Now is the time to use incredible storytelling
and copy like this.

People are looking for new experiences and new ways to buy … this
approach can easily make your company stand out from any and every
competitor you have.

Last: if you want to dig deeper into the J. Peterman success story
and learn how to incorporate their techniques into your own business,
join us next week for the free call

What would be the TOP question you would like to ask their Director
of Marketing?

Leave your best questions below and we will see how much quality
information Jonathan Sexton can give us.

Make sure you read their site, and get a copy of John Peterman’s

Thanks again.

To your success,

Troy White

PS: Don’t miss the call next week. If you want to dig deeper into the
J. Peterman success story and learn how to incorporate their techniques
into your own business, join us next week for the free call

PPS: This article was originally written for Clayton Makepeace and his
Total Package blog.  Every Thursday you will find one of my articles,
along with a daily post from other contributing editors.  You can get those


“The Italian Feast . . . and YOU”

My business partner for Entrepreneur MoJo, Trevor ‘Toecracker’ Crook, wrote this article today.

Its important you read it for a couple reasons:

1) To watch how he writes such powerful and decriptive copy.  Find ways to become much more detailed with the copy you use in yoru business.

2) To learn more about Entrepreneur MoJo and how alot of people get wrapped up inside information overwhelm, and the way out of the problem.

If you know anything about Italians they know how to cook great pasta, pizzas plus they also know how to have a feast at lunch and dinner.

A couple of years ago, I went to stay with friends in Italy for a few months. I arrived on a Friday and what happened over the weekend will forever stay in my mind.

On the Saturday night, we jumped in Pietro’s car with his family and drove the short distance to his brother’s house.

All of the family were there, the brothers, their wives, Nonna, Nonno, all of the kids and grandkids plus my mate’s daughter invited 4 of her friends.

When I walked into dining room, there was a huge table, which seated 20 people plus there was a smaller one for the kids.

When it was time to eat, the table was loaded with delicious italian food. Various pastas, anti-pastas, breads, cheeses, as well as fried rice, spicy chicken and an array of asian cuisine plus more vino then you could ever imagine.

The boys are married to fillipinos and the 3 ladies always have an infusion of Asian and Italian when it’s their night to prepare the feast.

To eat there . . . which, from your first mouthful until your last . . . your tastebuds dance the tango across your tongue as you savor every scrumptious morsel.

Now, I have had Italian friends all of my life but there’s just something extra special about the way  they do things in Italy . . . from food to family.

There were so many different types of dishes to choose from, I didn’t know what to put on my plate first.

I mean they all looked so blo~ody good!

I decided to sample them all, taking a small portion and then went back for seconds on the foods which really did a job on my taste buds.

When I stuffed the last mouthful into my already full belly, the ladies went and got a truckload of desserts to go with the coffee they were brewing.

I was very full but had to try a couple of pastries with my coffee.

My mate looked at me, started to laugh and said, this all starts again Sunday lunch time and ends about 10pm Sunday night, back at his house.

Crikey I said to him.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I said no to breakfast because I was still stuffed from the night before and the Sunday feast was going to start in a few hours.

I was called down for lunch, the smell was amazing and reminded me of when I was a little boy in Australia and Nonna would make pasta. It had been 33 years since that aroma and I suddenly felt ravenous.

The first mouthful truly was an experience and over the next 10 hours, we ate, drank vino, played with the kids, told stories, played darts, cards and other games.

That first weekend in Italy, from the food and family values will always be a fond part of my life. It  happened every weekend, just like that and for any special occasions.

My favorite meal was when Nonna made lasagna from scratch which she started preparing the real meat sauce 4 days earlier. No minced meat here. To this day, it’s been the best meal I have ever eaten.

She rarely makes it these days because her family loves it so much and it’s devoured so quickly – it basically vanishes.


Okay You Say, What’s This Got To Do With YOU?



Because just like the HUGE selection at every Italian feast on the weekends, as an entrepreneur, there’s a HUGE selection of entrepreneurial tools which you  need to achieve amazing success which can also be a HUGE problem for you.

Being . . .

Which tools, tips, strategies and materials do you choose first . . . Yes, it can be overwhelming to  the point just like one Mojo member experienced when she read what Troy and I had to offer as part of our Entrepreneur Mojo Family.


My challenge with products and services such as yours (very unlike my own) is that they give me TOO much information, and too many options, and all that I really want, at the beginning, middle and end of my day, is a simple plan of proven techniques, that will provide consistent outcomes.

I have enjoyed your emails, but when I went to your offer page, I was instantly overwhelmed with all the ‘stuff’, and I thought, ‘This is a wonderful haystack, filled with all kinds of great ideas, but all I want, . . . is the needle”.


You Get The Needle Which Gives YOU Consistent Outcomes


It may seem to you, just like for her, there was way too much stuff, just like trying to eat an elephant which seemed all too hard, so you decided not to do anything.

How do you eat an elephant?


One bite at a time.

Now, deep inside the online community, as a mojo member, you will find the answers you need as well as what other entrepreneurs need.

Just like the Italian feast, you simply decide which ones are best for you which could be different from the next person. No need to look in the needle in the entrepreneur haystack, just grab your needle!

If there was just one technique which worked, that’d be great. The truth is, there’s so many and the way we have set up the entrepreneur mojo family . . .  it’s a true entrepreneur’s feast – a feast we would like you dine on as well as join our family.

Troy and I give you 2 options. Troy created a short video to explain why there’s so much pure content for you when you decide to join us.

Your Entrepreneur’s Feast:

Personally, we make no apologies for wanting to over deliver to you from the very second you say ‘maybe’.

It’s a pity in a world full of greedy, snake oil selling scumbags flogging their magic ‘potions’ to create mulah out of thin air . . . that when 2 people bend over backwards to give their all to serious entrepreneurs, it appears some people would prefer to be taken for a ride.

Go figure.

Serious, smart entrepreneurs have already joined us.

How about you?

Dedicated to Kicking Your A~ss Until YOu Succeed.


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook

PS. For any mojo family who likes Italian food and if  I am ever in your town, I will even try and make the time to cook you one of my mouth watering pasta dishes. . . where I make the sauce from scratch.

My room mate has been to Italy and a darn great cook and she thought she was back in Italy the first time she experienced my lobster pasta. Watch the video and take 10 minutes to really look at what you will get.

Your Entrepreneur’s Feast

PPS. All you have to do is say maybe . . . become part of our mojo family for 1 month, if you think we suck, then divorce us quicker than it takes to get married in Vegas and never be bi~lled again.

Fair enough?

Your Entrepreneur’s Feast


Internet marketing gone stale? Maybe it’s your attitude…

Heard it all before?

Ya right…

I always get a kick out of people that are in their own business and tell me they’ve heard it all before. Ask those same people how business is… “things are tough. The economy stinks” a number of not-so-brilliant statements start pouring out of their so-well-educated mouths.

The funniest ones are those who say they have heard it all… never implement any of it… and complain about how it is all re-hashed information that isn’t of use to them and their business. Those are the ones that are always on the lookout for the next shiny object they can blow their money on.

The pay per click product of the week.

The google arbitrage million dollar formula of the month.

The software-that-does-it-all-for-you-while-you-sleep magic bullet that promises them riches overnight.

Ask those same people how many new strategies they have tested in their business in the past month. Or how many new lead generation campaigns they tested. Or what kind of new customer communication campaigns they have sent out to their prospects and buyers in the past work week.

That’s about the only way to shut them up about how flipping brilliant they are.

“Well, nothing recently.”

“The last one didn’t work out so well.”

“This internet marketing stuff doesn’t work. Direct mail is too expensive and never gives a good enough return.

Blah blah blah (insert stupid excuse here).

Look, I am an easy going guy and I pride myself in having helped hundreds of businesses directly in the past 8 years in business add money to their bank account. I have written hundreds of articles that go out to tens of thousands of people every single week, each of those articles contain a nugget or ten that can improve their cash flow.

Here’s a tip that is guaranteed to make you a bundle.

Implement one new marketing activity a day for the next month.

It can be as simple as writing an article that you send out to your list, meanwhile copying that same article to one of the online article banks.

Copy that same article to your blog (which you just need to have…. period).

Mail that article out to your buyers.

To your prospects.

Consider each of those one marketing activity a day.

Day #1 – write an article and email it to your list.

Day #2 – post it to your blog

Day #3 – send it to the article directories

Day #4 – get 200 copies of the article printed and mail 100 of them to your prospects

Day #5 – send the other 100 printed ones to your buyers

Then do something different.

Day #6 – call 5 of your past clients to see how they are doing. Leave a brief message if they don’t pick up. Tell them you are just phoning to say hi, see how they are doing, and see if they have any feedback for you on

Day #7 – call 5 business owners that would make a good joint venture with you. See if they have any ideas on how you could do a co-promotion to each others list

Day #8 – find 5 online forums that your prospects would likely visit – invest 2 hours there and dig around looking for comments and feedback people are leaving. See what kind of questions they are asking. Look for the ones that come up on a regular basis.

And so on.

You can do one thing a day like this.

Things like: a teleseminar, an article, a blog post, a press release, and so on.

Are any of the above ideas rocket science?

Are they shockingly new ideas?


BUT, have you done any of them lately?

Have you actually taken the initiative to do one thing a day to build your business (checking email is not a proactive marketing task, nor is talking to friends on Facebook, or sending out an inspirational quote on twitter)

I’ll tell you what.

You do one thing a day like this for the next 30 days.

Every single day.

Each time you do one or more of them make sure your website link is there, along with your phone, fax and email.

Just because you have heard them before, doesn’t mean they aren’t any good.

How can you possibly expect to grow a business when you haven’t even implemented the BASIC tools like this? You can’t. It isn’t about all the fancy shiny objects out there on the internet. It isn’t about waiting for the “next big thing” that will make you a bundle.

It is ALL about taking massive action on a daily basis.

You do that… and if you can honestly show me what you did, and show me the lack of any results from all that effort… I will pay you $20.

It may not be a lot… but it will be my apology to you as obviously my ideas suck and didn’t make you money.

I doubt you will come back to me with zero results.

I have been doing this for 8 years now, and have never seen this simple system not work.

I dare you.

Double dare you.

Just try it.

And report back what happens.

Troy White

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