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Time management… the right way

One of the greatest challenges I have is time management.

Does this sound like you?

…too many great ideas to implement

…wearing the hat of the sales person, the marketer, the ceo, the book keeper, the custoemr service team, etc

…too much fighting fires during the typical day

…far more things on your to-do list at the end of the day than things cross out

…fill in your own time mgmt problem here ______________________

There are 2 things that I found that made a huge difference in my days (you might not like either):

* Shutting off my phone from incoming calls. If you are trying to run a company, and are taking unscheduled calls all day long… it’s no wonder you can’t get anything done!

Studies have proven time and time again that every interuption (like an unscheduled phone call), puts you behind by 10-15 minutes.  Now times that by how many phone calls you are taking every day!

I don’t accept unscheduled calls. Period.

Yes, it probably costs me sales… but it gains me freedom and getting-stuff-done-time. Try it – and outsource what you can for call returns.

* Working in chunks with a timer. I find that setting a timer for 45 minutes, blocking it off, and working on ONE project for those 45 minutes is a big hit for me.  It helps me focus (typical entrepreneurial ADD affliction here).  If my projects are smaller (less than 45 minutes), then I pile up a few of them and work on them exclusively for 45 minutes.

At 45 minutes, stop what you are doing, take a 10 minute break (not email – that will further distract you). Then do another 45 minute chunk. Do that a couple times a day and you are well on your way to getting more done.

If you are thinking “I can’t do that because _____” then you seriously need to ask yourself who it is that is REALLY in charge of your time and future.

If you can’t control it – who can?

How can you honestly expect to acheive your business and personal goals if you aren’t even in control of your time?

Think about it.

You can’t gain more time in a day, we all get the same, but you can manage it differently.

With the summer upon us, now is the time to rethink how you run your business, and how you are going to make the most of it in the last half of 2009.

If you aren’t half way to reaching your goals… what will you do to MAKE SURE you do in the last 6 months?

Treating your time as more valuable is a great start!


Money making wealth trees

In your promotions you need to build  a solid foundation that continues to grow year after year with a little effort.

Many entrepreneurs feel lost on where to start promoting their business. This is one way to guaranteed growth in your business.

Step #1 – Planting the seeds

Make a list of all the groups you belong to.  Church groups, volunteer groups, kids sports groups, lunch hour groups, special interest, networking groups, Chamber of Commerce, exercise gyms – anywhere you frequent on a regular basis – write it down

Write out all the publications your IDEAL clients read – both online and offline.  This will take some work, some research, and some surveys.  Find newspapers, trade magazines, general magazines, ezines, paid newsletters, newsgroups, chat rooms, forums, blogs – find everything that is humanly possible.

Write out all the places your customers and ideal prospects frequent.  Special clubs, private golf clubs, interest groups, charities, websites they visit, newsgroups they receive etc.

Step #2 – Spreading the roots

First you must have a free report prepared that outlines the Top 7 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a ______ (insert your area of expertise here). Or the 10 best ways to avoid ______ (the biggest problem your clients have). Make it worthwhile for people to read through good content and information. Make sure you have your contact information at the front and back of your report.

Make copies of these reports – if more than a couple pages – print out on 11 x 17 papers and fold them in half

Hand them out to EVERYONE you know – whether they are a prospect or not (everyone has an average circle of friends and contacts of 200 people – you never know who they know).

Distribute them to the groups you are part of. Put the organizations name on the front of the report (specially prepared for ________ by ___________). Costs no extra but the impact is substantial.

Distribute them to the groups your clients frequent – customize for them as well.

Offer to give presentations on the content in the report.

Contact all the online and offline publications you found that your prospects read, as well as the ones you read or frequent.  Contact the editors and find out what their requirements are for article submissions.  Make yours fit (especially if it is publications that yoru clients read – find a way to make it fit).

Submit your reports EVERYWHERE you can (once again – you never know who will end up reading it – or passing it on to someone they know will appreciate it).

Publish these reports on your web site – get people to sign up to your newsletter and in turn they get your “published” report (mention all the places it has been published to build up the value on your free report).

Offer these reports to other online publishers as a special incentive to their readers (and your potential customers)

Step #3 Growing the Tree

You need a few things in place to grow this at maximum speed.  First, you MUST have tracking software on your web site – most of the time it is free from your ISP.  Make sure it tells you where your traffic is coming from.

If possible, all offline publications that promote your report – find a way to track the results – have people email you at a special email address, or go to a special link, or phone and ask for a certain department or report.  Find a way to track all your incoming leads and sales.

Keep spreadsheets on where all your reports are being distributed – and what response each medium or group is getting. This tracking sheet is GOLD!

Go through that spreadsheet once a month and find out who is sending you the most leads, and the most business.

Reward those groups through more information – profit sharing – incentives to run more.

Offer special presentations to those groups who bring you the most business. Develop custom reports only for them of your best information and tips. Do everything you can in your power to get them to keep promoting you. And deliver good quality information in return.

The formula to a healthy, long lasting wealth tree! Firm roots, lots of water, and time to grow.  Analyzing how the tree does month after month will show you if the care you are giving it is paying off – and where it is paying off.


Professional or Tabloid style ads… which won?

A couple years ago, I was hired by a large firm whose sole job was lead generation.

They would find unique niches to go into, create web pages for capturing the persons name and contact information, and drive a ton of web traffic at their capture pages.

The offer on the page would be for free: insurance quotes, jewelry, knick-knacks, how-to information, special reports, etc.

They would get the person’s name and email, then send them the promised information.  Which was where part of their money was made.

Which is where I came in.

They had these HUGE databases of people who had voluntarily given up their information, and had agreed to be followed up with.

Their databases were 100,000 here… 26,000 there…. one of the databases was 440,000 people.  They hired me to find unique ways to get those people to buy things.

When I first started at looking at what they were doing, I noticed that their promotions were very cut and dry, and very professional.  So, to get a bench mark to start with, I sent out some “professional” campaigns to measure the response.

Now that I had an idea on how their people responded to that approach, I tested some outrageous campaigns.

Straight out of the National Enquirer or Cosmopolitan Magazine type of headlines.

= = = = = = = = =
Grand Slam Winner!
= = = = = = = = =

The non-professional email subject lines FAR out did the others.  We got anywhere from 232% – 510% BETTER open rates on the emails using the tabloid approach.

As you well know, you can’t sell a darned thing if they don’t open your email.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Job #1 is ALWAYS to get the email OPENED.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

If it doesn’t get opened, you have no chance of EVER selling to them. Once the email is opened, then you can sell them on clicking on the link (Job#2).

Once they click on the link, they end up on a more thorough sales page, where the sale is actually made.  But if they don’t open the email, they don’ t click the link and a sale is lost.

So, the email subject line is THE most important piece in email marketing. I repeat: if your email doesn’t get opened, nothing else matters.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Email subject lines are a goldmine for your business.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

How do you find them?

Here is my first and best choice:

I negotiated with Lawrence to give you a very special deal too (details on that page).

PLUS, if you decide to take Lawrence up on his offer, I will also send you a special calendar.  One year ago this month, we adopted a rescue dog from Misty Creek Dog Rescue.

“Casino” was a 2 month old Husky who had a crappy start to life, was beat up, malnourished, dehydrated, and with a skin infection.

Misty Creek found him wandering the side roads on a reserve near Calgary. Took him in, nursed his little 2 month old body back to health, and then chose our family as the adopting “Forever Home”, as they call it.

Casino has been wonderful for my family.  My twin 9 year old daughters LOVE him to bits.  Casino and I are best buds, he usually works at my side helping me with marketing ideas.

And he gets me out twice a day for a good 30 minute walk.

My point: Misty Creek asked if Casino could be in their calendar for 2010.  Which he gladly agreed to.

= = = = = = = = =
Meet Mr. April!
= = = = = = = = =

The calendars just came out and ALL the money goes direct to Misty Creek.  If you decide to take Lawrence up on his offer, let me know and I will gladly mail you a calendar and hand Misty Creek $10 to help them save more puppies.

Believe me, this is an incredible group of volunteers that takes in hundreds of puppies every year…. and they need our donations.  I will send in $10 for you, and mail you the calendar, if you decide to take Lawrence up on this incredible resource.

A little something that helps puppies in need of good homes, and will help you grow your business in the coming year.

Hope this little gesture will make an impact.

Now, Casino and I are due for a walk… so make sure you check out this powerful resource for all your email campaigns… and make sure you email me with your mailing details if you decide to proceed.

Thanks again,

Troy White (and my marketing assistant, Casino)

PS:  If you need a quick and easy way to get more people to read your emails, this
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The Million Dollar Lobster

If you want to learn how to turn a commodity type sale and turn it into a million dollar business… you NEED to read the Million Dollar Lobster Report.

My favorite success story of 2009 – and a whack of great ideas you can implement in your business too.

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Million dollar ideas… from a pizza joint

Who’d have thought that a pizza take out joint would be such savvy marketers?

I received a letter in the mail (not addressed to me personally, they had blanketed neighborhoods near them – hint).

On the front was a letter with a bag of flour attached to it with a staple).

The letter began… “Dear Neighbor, Why have I attached a little tiny bag of flour to this letter? Here is why:” and the letter then goes on to talk about their ‘secret flour’ the chemical structure of their flour, the high protein content, where they get their flour, and why they pay more for their flour than the competition does.

They do an excellent job building their pizza dough and ingredients up, and play dow the inferior ingredients the competition uses, which explains why they have “limp, often soggy, pizza crust”.

They talk about how theirs is hand made daily, in-house, while others farm it out to outside companies who mass produce a cheaper, lower quality dough that shows up ready.

Then they have a 100% guarantee: “if it’s not the best you’ve ever eaten, we’ll refund your purchase price.  In fact, when you stop by in the next two weeks, I’d like you to have our signature Caesar salad with your dinner (my treat)”

Then they have a coupon at the bottom with the free Caesar salad and Focaccia bread.

This is brilliant.

And why can YOU use the exact same idea?

You can… excuses will not be tolerated here.

You may not have a pizza business… but your business IS NO DIFFERENT.

The stupidest excuse I hear out there is just that “my business is different. that stuff won’t work for me. my clients are different. my suppliers are different. we sell based on price. whine. whine. whine.”

You are completely WRONG if that is coming out of your mouth.

You have a product or service to sell. You need buyers. Your buyers need to understand what makes you different.  You need to prove to them you are worthy supplier and they should give you at least a try.

Sound familiar?

You can attach a bag with a component of your product.  You can have a picture of you delivering the service. You can have a picture with a happy customer sharing their feedback.  You can use that brain of yours and find SOMETHING that will make this strategy work for you.

I spoke with the guy who owns this pizza place (we have ordered from them a few times – as have all our friends when I told them about this offer).  He won’t share numbers… but he said it has done VERY WELL for them.

And it will for you too.

So, no more excuses. This works exceptionally well… expecially in a recession when people are looking for good reasons to buy somewhere else (and it is NOT always about price – read the statistics – the affluent market spent 29% more in the last quarter than the previous.

THEY ARE BUYING… are you selling to them?

Use this simple model, and at least give it a try.

If you want more of these, make sure you get on the list at to get a TON of great stuff for free.  Sign up and be prepared to get your money making MoJo cranked up 400 notches!

Over and out. Troy

PS: Something important I forgot to mention: The letter came BEFORE the brochure. Yes, they had a typical pizza brochure, but the letter was stapled to the front of it.  Instead of “Oh, another pizza brochure”, which is what 99% of people would have done, they said “what is this letter, with this bag attached?  This looks interesting”.

Goal #1 in your marketing is ALWAYS to get them reading or paying attention. Once you get them reading, your chance of a sale go up dramatically.  Once you have their attention, it becomes much easier to get them to try you out, especialkly when you use ideas like this pizza parlour.

So, how ARE you going to use this?  When?

Here is the letter…


How’s YOUR Entrepreneur MoJo?

The Wikipedia definition of MoJo is… possessing a “magic touch” of creativity or charm.

When it comes to business; if you can’t be creative, and don’t have the ability to charm (or win over) your prospects and clients… you are dead in the water.

Entrepreneur MoJo, to me, means that you have the ability to see, feel and be in the right place at the right time… while showing those you want to show… how and why you have something they want.  Long winded… needs work… but you get the point.

If you don’t have the ability to persuade others that your offer is the one they want… we need to talk.

My business associate and friend, Trevor ‘Toecracker’ Crook, and I are just about ready to bring out our Entrepreneur MoJo program on October 31st.  Between the two of us, we have made many millions of dollars for our clients in the past feew years.  Our marketing techniques have turned business failures into million dollar per year machines.  And we have decided to join forces (and MoJo) to bring out the best and most informative training for entreprenuers.

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Ya Baby!