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Someone I would like you to meet…

In the 7+ years in my business, I have met some incredible people and learned some powerful things.

The one big thing I noticed?

…many of the top gurus out there keep one thing fairly quiet from their contacts.

5 years ago I was on a call with my mentor, Ted Nicholas (the $6 billion dollar man),
and he mentioned something in an off-the-cuff manner.

Then he said “I don’t normally like to talk about this subject”.

What surprised me was this one thing he mentioned that was a significant contributor
to his success, was something he didn’t discuss!


So I dug deep and interviewed 53 of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and
brought out my first print book, Entrepreneurial Spirits.  Now sold out, it opened up all
kinds of doors to me, and the person I want to introduce you to on this free call is a
master at making BIG things happen quickly in your life using the
same technique Ted mentioned..

Marilyn Jenett is a name you may not know… but I highly suggest you at least read this
letter, and then decide if you are up for the challenge and want to join us on the
free call next week.

Meet Marilyn here…
Hope you join us on Monday.



4 more nasty secrets of success

Continued from the last post…

While these may not be popular or “sexy”, they are important and will fast track your success.

Rarely is success as glamorous as pitched in the hype filled emails. It doesn’t happen with the click of a button and overnight riches. It is a precess you must go through on your own pace… sometimes you can speed things up if you listen to others who have been down the same path before.

A few more tidbits that will keep you on the right path…

5) All your marketing and advertising MUST contain some form of direct response measurement device. If you have no way of measuring the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising – then you are wasting your money.  Use ext. 123 for people phoning in for information to track. Use ext. 123 to campaign A that runs in newspaper B, ext. 234 for Campaign B that runs in magazine C.  Use dept numbers, extensions, studio numbers, program references, and different product names – find a way to track everything – then measure one against another.

6) Do not fall for the ad sales flap.
Almost all of the advertising reps out there will hate this but its true. Most of them have no clue on what makes advertising effective – ask them – you’ll see.  They will say things like exposure, repeatability, memorable – etc.  That is what they were taught in their training classes – taught by others who have no clue about effective marketing. All they are concerned with is getting you to buy an ad – and the bigger the ad the better.

They will say your ad needs to run 7 times to get a sale.


They will see that running your ad for 12 months will double your brand recognition.

Partially bull – it may increase your recognition but will do nothing to help sales. Your advertising must pay for itself (break even can be a good thing initially) on the FIRST time the ad is run.  If it doesn’t – test a new one.

If it makes money the first time, it will the second, and the third time. If it loses money the first time, it’ll lose money the second time and the third time as well.  Your advertising must make money the first time – and the only way to tell is through the tracking you do.

7) Make it as irresistible as possible for your customers to try you out. Offer risk-free propositions, trial periods, long guarantee times, extra bonuses – whatever it takes. Make it so they are better off in the end for at least giving you a try – if it doesn’t deliver, they walk away with all their money in hand and an extra bonus for their time invested in giving you a try.

8) Always remember – your marketing is the ultimate financial leverage in your business.
If you place an ad that costs you $XXX.  No matter if it generates you 1 lead, 100 leads or even 1,000 leads – your investment is the same.  Testing different headlines, body copy, subheads, offers, bonuses and guarantees can significantly increase your bottom line returns – and the difference can be staggering.

Side note: A famous marketer Jay Abraham tells the story of a financial publication company that was running a full page ad that was generating $50,000 per month in sales.  A 3-word change in the headline turned it into $250,000 per month in sales!  3 words changed and 5,000% increase in sales.  So testing can pay enormous dividends.


Success keys you may not like

4 Brutal Keys To Success In Your Business

I say brutal because some of theses keys may rub you the wrong way – but when you step back and take a non-ego-driven look – they are all very true.  Follow them and prosper – ignore them and perish.

Sorry to be harsh – but it’s true.

1) You have no idea what your customers want. You cannot guess this, read it in a magazine, nor base it on what your competitors are offering (unless they are wildly successful with it).  It is impossible to guess what will or will not work out in the real world.  You must test various approaches, offer anonymous surveys and questionnaires. Focus groups are a useful tool for  probing  reactions to advertisements, programs and exploring concepts but they are very subjective and not statistically valid.

2) People do not change. Despite the craziness of our “proudly-busy” world – the basic human appeals and desires remain the same today as they did 1,000 years ago.  Business has changed – new products and services are coming out at an astonishing rate – but people still buy based on fear, greed, love, sex, riches, health, happiness, beauty.  A fantastic book on this subject is The Psychology of Influence by Robert Cialdini.

3) People will not appreciate you or your products – unless you tell them why they should. They will buy based on what they want – and you can totally change the foundation on what it is that they want.  Let’s say you are a widget distributor in a highly competitive business.

Your main differentiation is that you seek out 150 manufacturers every year, you screen out their hiring procedures, their quality standards must be at a 99.95% acceptance level, their warranty is the best in the business, the service is above all others. The product lasts 3.7 times as long as the next largest competitors.

Your customers have no clue about this – unless you TELL them.

They will truly appreciate you, your offerings, and your honesty if you lay this out for them in a compelling story on your web page, in direct mail, on the back page of your brochures or catalog.  Tell them what you have done for them to make their purchase the best choice – and they will buy.

4) In your advertising and marketing you must tell a complete story.
This is along the lines of point 3 but very worthy of a further description.  Once you get a prospective customer’s attention in your marketing or sales effort, you must tell them a compelling story about your main benefits.

Tell them about the process you go through, how you have helped 4,577 people lead fuller lives, how you traveled the world to find your newest offering, and how you spent $517 on long distance fees finding the perfect partner company that looks after the 10 year warranty program.  There is so much to tell – that they would have no idea of – unless you tell them.

Never worry about being too long in your copy or brochures.  Everyone fights this – “too long” or “too wordy” or “no one will read all of that text” – but the FACT is – they are all wrong (This fact is based on 100 solid years of documented proof!).

You can only be too boring in your marketing – never too complete or long.  If you fought tooth and nail to get an appointment with a critically important client – would you walk in and do a song and dance show complete with juggling balls – then end at the 30-second mark abruptly?

Of course not.

You would do everything in your power to explain all the intricacies of your offering, the benefits, the proof, and the bonuses – no matter how long it took to close the sale.

More of these truisms to come!

“The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting
goals and achieving them. Even the most tedious chore will become
endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no
matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to achieving your dreams.”

Og Mandino
1923-1996, Author


I need your help

I need your help (a challenge for you)…

Hope you had a great week.  Summer is finally here (more like bacK) in Calgary.

(it was 80 degrees last Monday and snowed on Thursday… about as ridiculous as it gets!)

I need your help today.

Over at Clayton Makepeaces bblog, I have written the Small Business Mastery article for today, and I have a challenge you and I can work on together.

As you might know, Ronald McDonald House is my charity of choice for some very personal reasons.

I volunteer for them, and need some ideas from you. Ideas only is all I am asking… can you help?

Have a look at and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, Troy

PS: The Sales Letter Success Webinars are rocking and rolling… the next one starts in a month.

This is the perfect opportunity to start working on your marketing and promotions for the summer and fall.

Have a look at – hope you can join us.


Have you claimed your blog?

I just heard about technorati and am impressed.  They give you the ability to post your blog on their site, and get significant links back… which is ALWAYS helpful with Google.

Technorati Profile

Technorati Profile


Marketing mastery in light speed

If a Corporate World Flunkie Can Write a Simple Letter That Made $48,757 in 48 Hours… What Can YOU Do?

I have a confession to make.

My business is based on influencing people to buy things, and to help them make quicker decisions on matters that are important to them.

It does not mean that I do anything unethical or illegal. Rather the opposite if you think about it. The entire economy depends on products and services being SOLD.

If they aren’t being sold, money isn’t being made and no one has jobs (except for Government employees – they always seem to be able to find “make work projects” that have nothing to do with generating revenues for the economy).

In 7 years I have made many millions of dollars for my clients, and have worked with a large number of different industries.

The one BIG LESSON I learned… that ANYONE can write sales copy and influence people to buy. It takes practice and dedication… but it IS a skill anyone can master. Once you do, it is one of the most critical skills you will ever posses.

What other skill is there that could help you generate an email that gets sent out and earns you $48,857 in 48 hours?

Like it did when I wrote a campaign 5 years ago for my mentor Ted Nicholas. Or a simple 1-2-3 formula that I laid out in last month’s article that earned them $1.2 milion in 9 months and created a multi-million dollar empire in the last 2 years.

It is a skill I highly recommend you learn… and here is my ONE most powerful lesson I learned about writing copy, and getting good… fast.

Most Important Lesson #1

By far, the fastest way to get good fast at writing sales copy is the most painful way. First, go grab a pad of paper and a good writing pen.

Then, find a powerful sales letter that you either know made a fortune for others, or find one that seriously compelled YOU to buy. (if you are stuck and cannot find one that does either, email me at troy( at) and I will send you a few for this exercise).

Next, hand write out that entire letter onto the paper. It will HURT!

You probably aren’t used to writing that much pen to paper (and no, this does not work the same with typing it out… I have no idea why… it just doesn’t. And I like to use formulas that are PROVEN to work… so should you.) Your hands will scream at you as you do this, but you are building a whole new way of making money, and any muscle you have never used before will hurt when first put to the test.

Don’t just write the letter out just once… but at least 10 times.

You don’t have to do it all in one sitting… writing it out once per sitting is perfect.

Long copy sales letters can take you hours to hand write out… imagine how long it took the copywriter to create the idea, craft the rough draft, edit it numerous times, then test it for the final results! Many letter campaigns can take 40 – 80 hours to craft… which is why professional copywriters charge what they do.

The best part? Once you master this skill by doing the above… you can write anything you want quickly, and make money whenever you need. Emails and short letters do not take as long as I mentioned above, but full blown major marketing campaigns DO take a lot of practice, skill and patience to get the results you want.

A warning to you:

I have told this secret to thousands of people over the years… I would be willing to guess than less than 10% of them even wrote one single letter out this way. Which is why most of them are OUT OF BUSINESS! They can’t even take the most powerful lesson I ever learned and apply it (one that made millions and millions of dollars in sales).

I’ll tell you this. I procrastinated on this idea too… but got serious about it many years ago. And I started to track how many hours I put into my copywriting practice. I designed a simple excel spreadsheet with 1,000 squares on it and marked off an “X” in one of the squares every time I invested an hour in my writing (not thinking about it… but actual writing time).

If you want a copy of the excell spreadhseet, email me and I will send it to you. My first sheet with 1,000 squares took me ~18 months to fill out. Figure it out… that’s 55 hours a month I was writing (13 hours a week).

Which was not good enough for me… I wanted to get GOOD at this… and FAST.

So, I went on a mission to fill out my second sheet even faster… 13 months. It took 77 hours a month to get there. And my 3rd sheet was done in 11 months. After that, I no longer tracked my hours… I knew what was happening.

Don’t get me wrong here… you do NOT have to fill these sheets out yourself (let alone 3 of them).

But, if you want to discover a powerful way to make more money in your business, especially during uncertain times like now, this is the fastest way to do it. One powerful email or postcard can double or triple your monthly income. It can create the foundation for an extra million dollars a year in your business, too.

This is not the time or place to discuss WHY this works so well… it just does.

By far, this is the most powerful way to get good at writing sales campaigns. And yes, I still do it when I am feeling rusty, or am writing for a new market (I will handwrite out letters from that industry, or magazine articles, or editorials… anything I can get my hands on that puts my inside the minds of the buyers).

It is a skill you can use for the rest of your life… and it will pay you very generously for the time you put in. No matter how good of a writer you think you are now… try this for the next month and see what a difference it will make in your results. I guarantee the hand cramps you get are well worth it… especially when you start getting the money flowing in from your newfound skill.

Try this out in the next month – and let me know your results. Troy