2 ways to sell or position your products or services (free teleseminar)

After 13 years of helping entrepreneurs grow their sales, I can pretty well sum up 2 types of products or services they bring to the table.

Copycat ones that need a unique marketing approach and sales system.

Unique products that truly are one-of-a-kind (that still require effective marketing and sales systems).

The unique ones are, BY FAR, my favourite!

I found such a product, and opportunity, in 2014.

Join me tomorrow night and I will share with you a very unique opportunity to make some fabulous money this fall with a product that has no comparable competitor.

They have sales systems set up – marketing set up – product creation and distribution in place.

All I need is help from my fellow marketers and entrepreneurs to spread the word and help others with their health and wealth (I personally lost 35 pds in fat and put on 15-20 pds in muscle over the past 8 mths using just ONE of the products).

Join me Thursday and I’ll give you an eye opening look into a unique product and opportunity for marketers and entrepreneurs.

Thursday, October 16
5:00 pm PST, 6:00 MST, 7:00 CST, 8:00 EST

Dial in details:
Phone # (760) 569-6000
Access Code: 235097#

Let me help YOU get the money you need, to create the lifestyle you want!

Talk to you tomorrow.


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