16 ways to improve your cash flow… today

Happy Halloween!troy white

What’s now one of the the BIGGEST shopping seasons of the year, Halloween is a time of fun, laughter, and dressing up like all things silly, scary, and these days… sleepy!

Did you also know…

October 31st has 16 DIFFERENT WAYS you can grow your business in the Cash Flow Calendar (https://www.cashflowcalendars.com)

While everyone else is promoting a Halloween theme, you could be doing any one of these:
* National Knock-Knock Joke’s Day
* National Magic Day
* Books for Treats Day
* Nevada Day
* Harry Houdini, famous magician & escape artist dies (88 yrs ago today)
* Carve a Pumpkin Day
* National Increase Your Psychic Powers Day
* Frankenstein Friday
* National Caramel Apple Day
* Beggars Night
* Books for Treats Day
* Day of The Seven Billion
* Girl Scout’s Founder Day
* National Magic Day
* National UNICEF Day

and of course…

* Halloween
Think about how this applies to your marketing, not just today, but EVERY day of the year!

Instead of promoting the EXACT same special occasions as every other person on this planet running a promo… you pick one of the 16 other ideas… and actually (gasp) STAND OUT from the crowd!

That is how you improve your cash flow!

And THAT is what the 2015 Cash Flow Calendar is the best in the world at!

Starting right now and running until December 31, 2015, you have YOUR CHOICE of weird, wacky, and wonderfully profitable promotions you can run.

* I give you the ideas (anywhere from 5-25 wacky promotional ideas every single day of the year)

* I give you the formula on how to use the idea (for a one-time, or multi-step promotion)

* I give you a TON of pre-written campaigns you can modify a bit to suit your company and offer

* and I give you hope!

No longer do you EVER need to be stuck for marketing ideas…

You can be in serious profit by this time next week.

Ask any one of the thousand of others who bought in prior years…

…you use it… you make money with it.

As simple as can be!



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