Why Pick Whizz Alexandria?

House cleaning is one of the necessary evil of life. Few people enjoying doing it, but everybody has to budget time for it. That is unless you hire a professional from whizz alexandria. But if you want to do it yourself, you should know the right amount of time to put into each area of your home.

Here, you’ll get easy guidelines that’ll show you how to budget your cleaning times and set up a regular cleaning schedule.

Cleaning The Kitchen With Whizz Alexandria

Your kitchen is an area that you’re going to have to give daily attention to — especially if you cook every day. This is why you should hire Whizz Alexandria.

When you’re done with a meal, wipe down all of the surfaces and store the supplies you’ve used in their rightful places.

It’s a good practice to do all the dishes as soon as the meal is over. Thoroughly wipe down your sink once every day before bed.

Sweep and mop your kitchen floors once or twice every week. Clean out your fridge once per week before you head to the grocery store.

Scrub down the outside of the fridge, appliances, and oven once per week as well.

Whizz Alexandria Specialises In Bathroom Cleaning

A service that focuses on home cleaning Alexandria will tell you that your bathroom gets extremely dirty very fast. Daily bathroom cleaning is important.

On a daily basis, pay attention to wiping down:

  • Shower stalls
  • Tubs
  • Counters
  • Sinks
  • Mirrors

You can use a white vinegar solution to make sure your mirrors are always sparkling.

Then, straighten out all toiletries and towels every time you use them. This is the process used by Whizz Alexandria.

Toilets should be cleaned twice every week. If you’re short on time, once per week will suffice in most cases.

Once every week you should also sweep and mop bathroom floors and replace all towels and washcloths.

Whizz Alexandria Cleans Bedrooms Well

Bedrooms require less work than other parts of your home.

On a daily basis, tidy up your laundry, shoes, books, and clutter. Weekly, change all linens, vacuum carpets, and dust furniture.

Every month, rotate and vacuum regularly used mattresses.

In your kid’s rooms, make sure they pick up toys and put them where they belong each day after use. Give them the responsibility of wiping down surfaces and keeping a clean bedroom. Whizz Alexandria cleans bedrooms well.

Living Room

Professionals from Whizz Alexandria notes that the state of living rooms vary widely depending on how many people live in a home and how much daily use it gets.

If it’s just you or you and your partner and you work all week, the living room probably stays in pretty good shape.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom with several kids, it could be a daily disaster.

Generally speaking, carpets should be vacuumed two or three times each week. Pick up cups, books, toys, and other clutter at the end of the day every day. Wipe off surfaces daily.

Try to vacuum upholstery about once every week. Shampoo carpets and upholstery twice per year. Professional home cleaning Alexandria can get this done for you.

Living in a Clean Home

There’s no better feeling than having your home sparkling clean. Professionals from whizz alexandria can get all of this done for you. This is what happens when you choose the right professionals.

If you choose to take it on alone, now you know how often you should be cleaning each room of your home.