Turn Your Words Into Wealth

What you are about to discover is an ancient secret that has been used by most successful business owners throughout history.

Ever since paper was first invented in 105 AD, those that understood its potential have used it.

When it was discovered how easily words could be turned into wealth – let’s just say, the smart ones kept their discovery quiet while they silently went about making fortunes...

"Troy White DELIVERS!"

“We had Troy design the promotional material for the launch of my The Power of YOU! book that was released in August. He understood exactly what it takes to move people to take action in a short period of time. Through the use of effective story telling, and emotional 'hot buttons', we were able to accomplish some significant numbers.

In the 48 hour promotional blitz, we sold over 5,000 books and managed to capture #1 spot on the Amazon overall best seller list, as well as #1 on 4 other subcategories on the Amazon best seller list.

Not only that, we managed to STAY #1 for a 3 days, which is a major accomplishment on the Amazon list. Only 2 weeks after the initial launch we've sold more than 11,000 books and it's still selling more every day...

I would recommend Troy highly if you want significant returns in a very short period of time.”

Scott Martineau, Co-Founder and CEO, ConsciousOne.com,
#1 Best Selling Author, "The Power of YOU!"

Troy and Gene Simmons
Troy and Gene Simmons

“…1175 orders in about 48hrs!”

I must say that the Results that we have seen from Troy's copywriting skills have been amazing. I did a test run to one of our lists and the numbers were quite impressive, although it was done during a holiday weekend. See for yourself!

We had over 1175 orders in about 48hrs. The most exciting part is that the orders kept coming and coming with no further effort from me.

Troy has assisted us in building our list and making consistent sales.

The investment in his services has been well worth it and we can see how the profits will continue to come in. I would Highly recommend Troy's services. You want to take advantage of his talent and expertise now because I am sure his prices will go up soon.

Dr. Charlie Drake, President of BraveHeart Productions www.itseasierdonethansaid.com

Of course, people found out about it, yet few did something with it.

Those that did – earned a ton of money with the use of effective words to tell their story...

“Troy is not only a master of direct marketing and copywriting, he also is a great teacher. He is able to distil and pass along the essence of important concepts in ways that make them practical and doable. And they get results. For example, under Troy’s guidance I sent three sequential emails in 10 days to a list of 450 I had created, and earned over $15,000. Troy is fabulous to work with and he gets results.”

Geoff Kelly, Melbourne, Australia

Here’s a testimonial from Ted Nicholas. Chances are, you’ve never heard of him (unless you are in the marketing business). Ted has sold almost $5 BILLION DOLLARS using the techniques he taught me. He has used these techniques to save businesses from bankruptcy. He has helped entrepreneurs double or triple their revenues year after year. And he has create empires from basement startups in less time than you’d probably ever guess (his most recent client went from a $250,000 a year basement business to what is now a $180 million dollar leader in Europe).

I personally trained and mentored with Ted, and even ran his protégé program for a year. Here is what Ted has to say about my work and advice:

"Troy D. White has attended three of my major seminars and read several of my books. What I respect the most is he, as with other high performance people, is always improving his skills.

Troy has also written successful copy for one of my products and is assisting me in my home-study copywriting program.

While I'm tough on writers, he is one of the best young copywriters in North America today. I can recommend his services without hesitation"

Sincerely, Ted Nicholas, The King of Print Advertising

Ted Nicholas, Bethany and myself....
Ted Nicholas, Bethany and myself....

This tool is at your beck and call – all you have to do is ask.

My name is Troy White, and I am here to help you make more money in your business.

To view a quick introduction about Troy White, please click here....

I use copywriting strategies and techniques that will launch your sales to the next level you're looking for.

Would you be interested in doubling
or tripling your profits?

I figured you would.

It's very possible to get your clients attention – even with the thousands of advertisements the average person sees in a day.

Actually, now is the best time to use effective copy to tell your story.

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Clayton Makepeace"I could have recruited pretty much anybody to contribute articles on business management in The Total Package. My choice: Troy White.

Troy’s mastery of business-building strategies and management techniques that can explode your company blew me away. They’ll make you money if you let them." - Clayton Makepeace

(Clayton Makepeace has done over $1.3 billion in sales)

"Troy White has the absolute gift to
Turning Words Into Wealth!

If you are serious about increasing your bottom line profits – hire Troy today! He will over deliver and will get you the results you desire.

Don’t wait any longer – I know from experience (and through work he has done for me) that his rates will be rising quickly. Grab him now and profit tomorrow!"

Dr Joe Vitale, Best Selling Author, www.mrfire.com

You will stand so far out from the crowd – there will be no crowd (at least none that understand how to use this form of marketing effectively.)

You will be the one company telling the real story, in such a compelling way that your prospects will literally be pulling out their credit cards just because they finally found someone that understands them, and what they truly desire.

roy with Dan Kennedy
Troy with Dan Kennedy… brilliant marketer and all
around No BS Guy (www.DanKennedyRocks.com)

You will learn how to become your client’s new best friend, one they would be happy to bring home to meet their husband or wife and kids.

And how to instantly boost your bottom line results to put some hardcore profits in your bank account.

Your business can experience huge increases in sales using this one strategy...

"Troy's copy has gotten us an exceptional 6.8% conversion, in a VERY competitive industry!

It has been great working with Troy and seeing how the right words can turn skeptics into buyers. I would highly recommend Troy's work if you want better results from your marketing. Also, his main page copy converts 41% of our site visitors into subscribers... again... very strong numbers that will keep those people in our funnel for years to come."

Thanks again Troy.
Ouida Vincent and Mike Ray

A 2,100% increase is very possible by changing a few words in your company’s sales message.

Clients will look forward to your next sales promotion (imagine that – your clients excited about being sold to!

All… very possible with the right words and message).

roy with Jay Conrad Levinson
Troy with Jay Conrad Levinson

Every brochure, email, website, catalogue, envelope, direct mail, sales letters, fax campaigns etc.

Each one of them a master sales superstar (closing more deals in a day than used to be closed in a month).

  • One sentence statements that you can use on your business cards, faxes, correspondence, anything your prospects and clients see – that will make their jaws drop, their heads snap and the words “what did you just say” come out of their mouths like clockwork (when you can get prospects & clients to do this your competition literally disappears).
  • Print ads that make more money per square inch than Donald Trump could ever dream of (imagine a small 2” x 2” ad that makes you thousands of dollars every week).
  • Web pages that actually work! You are not in business to strictly entertain (you are in business to entertain for a profit – without profits you are out of business). Less than 5% of the millions of web pages use effective copy to their advantage – those that do make obscene amounts of money from single page websites and promotions.

And a goldmine more…

"Troy, You do turn words into wealth, thank you.

You are the copywriter master and we want to thank you for helping 84 co-authors all becoming # 1 Best Sellers. You are truly a team player. Your friend Always.

Steven E, Creator of the # 1 Best Selling
Wake Up...Live the Life you Love

roy with Jay Conrad Levinson
Steven E. and myself....

Awards only benefit the advertising agency – not the client.

Most advertisements that win awards – do not sell products!

Don’t believe me?

"Troy wrote an advertisement and a special report for me that I had to stop using!

Not because it wasn't working - but because it was bringing me in too many leads!

In a highly competitive industry like mine, the ad Troy wrote for me pulled in a whack of new business to me. Thanks Troy... you are my new secret weapon to build my business."

Donna-Lee Powers, Calgary

Did you know that 75% of companies that hired award winning ad agencies never sold any products(or rarely enough to make a profit) from the advertisements (and almost every one of those clients fired the ad agencies after the promotions)?

Sad, but true.

Ask them again – they will say copy is to entertain the reader.

Somewhat true.

Troy with Ari Galper of the brilliant ChatWise system
Troy with Ari Galper of the brilliant ChatWise system

The real purpose behind copy is to convince the prospect or client to take action… whether it is raising their hand to say they are interested in more information…or it involves them in the actual sales process and closing the sale.

That… is the purpose of your copy.

“34.7% increase in business in the first 30 days”

Working with Troy has been very helpful in growing my business. Just in the first month of his coaching program, I was able to grow my spa revenues by over 34%. I can’t wait to see what happens in future months! Thanks Troy.

Louisa Yap, Balmoral Spa, Singapore

That... is some serious'white hot' copy at work!

And you can have this highly effective tool working for you as well.

"Troy's copywriting technique is fantastic and I love his use of words in his ads and sales letters.

I can say also that I have seen the work of many, many copywriters but hardly any that can keep up with copy as strong as what Troy is producing.

Troy... go buddy, people will be queuing up for you for sure!"

Alan Forrest Smith, Copywriter, UK

First, you probably are wondering how I work with clients to build the most effective sales messages possible.

Preferably, you can give me a call at 403-259-4566 to discuss your requirements.

Troy with Lee MilteerFrom there, I can get a feel for what you’re looking for, if I am the right person for you (I don’t write copy for everyone - it depends on your urgency and your industry), if we have a mutually agreeable time frame (it can take from 2 – 4 weeks for a larger copy campaign) and how we can move ahead immediately.

I require a 50% deposit on all work being done. The remainder is due upon completion and approval of the copy.

And yes, I do guarantee my work.

If for any reason, you feel that the copy is not doing it’s job I will first do a re-write. From there, we will run further tests to see the conversions, and if necessary try other approaches to converting prospects to buyers .

If you're serious about moving forward with your sales message and want one of the best direct response copywriters available today… then click here to email me direct, or pick up the phone right now and call me at 403-259-4566.

No obligation, just a few minutes to chat about your business and what level of sales you would like it to be at.

From there, we can decide if it is in both of our best interest to move forward.

So give me a call right now at 403-259-4566 and we can at least put a voice to the name.

I look forward to talking with you...

Troy D. White

Troy White - "Turning Your Words Into Wealth"

  • Specialist in sales copy that works

  • Co-Author #1 Best Selling Book... Wake Up and Live The Life You Love

  • Marketing Results Mentor

PS - One last thing, I guarantee to deliver the results you are looking for. If you are serious about improving your bottom line profits in the next few months - my services will make a dramatic difference (and make you a bucket load of new money). If you don't call, or do anything, about this... will you be any better off in 3 months? I guarantee that you will be, if, you give me a call! Call me today at 403-259-4566 and let's get working on some results!

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